by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


I. Introduction

II. Why Are Many People Tired?

III. The Oxidation Rate And The Energy Pathway

IV. Other Causes For Low Energy

V. Fatigue Due To Development

VI. Adrenal Burnout

VII. Restoring The Body’s Energy

VIII. Other Topics




Energy, as the word is used in this article and on this website, refers to the availability to all the body cells of adequate ATP or adenosine triphosphate.  This is the energy molecule that our bodies use for fuel.  It is like the “refined gasoline” that powers our bodies.

Plants can use solar energy directly, but human and animal bodies need to make the special molecule called ATP to maintain all of their functions.

Adaptive energy.  Hans Selye, MD, spoke of adaptive energy.  This is also a good term to describe the energy we are referring to in this article and on this website.  It is not just the ability to move around and feel well.  It is the energy the body uses to adapt or cope with stress.


Newer automobiles today have many “power options”. They have power brakes, power steering, power windows, power door locks, and power seats, for example.  This is fine except for one problem, which some drivers know well.  If the battery power fails, one instantly loses all of these vital functions.

In other words, if the power or energy gets low, one’s auto will develop not one problem, but perhaps a dozen problems, all due to low energy or low power in the battery or alternator.  This is not a bad analogy to what occurs in our bodies when our energy gets low.


Fatigue is an epidemic today!  No wonder Starbucks is doing well, along with the makers of “energy drinks” and soda pop loaded with caffeine. 

This also helps explain why many people turn to recreational drugs for relief from fatigue and the negative consequences of fatigue such as depression.

Fatigue is also the underlying cause for many health conditions.  Dr. Bernard Jensen, one of my teachers, said that “fatigue is the basic disease”. 

Fatigue leads to many conditions because the body requires adaptive energy to perform all of its functions.  Low energy thus contributes to every imaginable physical and mental health condition.


The reasons vary.  If you are lucky, it is something simple such as not getting enough sleep, sleep apnea, or your fatigue is due to your prescription drug.  It can also be due simply to a nutritional deficiency or anemia from lack of iron, such as occurs in some vegetarians.

However, there is a deliberate attempt to reduce everyone's energy on earth by poisoning the food, reducing its nutritional quality and damaging the bodies with trauma.

This causes complex nutritional imbalances and other subtle derangements of the body’s energy-producing mechanisms. This article discusses these causes and their correction.

Development programs are specifically designed to improve one’s energy and are extremely helpful for most all cases of low energy.

Let us begin with the easy-to-fix causes of fatigue – lack of rest, sleep apnea, medical drugs and simple nutritional deficiencies.


A very simple, but critical aspect of restoring your energy is to obtain enough rest and sleep.  Most people do not get enough rest!  Most people need nine or ten hours of sleep every night.  Also, one must go to bed by 9 PM.  The reason is that the hours before midnight or one AM seem to provide a lot more rest than the hours after this.  Staying up late is a common cause of fatigue.

Disturbed sleep is another cause of fatigue.  It is fine to get up once or even twice to go to the bathroom, but if you are up too much at night, it will affect your rest.

Without these excellent sleep habits, you will never fully overcome energy problems.  It is okay to stay up late once in a while, but not every night, and not even once a week.

This lifestyle factor is so basic that many doctors overlook it and don’t even ask about it.  It should be the first thing they ask about. This factor is discussed more fully in the article, Sleep, The Silent Healer.


This is a condition in which a person temporarily stops breathing while asleep.  If it is severe, the person is starved for oxygen, and will awaken feeling tired.

The most common cause of sleep apnea is obesity.  What commonly occurs is that due to the sleeping position, the tongue or glottis can block the air passage during sleep.  This can cause the person to awaken, or just to stop breathing.

Losing weight often helps this condition.  Otherwise, one must obtain a CPAP machine that keeps one breathing at all times while asleep. As one heals with the development program, sleep apnea tends to go away on its own.


This is an enormous cause of fatigue today.  It is one of the main reasons I do my best to help people not to need medical drugs.  This is often possible.

