by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© February 2021, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


 Definition.  Yin disease is a term to describe a constellation of symptoms that often appear together and are related to an excessively yin condition of the body.  This condition is very common today and is therefore worth discussing.  It is not recognized as a medical diagnosis at this time, unfortunately. 




All of the following tend to make the body a little more yang:


1. It may dehydrate a little.

2. The tissues may compress and adhere to each other.

3. One may crave sunbathing, or want to live in a more yang climate – hot and dry.

4. One may adopt more yang attitudes.

5. The body may accumulate more yang toxic metals or other minerals.




In general, yin conditions are associated with conditions of:

1. Coolness or coldness of the body.  These include low thyroid, adrenal exhaustion, low temperature, poor circulation in most cases, and others.

2. Laxity of the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

3. Dilation or expanded organs, arteries, veins and lymph vessels.  Also most obesity, which is an expanded body due to fat accumulation, water retention or other reasons.

4. Diseases of the hollow organs such as the intestines, colon, bladder, gall bladder and vagina. 

5. Depletion, emptiness, and deficiency of nutrients.  This is most everyone today thanks to a mineral-depleted food supply, poor quality diets, junk food, and poor eating habits of many people.  Cancer is one of the depletion diseases, today.  Another important one is osteoporosis.

6. Yin toxins.  These are many including some toxic chemicals such as chlorine, bromine, fluorine.  Others are electromagnetic stress of all kinds.  Others are yeasts, fungi, most parasites, a few bacteria and viri

7. Weakness of the body structure and resulting deterioration of the body.  This causes back pain, sciatic pain, neck pain and other chiropractic problems in most people today.

8. Low etheric energy or low vitality, due to causes such as aging, fatigue, chronic illness, and general debilitation.  This is associated with all low hormone conditions and many cases of anemia.

9. Depletion mental/emotions conditions such as depression, grief, anxiety, fear, despair, suicidal thoughts, hesitation, apathy and victim thinking.

10. Most stasis conditions such as:

- kidney stasis and reduced kidney function,

- liver and bile stasis, and pancreatic stasis.  This causes many conditions from headaches and nausea to dizziness, and other toxic symptoms.

- impaired intestinal mobility and constipation,

- weak digestion due to low enzyme production or low gastric hydrochloric acid secretion,

- blood and/or lymph stasis,

- lung stasis and low oxygenation of the tissues.

- menstrual stasis, which causes premenstrual syndrome, cramping, and other menstrual difficulties.

- so-called “delicate health”.  This is very common today.  The person is prone to getting sick, needs lots of drugs and medical attention, has various complaints most of the time, and health is not robust.  The person may look and feel older than the actual physical age.  Often death occurs early due to a heart attack, cancer or other chronic disease.




Full of older female minerals.  On hair mineral tests, those who are too yin are often loaded with the older female minerals, primarily mercury and copper.  Others may include boron, chlorine, fluorine, bromine, and some forms of biounavailable iron.

Their bodies desperately need the balance of the newer female elements such as iodine from kelp.  This will tend to cause the elimination of the older female elements such as chlorine, bromine, fluorides, and boron.  They also need better types of copper found in some animal quality foods, in general, and the gentle newer male elements – zinc, selenium and silicon.


Oxidation rate.  Those with yin disease are usually either in 1) slow oxidation or 2) a four lows pattern.  When in a four lows pattern, one can be a fast or a slow oxidizer.

Some who have a yin condition have a fast oxidation pattern on the first or the first few hair mineral analyses.  This is always a compensation for an underlying yin condition, and this is somewhat common, especially in men today.


Psychological aspects. Yin mental qualities include feelings of low self-esteem, denial, confusion, frustration, fear, unhappiness, sometimes unwarranted guilt, spaciness, too much grief and sadness, shame, and at times, schizoid or even a schizophrenic condition.

Often, the person is somewhat dishonest.  This is often hidden and due often to weakness and some confusion.  Yin people feel they must lie, cheat, steal and do other things that are dishonest and out of integrity because they are weak and they feel like victims who are oppressed.  This is how they often justify their bad behavior.

More yin individuals are usually not as able to be confrontative and direct, which are more yang traits.  Instead, they act covertly and often run from confrontation, brutal honesty and true integrity.


Criminality.  Among criminals, those who are yin are often sociopaths, rather than psychopaths.  Sociopaths are people who look mild and normal, and are often very well-spoken well-dressed and well-behaved on the outside or superficially.  However, inside they are liars, cheaters, rapists, murderers and more.  Their crimes are committed in deceptive ways, for example.  In contrast, psychopaths are open and honest about their crimes, like the ISIS fighters, for example, who “advertise” beheading and raping people.


Resentment.  Those with yin disease are generally quite angry underneath, no matter how they may appear.  Their anger is chronic, however, a quality called resentment or hostility.  One reason is that that resentment is a type of toxic yang quality that helps balance them.  Another way of describing it is that they have little natural energy, and many use anger and resentment to get going and to function.  It is a kind of reactive energy that is not exactly natural, but it keeps them functioning.


Brain fog. This is a lack of mental clarity that is a mild form of dementia.  It occurs in both those who are too yin and in some who are too yang, as well.  However, the causes are different.

In those who are too yin, brain fog is due to nutrient deficiencies (very common), fatigue, low etheric energy, yeast in the brain (extremely common), and the accumulation of aluminum and other softer toxic metals (also extremely common).  It can be due, in part, also to faulty attitudes and bad thoughts such as low self-esteem, victim thinking and denial.


Seductive.  Seduction is the ability to draw people to oneself, and to “con” people, which means to get them to do things they ordinarily would not do.  Often, these psychological traits are called seductive or “charming”.

Women tend to use their bodies in this way, often without trying.  Their bodies are more yin, and therefore are automatically somewhat seductive or “attractive” in nature.  If they don’t wake up and realize what they are doing, usually this trait gets them in trouble with the very yang – aggressive and sexual – males.  Then they complain that men are crude, rough, brutal and not interested in deep love.  They do not realize that they created the situation with their seductive, yin quality.  This is a difficult lesson for all women, especially those that are naturally pretty or attractive.

Seducers do not like to use force to get their way.  That would be “pushing people around”.  Instead, they use the yin method of pulling or drawing people to them.  Although they do not use force in a yang way, they may use it in a yin way to create a vacuum, for example, that draws people in, like bees to honey.  Many secretly love power and force, but do it in a subtle way.  Many seem loving, but really they are not.  They are con artists or confidence artists who trick people.




Sorcery and witchcraft, which is the casting of spells, hexes and other techniques, is a yin method of gaining and keeping power and control over others. It appeals more to those who are more yin, in general, and it is secretive and deceitful, which they prefer.

There is a white witchcraft that may appear yin because it is gentle and loving.  However, in fact it is more yang, even if it is done by a woman, as it generally is.  It is really not witchcraft, however, because it does not involve sorcery, casting of spells and hexing people.  Instead, it is about breaking the spells and the hexes.




