by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Many meanings are given for the word love. Love is a radiance, for example. Love is also an attitude.

This article discusses the sound of the letters that make up the word love. The basis for this analysis is an ancient language called Ebre that I am told is spoken on many planets. For details, read Ebre.


The letter L in Ebre is a feminine letter. This is quite important because it means the word love begins with a feminine quality. It is a balanced word that begins with the feminine and ends with the masculine.

In Ebre, the letter L is associated with the Creator and the direction of looking upward toward God. This is also true in some earth languages.

In English, the word el means above. It is found in words such as elevate, elevator, elder and elated. El is also the word in English for an elevated subway train.

The Hebrew language contains the words el and Elohim. The word el in Hebrew means upward. For example, the Israeli airline is named El Al. It means upward and moving on.

The Elohim are a very advanced group of souls spoken of in the Bible.

The word el in Spanish means the. It is a pronoun that announces something, as does the L in love. It is a masculine pronoun in Spanish, however. We believe this is incorrect, since the word begins with a feminine letter.


O is another feminine letter in Ebre. This letter refers to openness, balance, helpfulness and abundance.

The O is associated in Ebre with the fourth energy center, also called the heart center. It is the middle center because there are seven energy centers on our physical body. For details, read The Energy Centers.

Words in English that use it are open, ovary, oestrogen (an older spelling), oh, home and ecology.

The word ore in English is a mineral deposit and a source of riches. An oracle is a wise person or source of information.

The word ocular refers to the eyes, and o is associated with seeing. And ode is a beautiful poem or expression of some type. Okay means all is well.

In Spanish, o means or. In other words, it denotes options. The word oro in Spanish means gold.

In Hebrew, the word or means light, and specifically the light of God. The English name Dorothea is a Biblical name meaning the light of God.

The word olam in Hebrew means everlasting, forever, or beyond the horizon.

The famous Sanskrit word om is the sound of a healthy heart center. It is a sacred word in this language.


V is a masculine sound and letter in Ebre. It refers to togetherness and putting things together for protection, peace, and happiness.

Words in English that use the V are above, woven, cover, of, government, hover, jovial, move, and over. They all have something to do with putting things together.

In Hebrew, tov means good.

The yoval in Hebrew is the jubilee or 50th year written about in the Bible. Every 50 years, all land is to be returned to its original owners and all debts are to be forgiven. If we observed this rule, our society would be much happier and healthier.


E is another masculine sound and letter in Ebre. Two feminine letters and two masculine letters means that the word LOVE is balanced – an important quality of life.

It is a vowel in English that is associated with the fourth energy center – the heart center. Love is always affiliated with the heart of a person.


This way of analyzing words using the ancient Ebre language is often helpful to understand their deeper meaning. I hope you enjoyed the exercise about L-O-V-E and will practice it every day.

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