Many types of medical drugs cause fatigue.  Among them are:

- Blood pressure medication such as ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers, and diuretics.

- Anti-histamines such as Benedryl,

- Cholesterol-lowering drugs such as Crestor and Liptor

- Anti-depressants such as Paxil and Prozac

- Painkillers of all types such as Aspirin, Tylenol, Aleve and many others.

- Tranquilizers such as Valium

- Anti-anxiety drugs

- Muscle relaxants

- Sleeping pills

- Anti-psychotic drugs.

- Acid-reducing proton pump inhibitors

- Some heart drugs

- Drugs for hyperthyroidism

- Some anti-seizure drugs


A diet low in cooked vegetables or protein can cause fatigue, as can a diet with sugar or sweets that upset the blood sugar level.

Eating a diet of whole foods, animal protein daily, lots of cooked vegetables, avoiding vegetarian and vegan diets, and having good eating habits such as not drinking with meals is a very good start toward restoring one’s energy.  Unfortunately, it is often not enough.

Why good food is not enough.  There are several reasons for this.  They include:

1. Superphosphate growth stimulants and hybridized crops.  Food is not that nutritious today, even the freshest, high quality organically grown food.  The reasons are that all food is grown using superphosphate or N-P-K fertilizers.  This is a very serious problem.  For details, read Superphosphates and Organic Agriculture.

Also, many crops today are hybrids and some are GMOs or genetically modified organisms.  In almost every instance, the crops are modified in ways that decrease their nutritional quality.

2. Food refining.  Refined foods provide very little of the vital minerals and vitamins we require.

3. Improper natural foods.  Even “natural food diets” often contain foods that upset digestion and can damage the delicate intestinal lining.  These unfortunately include wheat, all fruits, sweets, nightshade vegetables, and all refined and overly processed foods.  You can read separate articles about each of these on this website to understand why we need to avoid them today.

4. Weak digestion.  Most people have weak digestion so they do not absorb enough nutrients from their food. 

5. Eating habits.  Bad eating habits such as eating on the run, not chewing well enough, and drinking liquid with meals impair digestion a lot and decrease the nutrition most people obtain from their food.

6. Toxins.  Toxins such as food chemicals, chlorine and fluoride in the water, and many others we are all exposed to can deplete nutrients and interfere with digestion.

7. Stress, chronic illnesses, use of medical drugs, and the use of stimulants.   All of these deplete nutrients and may interfere with digestion, as well.

8. Supplements.  A number of nutritional supplements, herbs and other natural products also upset digestion and interfere with nutrient absorption. 

            All of the above factors prfoundly interfere with the process of renourishing the body.  This is why a specific diet and only a few targeted nutritional supplements are helpful - and often required - to renourish the body.  For a general diet, lifestyle and supplement program I find works best, read The Healing Lifestyle.


An under-performing thyroid gland or adrenal glands will produce fatigue.  Unfortunately, the cause is not always simple, since these glands require dozens of nutrients, and can be infiltrated by half a dozen toxic metals and dozens of other toxins.

The answer, in my experience, is not hormone replacement therapy, although it helps some people.  The development program will restore thyroid and adrenal activity in most anyone, providing that the gland has not been removed surgically or destroyed in some other way such as with radiation (RAI therapy).

For details, read Adrenal Burnout Syndrome and Thyroid Disorders.

Now let us turn to more involved causes of fatigue, and their correction.



The oxidation rate is like the tune of your engine.  If an internal combustion engine is running too slowly or if the fuel-air mixture is too rich or too lean, the engine will not run correctly, and the power output drops down.

Similarly, if you are pedaling a bicycle in the wrong gear, either too slowly or too fast, your power output will diminish greatly and you will become tired much faster as a result.  This is why bicycles have gears, as do all internal combustion autos.

In our bodies, the shifting of the gears is done by changing the parameters of metabolism to balance the oxidation rate.  This keeps the metabolic “engine” running at its optimum speed and adjustment.

