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I. Introduction

II. Causes Of Gender Dysphoria

III. The Dangers Of Transgender Hormone Therapy And Surgery

IV. What To Do If You Have Gender Dysphoria

V. Miscellaneous  Topics

Reference – Irreversible Damage – The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters



Warning: We strongly recommend that if a child or teenager is experiencing gender dysphoria, DO NOT take puberty-blocking drugs and do not rush to have surgery.

Many times, the feelings will disappear after puberty.  Also, a complete development program will also help end gender dysphoria.






This is a situation in which a person does not identify well with his or her physical or genetically determined gender.  For example, a boy or a man may identify more as a woman, or vice versa.

Transgender feelings can develop at any age, from very early in life to adulthood.

Today, gender dysphoria is more common than in the past.  In our experience as physicians, the reason is nutritional imbalances that are much more severe today than ever before in history.  Many babies are born with them, so the problem can begin early in life.  Let us explore the causes of gender dysphoria in more detail.




Medical and psychological personnel do not know the cause for most feelings of gender dysphoria.  We believe they are missing very important reasons for transgender feelings.  These are:


1. Nutrient deficiencies.  From clinical experience, we know that certain nutrient deficiencies can change a person’s secondary sex characteristics.  These are one’s feelings, thoughts and other perceptions about one’s gender identity.  This is essentially the issue with transgenders.

Essential nutrient deficiencies are extremely widespread, but are not recognized by the medical profession.  This is an enormous failing of the medical and psychological professions today, and is quite inexcusable.  It is the equivalent of ignoring an 800-pound gorilla sitting in the middle of your living room.


Congenital nutrient deficiencies. One of the most difficult situations is having a young child with transgender feelings.  What could be the cause?

Nutritional problems today often begin before birth.  If a mother’s body is deficient in zinc, for example, her child will be born deficient in it, as well. 

Such nutrient deficiencies are called congenital, which means present at birth.  It is critical to know about them because many transgenders are young children.  Knowing about congenital nutritional problems allows one to understand why this is occurring.

Causes for nutrient deficiencies.  These include a mineral-depleted food supply, food refining, poor quality diets, weak digestion in most people, toxins in the food and water, and unhealthy lifestyles that stress the body and increase its need for nutrients.  Many articles on this website discuss the consequences of nutrient deficiencies and how to correct them.


2. Toxic metals and toxic chemicals.  In our experience of more than 40 years, today everyone is born with excessive amounts of toxic metals and toxic chemicals in the body.  This has been confirmed with medical tests, and we confirm it almost daily using hair mineral tests.

These chemicals affect every body system.  For example, a very important class of chemicals are called xenoestrogens.  These are endocrine disrupter chemicals.  This means they interfere with our hormones.  This can cause havoc with our thoughts and feelings about sexuality and gender.

These chemicals are found in food additives, pesticides and other toxic chemicals that are in our air, water and food.

It is not at all unreasonable to imagine that the presence of high levels of toxic metals and toxic chemicals can cause a person to experience life differently than others, in terms of their gender preference.

For details, read Toxic Metals and Toxic Chemicals.


3. Trauma.  Trauma, often involving a parent, can possibly alter a person’s identity and gender identification.




4. Soul imbalances.  This may seem unusual.  However, souls come into bodies with a history of trauma or tendencies that can sometimes alter one’s gender identity.


5. Yin disease.  Many bodies today are too yin in macrobiotic terminology.  This means too cold, expanded and too female in physics terminology. 

For example, a boy or man whose body is too yin, or even one who learns attitudes and ideas that are too yin, will tend to think and feel more like a girl or woman. 

Eating sugar in any form, including fruit, or eating food laced with chemicals or pesticides, can easily cause this condition.

Yin disease is common.  For details, read Yin Disease.


6. Rogue influence.  The group we call the rogues can put implants in a person’s head and elsewhere that can produce gender dysphoria.  For more details, read The Rogues. 


What about genetics?  In our experience, genetics is not a cause of transgender feelings.  The reason we know this is that when a person follows a development program, transgender feeling diminish.  This would not occur if the condition were permanent and genetic in origin.




