by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I. Introduction

II. More Details – History, Causes And Symptoms Of Upward Moving Energy

III. Effects Of Moving Subtle Energy Correctly

IV. How To Move Subtle Energy Downward Safely, Forcefully and Effectively

V. Zinc, The Most Important Down Mineral

VI. Directionality In Other Contexts




The ether or subtle energy. There exists a subtle energy throughout the universe that can be felt, but not seen. It is often called ether. The famous physicist, Albert Einstein, did not believe in the ether, so many physicists today do not believe in it. However, it is real. It is also called chi in some languages. For details, read The Ether.

Downward-moving energy is movement from the head to the feet.  It is the same if one is standing, sitting or lying down.

We call this direction the ‘down’ direction. The improper direction of flow (from the feet to the head) we call the ‘up’ direction.


Upward-moving subtle energy leads to death. Downward-moving subtle energy is life. Enough downward-moving energy leads to life everlasting.


Moving energy downward through the body from head to feet brings much more etheric energy into the body.  This is called new etheric energy, since it is not etheric energy with which one was born.

This energy not only heals the body, but also moves the body along the path of development. For details, read Introduction To Development.


Polarity or directionality. All living beings are polarized. This means there is an electrical charge between the head and the feet. If the charge is diminished or worse, reversed for any reason, a person will be much less healthy.

The electrical charge is due to a downward flow of subtle energy or ether. It moves through extremely tiny channels that run vertically throughout the body from the head to the feet. For details about the channels, read The Central Channel.


Moving subtle energy downward from the head to the feet is one of the seven basic motions associated with development. It is usually the one that is most out of balance and therefore one that is most important to correct. For details, read The Seven Movements Of Development Science.


Enhancing the downward flow of subtle energy through the body is a most powerful single method we know of to heal and develop the body.

For this reason, it is the core or essence of the development programs we set up.

This is a critical difference between development programs and all other healing and nutrition, medical, holistic and naturopathic healing methods. The requirement that a food, nutritional supplement, herb, or procedure assists with the downward flow of subtle energy through the body is a major criterion we use to recommend or reject the use of foods, products and procedures.

For example, fruit and all sweets move energy upward.  Many nutritional supplements and some herbs also move energy upward.


Many phrases in the English language reflect the idea that downward motion is healthful, while upward motion is not healthful. These phrases refer to a movement of energy that many people can feel.

For example, when a person is out of sorts, we may say one is upset, uptight, or mixed up.  Other slang words in common English usage are uppity, screwed up, messed up, knocked up, jammed up or up to no good.  People sometimes ask “What is up?”, meaning what is wrong or what is upsetting you.

In contrast, when a person is more relaxed and happy, the English language and other languages contain phrases such as calmed down, slowed down, settled down, down to earth, and others.

Note: Not all slang phrases reflects this idea.  For example, one may speak of an “upstanding” citizen, and when sad or ill, we say a person is feeling “down”.



The author first learned about downward-moving energy in a Tai Chi class. Tai chi is a very old Chinese system of self-defense. The teacher explained that to be grounded and strong, one must move energy down the body, from head to feet.

The teacher had us practice walking and moving our arms while at the same time visualizing subtle energy moving downward from the head to the feet.


These include malnutrition, beatings, rapes, fear and fearful thinking. Causes may also include accidents, injuries and most diseases. Any type of hardship can disturb the normal flow of subtle energy downwards.

A psychological stance that is harmful is called “up and out thinking”. It is the attitude of wanting to get out of this life with its challenges and problems.


Upward flowing subtle energy or chi causes every conceivable symptom of dis-ease.  In some cases, correcting the flow of subtle energy is the most important thing that must be corrected for health to return.

This is why the development programs we set up always emphasize the Pulling Down Exercise, along with the correct diet, supplements and other procedures we use in development programs.

Common symptoms associated with upward moving energy include panic attacks, anxiety, anger, fear, heartburn or GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease).  Others include spaciness or a floaty, ungrounded appearance or behavior, unsteadiness, lack of self-confidence, and low self-esteem.

Other prominent physical symptoms include a tendency for all yin conditions such as yeast or candida albicans infection, fatigue, depression, and obesity. Even osteoporosis can be related to upward moving subtle energy because there is not sufficient psychological and even physical “weight” moving downward in the body. 

Poisoning.  Many poisons cause an upward flow of energy through the body.  This is one of their main mechanisms of action.

Emotions. Discouragement and fear definitely cause an upward flow of energy.  These can cause a death wish in which one wishes to leave the physical body, metaphorically, by exiting through the head.