The reasons that our bodies become too yin are many, ranging from widespread ionizing radiation toxicity to the use of prescription and over-the-counter drugs.  Even vitamin and mineral supplements, if one takes a lot of certain ones, are very yin such as vitamin C and MSM or methylsulfonylmethane.  Most herbs are also very yin.  Old age is a more yin time of life.

Other reasons are yin foods in the diet (explained below), general nutritional depletion, certain infections such as yeasts, fungus and parasites, and excessive amounts of toxic metals and toxic chemicals in the body.  Less common reasons include excessive air travel, drinking alkaline water or even drinking too much reverse osmosis water or distilled water.  Too much bathing or swimming, or even living along the coastal areas near large bodies of water will have some yin effect on the body.  This can explain some political and other tendencies of people who live on the coasts of the United States, for example.  The Midwest of the United States is a more yang area, by contrast.


Congenital yin.  Many people today are born more yin due to higher levels of toxic metals and toxic chemicals in their bodies, or perhaps due to infections acquired from their mothers.  This is called a congenital cause, but is not a genetic condition.


A genetic quality. Some people have a genetic predilection for yin.


A soul quality.  Some people are more yin because their main soul or perhaps many of their souls are too yin. This is common.


Attitudes can make one very yin.  Even one’s mental attitude and excessive emotions may be factors.  For example, victim thinking, sadness, guilt and grief have a very yin effect on the body.  Socialist political thinking is very yin, while a belief in the Judeo-Christian Father God, freedom, liberty and capitalism are more yang. 


Age and gender. Babies and children are far more yang than older people.  Women are always more yin than men.  This has to do with various factors, among which are the mineral levels in their body.  Copper is yin, while zinc, which is more plentiful in men, is more yang.


              The most important factors.  Please read over the list of factors that contribute to yin disease above.  Any or all of them may be important for you, dear reader.  Some of these, such as your gender, cannot be easily changed.  Many, however, are easily changed.

Now I would like to focus on what I believe are the most serious causes of yin disease so you can avoid them or change them if they describe you.  I have placed these factors in several categories to make them easier to remember:




Diet is one of the most important factors that make the body and souls either more yang or more yin.  Always remember this.  It is a key as to why the development diet includes certain foods and not others.

Our experience is that the macrobiotic concept of yin and yang foods is better than the standard Chinese medicine classification of foods.  More yin foods are:


1. Fruit, along with all sweet foods and sweet beverages.  The reason is that sugar, IN ANY FORM AT ALL, has a very yin effect on the body. 

            This includes all fruits, fruit juices, juices in general, and all artificial sweeteners as well.  It also includes items such as rice milk, soy milk, almond milk, hemp milk and even cow’s milk.

            Fruit.  The hardest sweet food for most people to avoid is fruit.  In part, this is because most health authorities tell us that fruit is wonderful.  It is not!  We find loads of problems with fruit.

            Fruits also include some vegetables that are botanically really fruits.  Examples are the nightshade vegetables – tomatoes, white, blue and red potatoes, all peppers, and eggplant.  Others are cucumbers, all squashes but especially the summer squashes such as zucchini, okra and perhaps one or two others.

Other foods in the same family are all nuts and seeds.  The cereal grains, however, such as rice, corn and others are much less yin for complex reasons.  For development the bodies require some toasted almond butter and some sesame tahini.  Otherwise, during early development we suggest avoiding fruit, nuts and seeds.  

            Hybrids.  Today’s fruits are even more yin than those raised 100 years ago thanks to hybridization, use of superphosphate fertilizers that make all our foods much more yin, and the use of pesticides that are common on fruit, even organically grown fruit.  Even natural pesticides are often very yin as they are made from yin plants and herbs.  For more information, read Fruit-Eating on this website.


            Mineral-deficient diets.  These include most people’s diets today.  Refined food is all mineral deficient such as white flour, white sugar, white rice and all synthetic or manufactured food items.  Table salt is also very mineral-deficient compared to natural sea salt. 


2. Raw food.  Diets of mainly raw food are significantly more yin than eating more cooked food.  Adding heat to a food such as by cooking makes it much more yang.  Many health authorities urge us to eat more salads, fermented foods, raw fruit, raw nuts, seeds, and granola (uncooked or just soaked grains).  No matter how nutritious these are, these raw foods are far more yin and thus harmful for health in subtle ways.

This is the main reason we do not suggest eating salads, for example.  We have worked with many people who were following mainly raw food diets and they all become too yin.

Herbs are raw foods. Unfortunately, most herbal products are raw foods.  If they are prepared with either alcohol or glycerin, they are even more yin.


3. Fermented foods and foods composed of fungi such as mushrooms and a few others.  Some health authorities recommend eating fermented foods such as sauerkraut, pickles, relishes, soaked grains that ferment, wine, natto, tofu, tempeh, and others. 

Once again, no matter what health advantages these products provide, their yin nature and quality more than offsets any benefits in our experience.  Fermented foods are also toxic in most cases with aldehydes and other chemicals that give taste and are produced by fermenting bacteria and yeasts.

The only exception is that cheese, yogurt and kefir without any fruit or sugar added are okay in moderation.  A little miso, tofu or tempeh once in a while are also fair, but not too good.  The others are best avoided.  For more on this topic, read Fermented Foods on this website.

Also avoid most mushrooms, another very yin food, and avoid kombucha tea and other products made from ferments and fungi.  Vegetable enzymes, as they are called, are also made from aspergillus and other molds, and are best avoided as they are also too yin.


4. Vegetarian or mostly vegetarian diets.  Vegetarian diets tend to be much more yin than diets that contain more animal foods.  In the macrobiotic classification of foods, meats of all kinds, along with eggs, are the most yang foods.  Leaving these out of your diet therefore will make the body far more yin.

Most people who eat vegetarian-style diets also love raw salads and fruit, which are very yin foods.  Many also drink smoothies and green drinks, which are very yin.  As a result, these people become yin in the extreme, and very ill.  Once again, it does not matter what the nutritional benefits are.  If the food is yin, it is not helpful although a little may be fine.

To prevent and correct yin disease, stay away from all types of vegetarian diets.  The worst of these are vegan diets that contain no eggs or dairy products.  One reason that I theorize that some nations are very poor is they live on vegetarian food.  As a nation grows in prosperity and power, usually the people want to eat more meat.  There is a good reason for this, as the meat is far more yang and balances their bodies in subtle ways.

Near-vegetarian diets.  Many Americans and others eat meat and eggs, but do so only once or twice a week, for example.  We call them near-vegetarians or semi-vegetarians.

Dr. Paul Eck just called them vegetarians.  This type of diet is almost as bad as being a total vegetarian.  Please avoid this type of diet as well. We suggest eating animal protein every day, and even better, eat some twice daily.  You will not die of toxicity and the animals are here to assist us in this way, among many others, so you should not feel guilty, but rather grateful for them and to them.

NOTE: Some people report feeling much better on a total vegetarian diet.  In my experience, this is because:

1. Their digestion is too weak to digest meat, dairy and eggs, especially in poor food combinations.  So they feel better removing these foods.  However, this is only a partial solution that eventually leads to nutritional deficiencies in all cases.