The importance of this concept cannot be overemphasized. I will briefly summarize how the system works. For more information, read Fast, Slow and Mixed Oxidation.

The oxidation rate is highly dependent on many factors, among which are the activity of the thyroid and adrenal glands. Here is more detail about this factor in restoring the body’s energy system.

A Slow Oxidation Rate. Many people are tired because their thyroid glands and/or their adrenal glands are nutritionally depleted, toxic and therefore underactive.

Medical doctors and even natural healers often give thyroid hormones and even adrenal hormones for this condition. I strongly advise people to try the development program instead. Replacement hormones do not restore the energy system and, in fact, unbalance it more.

In most cases, bio-identical or other replacement hormones are not needed and actually slow or stop the deeper process of rebuilding the thyroid and adrenal glands. 

A Fast Oxidation Rate.  An opposite condition can cause fatigue as well.  Some people who are tired are fast oxidizers.  Their thyroid and adrenal gland activity is excessive. Like a bicyclist pedaling too fast, these individuals use energy inefficiently and become tired.

These individuals are often lavish in their expenditure of energy, and accomplish much as long as their energy holds out. However, they often run on nervous energy.  They may have excellent energy for a time, and then suddenly become exhausted.  When they become tired, they are attracted to stimulants, drugs such as alcohol or other artificial means to sustain their energy.

Part of the task in correcting energy usage in a fast oxidizer is to even out their use of energy.  Through a proper diet of more fats and oils, and a few correct nutritional supplements, these individuals can be helped to become 'long distance runners' instead of 'sprinters' who become exhausted quickly because they expend their energy too rapidly.


Another critical factor in restoring the body’s energy systems is to restore the energy pathway.  Like a gas-powered automobile, the body has a fuel system or set of steps that process the fuel so it can be used properly. Each step of the system must be operating well for optimum energy production.

In the automobile, for example, the fuel must be pumped from the gas tank.  Then it must be filtered.  Then it must move into the cylinders.  There it must be ignited properly and burned completely to produce energy to run the car.

The body’s fuel system.  In the body, the ‘fuel system’ begins with the ingestion of 'fuel' foods, which are primarily starches and fats.  Protein may also be burned for fuel, although this is inefficient and toxic.  This is one problem with very high-protein diets over a long period of time.

Food Intake And Eating Habits.  One must first eat enough of the correct food.  Then it needs to be chewed thoroughly.

To do this well requires eating in a sitting position in a relaxed manner, and ideally sitting for 10 minutes or so after eating to allow digestion to begin.  It also includes adequate chewing of food, and avoiding drinking much water or worse, other beverages, with the meal because these tend to dilute the digestive juices needed to digest the food.

Stomach Digestion.  Once the food enters the stomach, it must there mix with stomach acid and enzymes such as pepsin and chymotrypsin.  This is a critical phase of digestion.  It is often hampered by drinking too much liquid with meals and/or weak production of stomach acid and stomach enzymes.

Intestinal Digestion.  Eventually, proteins are broken down into amino acids, starches are broken down to simple sugars, and fats are broken down to fatty acids.  These must be absorbed adequately in the small intestine.

Many people have something called leaky gut syndrome and other intestinal ailments of which they are unaware.  These can hamper adequate nutrient absorption.  This is why when we give supplementary vitamins and minerals, for example, we have to give doses higher than that which is normally needed.

This is also why any laws that limit the potency of minerals and vitamins will harm people, not help them.  Most of them are not toxic if too much are taken at once, unlike drugs which are deadly if you take too much.

Assuring proper digestion is also one reason we do not recommend smoothies or shakes of any kind, as they are hard on digestion.  Whole foods are much better, as a general rule.

Absorption Into The Liver And Nutrient Conversion.  Once food is absorbed in the intestines, mainly, it passes directly to the liver, not to the entire body, as some teach.  The liver stores some of the sugars and fatty acids and converts some of them to other forms and structures such as proteins and cholesterol.