Love versus vampirism.  Loving another person always causes the other person’s energy to move somewhat more in a downward direction.  In contrast, vampirism (stealing energy from another person) always causes an upward flow of energy through the body of the victim.  For more on this interesting topic, please read Energy Vampirism on this site.

Men and women and the etheric direction of flow. Men, in general, are often more grounded, and the direction of their etheric energy flow is usually more downward than that of most women. This is probably because women are more fearful than men because they are smaller, weaker, and much more prone to physical attack and rape.

Some women also wear high heels and tight clothing. These can make it harder for energy to flow downward from the head to the feet.

Other possible reasons why women are less grounded today has to do with their higher copper levels and somewhat lower zinc levels.  Men also have something between their legs that reminds them to move energy downward all day, whereas women do not.

Sex and the direction of etheric flow.  Ordinary sex with orgasm moves subtle energy upward. For this reason, ordinary sex is sometimes called up sex. In contrast, down sex is a type of sex that moves subtle energy downward and is an excellent healing method. It I the only type of sex we recommend. For details, read Down Sex and Down Hugging.



Moving subtle energy downward with the mind or using some other method spins the energy centers:

1. In the correct direction.

2. Faster

3. More evenly and in a much more coordinated way.

This is an important way that downward moving etheric energy heals the body and brain. It nourishes and activates the organs and tissues in a unique way that furthers their health, growth and regeneration. This can extend life and greatly improve health. For more details, read The Energy Centers.


Moving subtle energy downward from head to feet spins the three dantiens in the correct direction and much faster.  This is also a reason why downward moving energy is healing.  For details, read The Dantiens.


The battery analogy.  While not generally known, the human body is somewhat like a battery in which the head is positively charged and the feet are more negatively charged.  In addition, each cell is charged in this way, in this direction.  The etheric charge (it is not exactly the same as an electrical charge) is inside, and around each cell of the body.  It can be measured with a simple volt-ammeter.

Moving energy downward actually recharges the body, somewhat like recharging a weak or discharging battery.  Normally, as we age, our “battery” begins to run down.  As this occurs, signs and symptoms of aging and disease occur.

Moving etheric energy downward has a rejuvenating effect, like recharging a battery.  As a result, practicing the Pulling Down Exercise for at least an hour or two every day or more, helps a person to live much longer than average.

The magnet analogy. The electrical or etheric charge also has qualities like a magnet, in that the charges of each cells are additive.  This means that when placed together in space, or in certain arrangements, they enhance one another, provided the charge is in the same general direction. 

This is exactly how magnetism works.  If the iron atoms of a piece of iron or steel are all lined up the same way, a strong magnetic field is created, and the object becomes magnetic.  If, however, the iron atoms are arranged randomly, no magnetism is measurable because the magnetic effects of the individual iron atoms cancel each other out.

In a similar fashion, if all your body cells are “magnetized” or “charged” in a similar direction, the body’s electrical field becomes more coherent and stronger.  This has a strong healing effect.  However, if the cells are either not charged enough, or the charge is reversed, health will be much worse.

A personal experience with this idea.  Years ago, the author noticed that when he did the pushing down exercise, he could feel a mild tingling in the right hand, somewhat like an electrical current flow.  He asked an electrical researcher to measure the electrical pressure or voltage on the body between the head and the right hand.  Indeed, an electrical test meter registered several millivolts.

The sodium/potassium ratio and downward moving energy.  Dr. Paul Eck found that the sodium/potassium ratio on a hair analysis (but not on a blood or urine test) is a measure of the electrical charge on the cells.  The hair must not be washed at the laboratory for accurate results.

This has to do with the sodium pump mechanism.  It pumps sodium out of the cells and allows potassium to remain inside the cells for optimum health.  This mechanism also depends upon healthy cell membranes.  For proper functioning, these require adequate omega-3 fatty acids and many other chemicals found primarily in cooked vegetables . 

Too many omega-6 fatty acids, which most people have today, damages the sodium pump mechanism, as can inflammation and other problems.



The development program includes more than a dozen methods to move subtle energy properly through the body:

Lifestyle. Don't live or work in high-rise offices or apartments. Better to be in one or two-story buildings. Practice safe living habits because these are more relaxing.

Avoid as much as possible exposure to electromagnetic fields from televisions, computers and cell phones. These devices all have an upward-moving effect on the body.

Sleep and rest. Go to bed by 9 PM at the latest and sleep 10 hours or more each night. Also, sleep with you head to the north if you live in the northern hemisphere, and with your head to the south if you live in the southern hemisphere.

The alignment does not have to be exactly north-south, but the closer the better. This aligns the body with a polar to equator flow of subtle energy that helps your subtle energy move properly.