2. They have some E. coli or other aberrant bacteria in their intestines that flares up when they eat animal products.  They need to change the flora in their intestines and then they will be able to eat meat and eggs with no problem.

3. They are iron-toxic.  Eliminating red meat, especially, and perhaps eggs does indeed make them feel better.  However, the answer is to remove the excess iron, not stop all meat and eggs.

3. Vegetarian diets numb them so they feel less pain.  Copper toxicity, which set in with all vegetarian regimens, causes spaciness that is easily confused with becoming more “spiritual” and relaxed.  This is not the same as becoming healthy, however.


5. Eating sugar, honey, maple syrup, agave syrup, rice syrup, corn syrup, Rice Dream, ice cream, sherbet, gelato, soda pop, sweet sauces, sweetened teas or coffees, sweet desserts, or most any other sugary or sweetened foods. 

This is another habit that is guaranteed to make a person much more yin.  It also causes hypoglycemia and diabetes, which are yin diseases.  Sugars of all kinds are among the most yin foods in existence.  It does not matter if they are all-natural or organic.  If you wish to avoid or correct yin disease, stay away from all of them.  You may miss them for a while, but you can substitute better foods and your health will often improve dramatically in a short time.


6. Toxin exposure almost always make one more yin.  This is because most toxic metals and toxic chemicals are extremely yin.  Certain occupations and lifestyles such as smoking anything, for example, expose one to more toxins.

Also, refined food diets containing chemical additives are far more yin for this reason.  Almost all refined foods such as white flour, white rice, white sugar and hundreds of other prepared and refined food products tend to be far more yin.  The reasons are at least 1) fewer minerals because the minerals have been refined out, 2) poorer quality food in general, 3) less fresh, 4) the additives are yin.  Also, synthetic ingredients are more yin, and anything that is ground up or separated out and isolated tends to be more yin than a whole food.


7. Smoothies, shakes and all juices tend to be very yin.  Many people live on smoothies, I have learned.  Not only are they very poor food combinations.  They usually contain too much water and sugars.  However, they are cold, broken up, often contain refined powders and fruits so they are extremely yin.  Avoid them all.  We recommend only 10-12 ounces of carrot juice with perhaps some greens in it daily.  You may alternatively have an ounce or two of wheat grass juice once or twice weekly.  Although these two products are very yin, they contain excellent nutrients most people need such as calcium, so they are acceptable, but only this amount. 


8. Drinking a lot of milk is another habit that is guaranteed to make a person yin.  One reason is that milk is high in lactose, a sugar.  Please limit milk intake to 6 ounces of either raw or organic milk daily, and no more.  Children can drink this much as well, or perhaps a little less for young children.  Do not fill yourself up or your children with lots of milk.  Children, however, are much less prone to yin disease if they limit fruit and all sweets, and eat meat and eggs daily.


9. Drinking alkaline, distilled or reverse osmosis water for more than a few months.  The source of the alkaline water can be an alkaline water machine like the Kaagen, Jupiter or other, or it might come from a water store that makes the water.

Alkaline water can make one feel better by alkalinizing the body a little, but it is extremely yin as well, especially if one sets the pH high.  Other problems with this and other types of water are discussed in the article entitled Water For Drinking on this website. 

Reverse osmosis water is also more yin because it is devoid of minerals.  It also does not hydrate the body as well and should be completely avoided.  BEWARE of specialty waters that are really just reverse osmosis water with a few minerals or other things added.  Stay away from them all.

Distilled water has the same problem.  The only types of water we recommend are spring water or carbon-only-filtered tap water as second best in most cases.  Some well water is fine, but most is contaminated and one must exercise care with it.

Distilled water may be used for a day or a week and rarely for one to three months for detoxification during some healing reactions, but that is all.  Spring water, by the way, is often naturally somewhat alkaline, and that is fine.  The problem arises when one makes the water much more alkaline using a machine or adding something to the water.




10. Taking many food supplements, especially on a long-term basis.  This is an important cause of yin disease for some people.  The worst vitamin/mineral products are synthetic vitamins including vitamin C and MSM, for example.  These are extremely yin.  However, all supplements tend to broken up and often raw, and are quite yin. 

Supplement products made from animals, and synthesized minerals such as chelates, tend to be more yang and are less harmful.

Taking piles of supplements always tends to make a person more yin.  In nutritional balancing, one must be careful to take as few supplements as possible to minimize this serious problem.


11. Herbs.  Most all herbs are quite yin.  The more that one takes, the more yin the body becomes.  This is unfortunate but true.  Many herbs today are also toxic, especially all brands of Chinese and Ayurvedic or East Indian herbs.  I am not sure why this is so, but it is our experience, even with the best brands.  Always limit herbs for this reason.


12. Homeopathy.  This method of healing can produce some results.  However, the remedies are extremely yin and toxic.  Please avoid homeopathy for this reason!  Read Homeopathy for more details.


13. Drinking alcohol in any form can make one more yin.  Alcohol, according to the macrobiotic classification of foods, is one of the most yin of all food items.  This may be due to its chemistry, its effects on the body such as depleting B-complex vitamins, zinc and magnesium, and because alcohol is generally made by fermentation of yeasts, a very yin method.

Wine.  In general, the higher the alcohol content, the more yin the beverage.  However, wine is terrible, even if the alcohol content is lower than some other alcoholic beverages.  The reasons for this are: 1) it is made from fruit.  (In contrast, beer and most distilled products are made from grain), and 2) most wine contains some lead and arsenic, which is applied to the grapes as a pesticide, even if the wine is labeled organic.

To avoid or correct yin disease, avoid all alcoholic beverages. 


14. Any use of marijuana, heroine, crack cocaine, Ecstacy, LSD, methamphetamines. Marijuana, by the way, is one of the worst or most yin herbs or drugs.  Synthetic drugs like Ecstasy and LSD are also extremely yin.  This is one reason they and other drugs provide the type of experience they do. 

The only “drug” that is more yang is coffee, which is why the development diet allows a cup of coffee for most people if it does not irritate the digestive tract too much.  It is also a major reason coffee is used in enemas, and not other substances that some others recommend for use in enemas.


15. Almost all medical drugs and many over-the-counter drugs and cosmetics, body care products, etc. are very yin.  This includes aspirin, Tylenol, Excedrin and most other simple drugs.  All of these are very yin, to varying degrees, depending on how much one uses, and the chemistry of the drug or body care product.  Not only are most of these toxic for the body, but they also make the body far more yin.  Avoid them all if you desire optimum health.




16. Moving energy upward through the body is much more yin.  Therefore, always move energy downward.  The best way to do this is to practice daily the Roy Masters meditation, but not others.  It works even better with the emphasis on moving energy down from the head to the hand and later into your feet.

At the same time, stay away from yoga, acupressure and most acupuncture.  These older healing methods tend to move energy upward through the body in almost all cases.  A few yoga twists are okay, but not other poses.  For details, read Yoga.

Many meditations also move energy upward, such as some kundalini exercises and others.  Rape and many traumas also move energy upward.  Don’t take chances!  For more on this topic, please read Downward-Moving Energy And Healing on this site.


