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I. Introduction

II. Why Commit To Anything?

III. Levels Of Commitment 1 through 7


The moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, power and grace.” - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Whatever you commit yourself to you will achieve. If you do not achieve that to which you commit, it just means you changed your commitment.” - Jeshua, tapes from the Shanti Christo Foundation



1. A commitment is an agreement, a pledge, a promise or a firm decision to do something in the future.

2. Commitment is dedicating yourself to something.

3. Commitment is an attachment to someone, some thing or some action.

4. A commitment is an obligation or devotion to a person, relationship, task, cause, or other entity or action.

5. A commitment is a focused work style.


Commitment provides structure and stability.

Commitment creates a solid foundation.

Commitment builds trust.

Commitment is a sign of respect for another or for a project.

Commitment sets boundaries.

Commitment helps you achieve more.

Commitment allows you to share your dreams and desires.

Commitment is a basis of happiness. This is because commitment causes one to persevere in the face of obstacles in order to achieve or do something, and this makes one happy.

Commitment is saying “YES” to life. It is a challenge you accept and a journey you embark on.

Commitment gives you direction and purpose.

Commitment keeps you connected to others.

Commitment pushes you past your comfort zone.

Commitment causes you to learn more.

Commitment strengthens your character.

Commitment drives you forward.

Commitment helps you prioritize.

Commitment helps you deal with adversity.

Commitment helps you to take risks needed to succeed.

Commitment helps to strengthen your memory and cognitive skills.

Commitment helps you to develop positive behavior patterns and routines.

Commitment reduces feelings of fear, anxiety, doubt, regret and uncertainty.

Commitment fosters self-love, self-respect and self-confidence (con-fideo means with God). You are telling yourself that you believe in yourself and in your self-worth.

Commitment is often crucial for success.

Commitment is the basis for long-term plans. For example, this applies to following the development program.

Commitment can give life meaning.

Commitments can provide a sense of security.

Commitments often promote personal development and can provide a sense of identity.

Commitment helps develop discipline and responsibility.

Commitment helps one to be reliable.

Commitment is a key to business success.

Commitment makes you a better team member.

Commitment inspires others.

This section is excerpted from an article, 60+ Reasons Why Commitment Is Important


1. Commitment helps you show up.

2. Commitment helps you to enjoy life.

3. Commitment helps with discipline and perseverance.

4. Commitment helps you to be a better friend.

5. Commitment helps you be a better team member.

6. Commitment teaches and deepens your understanding.

7. Commitment is a godly quality.

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