The liver. in most people, does not function well, although blood tests may indicate “normal” liver activity.  The main reasons are two:

1. Most people’s livers are full of toxic chemicals and toxic metals.  This is due to contamination of the food and water.  Some is also due to toxins generated by fermentation or putrefaction of food in the intestines.  This phenomenon is called autointoxication, meaning becoming toxic from within.

2. Improper emotions such as anger and resentment tend to hold toxins in the liver.

3. The oxidation rate is often too slow.  This impairs the liver’s activities by slowing down chemical reactions and detoxification in the liver.

These problems can slowly be overcome with the development program, but it takes a number of years to restore the liver.  The detoxification procedures such as coffee enemas, red heat lamp therapy and the other healing procedures of the development program are extremely helpful and often required.

Absorption Into The Cells.  From the liver, the nutrients from the food, having been processed correctly we hope, must now pass into the cells.  Here another blockage in the energy system often occurs, giving rise to fatigue.  Here are the main causes of poor absorption of nutrients from the blood into the cells.

1. The cell walls are too rigid and thus less permeable to nutrients, hormones and other vital substances.  Reasons for this are primarily two:

a) Relatively too many omega-6 fatty acids in the diet.  These come from eating raw and cooked vegetable oils, regular meats, and many processed foods.  The worst source are hydrogenated oils found in margarines, peanut butters, candies, crackers, breads, baked goods and deep fried foods.
b) An elevated tissue calcium level tends to stabilize cell membranes.  This is revealed easily on a hair tissue mineral analysis if one understands how to interpret the chart.

2.  Impaired Circulation To The Tissues.  This may be due to hardening of the capillaries, impaired circulation in general, congestion of the blood in certain organs due to lack of exercise, for example, fatigue, sympathetic dominance (overuse of the sympathetic nervous system) and other reasons at times.

3. Impaired insulin metabolism.  This is a very important problem for millions of Americans today.  Insulin helps move glucose from the blood into the cells.  Insulin activity requires the presence of chromium, zinc, manganese and many other nutrients for this process to occur correctly.

If the blood sugar mechanism does not work as it should, one develops low glucose in the cells.  This is a form of hypoglycemia, even though the word hypo-glycemia actually means low glucose in the blood.

If the condition worsens, glucose begins to accumulate in the blood and then the same condition is called diabetes.

Cellular Nutrition.  If adequate nutrients can get inside the cells, the fuel (sugars and fatty acids) must then be converted to a special form, adenosine triphosphate or ATP.  This is the form in which fuel is used in our bodies.

This process takes place in small structures called mitochondria. Physicians sometimes say that fatigue as “mitochondrial dysfunction”.  This, of course, is partly true, but only partly so, because for the optimum energy all parts of the energy pathway and the oxidation rate must function properly. However, it is a start, at least, on understanding the body’s energy system.

Many vitamins, minerals, amino acids and many other substances must be present in just the right amounts for optimum energy production in the mitochondria of each body cell.  Also, waste products of metabolism, which are mainly lactic acid and other acids, must be removed from the cells.

If circulation is poor or the cell permeability impaired, then waste removal is hindered, and this is another cause of fatigue.

In summary, any imbalance in oxidation rate, sodium/potassium ratio, or any deficiencies, blockages or waste buildup in the energy pathways causes a loss of energy or fatigue.

Hundreds of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients are needed to keep the system running smoothly.  This is why a natural food diet, plenty of rest and sleep, mild exercise only (most people are so tired that a lot of exercise just makes them worse), deep breathing, and even healthful attitudes are so important for our health and abundant energy.



Low energy is often caused by chronic infections anywhere in the body.  Most people have dozens of infections. The alien group called the Rogues on this website infect people during traumas such as rapes and beatings. They also filth up many products on earth at this time.

Common sites of infection are the teeth, gums, ears, eyes, nose, throat, bronchial tubes, sinuses, and intestines.  However, they can be anywhere in the body.

Most are very chronic or low-grade infections are not usually detectable medically. Often, however, a telltale sign of infection is a low sodium/potassium ratio on a hair tissue mineral test (but not on a blood or urine test.)