17. Activity of the parasympathetic nervous system is more yang.  Activity of the sympathetic nervous system is more yin.  This is a large topic.  For more, please read Balancing the Autonomic Nervous System on this site.


18. The presence of silver-mercury amalgam dental fillings and root-canal filled teeth.  Mercury used in dental fillings is quite yin and has no place in our bodies.  Also, root-canal filled teeth, also called root canals, are most often infected and are best removed.  I know this causes problems chewing for some people, but it is a lot better than having hidden infections in the body that are mainly very yin in nature.


19. Almost all infections are yin today.  Some infections of children that cause fever are yang in nature, but most are very yin today.  This includes all fungal infections such as candida albicans, and many others that are common.  Viral infections are also sometimes very yin in nature.  This includes herpes, human papilloma virus and many others.  Some bacterial disease like gonorrhea and syphilis are also yin.  Parasitic infections are all yin conditions.

However, the drugs for infections – antibiotics and others – can be even more yin.  This is why we rarely ever recommend or need them.  There are better ways to eliminate all infections.  For more on this, read Boosting Your Immunity on this website.




20. Air travel. For unknown reasons, frequent traveling on airplanes makes the body much more yin.  Air is yin and moving away from the earth is yin, but that is the only understanding I have of why this occurs.  Limit air travel, and travel in general to become more yang.  Read more about this in the article entitled Frequent Traveler Syndrome.


21. Too much WATER exposure.  Never take baths more than twice a week.  This is because water is extremely yin.  Shorter showers are more yang.  Also, do not use hot tubs or pools a lot for this reason, among others.  Also, do not do water enemas or a lot of colon hydrotherapy, for the same reason.


22. Electromagnetic fields or EMFs, and electromagnetic stress tends to very yin.  While stress can be either yin or yang, most electromagnetic fields make one far more yin.  To avoid and correct yin disease, activities to avoid are using a computer all day if you can help it, sitting close to computer screens, talking on cell phones or portable phones, carrying around devices that emit EMFs, and limit travel, which tends to expose one to many more EMFs.

Also, far infrared saunas usually generate harmful EMFs to a slight degree, as do infrared heating pads and other infrared devices.  The near infrared light sauna does not do this, however.


23. A focus on ordinary sex, even joking about it, is more yin.  The most yin is having a lot of orgasms and/or sexual fluid loss.  This can be through having regular sex or masturbation.  Down sex And Down Hugging are fine, however and actually have a yang effect.

Ordinary sex is best avoided, and at most limit it to once every two weeks and never any more for any reason.  Also, do not focus on sexual matters, ideally.  Do not stare at women, and women, to do not stare at, provoke, and talk about men and sex very much.  Instead, focus on healing and health and talk about intellectual and spiritual matters.  These are far more yang and healthful.


24. Climate and location.  Living in a coastal area, or a damp climate, is more yin compared to living inland, at higher altitude, and in a dryer climate.


25. Too much pure O2.  This is rare, and only found in people who use hyperbaric oxygen chambers often, or breathe a lot of pure oxygen.  Ozone is more yang, and preferably to using pure oxygen.


26. Exposure to x-rays.  This makes the body much more yin.  These are found in CT scans, regular x-rays, living near a nuclear power plant, and perhaps other sources of ionizing radiation.


27. Anything that reverses the energy centers or slows the spinning of the dantiens.  This includes fatigue, traumas such as rape, incest, and beatings, malnutrition or toxicity.




28. Yin beliefs are believing in victimhood, oppression, class warfare, social justice, group rights, moral relativism and the benefits of socialism and perhaps communism.  These beliefs and attitudes make one far more yin.  If you want to become more yang, give them up.

We know this is easier said than done, but the author did it and so can you.  Realize they are wrong and they do not work well.  Much more yang concepts include freedom or personal liberty, God, the Ten Commandments of Moses, capitalism, and absolute truth, not moral relativism.


29. More yin attitudes are discouragement, depression, negativity, cynicism, fatigue, apathy and despair.  Do your best to avoid these.  There is much that one can do to stay positive, uplifted, inspired, hopeful and interested in life.

Finding meaningful work is one way.  Helping others is very good.  Wishing people well is good.  Reading spiritual texts such as the Bible is another.




A development program.  This unique approach to healing will make the body much more yang.  In addition to the diet and lifestyle suggestions above, it includes a set of individualized, targeted nutritional supplements and a diet for one’s oxidation type.

This program makes a person more yang for at least eleven reasons:


Š           Removing over two dozen toxic metals from the body.

Š           Removing hundreds, if not thousands of toxic chemicals, drugs and other substances from the body, most of which are yin.

Š           Getting rid of chronic candida albicans and other fungal infections that are very yin.

Š           Removing dozens of other chronic and often hidden infections that are mainly yin.

Š           Correcting a more yin or slower oxidation rate, and a yin or low sodium/potassium ratio in the tissues.

Š           In many cases, improving mental and emotional functioning and allowing a person to process mental and other traumas that are having an extremely yin effect on the body.

Š           Suggesting better attitudes, emotions and thinking.

Š           Moving energy downward from the head to the feet.

Š           Renourishing the entire body.

Š           Warming the body by improving thyroid and adrenal glandular activity.

Š           Restoring autonomic nervous system balance and making the body more parasympathetic.


As part of every development program, we also recommend several detoxification and healing procedures that have a yang effect.  These are:


Red heat lamp sauna therapy. Part of every development program is the suggestion to use a red heat lamp sauna or at least a reddish heat lamp at least once daily.  Many people should use it twice daily.  One of the great benefits of this therapy, as compared to all other detoxification procedures, is it is extremely yang in some ways.

Types of saunas. Other saunas are not as yang in their effects.  Far infrared saunas are definitely more yin because they give off stray electromagnetic fields.

The red heat lamp sauna is by far the most yang of all three types of saunas (traditional, far infrared and near infrared).  This may be one reason that many people report regularly that the near infrared lamp type of sauna gives them the most benefit.

The other two types can often easily be converted to a near infrared type by adding a few heat lamps on one wall.  Never shine the lamp on the head, as some suggest, for more than 5-10 minutes at a time, however.


Coffee enemas. While an enema involves the use of water, coffee is one of very few plants that is somewhat yang.  Roasting the coffee makes it even more yang.  Using it in an enema form seems to make it even more yang for some unknown reason.  Its yang effect on the body is one of the reasons I recommend this procedure for almost everyone, and it is likely that it is one reason clients rave about its effects on their health and mental state.


The pulling down mental exercise.  This particular practice has a decidedly yang effect.  Most meditations and even many prayers have a yin effect. 

The pulling down exercise, however, is very grounding and centering, which are yang qualities.  It also brings in certain souls that are more yang.

It also heals the body in certain ways that are much more yang.  For example, it causes the energy centers to spin correctly and in a coordinated way.

It also balances the entire body in a unique way that makes it much more yang.  For details, read The Pulling Down Exercise.


Changing one’s attitudes and controlling one’s emotions.  These are also part of development programs.  We recommend reading the articles on this website that strongly encourage one to take full responsibility for one’s entire life, forgive everyone, let go of victim thinking, release all guilt, fear, anger and other negative emotions, and turn to God or spirit for guidance.  This will have a powerful yang effect on the body.




