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I. Introduction

II. Activities Of Soap

III. Types Of Soap

IV. Other Topics




1. Soap is an ancient chemical cleaner. It is made from a combination of fat and lye. Lye is an alkaline compound that is often potassium hydroxide, but it can be something else. When mixed with oils or fats in a certain way and allowed to age or “cure”, another chemical substance forms that has unusual chemical properties.

Soap is also quite non-toxic for human beings and animals, and this is a very important quality. Detergents, for example, are much more toxic and we recommend avoiding all of them at all times. This includes “all-natural” detergents sold in health food stores.

2. Soap is a very advanced formula and a true gift for our planet. Soap has amazing healing properties. It kills most bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. It also kills the visitors to our planet we call the Rogues on this website or the Bible calls satan.

3. Soap should contain special souls who are experts in the area of cleaning up. Unfortunately, most soap sold today does not contain many souls. I am told, however, that this will change and our soap will be even more effective.


Cleaning. Soap works by converting certain toxins from fat soluble to water soluble. This makes these toxins much easier to dissolve and remove.

Soap can also lift certain substances out of fabric and other materials. It is a powerful and very safe cleaning substance.

Disinfectant. Soap is also a very powerful disinfectant. It is particularly effective against most bacteria, some viruses, some parasites and most fungi. Its use has saved millions upon millions of lives.

Lubricant. Soap is an excellent lubricant. People often put soap on screws and bolts so they can put them into wood of metal more easily. Soap lubricates whatever it touches. It is often added to motor oil and other lubricants to make them work better and keep them clean.

Easing life. Soap slides easily over the skin and feels good. This might seem like a silly thing, but it is not. It makes life more pleasant. Children all know this and some adults know it, too. It is somewhat sexy for this reason, although it is a clean sexy, which is best.

Destroying witchcraft. Another unusual function of soap is that it destroys witchcraft of all kinds. This includes curses, spells, hexes, and much more.

This is a very important use of soap, although few know about it or even mention it. Soap can literally protect a person from many kinds of witchcraft.

Stopping the rogues or Satan. Soap is helping to stop the scourge of what we call on this website The Rogues. The Bible calls it the rule of Satan. This is the name of one of the leaders of this group of creatures. For more details, read Satan.

Providing intelligent souls. As explained above, soap should contain rather advanced souls who want to help everyone and will help you in many ways. For example, they will help a person to act intelligently.

A great aid to civilization. The use of soap has enabled many civilizations to survive and thrive on earth.


Soap comes in bars, liquid, powders and flakes. The soap flakes or liquid are very good for laundry.

Some soap is made with glycerin. We don't like this soap quite as much as traditional soap.

Plain castille soap is an old formula that is quite good.



Use plenty of soap around your home, office, farm or factory. Use it for dishes, laundry and general cleaning. Put it on everything you wish to keep clean. It is safe for most all surfaces.


There are very few excellent soaps. Most contain toxic fragrances and other toxins. Simpler is better.

Recommended bar soaps

An excellent one is Grandpas Pine Tar Soap. It is an old soap formula that works very well and is not toxic. Other pine tar soaps may be okay, but we have not checked them.

Recommended powdered soap

Bon Ami. This is a very interesting product. It has activity like soap. It is also somewhat abrasive for deep cleaning or scouring. It also has a bleaching action but is not bleach and is less toxic than bleach.

Recommended Liquid soaps

Alaffia brand unscented Black African Soap. Other brands of black African soap may also be good, but I have not checked them. The scents in most soap are somewhat toxic, so unscented soap is best.

Extreme 18 X by Naturoli. This is also a very good product. It is a concentrate made from soap berries. It contains a little oregano oil and grapefruit seed extract as preservatives. These are a little toxic but not too bad in small amounts.

An unusual feature of this product is that it is also excellent to preserve wood surfaces such as furniture and tables. Just rub some on full strength. It works by attracting souls back to the surface of the wood.

CLR. This is a chemical cleaner to remove hard water stains and buildup. However, it is also a type of soap and it contains some hydrogen peroxide, another excellent cleanser. CLR is somewhat toxic, but not too bad. Don't breathe it, however.


These vary depending upon who makes them and what they contain. We don't like most of them because they often contain castor oil, toxic essential oils and other toxic ingredients. In fact, they are not necessarily safe to use. We would stay with the products recommended above.


Do not use detergents. So far, they are all toxic for the liver in subtle ways. Don't use them on dishes, laundry or anything. It is okay to have a little around the house for certain jobs, but don't use detergents on anything that will touch your hands or skin.

Exception. The natural product described above called Extreme 18X by Naturoli has detergent properties, but is safer. CLR mentioned above may also contain some detergent, but not much. For more details, read Detergents.

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