The development programs we set up will slowly heal these infections.  At times, a tooth must be extracted or filled, and rarely other procedures or methods are needed, as well.


Toxic metals devastate the body's energy systems.  These systems include the Krebs cycle, the electron transport system, the energy-producing glands and glucose handling systems of the body.

Very common toxic metals include lead, cadmium, mercury, copper, nickel and aluminum. In our experience, most everyone has too much of all of these.

Toxic metals replace vital minerals in enzyme binding sites.  This means the toxic metal fills a key position in an enzyme, but it is not the ideal or preferred mineral for that enzyme.  This prevents the enzyme from functioning correctly.

This is like placing the wrong key in a lock.  It may go in, but it will not allow the lock to function correctly, and it even keeps the right key from being inserted in the lock.

The wrong key must be removed first, and then the right key, the preferred mineral, must replace it.  For details, read Preferred Minerals.

High levels of toxic metals are a universal problem today, due to contamination of the air, water and food, and in some cases due to occupational exposure. In addition, many children are born with high levels of toxic metals passed on from their mothers through the placenta.

Toxic metals as crutches. At times, toxic metals such as cadmium and what we call The Amigos function as crutches. They temporarily balance the body, perhaps by stimulating the adrenal glands or irritating the tissues so they remain active.

When one eliminates cadmium, one can feel exhausted for a few days or a week as the body readjusts. For details, read Cadmium.

Toxic metal removal.  The development program, including detoxification procedures with red lamp sauna therapy, coffee enemas and the other procedures, will slowly, safely and gently remove about two dozen toxic metals from everywhere in the body. For more details about how this is accomplished, read Toxic Metals.

NOTE: We do not need or recommend chelators or chelation therapy of any kind, even natural chelation therapy. This is very important for development. For details, read Chelation.

A cold or yin condition of the body.  This is a very common and important cause of fatigue today.  For details, read Yin Disease.

Structural imbalances. At times, spinal misalignments can cause fatigue.  For details, read The Twists, Pops, and Pulls and Chiropractic.

Autointoxication. Problems in the colon leading to the production of highly toxic chemicals there can make a person very tired.

Chronic illnesses.  Conditions such as cancer, diabetes and other serious illnesses often cause fatigue.

Adhesions. Adhesions is another important causes of fatigue.  They affect posture and can affect organ activity.  For details, read Adhesions.

Tense muscles.  Excessive muscle tension uses up a lot of energy, and thus contributes to fatigue.


Those who are on the development program are often tired because they are undergoing the process called development.  This is especially true if one follows the program carefully and faithfully.

Development.  This is a series of wonderful changes that take place throughout the body and brain when one follows the correct development program.  For details, read Introduction To Development.

The development process often causes fatigue because it requires a lot of rest to move ahead rapidly. 


Dr. Paul Eck distinguished between simple fatigue and the condition called adrenal burnout.  Fatigue goes away if you get a few nights of good sleep, take a vacation to relieve stress, stop taking a drug that is causing fatigue, or if you start eating a better diet and perhaps take a multi-vitamin-mineral supplement.

Burnout does not go away with these simple diet and lifestyle changes.  This is because burnout is due to more complex derangements of the body’s energy-producing system.

We find that most people have some degree of adrenal burnout today.  The development program addresses this common problem.  For details, read Adrenal Burnout



Over the past 40 years, we have helped thousands of people recover their full energy level using the development program.  This method is extremely well-suited to correcting most of the causes above of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Many people have given up on the idea of restoring their energy.  However, most people can recover their energy and vitality without using hormones or other drugs.

Restoring the body’s energy system is a very complex process.  It involves restoring the correct minerals in thousands of enzyme binding sites, and balancing and strengthening body chemistry.

This is not a do-it-yourself process, unfortunately.  I wish it were. However, we find it requires a properly performed and correctly interpreted hair mineral analysis, and it requires following a clear, disciplined healing path and program.

