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One of the most fascinating scientific topics, and one of the most important for advanced nutritional balancing, is that living organisms can change one element into another element.  This is called biological transmutation of the elements.

In the past, the science was called alchemy.  This is probably a better term because it denotes an entire science that is separate from chemistry, which is its twin science.




Particle accelerators.  In order to change one element into another, scientists usually must subject the element to very high pressure, as occurs in a particle accelerator.  In these gigantic machines, atomic nuclei are accelerated to high speeds, and then they are smashed into other atoms.  This causes a proton to be removed from the target atom, changing the element into another element.  It is very costly and difficult to do.


Radioactive transmutation.  Transmutation of elements also occurs naturally in radioactive elements such as uranium, plutonium and others.  Here the atomic nuclei are somewhat unstable.  Over time, the nucleus of these elements degrades and becomes a smaller element.  This is a very dangerous type of transmutation because the ionizing radiation the radioactive elements emit is very harmful to human tissues.


Biological transmutation is the third way of changing one element into another.  It is unique because it occurs at low temperature and low pressure, and is not harmful to living tissue.  In fact, it goes on in living tissue only.




Biological transmutation is highly controversial, and is not accepted as true by the medical and scientific communities at this time.  I did not write about it for years because I did not want to alienate mainstream scientists and doctors.

I am doing so now because it is such an important topic.  However, I do not recommend telling your doctor or any scientifically trained person that you believe in biological transmutation of the elements, as the doctor is likely to ignore everything else you say.




Two simple experiments that Dr. Kervran suggests to prove the idea of biological transmutation are:

1. Female chickens eat very little calcium, in general.  Yet they produce a rather large egg shell made of calcium carbonate, mainly, each day of their adult life.  One can measure the calcium “input” that a chicken eats, and then measure the calcium “output” in the eggshell,


2. Seeds transmute elements when they sprout.  One can measure the mineral content of an unsprouted seed.  Then one can measure the mineral content of seeds of the same species after they have been sprouted in pure distilled water.  The mineral content will shift.




The following is a transmutation of the toxic metal, aluminum, into a very usable form of zinc.  You will notice the complexity of the transformation, with about 12 steps involved.

To understand the transmutation better, you must have before you a list of the elements on a different type of periodic table of the elements chart.

I have supplied the part of the chart of the elements that you need.  The chart is from a large book, The Promethian, by Joseph Scogna.  It describes the progression of the elements at a level far smaller than atoms.  This level is called the adamantine level.  This level and the atomic level of the elements are related as fractals.  At the adamantine level, there are only 64 pure elements.  The others are isotopes or variants of the others.




To understand these steps, please refer to the Partial Chart Of The Elements that is below this section.


The Fourth And Fifth Octaves:


1. Begin with Aluminum (a very toxic mineral for plants and humans)

2. converts to Phosphorus (still quite toxic)

3. converts to Silicon (but a toxic form)


(cannot go to Argon because it is a gas, and would escape)


4. converts to Potassium (still toxic)

5. converts to Bromine (quite a toxic element)

6. converts to Calcium (but a toxic form of it)

7. converts to Selenium (somewhat toxic form)


(cannot go to Scandium because this element is extremely poisonous and would harm everything in the plant and animal kingdom )


8. converts to Arsenic (a mildly toxic form)

9. converts to Titanium (still somewhat toxic)

11. converts to Germanium (somewhat toxic)

12. converts to Vanadium (somewhat toxic)

10. converts to Gallium (a toxic metal)

11. converts to Chromium (very safe and greatly needed today)

12. converts to Zinc (also very safe and very needed in the soil and in all animals and human beings).


Partial Chart Of The Elements

(taken from The Promethian by Joseph Scogna).  This chart of the elements is at the adamantine level, so it does not resemble the standard scientific table of the elements.


#30 – Aluminum

#31 – Phosphorus

#32 – Silicon

#33 – Argon

#34 – Potassium

#35 – Bromine

#36 – Calcium

#37 – Selenium

#38 – Scandium

#39 – Arsenic

#40a – Titanium

#40b – Germanium

#40c – Vanadium

#40d – Gallium

#40e – Chromium

#40f - Zinc




First connection.  If you read Dr. Kervran’s book, you will learn that among the most important transmutations are calcium to magnesium, sodium to potassium, calcium to potassium and sodium to magnesium.

Dr. Kervran explains how our hormones seem to regulate these transmutations.  Dr. Paul Eck read this material and realized it helped explain why these ratios can be used on a hair mineral analysis to give us an idea of the state of the adrenal glands, the thyroid gland, and others.  The reason is these glands produce the hormones that, in turn, facilitate the transmutations.

This is just one of the connections between biological transmutation and nutritional balancing science.


A second connection. We find experimentally that nutritional balancing will remineralize a body without having to give that body all the minerals it needs.  If it has certain minerals, in the right form, then it seems to make or absorb the others.  This is a fascinating fact, and hard to explain any other way than by some process of transmutation of the elements.


To learn more about biological transmutation, one must read Biological Transmutations, by the French scientist, Louis Kervran.  This 20th century scientist delved into the mystery of biological transmutation more than any other of which I am aware.  I recommend this book for everyone, as it is not difficult reading and is directly related to nutritional balancing science.



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