by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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A modern insanity is the use of internal combustion engines to drive the wheels of a car. An electric drive is much more efficient, much simpler and much cheaper.

To provide electricity, one can use a gas engine running at a constant ideal speed or one can use batteries, solar cells or fuel cells. But the wheels should be driven by an electric motor. Here are the advantages:


1. Most important, no transmission! The reason is that electric motors have excellent power at all speeds. The typical gas motor only has good power in a limited speed range, so it must shift gears all the time to maintain proper RPM of the engine. Transmissions add a lot of cost and weight to a car.

2. Electric motors are cheap, simple devices with basically only one moving part. Gas motors have hundreds to thousands of parts that can break. They are among the most complex machines on the planet!

3. Electric motors run quiet, clean and fairly cool. They don’t require cooling systems, anti-pollution systems, and large mufflers to stifle the horrible noise they make. All this saves money and weight, and reduces repair costs.

4. Electric motors are much more efficient. This means they use much less fuel to operate than internal combustion engines. Internal combustion engines are about 20% efficient. The efficiency of electric motors is 90% or more.

In summary, using internal combustion engines to drive cars is absolutely insane. I read about a hybrid car 60 years ago that got 100 miles per gallon of gasoline!

We would all be driving hybrid cars today if it were not for completely insane regulations in the auto industry. The air would be much cleaner and the cars would cost half or less what cars cost today, both to buy and to operate.

The regulations are probably the work of the oil industry or the Rogues. They want the planet filthy. For details about these regulations (which are technically illegal in the United States), read The Regulatory State.

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