Down thinking and feeling. Certain thoughts tend to be grounding and centering.  These we call down thoughts.  They include taking full responsibility for your actions, learning to depend upon God, rather than upon other people, and asking God for help in every situation.

Others are learning to be self-reliant and self-sufficient, rather than needing a lot of people around you to be happy.  Another is to think realistically and logically, instead of thinking wishfully and unrealistically.

Diet. The development diet moves energy downwards. In contrast, eating sweets, spicy food and other diets tend to move subtle energy upward.

Nutritional supplements. A hidden aspect of the design of the supplements of the development program is they must move subtle energy downward.

The healing and detoxification procedures:

The pulling down procedure. This is a direct mental method to move subtle energy correctly through the body. It is extremely helpful to do this every day for at least 1 or 2 hours.  This is a most important and powerful way to move subtle energy downward through the body.  When done forcefully and repeatedly every day, it trains the mind.

You can do the exercise sitting, lying down, or walking slowly with your eyes half open.  You can do it while doing a coffee enema or the vaginal coffee implant, or while in a sauna.  Two people can also help each other do the exercise if they do it together.  For details, read The Pulling Down Procedure.

Daily coffee enemas.  This procedures helps focus more energy on the lower part of the body and helps move the energy out of the head. Coffee also provides nutrients that help move subtle energy downward. It also helps remove toxins that move energy upward. Coffee enemas are one of the most powerful procedures to help move energy downward.

Near infrared lamp sauna therapy, and not other types of sauna. The warmth and the particular frequencies of the light rays have a downward-moving effect.

The reddish color of the lamps tends to activate the lower energy center of the body, moving more energy out of the head. Sitting quietly in a closed space with no stimulation relaxes the mind and body. This reduces fear, which helps move subtle energy downward.

Another possible mechanism is that the reddish heat lamps emit a frequency in the near infrared range that actually thins the density of the body, making it easier for the etheric energy to flow through the body. In fact, just removing toxic metals from the body has this same effect.

The twists, pops, pulls and kicks. These open and align the joints, which powerfully promotes the correct flow of subtle energy through the body. Often the energy gets stuck at the joints.

Foot and hand reflexology. This healing procedure is a great help to open and heal thousands of tiny tubes that run from the head to the feet. Ether flows through these tubes to support life.

This is an esoteric aspect of healing, but one that is most important. In acupuncture, these tubes are called the meridians.

Deep Breathing. Shallow breathing tends to be associated with upward movement of energy, while deep breathing tends to move it downward.

Oxygen. More oxygen tends to move subtle energy downward. It does this by relaxing and nourishing the body in many ways. There are a number of ways to increase oxygen in the body. In addition to deep breathing, they include living in a rural or 'green' area, peroxide baths, spraying and using hydrogen peroxide around your home and office, and breathing, bathing or drinking ozone.

We don’t agree with some health authorities who say that ozone is not healthful because it is found in higher concentrations in polluted cities.

A simple way to breathe more oxygen is to install an ozonator/ionizer air purifier.  For more about this, go to Buy An Ozonator/Ionizer.

These units, especially when placed in the bedroom, will add oxygen to the air in a very healthful manner.  Do not listen to the idea that doing this is harmful.  One need not turn the machine all the way up for the effect. One will get used to the smell and action of the ozone.

Fancier medical methods are hyperbaric oxygen and intravenous ozone or peroxide. We don't use these as much because they are more costly and require professional help. However, they also increase oxygen in the body. For details, read Breathing.

Down walking practices. Examples include:

a. Imagine you weigh 1000 pounds so each step you take send a tremendous force or energy downward into the earth.

b. Imagine that with each step you send your feet deep into the earth.

c. Speak the word ‘down’ as you place each foot on the ground in front of you.

d. Feel your feet sink into the soft earth with each step.

e. Imagine you have large suction cups under each foot. As you take each step, imagine squeezing the air out of the suction cup, pushing it hard downward to remove the air. 

f. Imagine your feet are like tiger paws that spread out and send energy downward as they touch the ground.  You can watch cats and tigers actually do this with each step that they take. For details, read Down Walking.

Inhibit your sympathetic nervous system.  This is critical, in fact. One effect of activity of the sympathetic nervous system is to send energy upward toward your head.

The entire development program helps inhibiting the sympathetic nervous system so that the body becomes more parasympathetic. Methods include relaxing the brain and body, reducing all stress, eating properly, getting plenty of rest, and taking certain nutritional supplements. The healing procedures above also help. For details, read Autonomic Nervous System Health.

The genital bath, the use of a bidet also help move energy correctly.

Other methods.

Down breathing or toe breathing. This is a powerful breathing method.  To do it, one begins by breathing from the toes or even beneath the feet.  Never move your mind further upward than your toes.  It is not possible to “breathe down” on the inhale, but you can keep your focus on your toes, and never allow your body or mind to move upward.

