by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I. Introduction

II. Qualities Of A Queen

III. Role Of The Queen

IV. The Changeover Process



A queen, as we are using the word in this article, is a woman who is at late Big Stage 3 of development or above. At this stage, her body and brain undergo a number of changes. As a result, she develops special abilities and a new role in life.
This article is related to the article about women masters. For details, read The Women Masters Of The Earth.
This small section of this article is horrible. However, we want it known. It is very new information for me.
Sadly, the negs or rogues know all about queens and have found a way to use them to do tremendous damage to our planet and our people. They begin by capturing and enslaving some women at a young age.
Next they begin to quickly develop the woman up to the queen stage of development. They have ways to do this very rapidly using machines that they do not allow others to use, in addition to the methods we know about.
Once a woman reaches the stage of queen, they often change her appearance to suit their needs. This further disorients and upsets the woman.
Then they complete the brainwashing process with a long series of beatings, rapes and poisoning. It continues until the woman agrees to serve their goals.
Finally, they connect her to one of their developed men as her “husband” and together they wreck havoc on our planet. We call them voodoo couples and black masters.
The queen stage of life opens up new roles for women.
The first life stage. This is the familiar life of a woman. I am told that in the ancient Ebre language, this stage is called the drone. In this stage, women bear children and they have a monthly menstrual cycle.
They have higher estrogen levels and more curvy bodies. Their bodies have more copper and less zinc.
The queen stage and beyond. A queen develops special abilities such as the ability to move objects. She can see more, tune in better, and is much more aware.
In order to understand the qualities of a queen, one needs to know about changes that occur at earlier stages of a woman's development. When a woman has developed to Big Stage 2, her hormone levels return to levels similar to about age 30.
As a result, her menstrual periods resume. Also, her overall look becomes very similar to when she was about thirty to forty years old.
This includes her skin quality, the size and shape of her breasts, the condition of her vagina, and her hair color, texture, and quality. She also becomes much healthier and more youthful, although at this time she is usually at least several hundred years of age.
This is the truth about the process of development. For details, see The Development Chart and read Introduction To Development.
This section may not be correct because the changes in the body described here may not occur in all women.
During Big Stage 3 of development, more changes occur in a woman's body. These constitute the qualities of the queen stage of a woman's life:
- The estrogen and copper level decrease. The woman becomes more progesterone-dominant. Progesterone is a more advanced sexual hormone.
The woman becomes less “testy”. This word refers to the hormone testosterone, which also decreases in the woman.
- As a result, her menstrual cycle stops and she no longer bears children.
-She becomes healthier.
- The woman smells better. She smells like a walk through a flower garden.
- The growth plates or epiphyses open. This allow some growth of the bones.
- The head grows a little larger and the neck grows a little longer. The eyes may grow a little larger. She may grow a little taller and can end up near the height of a man.
- The skin becomes a little more dry, but not unattractive.
- The breasts become smaller and well-shaped. It is a more linear and less curvy look.
- The hips become smaller. It is a somewhat boyish look that most women like.
- The shoulders relax and are more beautiful.
- The vagina, fallopian tubes and uterus become smaller.
- The vagina becomes thinner and tighter. It gives the woman a new look that is more beautiful. The vagina takes on a shine. It looks a little like a vertical version of the anal opening.
- The labia remain and completely cover the vaginal opening, like petals of a flower.
- The woman becomes happier and takes on a sparkle. This is due to a combination of the changes in this section.
- One generally becomes more loving, more intelligent, and less selfish.
- One develops more mental abilities. Some are quite unusual and powerful.
All women, at all times and at all stages of development, emit an energy that has a stabilizing and balancing effect upon the planet.
When one becomes a queen, one emits much more of this energy. Helping to maintain and restore the earth then usually becomes one of her main occupations, if not her main role.
The alien group called the rogues, negs or Satan in the Bible greatly dislike this activity. They are invaders who weaken planets. This is one of the most important reasons they beat, rape, and poison all women starting at conception.
The power of women, in general, and especially at the queen stage of development, increases if she is in communication with a good man. The ideal is a husband, although a good father or male friend will work. This is a subtle connection between men and women.
Once again, the rogues or negs do not want this, so they attempt in 100 ways to divide or alienate men from women to weaken the planet.
The best arrangement is marriage because the sexual connection between a man and woman, when done correctly, is very powerful. This connection is called down hugging and down sex.
It is thoroughly pleasurable and not a burden. These activities become very central in their lives. At the queen stage of development a couple usually does some it every day. For details, read Down Hugging and Down Sex.
An unusual arrangement is that a man and a woman of any age can also connect at a distance. Living nearby is better, such as within a home, but not necessary. For more details, read the new article, The Hookup Procedure.
To hasten the changeover process, a woman needs to desire to move on from her drone or child-bearing role. This is difficult for some women. However, this desire is helpful in order to move on to the new role as a queen.
The changeover requires advanced development. For this to occur, a woman must continue to follow the development program we teach on this website only, and not other programs.
This involves doing the pulling down procedure every day for at least one or two hours. Other methods of development such as down hugging, down sex with a developed man, or use of a life machine are also helpful. Coffee enemas, red heat lamp therapy, the spinal twist daily and daily foot reflexology can also assist.
Rapid development also requires avoiding most poisons of all kinds including use of most medical drugs, vaccines and other toxic exposures.

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