Everyone experiences some anxiety, at times, as the body becomes more yang.  Here are three possible causes for this:


1. Increased awareness and mental sharpness.  As one becomes more yang and balanced, many people become more assertive, perhaps more aggressive, more perceptive and sharper mentally.  This is an unfamiliar feeling and one can feel guilty about it, upset about it, or have other feelings.

Women, in particular, may feel guilty that they are not as “sweet and kind” as they used to be.  This is because they have become more balanced and stronger inside.  Men, and some women as well, may feel too aggressive or “angry”, when it is really not anger.  Anger is a weak yang response of the adrenal glands.

As the body becomes much more yang, one develops simply a greater awareness of the truth about a situation.  This can arouse emotions like anger, which need to be controlled.  However, at times it just means one does not need to waste time with silly explanations and analysis, which tends to be yin. One is ready to move on and act on one’s insights, rather than think about things for too long.


2. Retracing occurs faster.  As one overcomes yin disease, the body heals old illnesses and injuries much faster.  Also, the brain processes emotional traumas far better.

As a result, healing crises may occur that are vigorous and upsetting, or rarely are scary.  One can feel one is on a rollercoaster – up one day and down the next.  This is upsetting, and in rare cases we recommend slowing the program down a little by taking fewer supplements to lessen the pace of healing.

Some slow oxidizers are simply not used to such a vigorous metabolism.  However, some ups and downs need to be tolerated, and these issues will generally resolve themselves quickly, often in a matter of hours or days.  This is really just part of retracing and healing.  However, it can scare some people away from their new, more yang style of eating and living.


3. More anxiety at times. The angst and anxiety that occurs as one becomes more yang is intense, at times.  It is usually caused by copper elimination, and perhaps the elimination of other toxic metals such as cadmium, lead or mercury. 

It may also be due to waking up to your issues such as anger that you were not aware of.  It may also be due to having a more robust body that just reacts more forcefully to many things.  Very slow oxidizers, in particular, are not accustomed to this feeling.  It is like trading in your old broken down car for a powerful sports car that easily hits 150 miles per hour if you are not careful.

However, these feelings of anxiety, mainly, can derail the healing of yin disease.  Women, in particular, may be drawn back to eating sweets and fruit, as it “just feels better”.  Sweets make them more yin again, so they seem to be sweeter, gentler, kinder, and so on.  However, in reality it just puts them back on a path to yin illness and early death.




Almost all people with yin disease have one or more of the following:

1. A slow oxidation rate.

2. A four lows pattern.

3. A calcium shell.

4. A low sodium/potassium ratio, or a double low ratio pattern (low Na/K and low Ca/Mg).

5. Less commonly, a fast oxidation rate with a low sodium/potassium ratio, and rarely just a fast oxidation rate as a compensation.

6. Less commonly, a three highs/four highs pattern.

7. A Beam Me Up, Scottie pattern.  (see below)


The Beam Me Up Scottie Pattern.  An unusual pattern occurs in people who eat a lot of fruit.  They can be very fast oxidizers and perhaps might have a three highs/four highs pattern.  A number of them have a very high sodium and potassium level.  This appears to be an unusual result of eating a lot of fruit.  The fruit sugars and acids may irritate the kidneys or other organs or body systems.

Symptoms or conditions associated with the pattern may include:


Š           Serious illness and early death.

Š           Out of touch with feelings.

Š           Depression and a desire to be “beamed out of here”, meaning not wanting to be on earth.

Š           An attitude of wanting to run away or “climbing the walls”

Š           Too much upward moving energy, which is very unhealthful.

Š           A negative view of life. 


Reducing or preferably eliminating all fruit in the diet is necessary to help these people recover their health.




1. In younger people.  One type of yin disease appears in younger people today.  They include teenagers, young adults, children and even babies. 

Causes: a) Inheriting a weak body – one that is toxic with metals and chemicals, and deficient in minerals, primarily, but also deficient in other nutrients.

b) Exposure to chemicals and metals from medical drugs and vaccines, poor quality breast milk, impure adult food and water, and breathing polluted air.

c) Exposure to electromagnetic fields from computers, phones and other technology

d) Exposure to ionizing radiation from x-rays and other stray radiation.

e) Exposure to false teachings in schools such as homosexuality, abortion, socialistic and communistic ideas, atheism, and the view that the soul does not exist.


Qualities: This yin disease is characterized by deficiencies.  There is plenty of etheric energy because the person is young, but the energy cannot build a strong body due primarily to mineral deficiencies and toxicity with metals, chemicals, harmful electromagnetic frequencies, and ionizing radiation.


  2. In older people. This is seen in people over about the age of 50.  It is a yin disintegration or breakdown of the body.


Causes: a) low etheric energy due to aging.

b) too much exposure to water in some cases.

c) too much sex, in some cases.

d) too much exposure to alcohol, drugs and even too many nutritional supplements, herbs and homeopathic remedies, all of which are quite yin.


Symptoms:  This type of yin condition causes osteoporosis, dementia, and sometimes every other imaginable health condition due to breakdown of the body tissues.


Type of yin: This is yin due primarily to low etheric or low life force in the body, due to aging.  It is an entropic or chaotic yin, although deficiencies or hollowness and toxicity are also present.  To some degree, this is part of normal aging.  However, if severe, it can cause early disease and a premature death.


Correction:  Most important for anyone over 50 or so is to conserve your energy.  Get plenty of sleep and rest, limit sex to once a week at most, avoid drugs and chemicals as much as possible, and do not take bathes more than twice or three times weekly.  The Roy Masters meditation with my modification will greatly enhance etheric energy, as can deep breathing.




- Estrogens are often higher. 

- Testosterone is often on the low side.

- Sexual hormone binding hormone is often higher.

- TSH is often high.

- Progesterone is often lower.

- Triglycerides and perhaps cholesterol may be a little high.

- Body temperature is often lower, and a person often feels somewhat cold.




The energy centers.  Those who are too yin tend to be ungrounded, and often the first energy center is poorly developed.  There is often overdevelopment of the second energy center as a stop gap compensatory mechanism.  The energy centers are usually undeveloped, except for the seventh and maybe one or two others.  This indicates a low degree of spiritual development, relatively speaking.

The energy centers often spin “upside down”.  This means they are facing strange directions and do not spin evenly at all.


Truth.  Truth is not one of the values of people who are very yin.  Instead, they often believe in the doctrine of moral relativism.  This is the idea that there really is no right or wrong, and truth is relative and personal.  This leads to a very confused life and is also very harmful for society.

For example, some people today do not believe in equal justice for all.  This is a basic concept of all advanced societies and a soul-based idea because we all have souls and none are superior to others.

Instead, people who are more yin may believe in what is called racial justice, environmental justice, social justice, justice for women, and other variants.  Really, none of this is justice.  It is just an excuse to treat people the way one wishes, rather than equally. 


