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I. Introduction

II. Questions and Answers




The terms holy relationship and special relationship are used in some books to mean two different types of relationships.

1. A holy relationship is one in which the main purpose of the relationship is serving God.

2. A special relationship is one in which the people come together to get something they feel they lack. A holy relationship is one in which both people feel no lack. Two come together purely to celebrate the truth of their oneness with God, not to “get” something.

3. Definition related to levels one through seven: Special relationships are formed to satisfy needs or desires having to do with levels one through six. These are physical, emotional/sexual, ego, friendship, work or expression and intellectual reasons. Holy relationships form as a result of and for the purpose of tuning in to God or higher power.


Can a holy relationship involve sex?

Yes, I believe it can if the sexual aspect is used to serve God, and not for selfish purposes. Examples would be to have children or to speed up development using down hugs or down sex.

Do holy relationships always involve marriage?

No. Marriage is usually considered a long-term contract that is extremely helpful for raising children and having a family.

It is possible that a relationship could occur that has a different purpose, perhaps a much shorter term purpose. For example, it could be a relationship between a person shopping in a store and an employee of the store who is assisting the shopper.

The employee is not attempting to 'get' anything, not even the sale of a product. The relationship can be focused on buying a product. However, in fact both people are tuning in to a higher power or level to see how best to serve the higher power or God. For example, they might decide together that buying a product is not the best outcome at the present time.

Are special relationships always bad?

They are always limited, and in this regard are not best. They are often, if not always selfish, and this tends to harm the people.

Can the relationship between an employer and an employee be a holy relationship?

Yes. Both participants can have as their main desire and goal to serve a higher power. In fact, this is the best relationship between an employer and an employee.

to be continued.

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