Please beware that taking hormones to delay puberty or “change one’s gender” is very dangerous.  All hormone therapy tends to increase the incidence of cancer, and perhaps other diseases.

Also, hormone therapy for gender change is not the same as simple hormone replacement therapy.  It is much more unnatural!  Therefore, hormone therapy for gender change is likely to cause even more cancer and other problems.  It does not matter if the hormones are bio-identical.

You are not likely to hear about this danger from the transgender organizations because they would lose all their members if they told the truth about the health risks of hormone therapy and surgery.






In our limited experience, when a child or adult follows a development program for at least 6 months, they experience a significant decrease in transgender feelings.

This will not occur with other nutrition programs, in our experience.  They are not powerful enough.

This outcome is predictable based upon our experience with other hormone-related health conditions, including homosexuality.  For more details, read Homosexuality and Introduction To Development Programs.

Based upon our experience, here are our suggestions:


1. We strongly recommend a complete development program, only with one of the Approved Practitioners listed on this website at this link: Click Here.

Just following a “healthy diet” or “taking supplements” is not sufficient to correct the biochemical imbalances that can lead to transgender identity.

To read more about these programs, please read Introduction To Development and other articles on this subject on this site.


2. Do not make the mistake of identifying mainly as a human being.  That is a totally materialistic and superficial concept.  Instead, realize that you are a child of God, and you are completely and thoroughly loved just as you are.  Life is full of mystery and perhaps there is a reason you are in a male or female body, even if it is uncomfortable, at times.  In fact, all bodies can be quite uncomfortable, at times.

Also, please realize that those in charge of the body are souls.  One cannot see them because they are small, but they are real.  Identifying as a soul is more correct than identifying as just a body.

3. Stay away from all hormone therapy, puberty-blocking drugs, and surgery unless you want to shorten your life and damage the body.  These “remedies” are not safe!






The idea of identifying with the opposite sex is not new.  In fact, it is as old as humanity.  Our language contains words for it, such as the term tomboys to describe girls who act more like boys.  Boys who act and think more like girls may be referred to as effeminate or sissies.  What is different today is the response to transgender feelings.

That person may have a harder time, in some ways. However, there can also be rewards that may balance any hardships that one feels.  The rewards may be that the person is good at certain types of work, for example.

I believe having men and women around who think and identify with the opposite sex is actually helpful - and not a violation of their “true” identity.  For example, men who are very sensitive and feel for the plight of women are helpful for society.  Women who enjoy and understand the “man’s world” are helpful to a modern society, and can help us all.




In the past, transgender feelings were largely ignored.  This probably harmed some children and adults, who remained confused and “different” from their peers.

Today, there is a move to cater to those with transgender feelings, and to make sure everyone accepts it as fact, and does not discriminate against them in any way.

We think almost all of this “concern” is harmful.  For example, it does not encourage a person to seek deeper answers, such as following a development program to detoxify the body and correct hormone-related imbalances in the body.

Sadly, we find that the “transgender movement” is mainly concerned with creating a new group of victims who feel they deserve special treatment, rather than helping people to solve a problem.

This confuses those with gender dysphoria and can lead them into dangerous surgeries and dangerous hormone therapies, rather than solve their problem.




This is a belief that is being perpetrated by some in positions of authority.  We believe it is completely wrong, confusing and pernicious.  In fact, we believe it is being proposed, in part, at least, to mix people up and wreck society.

Medical science is well aware that one’s hormones give rise to what are called secondary sex characteristics.  These are not one’s physical sex organs.  Instead, they are one’s feelings, beliefs and attitudes about gender and sexuality.

To say that all secondary sex characteristics are purely cultural is not true.  What is true is that today many children and adults are born with hormone imbalances or develop them.  This can give rise to gender dysphoria.  The answer is to heal the bodies, not to declare that gender is purely cultural.




We believe this is absolutely wrong and quite offensive for girls.  Former President Obama issued an executive order forcing public schools to allow transgender boys to use girls’ bathrooms.  Mr. Trump reversed this order.

Allowing transgender boys to compete on girls’ athletic teams is also totally unfair to girls and must be stopped.



Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters by Abigail Shrier, June, 2021.



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