Love.  Those who are very yin may talk about love endlessly, and indeed they may be more tolerant than those who are too yang.  However, they also do not hesitate to use force to implement their own agendas, and their hidden agendas are often not loving at all.

In other words, underneath many of them are not tolerant or very open-minded at all, but rather confused.  Many secretly want to kill those who oppose their plans. 

Most of the rhetoric of hatred comes from them, although they say it comes from the conservatives and others who oppose their agenda.  The ones they most hate usually include the religious Christian community, and often groups such as patriots, tea party activists in America, and other so-called right wing groups.  They may call them racist.  This is today a common label they plaster on anyone who disagrees with them.

Also, while claiming to be loving, they do not hesitate to use character assassination, total lies and fabrications to humiliate and defeat their opponents in politics and other areas.  They are masters at blaming others for these tactics, when they use them much more often than the conservatives, religious people and the Republicans in America, whom they hate.


Sexual behavior.  Those who are too yin are often sexually loose.  Some are celibate or monogamous, but they all usually oppose any restrictions or even discipline in this area. 

Those who are too yin may encourage sex at an early age in their children and in those whom they teach in high school, middle school and colleges.  They do not seem to worry about sexually transmitted diseases and other problems of early and casual sexual behavior.

Some of the men are impotent or have erectile dysfunction.  Many of the women have sexual fluid craving, a rather common condition.  It is fully discussed in a separate article entitled Sexual Fluid Craving.  It is basically a strong craving for male semen which can make a woman selfish and even cruel or devilish.


Drug use.  Those who are too yin tend to favor drug legalization, and quite a few use drugs themselves.  This helps them feel less depressed and ill, at least temporarily.  It may also numb their sick minds further, thus relieving their confusion and conflicts for a few hours.

Many love “medical marijuana” and coffee – both containing cadmium.  Cadmium is a more yang, older male element.  It gives them some strength and courage which they need, as these are more yang qualities that they often lack.

Some are less attracted to alcohol, which they find makes them more depressed.  Also, it is a sloppy, sort of dirty drug that makes some people throw up, for example.  They prefer “cleaner”, simpler drugs like marijuana or Ecstasy, and most use these or have done so in the past.

Some also like the psychedelic mushrooms, and many enjoy “experimenting” with drugs and getting high, which offsets their victim status and their depression. 

Sex is used this way as well – for experimental purposes and to offset depression.  Many are promiscuous and rather uncaring in the sexual area, moving from partner to partner in a sort of free love belief system.  Many are old hippies who have never grown up from the 1960s or so.


Religious leanings.  Those who are too yin are often not Christians, and do not like the Bible.  They are offended by the strict rules and prohibitions of the Ten Commandments, and some don’t even like the Golden Rule.  They usually favor abortion on demand. 

They also do not like the Commandment against adultery, and may be willing to “experiment” and to teach even young children how to experiment and enjoy sex at a young age.  Doing what feels good is a ‘principle’ that is often more to their liking.

Among organized religious systems, they gravitate away from Christianity and prefer the relativistic Oriental religions such as Buddhism, yoga, marital arts, Vedanta, vegetarianism and others.  Their understanding and commitment is often limited, however, and they pick and choose the doctrines they like.


Spirituality.  Many consider themselves very “spiritual”.  Among Western spiritual themes, they overwhelmingly prefer the older, so-called “earth religions” and women’s religions such as Wicca and witchcraft, which are also older styles of magical religions.

Among the newer religions they like New Age, Gala and environmentalism as religions.  This means they do not challenge the premises or doctrines of environmentalism.  Indeed, they often take what their often false leaders say as God’s truth, without challenging it much.

Many do not like capitalism and free markets, which are much more yang economic and political ideologies.  They think Western capitalism just “rapes the earth”, stealing her resources like oil and coal, that is wasted on large cars, pickup trucks, and other capitalist “luxury” items.

They feel superior to the yang madmen or “pigs”, as they may call them.  They more often drive around little hybrid cars that are unsafe, but it makes them feel very superior that they are “saving the planet”.

They believe that the capitalists are literally “killing the earth”.  They would kill all the capitalists if they could, but that would not be nice, so they put up with them and use legal and more subtle means to destroy their wicked modern wasteful society.  This is quite twisted, but it is how many who are too yin think today.

Their goal is often the de-industrialization of society.  This is a twisted agrarian fantasy, in which we will all just live peacefully on the land when, in fact, this was never the case before industrialization occurred.  There was starvation, and life was very rough – and still is – on the farms.

They have a very Mother-centered religious orientation, rather than a Father-centered orientation, as Jesus and the Jewish religions speak about.  This can be a rebellion against fathers, and rebelliousness is another of their primary doctrines.  Many are still rebellious teens in grown up bodies.

In psychology, this trait would be called oppositional defiant, a term that describes many, but not all of them.  Others are simply schizoid and mercury toxic, and do not think clearly.  The leaders are often the defiant ones, while the followers are often the brain fogged, copper and mercury toxic ones.

Sadly, the latter are extremely easy to manipulate for “the cause”.  Often communistic and socialistic groups around the world exploit them terribly due to their brain fog, anger and gullibility, another yin trait.


Collective salvation.  A spiritual concept those who are too yin often embrace is called collective salvation.  The Western religions such as Judaism and Christianity, along with Eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, believe in individual salvation.  This means that you are “saved” and will prosper based on your individual thoughts, words and deeds.

Collective salvation is the idea that it is not what you do as a person, but by the behavior of your group or nation.  This sounds good.  However, it quickly becomes an excuse for bad behavior.  What follows from this belief are:

1. Actions to control everyone in society that way you think they should be and act and think.  This quickly becomes tyranny, an old word for oppression and horror.  Think of ISIS and some liberal thinkers.

2. The person himself or herself is “exempt” from the rules because he or she is doing their best to change things.  So Al Gore, for example, who believes that capitalism is “killing the earth”, lives in a gigantic mansion and travels around the world on a private jet plane.  He excuses this by saying that he is teaching others, so he needs all this.

3. The collective salvation doctrine excuses and justifies other horrors, such as raping people, murdering those who do not believe as you do, use of immoral methods to raise money for the “cause”, such as prostitution, human trafficking, and more.

4. To “fix” society, these people believe in a large, powerful, totalitarian type of government.  They do not realize how corrupt this always becomes, and they are dupes for the communists and socialists who love to perpetrate this false doctrine.


Direction of energy flow and health.  If a person is too yin, subtle energy move in the wrong direction in their bodies.  It moves upward, not downward as it should.  In fact, they are very uncomfortable with downward moving energy because it forces them to face and confront and heal their wrong attitudes and other issues.

Upward-moving energy, also called sampaku in Japanese, may have to do with their worship of Mother Earth, which many like.  They may feel that they take their energy from the earth, primarily, and move it upwards through their bodies.  This is opposite of the more yang method of the Jewish and Christian people, who are taught to move energy downward from the “Father in Heaven” toward the earth.

The concept of directionality of the movement of energy is extremely important.  Moving energy upward is toward death, while moving it downward promotes life.  This is discussed in the article entitled Downward Motion of Energy And Healing.


