by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.



I. Labeling Disease

II. Medical Disease





              This article gives names to two conditions that we encounter frequently with our development program clients.  They are important because they can impair healing.


              Definition of labeling disease.  This is a set of adverse effects that are the result of receiving a diagnosis by one or more doctors.


            The mainstream medical paradigm depends upon the diagnose-and-treat method of care.  The first step in this method is to identify or diagnose a person’s disease or condition.

The disease names are often mysterious-sounding Latin names and some are just nonsense.  For example, a very common diagnosis is essential hypertension.  This really means high blood pressure, but we don’t know the cause.  Well, why not say that instead of making up a fake name.  Another such word is idiopathic, which means the same thing as essential. 

            This diagnose-and-treat system of care has some advantages.  The diagnosis can relieve anxiety, help a person become informed, help one find a support group, and more.  However, here are the problems with labeling people with disease entities:


- The label can give a person a new identity – as a diabetic, a cancer patient, an arthritis sufferer, and so on.  This is never one’s true identity, but it can seem that it is.

- The label can easily become an excuse to work less or otherwise participate less in other life activities.  Some people even feel a loss if the label is removed!

- Labeling people with disease entities can also give the disease a certain power. 

- The label often causes fear, anger or other negative emotions that further weaken the body.

- Labeling can lead to depression, despair and hopelessness if the label is a serious one.  In fact, the label can impair a person’s will to survive and even lead to death.

- The label or diagnosis can lock one into one’s condition.


This is the essence of what we are calling labeling disease.

In contrast, with a development program we do not diagnose disease entities.  We view all health problems as the result of a series of insults to the body.  The main ones are nutritional imbalances, chronic infections, toxic conditions, traumas, and structural imbalances.  We just begin to correct these and, in most instances, one’s symptoms eventually disappear.




Definition.  Medical disease is the false belief taught to people by doctors and the mass media that they must live with their illnesses because no real help is available.  In our view, this is usually a complete lie.  However, it is usually accepted as the truth.

From our perspective, this condition occurs because physicians are very limited in the methods they use to correct health problems.

Medical disease often causes:

- Depression and fear, which can lead to more disease.

- In some cases, anger, which also weakens the body.

- Hopelessness, which stops people from seeking alternative care.




Escaping from labeling disease and medical disease is not easy.  Here are some suggestions:


Realize the dangers that visiting doctors of all kinds present.  These are discussed in two articles, Your Doctor’s Priorities and Medical Hazards.


            Give up all slavish attitudes toward the medical profession.  Always challenge their often dangerous and often costly interventions.  Among the worst of their methods are vaccinations, the use of costly or toxic drugs, long surgeries, and toxic or dangerous tests such as CT scans, mammograms, colonoscopy and cardiac catheterization.

Realize that medicine has certain answers, but is also quite flawed.  This is difficult to fathom for most people, as it was for the author.  The influence of the medical cartel is beyond most people’s imagining.  They control the media, the medical journals, government policy and more.

The internet offers more, but today there is censorship of some excellent websites and there are many false and malicious websites, as well.


Beware of the use of remedies of any kind.  Deep healing is always a journey, not a remedy.  Deep healing, we find, requires an entire program of diet, lifestyle modification and gently balancing body chemistry.  The real answers are never magic pills, operations, herbs, electrical machines, homeopathic remedies or drugs.


Realize that by “bucking the system” you will be a pioneer.  Don’t expect the support of the media or even your family and friends in this endeavor.  You may be called a health nut or a fanatic for caring for your health and diet, and resisting the pronouncements of the medical and naturopathic professions.



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