by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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1. Integrity, compared to honesty, is a quality in which all parts of one’s life fit together and work together in an integrated way.

2. Integrity includes honesty, truth-seeking, reliability, and authenticity.

3. The word integrity can mean whole or complete.  The word is related to the word integer, which means a whole number, not a fraction or partial number.

4. An energetic definition.  A certain integrity occurs or is reached when the seven physical energy centers of the body all spin and function in a harmonious way.  For details about these, read The Energy Centers.

5. Integrated, rather than fragmented.  Integrity as a way of living has to do with having all parts of one’s life flow smoothly together.

6. Universal integrity.  This is another kind of integrity in which you move beyond your own integrity and understand others at a very deep level.  Men learn to understand women deeply, for example, and women come to understand men at a deep level.  One also learns to understand sick people deeply, as well as dying people and others whom one would normally not associated with.

For example, light-skinned people can come to deeply understand darker-skinned people and vice versa, those of one race can come to understand deeply those of other races.

This leads to an integrity that is far greater than just integrity with oneself.


The answer is that without basic honesty and consistency with yourself and with all others, one’s life will simply not flow smoothly in an integrated and coordinated fashion.  The man and woman of integrity knows this.  As a result, a person of high integrity will tend to be very reliable, honest and consistent in speech and behavior.

However, a person of integrity may not always be fully honest if to do so would threaten his or another’s life.  For example, if a person comes to the door and wants to harm your child, a person of integrity might say the child is not at home, even if this is not true.  This is not a lack of integrity, but rather a sign of integrity because one puts one’s family above just telling others whatever they want to know.

Another example is that if brutal honesty would be tactless and harmful, one may soften it so as to communicate better.  This is not a lack of integrity when done properly.  It is part of the integrity needed to live successfully in the world.

In summary, integrity is about honesty, but it must serve the higher purpose of an integrated and safe life.

This quality of integrity – that behavior and thought must serve the whole person’s higher good – pervades all behavior of the person of integrity.

For example, to live in integrity may mean to seem unusual or strange because most people do not live in integrity.  For example, one may not use a cell phone.  This is not a lack of integrity, but an understanding that cell phones emit harmful radiation and allow government authorities to track your movements and your phone calls, and this is out of integrity, even if living without a cell phone is inconvenient and unusual.

Another example is the story in the New Testament of the Bible when Jesus turned over the tables of the moneychangers in the Hebrew temple.  One could say this was an illegal and violent act.

However, he probably knew what he was doing and did it for a particular effect or reason that was in integrity with his view that the temple should not be defiled by the presence of money changers. 


The reason is that these principles promote integrity.  They are sensible, simple rules that keep life orderly and whole.  They are universal principles, in fact, and not religious, in and of themselves.

One can be a so-called “religious person”, and yet live very much out of integrity.  Some go to church on Sunday, but cheat people in business or other ways all week long.

Others do not follow all the ‘church rules’, but they live with great integrity because they follow the basic Biblical principles such as the Ten Commandments Of Moses.


The reasons are:

- Truth, of itself, is an integrity.  This means it fits together in a scientific way and it is consistent.  If it is not, then it is not the complete truth, and this is common.

- Seeking the truth in all things at all times promotes and supports integrity.


People of integrity are not usually martyrs and do not willingly submit themselves to any type of physical or other type of torture.  Harming the body or mind, or allowing others to do so, is not a wholesome and integrated way to live.  Rarely, a person of integrity might decide to die for a cause, but this is very unlikely.

However, a person of integrity tends to live in a truthful manner as much as possible, even if it never brings great financial or other worldly rewards, and even if instead it brings scorn and humiliation.


Yes and no.  Part of one’s life can be in integrity, such as parenting one’s children, while another area, such as one’s business affairs might be out of integrity.  However, at a higher level, living this way is out of integrity.  The only exception might be if, for example, cheating in business is the only way for the person to make ends meet.  This is theoretically possible.


Some people are simply unhappy if they do not live in integrity.  We wish more people felt this way.

Living in integrity also tends to promote health in a powerful way and greatly helps a person develop.  For details about this, read Introduction To Development.