Natural healing vs. drug medicine. Those with yin disease or who are more yin often are interested in and promote natural healing.  They are intelligent enough to understand the principles of natural healing, and they distrust big corporations, which certainly include the drug companies, large hospital corporations, etc. 

However, they often end up supporting and patronizing the drug doctors or allopaths.  They may patronize naturopaths, who today are much like medical doctors in their approach to healing.  Two reasons for this are:

1. They are so ill and depressed that they have difficult health problems to solve.

2. They often opt for a quick fix and they are often basically authoritarian.  The medical and much of the naturopathic profession caters to this type of person with their licenses and other trappings.

In other words, those who are too yin are easily impressed by the “establishment” and trappings, which gives them a sense of safety even though it is mainly false, wasteful and destructive.


The military.  Most who are very yin dislike and distrust the military.  They vote to cut defense spending, because they believe falsely that it is a waste of money.  They believe that if we will be nice and disarm, our enemies will be nice and disarm, too, and the world will be peaceful, so why waste money on the military?

They also don’t like the military “culture”, with its strict discipline, Christian orientation in America, and many rules.  They fear a powerful army, and the whole idea of power is somehow distasteful, unless, of course, they wield it.  They imagine a world without guns and warplanes, perhaps because they feel powerless themselves due to their poor health at deep levels.

Those with yin disease overwhelmingly favor gun control over freedom to defend oneself, even though gun control fails to control crime wherever it is tried.  The criminals find ways to get guns, and the people are left defenseless. 

Those too yin do not trust “the common people” with a gun, but guns are fine in the hands of their own bodyguards and their friends.

We do not mean to be judgmental, here.  However, we do intend to show how mixed up, confused and inconsistent many people become when they become yin.  They are very confused about power and control, in particular, because all of us need to feel in control, and they do not feel in control of their bodies as much as needed.  In contrast, those who are too yang are often “control freaks” and need to relax.


Democrats. Most who are too yin vote for the Democratic party candidates in America and for the Liberal party candidates in many European nations.  These are basically socialist and communist parties today, but they don’t use those words, as that would scare people.

More yin people like them because they say they favor the environment and abortion on demand.  They do not realize what they are voting for, and they don’t realize that socialism and communism are just new words for oppression and tyranny.  If they did realize this, they would realize that capitalism, liberty and free markets are far better.


Vegetarians. Those who are very yin often cannot eat much red meat, as their digestion is weak.  They often become what Dr. Paul Eck called obligatory vegetarians.  That is, they cannot eat much meat due to poor health, so they are obligated to become more vegetarian.

The next thing that occurs is that many of them decide that meat must be a bad food, since it makes them feel heavy or ill when they eat it.  They couple this feeling with their distaste for obvious violence - killing animals, in this case.  They may consider anyone who eats meat as “cruel” and “cold-hearted”.

They couple all this with their interest in Eastern religion, which teaches that eating meat causes “bad karma”.  It does cause a bit of karma, but this is offset by giving back to others.

A few yin people favor animal rights legislation.  This is the idea that animals of all kinds, particularly domesticated animals, should have legal rights just like people.  They should be able to sue their owners, for example, if the owners don’t feed them right or kick them, for example.

We believe animal owners should be held accountable.  However, there are serious problems with the way they want to go about it. 

While they have a point that people should not abuse animals, they don’t seem to realize that if animals cannot talk and argue in court, it is hard for them to have rights.  They would say, let their attorneys do the talking, but this means the attorneys must “make up” the words for the animals, and this is really quite bizarre.

Given a choice, some of those who are too yin (more than one may think) would save a beached whale before they would save a drowning person, for example.  Animals such as wolves, they say, are just “innocent creatures”, though they may kill a child.  In contrast, humans, they often say, are often depraved, horrible, earth killers, and deserve to die.

All of the above feelings, doctrines and beliefs lead many who are too yin into vegetarian lifestyles.  Many are very good at spreading this falsehood in books and elsewhere, teaching that vegetarianism is the only way to live.  Sadly, this only makes them sicker and angrier, as Dr. Paul Eck loved to point out.  Their “spirituality”, he said, is often just copper toxicity.  Their “love” and “peace” are often just brain fog due to not eating enough animal protein or a balanced diet.  And they are dupes for some of the worst criminals on the planet who want us all weak, tired, depressed, angry and in despair.


Misanthropic. Many who are very yin see the mass of humanity as “bad”, while the earth, the animals and the plants are good.  This belief is called misanthropy, or hatred of human beings. 

This causes severe conflict, since they, themselves, are humans.  Many secretly hate themselves, in other words, due to all the harm humanity commits against mother earth and her animals and plants.  This is made worse by their belief in collective salvation.

In other words, no matter what they do personally, they are part of the human race, which is “dammed to hell” because of its treatment of the earth and the animals.  So this is a serious dilemma.

However, most cannot think this through and just suffer silently in a confused way when confronted with these arguments.


Guilty and hopeless.  Those who can think the above through must blame themselves for the condition of the earth, so they become guilty and often hopeless.  They are stuck with being part of the rotten human race and thus are guilty by association.

In their confusion and guilt, they see little hope for planet earth and some believe and teach that “the earth is dying”.  This is not true, but it is a popular doctrine taught in high schools and colleges to vulnerable, yin bodies. corresponds to what they feel living inside their sick bodies.  The false doctrine that the earth is dying may appeal to some because it corresponds to the feelings inside their own bodies that are sadly often dying, even in their teens.

This may sound unusal, but it is not.  For example, many, if not most teens today have yeast or candida problems.  This is partly due to their diets, but it is deeper than this and cannot be solved with diet change alone.

Their bodies, in other words, are “molding” or “going rancid” at this young age.  This is the truth about our young people today.  And mold, fungus and yeast diseases are part of yin disease.

In fact, guilt and hopelessness are important parts of the personality of many who are too yin.  Once again, it plays right into the hands of the socialist controllers who want the young people sick, depressed, on drugs, having lots of sex because we’re all going to hell anyway, and worse.


Closet elitists.  A common way those who are too yin deal with their own guilt and hopelessness is to twist it around and project it.  They come to believe that they can save the earth from the terrible scourge of the great unwashed masses and evil ones.  These are the rich people who drive the gas-guzzling cars and run air conditioners, burning all the oil, and raping the earth and the poor all over the world.

This belief turns them into sublime elitists, though they always deny it in public.  They alone, they think, have the insight, wisdom and character to run the government, decide what people must eat and do, and make the laws.

This also makes them sublime authoritarians, monarchists, and quite anti-democratic, even though they spout democratic rhetoric.  In fact, they often oppose democratic-leaning measures such as equal taxation, equal rights, and equal justice for all.  This, again, plays right into the hands of the authoritarian socialists and communists.




Politically, yin disease manifests as the “entitlement mentality”, support for the welfare state, support for large, intrusive government to “even the playing field”, “fairness”, “social justice”, communism and socialism.

In part, this is because they don’t have the energy or drive to work hard, achieve and compete in the business world.  They prefer to sit back and rest, or do nothing and let others work.  Many in the academic world prefer analysis to action.