These are essential to actually rebuild the body, not just stimulate it, as is done with hormone therapies and many other medical and holistic approaches to healing. This section discusses a few of the major methods for restoring energy that must be integrated carefully in a complete program for good results.

Autonomic nervous system correction. This is an important part of every development program.  It is an aspect of health and healing that is often overlooked or glossed over too easily by physicians working with chronic fatigue.

Most people with this condition have a pattern on a hair mineral test called sympathetic dominance.  In some cases, it may take a year or more for the pattern to reveal itself.  However, it is often present and it stops many people from getting well.

The person is overusing the sympathetic or fight-or-flight nervous system, and this inhibits the digestion, elimination and the immune response.  It must be corrected or progress will be very slow or non-existent.  For more on this, read Sympathetic Dominance on this website.

The healing and development procedures.  These are part of the development program.  They include daily coffee enemas, the pulling down exercise, the spinal twists, pops, and pulls, red lamp therapy, deep breathing and a few other procedures.

These are needed in many cases of low energy or chronic fatigue syndrome.  Each of these therapies is carefully chosen and has over a dozen therapeutic effects, many of which are excellent for those with chronic fatigue.  For more on these therapies, read The Pulling Down Exercise, Sauna Therapy, Coffee Enemas and other articles about the healing procedures on this site.

Mental/emotional aspects.  Often, to fully restore one’s energy one needs a change in attitudes.  This is another focus of the development program.

Safety. The development programs we set up are also very safe.  The program must be either our Basic Or Free Program or one set up by one of the Helpers listed on the Find A Helper page.  This cannot be said of other methods that are common today.


Hormone replacement therapy.  For example, we would avoid the use of low-dose cortisone such as Cortef and others.  We would also warn against the use of any natural, bio-identical or synthetic hormones such as DHEA, pregnenelone, adrenal cortical extracts, testosterone, progesterone and others.

These will give a person some energy, but they upset the delicate hormone regulatory feedback system of the body and they make full correction much more difficult. 

They are also expensive to test for and monitor.  We find them unnecessary and harmful in almost all cases.

Thyroid hormone replacement is almost always unnecessary and harmful if the proper diet, supplements and detoxification protocol are followed fully.  For more on hormones, read Hormone Replacement Therapy and Thyroid Disease on this website.

Homeopathy.  Avoid all homeopathy.  It will give symptomatic relief in some cases, but it makes the  body much more yin and it is toxic, no matter what anyone claims.  For details, read Problems With Homeopathy and The Healing Arts.

Chelation.  This is another therapy to avoid!  It is not needed to remove toxic metals.  For details, read Chelation.

Herbal therapy.  In our experience, this traditional method does not work well today at all. The herbs have become and most function like drugs, stimulating rather than healing the body deeply.  For details, read Herbs.



Many people believe the answer to low energy is to use stimulants.  A popular stimulant today is caffeine found in coffee, soda pop, caffeinated teas, chocolate (theobromine) and energy drinks.  Many people like cappuccinos and lattes, which are even stronger versions of coffee.

The other most popular stimulant is sugar.  It is found in so many products today that it is hard to enumerate them all.  ‘Sugar’ includes honey, maple syrup, rice syrup, corn syrup, agave syrup, brown sugar, lactose, fructose, and dextrose.

Others “stimulants” people use to keep going in the face of fatigue are worry, fear, anger, a lot of exercise and perhaps stimulant drugs such as methamphetamines or cocaine.

None of these methods really solve a low energy problem.  They provide a short energy boost, but they do this by stimulating or irritating the glands or the nervous system.

Over time, the body becomes even more nutritionally depleted. Then one needs even more of the stimulant, causing an addiction.  Either that, or the stimulant just stops working. One is left much more tired than before one began using the stimulant.

