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A simple definition of kissing is to bring together gently, or to touch lovingly, caressingly, and affectionately.  This definition is not about human kissing only, but can mean two objects that are touching each other lightly, for example.

Kissing among people, however, is also gentle and loving – not the act on television where the man grabs the lady’s face and shoves his face into hers, smashing their teeth and tongues together.  This is the Hollywood version only, and not correct at all.  It should be gentle, sweet and light, not rough or forced in any way.

            The Hollywood version also has the man and woman voraciously sucking each other’s mouths.  This, too, I do not think is correct, based on the definition above.  Kissing does not need to cause an exchange of saliva beyond a little bit, and is definitely not an eating contest.  I hope this will put at ease some people who are not sure they can duplicate the Hollywood version of kissing!




            Another definition is that kissing is the joining of two people in a particular energetic way that shows affection and caring.  I like this definition very much.  It is simple, and yet explains kissing quite well. 

It can occur between any two people.  However, at the risk of offending some, I suggest that it is best between a man and a woman.  This is because the energetic connection between them is clearest.


A sixth energy center connection.  Kissing joins two at the face, which is the location of the sixth energy center.  The mouth is also close to the fifth energy center in the throat.  However, subtle energy moves downward from the sixth center to the mouth.  Energy from the fifth energy center moves downward into the chest, so it is not concerned with kissing.

The sixth energy center has to do with a higher type of love than the centers located lower on the body.  This center has to do with knowledge and wisdom.  This is important to understand the real meaning of kissing.

Kissing does not seem as intimate as having sex, perhaps, but it can mean just as much, if not more.  Perhaps you have had the experience of wanting to just kiss someone.  It is not sexual, exactly, and it is just affectionate or appreciative.  This is kissing, too – a way of saying I care about you.




This is a very important section of this article.  This website emphasizes activities that move energy downward through the body from the head to the feet because this improves health a lot.  I call these “down” activities. 

They include down breathing, down walking, down hugs, the pushing down mental exercise, and more.  This section is about down kissing.


How to down kiss.  This is quite easy.  I will divide it into two parts.

1. As you kiss another person, pull a little energy downward from the top of the person’s head into your mouth.  Never pull energy upward into your mouth.  Always pull it downward from the top of the head.

2. You can also move a little energy from your mouth downward into the other person’s body.  This takes a little more practice than the first part of down kissing, but is a little more powerful.

To understand more about why down activities are beneficial, please read Downward Moving Energy and Healing on this website.




As stated above, kissing is not sucking spit, biting another, slobbering, twirling tongues around each other, holding your face in someone else’s face, forcing anything, or squashing noses together. 

Kissing is also not exactly sexual, although it frequently turns on the sex organs.  If it is forced and sexual, I would say it is not kissing, but sort of a higher body form of having sex with someone that is okay if both parties agree to it, but not so great, in fact, for several reasons.


What is wrong with forceful, sexy kissing?  Among the problems are the possibility today of contracting sexually-transmitted diseases from other people.  Another is that the saliva of another is not the cleanest fluid in the body, especially after meals.  In fact, it is full of germs.  In addition, most people’s breath does not smell that good.

These are the main problems, which are better than the problems with sex, in some ways, and worse in others.  For example, a sexually-transmitted disease, or venereal disease as it used to be called, is often worse in the mouth than on the genitals.  It is sometimes harder to cure, and it is much closer to the brain, where many of them such as syphilis and gonorrhea, do the most damage.




A little known fact is that the plant called jasmine is also called the “kissing plant”.  This has to do with its nutritional and herbal content.  However, it can open a person to romance, a little, and this is the meaning of its nickname as the kissing plant.

If you wish to meet someone for romantic purposes, try having some jasmine tea daily, or sprinkle some dried jasmine on your food each day.  It sometimes works, and it won’t hurt.

Jasmine is called the kissing tea because it works on the sixth energy center.  It does not work on the sexual organs, for example.  Nor does it work on the heart area or fourth energy center.  It works on the sixth center.

Please remember this next time you are looking for that special person to marry.  What you are looking for is a sixth center connection, and not the others.  The others will last for a day or a month or a year.  The sixth energy connection will last a lifetime, and longer.

The rhododendron.  There is another plant that is sometimes called “the kissing plant”.  It is the rhododendron.  This plant, too, works on the sixth energy center of a human being or an animal.  Some of us know all about this and we use it when we need to bring two people together.  This is one reason why people like this plant in their yard.




Now I would like to suggest the proper way to kiss.  Interestingly, it is often a woman who will initiate a kiss, although this is not shown often on television and the movies.  This is because it is not sexual in the least, when done right.

It is the ladies who, when full of light and health, have an outward-moving sixth energy center.  This means they enjoy extending their energy field at this level of the body.

Men, in contrast, have an inwardly-moving sixth energy center, so kissing is not quite as exciting or attractive for them, at least it did not used to be.  Today, many men have this energy center closed or it moves outward, so they may become more “kissy” than in the past.

Beware of “kissy” men, by the way.  It is usually an attempt to be sexy and to upset a woman sexually, or even another man.  Usually, the “kissy” types of men and women have many diseases of the lips and mouth, and you will get them if you are not careful and say “no kissing, sir” or “no kissing, madame”.

