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A balancing couple is a man and a woman who unite their energies, and perhaps their bodies, to help balance the energies of our planet. Physical contact between the bodies is not necessary, and many such couples live apart.

This is a core article on the broad and important topic of personal relationships and love.

A sacred life path. To be part of a balancing couple is a life path. This means that one keeps learning and deepening one's skills in this area. Eventually, one becomes a true master of the art of coupling.

An unusual form of service to the planet. Being part of a balancing couple is a very powerful method of serving planet earth. There is a huge need for this at this time.

An scientific occupation. To be part of a balancing couple is a scientific job for a person. It is not done for fun or pleasure. It is a job or career in service to yourself, to the planet and to the wider universe.

An aspect of the science of empathic blending. Human beings are complex physical, mental and spiritual beings. Unusual effects occur when their energies unite. For details, read Empathic Blending.

Development. Development is a genetic change in the body that requires special nutrition that toughens and strengthens the body and extends life. It is the full genetic expression of a human being.

Development occurs today only when one follows the correct development program. For details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program.

To be part of a balancing couple is one of two aspects of development. It is the path or aspect of coupling two bodies in certain ways. The other development aspect is done alone. One can be on both of these paths of development.

Someday we hope development is taught to every young child and that every parent will place this first in their order of priorities for their children. For example, it is much more important than one's academic achievement, athletic ability, friends, relatives, hobbies and most everything else.

This is one of the main reasons that the diets and the education and medical systems of the world are horrible failures in many ways. Instead of promoting development, they damage the bodies even further and prevent development. The importance of this cannot be imagined.


The idea of balancing couples is ancient and most important to heal our planet and her people at this time in history. The reasons are:

- The earth is healing in a special way at this time. It is a time of joining together of certain energies that can only be done by balancing couples.

- The healing of the planet is difficult. The planet was 'fractured' or 'shattered' for thousands of years in unusual ways. We are not sure if this was due simply to an attacking force or had other purposes. However, it appears to be the truth.

- The alien group we call the Rogues have stopped a lot of balancing of the earth by couples. (The Bible calls this group Satan.) As a result, there are not nearly enough balancing couples in the world.


Marriage is not just a word. It is a sacred arrangement that needs to be taken very seriously. Some people understand this intuitively. Everyone needs to learn and understand it.

Today marriage has been completely corrupted by using the word with homosexuals. Marriage, by our definition, has to do with harmoniously blending male and female energies. This alone is marriage.

We are not attacking homosexuality. However, two people of the same gender cannot be married in the way we mean it because their energies will not blend properly. For more details, read Homosexuality and Why Not Homosexual Marriage?

Marriage is also not about a living arrangement or legal agreement. These are helpful, but marriage is not about this. This is important when we discuss another concept later in this article, which is long distance blending couples.


Balancing couple work in several ways:

1. They absorb negative energies on our planet and transmute or change them into happier and more balanced energies. This is the main work they do at this time. This can be done by anyone. However, those in a healthy marriage do it in ways that a single person cannot do.

Just living with another person may achieve a little of this, but not as much as when there is a loving marriage between the two people.

2. Maturing. Proper blending between a man and a woman helps mature both participants.

3. Planetary development. Development, as defined above, occurs not only in human beings. The planet contains many creatures and even plants that also can and are developing. Balancing couples assist this process.


The most important way to begin is by doing down hugging or down sex on a regular basis. For details, read Down Hugging and Down Sex.

Long-distance couples mostly work unconsciously.


To be part of a balancing couple, even a long distance one, is not a job for everyone. The reason is there are certain important requirements:

1. A degree of comfort with the body. Most people are not in touch enough with their feeling and bodily sensations to be too effective in a balancing couple situation.

2. A willingness and interest in sharing energies with another person at a very deep level. Some people are not willing to do this to a sufficient degree to be effective in a balancing couple.

3. The man, in particular, must be at a certain level of development. For balancing work, the development level of the woman is less important, although it is helpful if she is at least somewhat developed.

4. Balancing in this way works best if both partners truly love each other. This is difficult for an unusual reason. Most people do not know much about love and their “love” is selfish. For example, they may love the body,the personality or the dress or something else about another person. This is not the right kind of love.

The right kind of love is something else. It is a higher level of love that is rare. It is a true appreciation of all that another person is. This is difficult because each person is a very complex mixture of energies, souls, body parts, emotions, traumas, thoughts, actions in the past, and more.

Appreciating this deeply and remaining in this stat of appreciation at least most of the time is a formidable challenge. Most people don't even know about all the levels of a human being, but if they did, they would likely not appreciate the complexity of the person.

This is also a failure of the education system. Instead of discussing and teaching the deep complexity of every person, the schools focus on very narrow criteria by which they judge people.

The present school systems of the world judge people on superficial qualities such as their skin color, race, or religion. They also judge people based upon their academic degrees or skills of some kind. This is a little better because at least it is changeable if one applies oneself.

However, even this is totally superficial compared to realizing that each person contains about 100 trillion souls. Each soul has a history, abilities, flaws and more. Only viewing people from this perspective can hope to prepare a person to love others properly.

5. Cleanliness. Balancing couples are very interested in cleanliness. This applies to the home and to the outside and inside of the body.

6. A deep understanding. This is not needed for beginning work. For more advanced balancing work, the partners need to deeply understand the condition of our planet, what was done to damage it, and how to correct it.



These are people who are distant from one another, but who have a special connection that allows them to work together as a balancing couple.


As a result of the great shortage of in-person balancing couples, some masters are connecting men and women for the purpose of healing our planet. These people are distant from one another and the connection requires a special machine.

This arrangement is not as effective or as enjoyable as an in-person connection or relationship. However, it is much better than nothing and it is needed at this time.


Ask in prayer each day for at least one month that your body and mind be used to assist the planet by joining with another person as a couple.


Long distance balancing couples are usually not technically married to each other. In most cases, they do not even know each other. This is not helpful, but the method still works to a degree.

In the eyes of the masters who arrange things, the two people are in a marriage of friends. This means they are not living together or having sexual relations, but they are loving and helping each other unconsciously.

In fact, they may be technically married to someone else, although this might get in the way of their balancing work. However, it is the situation on earth today.


For long distance balancing to work, the two people must think very much alike. They also need to fulfill the requirements for all balancing couples discussed above.

This is not so easy to find, so I am told there are only several thousand of these long-distance balancing couples in the world at this time.

We hope to expand this core article in the future.

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