Development science is the exact opposite of the use of stimulants. It requires more rest and it restores the body’s entire energy system by a number of means:

1. Removing toxic metals,

2. Replacing vital minerals and other nutrients,

3. Healing dozens of chronic infections caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites, yeasts and others.

4. Gently balancing body chemistry.

All this helps rebuild one's energy-producing capacity.  This approach, in my experience, works much better than stimulant herbs, adaptogen herbs, various vitamin regimens, or the large number of energy products that are offered in the health food store.

It is more work, more discipline and requires hair mineral analyses to assess one’s needs, but it is much more precise, safer and is a long-term solution.


Some people cope with low energy by stealing energy from others.  This is called energy vampirism.  For details, read Energy Vampirism.


1. “Diagnose, prescribe and cure”.  Modern medical care, including most all naturopathy, focuses on diagnosing symptoms and disease entities, and then “curing” them.  This is their dominant theory of health and disease.

This method or paradigm serves well in some areas, such as fixing broken bones, emergency care and trauma care. However, this theory is not working well at all today for most health conditions.

Most people today have what are called the degenerative diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, kidney disease and most mental illness.  Among these is also chronic fatigue, exhaustion or persistent low energy levels.

One reason the diagnose-and-cure paradigm of healing is not working well is that it does not go deep enough to correct the energy system of the body. Also, the remedies used are often somewhat toxic, so they can cause other problems called “adverse effects” or “side effects”.  This even applies to the sloppy use of herbs and vitamins.

2. Bioenergetics.  A completely different paradigm of health and disease may be called the bioenergetic approach.  An example is development science.  Here the goal is not to diagnose any disease, nor is it to cure anything. Instead, the focus is on raising the body’s adaptive energy level.

When this is done properly, every body system begins to function better. Thirty or more symptoms and diseases can disappear on their own, without any need for a remedy or “cure”!

By maintaining the adaptive energy level high, all the way into old age, most disease can also be prevented.  This is the essence of the bio-energetic approach to health and healing.


1. The first sugar system. The ring-shaped molecules of sugar open up, and this releases energy.  The molecules are closed under tension, so that when they open they release energy. This is the system used by cancer in the body.

2. A second sugar-based system. This one is the glycolysis cycle inside the nucleus of the cells. This system is well-known to biochemists and some medical doctors, who study it in medical school.

3. The fat-based Krebs or carboxylic acid system. This is fairly well understood and was deciphered early in the 20th century. It is in better condition in children. It involves fats and oils as fuel and is associated with a faster oxidation rate.

This source of energy produces much more energy, which is why fast oxidizers, especially when the sodium/potassium ratio is about 2.0 or greater, have much more energy than most slow oxidizers.

4 and above. These are energy systems that are not well known on earth. The reason is that they require development and very few people are developed.

These systems are excellent and produce much more energy. They are something to strive for and the development program eventually takes one there. For more details, read The Body's Seven Energy Systems.


- Each energy system, starting with one and moving to seven, yields more energy.

- The sicker the body, the more restricted it is to the lower methods of producing energy.

- Development requires all seven energy systems.  This is why most nutrition and healing programs do not produce much development.

- The seven systems go from yin to yang.  #1 is most yin, and #7 is most yang.


While the above are the main and normal sources of energy for all bodies, both creature and plant, there are several other sources of energy.  They are:

-Psychological vampirism.  This is the stealing of energy from another living being.  It is done through upsetting and controlling another.  The otros or Rogues do this on a regular basis, and it is a powerful supplement to their energy.

-Eating the sexual fluid or brain matter of another living being.  This is also used extensively by the otros or rogues.  It is also used by some women, who find it easy to obtain male sexual fluid.

Homosexual men also use this method, and this is often the reason they are homosexual – so that they can obtain it from their partners.  They literally give it to each other.

- Spinning another person backwards during sex.  This is also called “upping another”.  It is primarily a sexual technique, although all vampirism contains aspects of it.  One “upsets”, “knocks up”, mixes up, screws up, or otherwise disturbs the energy of another in a way that causes the body to give up some energy.

This is used a lot by rapists, who know how to get a high from sex by stealing an essence from their victim. For details, read Yin Energy.

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