Back to how to kiss: To kiss, she, usually, brings her lips up close to his cheek or lips, and just gently touches them together.  At the same time, she may bite just a little and gently, although this is not needed or helpful.  She may also just open her and his mouth a little bit and exchange a little saliva, but not much.  Then she withdraws and that is all.

I hope this does not seem too boring.  It should not be.  Kissing should be a gentle and sweet expression of appreciation and love, and little else.  I know some will disagree with this, but that is our view.






A famous story about a kiss is the story of Beauty And The Beast.  While it is just a fairy tale, it tells a story of a princess who must “wake up” a man who had been turned into an ugly beast by a curse.  At first, she is scared of the beast, and quite repelled.

However, in the story they are thrown together and she eventually realizes he is not a bad person.  One day, as he lies sick and dying, she gets up the courage to give him a kiss, and lo, he transforms into a handsome prince.  There is deeper meaning to this story, even if it is fictional, which it is not.

The story describes the spiritual journey of many young women who are looking for their “knight in shining armor”.  Many young women do not want to have to work to get a man.  They often wait lazily at the castle gate for him to come along and “save them” from their loneliness and depression.  Today, a number of them will even take their clothes off and have sex just to meet the right man, although that is not recommended, at all.

In contrast, the story shows that sometimes your man is right near you, but he is not too attractive, and may be downright strange, nerdy, beast-like or just a “funky guy” in whom you have little interest.  He is not much to look at, or to smell, perhaps, and he may not be big and strong enough to defend you, or so it seems.

In the fairy tale story, the maiden is definitely not attracted to the beast visually.  However, she ends up spending time around him.  After a while, she actually comes to love the beast, and that is the moral of the story. 

This is the hard part for most young women.  Will she give a man a chance and get to know him a little, even if he is not attractive to her?  It is the most difficult challenge for many young women looking for a husband.  Usually, it requires either a situation in which the lady is ‘forced’ somehow to spend time with the less attractive man, or she must overcome her own reticence and repulsion and give the less attractive man a chance this way.

Later in the fairy tale, it is the maiden’s love, symbolized by bending over and giving him a kiss, that breaks the curse upon the man, and he magically changes into a much more attractive being.  Here again is a moral to the story.  The moral may be expressed that sometimes, a woman, or perhaps love, has more power to transform a less attractive man than one may think.

Ladies, it is not just a story.  It is immortalized as a fairy tale because it is a woman’s journey.  Too often, the men who seem so handsome and mighty are empty inside, or don’t really love you.  Many just want sex or someone to wash the clothes and raise the children.  Some are just sexual predators with nice bodies.

Meanwhile, the nerds are the good ones, but you are not attracted to them because they are not sexy, even if they are physically decent-looking.  So how does a woman tell who is who, and whom to marry?  This is the stuff of many movies and novels, of course.

The answer is that a wise woman extends herself gently to the less attractive men as well as the nice-looking ones.  You may say, “Well, that was for her, not for me.”  Not true.  It is for all women, and for men as well, in some instances.  However, it is often hardest for a woman, especially if she is attractive and has many suitors knocking at her door.

Also, the story is not just about finding a man.  It can be about the school you attend, your clothing, your home, your car, perhaps, and maybe much more.  The same theme applies.  Be careful of what looks sexy and draws your attention, and “turns you on”, so to speak.  Often it is not best for you.

Often, it just tickles your ego mind, and does not bring you lasting happiness and joy.  Do not throw away the plain and simple men in your life, the plain and simple house, car, clothing, education, and so much more.  Instead, extend yourself through your sixth energy center, which is about real love and warmth of the woman, and you may be surprised what happens.


Why the kiss in the story?  Because the kiss represents extending through the sixth energy center in a gentle and non-sexual way.  It is a woman’s way of opening herself to others that is not very sexual, and is non-threatening and loving at a high level.  This is the significance of the kiss in this story.

And remember, the story can apply to men as well.  If possible, learn to extend yourself through the sixth energy center.  Do not judge by appearances, or who is wealthier, more suave, famous, or beautiful.  Open yourself to that which may seem a little dull, boring, unusual, smelly, or even ugly to you.  Perhaps you have misjudged them by your superficial attitude.  This is a lesson I have learned a few times, as it is easy to forget.




Another famous kiss is that of Judas, the man who betrayed Jesus of Nazareth in the Bible.  The betrayer identified the Master to the authorities by giving him a kiss, which was the “kiss of death”, so to speak.

Here the kiss is also seemingly an act of love, but it is phony to the core.  Here, too, is a lesson for both men and women.  Beware of the “kiss of death”, or the phony love of some people.

It is sad to have to say that kissing can be abused, but it can be misleading and wrong.  Kissing can feel good, but it can be faked, put on, and, in fact, it can be used to harm you.  So always beware and do not be misled that because another kissed you, it has much meaning.

Teenage boys know this trick well.  You must kiss the girl, even if you hate kissing and kisses.  She will hopefully think you are in love with her and she might take her clothes off on the next date.  And so it goes, with men deceiving women, and women deceiving men to get what they want.




Both of these stories illustrate the power of the kiss, and that is the point.  Kissing is wonderful between male and female committed partners.  Be careful when it is between anyone else, however, as it can be misused very easily, and this occurs all the time. 

I do not want to sully it too much, however.  Sometimes it is very genuine and loving, and done without ulterior motive, either by a man or a woman.



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