This means living in some way or other that does not harmonize with one’s highest purposes or understanding of the truth about life.  It is a life out of balance, and usually a life of secret dishonesty, cheating and/or lying.  Examples of areas in which people live out of integrity, according to the 7 system, are:

1. NOT CARING CORRECTLY FOR THE BODY.  This may include areas such as the diet, drinking water, exercise, rest and sleep, keeping the body and home clean, staying warm, comfortable and happy as much as possible.

Other ways to be out of integrity physically are too much or not enough exercise or activity and other physical activities that are not best for the body.

2. EMOTIONAL AND SEXUAL IMBALANCES. These include sentimentality, excessive emotion, and no emotional expression.  We also believe that becoming mired in fear, anger, resentment or guilt are out of integrity if they become habitual.  We realize that at times these will occur, but one needs to move out of them as fast as possible.

Sexual imbalances include too much sex with fluid loss, but Down Sex is fine as often as you wish.  On this website, we also consider seduction of women to be very out of integrity.  We also consider pornography and certainly molestation of others to be out of integrity.  We also consider homosexuality, transgender sex, bisexuality, bestiality, and sodomy to be out of integrity with the true energetic nature of a human being.  For more details, read Homosexuality.

3. MENTAL IMBALANCES. These may include being egotistical, narcissistic, power-hungry, controlling, prideful, selfish or self-centered, giving away too much power, putting oneself down, dishonoring the self, and taking advantage of others mentally.

Mental dullness due to one’s diet or other errors of living is also out of integrity.  If one’s mind does not work well due to ill health, a person of integrity will attempt to correct the problem, such as by embarking upon a development program.  For details, read Get A Brain.

4. SOCIAL IMBALANCES.  These include isolating oneself, being a social butterfly or superficial, and being a vampire in various ways.  This means stealing energy from others through your thoughts, words or actions. 

5. EXPRESSION AND WORK IMBALANCES.  These include work that is stupid or harmful in some way.  It could be obscene, illegal, pornographic, exhausting, trashy or very wasteful. 

It also includes idleness, and possibly other work and expression problems such as incorrect or inappropriate work for a particular person.

6. KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM IMBLANCES. These include holding on to false knowledge, false beliefs and ideas.  It includes unwillingness to learn.  It also includes arrogance – believing that one knows a lot when one does not know very much.

It can also include confusion about knowledge and wisdom, memory problems or inability to think logically, clearly and thoroughly.

7. SPIRITUAL AND RELIGIOUS IMBALANCES.  This includes living without good principles or with the wrong guiding or spiritual principles such as wishing evil for others or wishing to harm others.

Also, the correct way to live is that the mind must control the body.  If this is reversed, one is out of integrity.  This is called being “up” or “upside down”.

Our language has many words to describe this common condition.  They include mixed up, screwed up, messed up, knocked up, upset, uptight, beaten up, given up, hyped up, puffed up, and roughed up.


This requires constant re-examination of all aspects of one’s life.  One must look for incongruent or unwholesome ideas, beliefs or behaviors that have entered your life, and then purge them. 

Also, one must look at one’s past in a rather critical, though not punishing way.  Just because the family seemed happy or successful does not mean they lived in integrity.  If one clings to old friends, old ways of doing things, old ideas, and so on, it is always more difficult or impossible to live in integrity as one moves on in life.

To live in integrity, one must also listen to many sources of news, including conservative talk radio today.  This is because the mainstream media often lie.

One must also pray often for guidance, wisdom and truth.  Otherwise, it is easy to get out of touch with reality and with truth.

Doing the Pulling Down Exercise every day is necessary to move into integrity and remain there.  This exercise is not like other mental exercises or meditations.  It alone moves energy properly through the body.

In most instances, moving into integrity requires a development program of the type we offer on this website.  The reason is that many people do not think clearly, so they cannot examine their ideas and life very well.

Moving into integrity also requires some courage.  It often means “going against the grain of society” in some ways.  It is not just about being a rebel, however, or about just conforming to a new ideology or religion.  The latter can seem like integrity, so be careful.

Not always pleasant.  Moving into integrity can be upsetting and even frightening, at times.  One may realize that one’s ideas, one’s friends, and perhaps one’s entire lifestyle may be faulty and needs a lot of correction.

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