As you inhale, open each bone and vertebra, starting with the feet, ankles, knees, hip joints, and then open up each disc space between each vertebra, moving up the spine – never down the spine. 

As you exhale, powerfully move the air downward toward your toes or beneath your feet.

This may seem overly simple.  It is quite simple, but it will move energy downward and keep moving energy downward on the inhale and on the exhale if you do it correctly, and is a powerful exercise. You can do the pulling down procedure at the same time.

Keep the body in an extended position.  If possible, keep the body in an open and extended position such as standing, sitting in a recliner type of chair with the feet extended out, or laying down.  Positions that are not as good for the flow of the etheric energy are sleeping on one’s side with the legs pulled up tight in a fetal position, and sitting with the legs crossed or pulled up tightly.  These positions restrict the flow of the etheric energy through the body to some degree.

Make use of open waterOpen water is a type of water that has a more open bond angle between the hydrogen atoms of the water.  You may be able to buy it as Ice Age Glacial Spring Water from Canada.

Placing a bottle of open water at the foot of your bed while you sleep, about 6-12 inches from the feet. This will enhance the etheric downward flow in the body as one rests or sleeps.  A bottle of it can even be placed at the feet during the day if you sit at a desk, for example, for hours each day.

Do not drink the open water, as it is devoid of minerals and will demineralize your body. For more details, read Open Water on this website.


Minerals either tend to move subtle energy upward or downward. The vital trace minerals mostly move energy downward and over a dozen of them are deficient and very needed in all the bodies today. This is why one must eat lots of cooked vegetables with each meal. Taking pills does not provide the same compounds.

Zinc is almost a pure down mineral. Zinc is needed for thousands of enzymes, for digestion, for brain activity, vision, prostate health, breast health and so much more we can't list all its uses.

Supplements. Everyone on the development program gets extra zinc as a supplement. It is one of the most important supplements of the development program for this reason.

Most supplements and many herbs move energy upward and should be avoided, no matter what benefits they offer. Any nutritional program that does not include extra zinc is worthless, in our view, and quite dangerous.

The Rogues. Zinc helps one to become smart, kind, and spiritual. For this reason, the alien group we call the Rogues remove a lot of zinc from the earth. They know how wonderful it is for healing and for development.

Foods. Blue corn is high in zinc. This is a major reason we recommend it so highly. Meats contain zinc, especially lamb. This is also why vegetarian-leaning diets are always a problem. This includes the Mediterranean diet and many others.

Modern hybrid crops are of poor quality in large part because whey will grow with very little zinc in them. They often look good, but their nutritional content is terrible.

Zinc and the brain. The higher, spiritual brain centers all require various zinc compounds. Without enough zinc, they do not function well. For more details, read Zinc.


Directional movement also has to do with the direction of etheric energy flow within and around planet earth.  This, in fact, is what gives rise to the Van Allen radiation belts, gravity, solar winds, at times, and many other  phenomena.

Gravity. For example, the flow of etheric around the earth moves toward the center of the planet, and it pulls everything with it, creating what is called gravity.  In fact, it is nothing more than just an effect of the etheric flow around the planet.  Escape from the planet and you don’t have this flow or current of life moving you toward the center of the earth.

Polar flow. A much milder or lesser force that some people feel, nevertheless, is an etheric flow or directional movement from the magnetic poles of the earth toward the equator.  This phenomenon gives rise to other electromagnetic fields and other interesting phenomena known in physics and earth sciences.

A simple, but effective way to take advantage of this flow is to sleep with your head facing toward the pole nearest you (either north or south pole).  If you are in the Northern hemisphere, you move your bed so your head is to the North and feet toward the South.

This will enhance your etheric flow through the body.  In contrast, sleeping with your head to the south in the Northern hemisphere or to the north in the Southern hemisphere opposes the natural flow of etheric energy through the human body and is somewhat less healthful.

You can also enhance the flow during the day by aligning your desk at work to have your body face the equator of the earth.  For example, if you live in the Northern hemisphere, you would face South as much as possible.

Altitude and dryness.  For similar reasons, it is somewhat better to be at an altitude of about 6000-9000 feet or even more.  At sea level, or near it, the etheric flow is disorganized as it encounters other forces rising from the core of the earth.  This is less the case if one is at a higher altitude. 

A dry climate also seems to assist the etheric flow in some way.  Perhaps water molecules in the air affect the quality of the etheric energy in some way.


This is a more esoteric topic, but a very important one.  Pulling energy downward from the head to the feet through the body can remove certain blocks in the body. This can save your life.  To read more about it, read Movement on this website.

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