So they write many academic and scholarly books, and today they rule academia in America, and elsewhere.  They are often quite erudite and intellectual, but not practical at all, and do not practice what they preach, in many cases.

Several of their psychological themes are 1) a desire for more control over people and society (because they feel out of control, 2) thus opposition to freedom, capitalism (economic freedom) and even opposition to real political freedom.  They favor “moral freedom” because they often enjoy drugs and loose sex, as they do not feel well, otherwise.

They also oppose rugged individualism, perhaps because they do not feel rugged at all.  Instead, they are collectivists, believing in collective ideologies like communism, socialism, collective salvation, Black liberation theology, group rights and other collectivist concepts.  They oppose individual rights, private property rights, capitalism, and real democracy – all of which favor individuals, and not an all-powerful state.

They believe in plenty of government control over the economy, health care, welfare, child-raising, education, and most other functions.  The opposite of this is individual freedom and personal control over one’s life, family, money and health care.  Those who are too yin do not trust individuals to control their own lives, certainly in part because they do not trust themselves, do not feel well, and some have difficulty controlling their own lower urges and desires.


Social justice or economic justice versus equal justice.  Social justice and economic justice are among their buzz words or slogans.  Of course, it is not justice at all.  It is selective treatment of different people based on superficial criteria like skin color or sexual behavior.

Social justice is a term that means they want to rearrange society to their liking and ignore the concept of equal rights for all under the rule of laws that everyone must obey.

In fact, those who are too yin often have nothing but disdain for the idea of law and government, and they do not hesitate to abuse and twist the laws if they can get away with it.  The often hate the US federal and state Constitutions, for example, which they say are just old outdated pieces of paper.

Their approach to justice - emphasizing not the seriousness of a crime a person committed, but rather a person’s sex, age, and sexual orientation - is actually quite materialistic and anti-spiritual.  Yet they view themselves as the spiritual ones.  Meanwhile, they view the conservatives who favor equal justice for all as materialistic capitalistic pigs, as they are wont to call them.

The concept of equal justice for all stems from the British common law and the American Declaration of Independence.  It states that all are created equal in the eyes of God, and therefore all deserve equal protection under the law.  This colorblind doctrine made America great, but has been decimated by yin disease among judges, juries and attorneys trained in faulty legal concepts.

Equal justice is a true legal concept because all people are souls under one God, regardless of skin color, race, national origin or sexual behavior, or anything else.

All people must be treated equally.  The very yin, however, cannot handle this concept, perhaps because they feel oppressed to such a degree that they do not think they should be held to the same standards of conduct as all others.

They are elitists who want special privileges and special “group rights”.  This is an older doctrine of law that is outdated and was always incorrect.  It is a throwback to the old class warfare and class society based on arbitrary rules, rather than social classes based upon one’s effort and intelligence.


Capitalism opposed. Those who are too yin tend not to like capitalism, which they see as dog-eat-dog, destructive, too rough, and exploitive of the poor worker.  They don’t want to see the obvious, that capitalism is the best engine of worldwide development, while socialism and communism fail miserably at taking care of people’s needs.  In other words, capitalism is the real savior, while communism and socialism are failing badly wherever they have been tried, such as present-day Europe, Russia, and even somewhat in America today.

America is no longer a capitalist nation, though she still spouts the rhetoric.  Capitalist nations do not have large, powerful governments and welfare states.  Instead, they allow the private economic sector to fill these needs.  Also, in capitalist nations the government does not favor some companies over others, does not bail out the large banks, and so on.  America has fallen from her position as a leader of the capitalist world, and is paying the price.

Capitalism is really nothing but economic freedom.  It is the concept that the best way to grow an economy is to allow private wealth accumulation instead of the government confiscating most of it with high taxes.  Then let the individuals build businesses with this wealth of their own choosing.  If they fail, let them fail and the individual is the loser.  If they succeed, everyone wins with more jobs and a larger economy.

Real capitalism must be controlled with strict criminal laws, however, against monopolies and cheating.  This is very important and is not being done in America and elsewhere enough.


Union supporters. Those that are very yin tend to favor unions over corporations, and they side with the poor and downtrodden.  This seems very compassionate, which can be a yin quality, when it is controlled and balanced.

However, those who are too yin do not understand that the poor should be lifted up, not given welfare.  Feeling sorry for people is another yin trait, and this is often the attitude they hold.  In fact, they often dislike the poor, based on the type of legislation they keep passing all over the world.

Abraham Lincoln once remarked, “make the poor into capitalists so they will get rich”.  However, the more yin people often cannot stomach richness, although many of them are wealthy themselves, a conflict they live with easily because they are basically elitists.

They might side with the poor, at least in their rhetoric, because they are “poor inside”.  This is another aspect of yin or deficiency.  They are “poor” in nutrients, poor in health, and poor in vitality.  They also see themselves as exploited, even if they live in luxury and often hold powerful positions in society.


Victimhood. People who are very yin often feel like victims.  They may twist the meaning of situations around so they seem to be the victim, even when it is not so.  They may see oppression everywhere, even among the wealthy minorities, for example.

This leads them to favor doctrines such as affirmative action, group rights, social justice and hate crime legislation, all of which subtly undermine the main principles of true and equal justice that made America and Europe advanced civilizations.


Moral relativism.  Another yin false doctrine is moral relativism.  This is the idea that there is really no truth, no good and bad, and no right and wrong answers.  This is an awful doctrine, but it is now taught in many high schools in America and Europe, among other nations.

It feeds on the confusion, guilt, and hopelessness that people feel when they are too yin.  An in part, it is true for them because truth, like most other perceptions, is somewhat difficult for their cloudy brains.  Everything just appears to be someone’s opinion, and that is the essence of moral relativism.

In this way of thinking, for example, a crime is only a crime if we say it is.  For example, if a murder is committed by a woman or a gay man, it may be fine because these are oppressed minorities.  However, if a white male does the same thing, then it is horrible and he should be put to death or punished severely because he is an oppressor in their mind, even if he is a poor, simple man.

Too often, this is as deep as their thinking goes.  They are often not capable of deeper thinking, which requires more mental clarity than they have, even if they have PhD degrees and other academic credentials.




Yin disease is real, and its incidence is growing around the world.  It is causing more and more problems for women, in particular, such as infertility, depression, moodiness, chronic fatigue, brain fog, and others.

The main causes seem to be congenital yin, vegetarian lifestyles and diets, refined food diets, eating more fruit, smoothies, fermented food and raw foods.  It is made worse by some holistic therapies such as homeopathy and herbs.  It is also made much worse by the use of drugs, lots of electromagnetic pollution, and in some cases, by too much bathing or too much air travel.

Changing one’s eating and living habits can go a long way toward alleviating and preventing this debilitating condition.  For the most powerful correction, follow the development program.

This includes daily use of a near infrared sauna and coffee enemas daily, along with the pulling down mental exercise.  This will enhance the yang effect of the program and speed healing tremendously.  Additionally, altering one’s attitudes and controlling the emotions are also particularly helpful to overcome yin disease.




Understanding Yin And Yang

Yin and Yang Healing

Yin Disease




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