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I. Introduction

II. Recent Findings

III. More Details About Advanced Angels




Angels are a common fine matter body type. This means that they have a particular configuration of organs that set them apart from other fine matter creatures.

They have DNA just as we do, but it programs for a different type of body that we describe below.

Living bodies are of two types – coarse matter or fine matter. Our bodies are examples of coarse matter bodies. Examples of fine matter bodies include souls, elves and angels.

Most people cannot see fine matter bodies because their flesh is of a much lower density than ours. Young girls are the group most likely to see angels. Also, some angels can make themselves visible if they wish.

Two types. Some angels are quite advanced beings who assist our planet and more in many ways. However, other angels are not advanced beings. They look the same, have advanced abilities, and can cause serious problems for people.

For this reason, the Bible warns not to worship angels and to beware that not all of them are benign or helpful.


There exist many books and stories about angels. Bible stories are probably the major source of information about angels for most people.

Beware that not all the books about angels are the truth. People often romanticize angels and this is not ideal.


I am told that the forces defending the earth have recently located several million angels who should be helping on earth. The earth defense forces say this is very positive. Here is more detail.


I am told that about two thousand years ago the alien group we call the Rogues gained greater control of the earth. The Bible calls this group Satan.

This was the time of the rise of the Roman Empire. It was an unbelievably cruel slave Empire. At the time, it was taking over the world and seemed impossible to stop.

At this time, the rogues rounded up millions of angels and imprisoned them. They did not kill the angels because apparently they must stay alive or the planet itself will not survive. That is now important the angels are to this planet. However, the rogues were able to imprison, beat, poison, torture and rape millions of angels.

Jesus was alive from about the year 1 AD to the year 33 or 34 AD. He was one of very few who sternly warned the Hebrew people that they must leave Canaan because the Romans would soon destroy the temple and kill everyone they could find.

He and a few others thus saved the Hebrews and with them, saved the Hebrew Bible. This is not well known, but I am told it is true.

The predicted destruction did occur in 70 AD. The Romans sent a large army to Canaan, destroyed the temple, and killed as many Hebrews as they could in an effort to destroy the Bible and the religion that originated it. They continue this effort to discredit the Bible to the present day!

Fortunately, many Hebrew people listened to the warnings and left Canaan. In history books, this monumental event is called the diaspora. The event should include both the imprisonment of the angels and the scattering or murder of most of the Hebrew people on earth. We encourage you to look it up on the internet.



Size. There are many sizes of angels ranging from almost microscopic to some that are larger than the earth.

Numbers. There are billions upon billions of angels in the universe. It is quite a common life form.

Appearance. Angels have a very human-like face, a thin human-like body with two arms and two legs, except that the legs are shorter than ours in relation to the rest of the body.

Lifespan. Angels, as with most fine matter creatures, live a very long time. They can live for a million years or longer. This means they often know a lot about history.

Movement. Angels can fly through the air using a propulsion unit located in the area of the chest.

Location. Angels live on earth and on all planets. They are capable of living in outer space where they can tolerate the heat, cold and low levels of oxygen, water and food.

Food. Angels eat and drink as we do. Their organs are similar to ours and they digest food with a simple digestive tract. However, as with all fine matter beings, they eat somewhat less than we do.

Reproduction. Angels are either male or female and have genital organs similar to ours. They reproduce with eggs. Female angels produce an egg about every three months. The male angel needs to fertilize the egg in order for it to grow and develop.

Twins. As with most fine matter beings, angels like to live with what they call their twin. This is another angel of the opposite sex whose main soul was born from the same mother at the same time. It is a type of genetic soul twin. The twins usually get along very well and communicate easily with each other, even over long distances.

Names. Angels are grouped according to their size and their activities. For example, cherubs are a small type of angel who assist babies and children.

Serifs are a group of larger angels who help keep the planet moving properly through space. Avras are still another group of fairly large angels found mainly in outer space.


Protectors. Many angels protect planets and protect areas of space from aggressors of all kinds. This is one of their main activities.

Messengers. Angels often send out messages to others. The Old and New Testament of the Bible contains a number of stories of angels who delivered messages to human beings.

Teachers. Angels teach other fine matter creatures and human beings many skills and other matters.

Coordinators. Angels help organize and coordinate the activities of a large number of fine matter beings in space and on planets. This is one of their major activities.

Singing. Angels love music and love to sing. Some people can hear their singing, which is on a different level than our music. For that reason, most people do not hear the singing of the angels, but it is real.


1. Angels are real and they are here with us. They are all around, even if most people cannot see them. Some are busy helping our planet in many ways.

2. Advanced angels are here to serve and want us to know that their service is with love and caring for us and for the planet.

3. Planet earth is quite special and is a spiritual or angel planet. This means that the main activity of the planet is a loving and spiritual service to a large being whom we will be in touch with soon.

4. All the planets have roles and people need to know this.

5. Angels are in trouble on earth. The alien group we call the rogues, and which is called Satan in the Bible, don't like the angels. The rogues have captured, beaten, poisoned and raped most, if not all the angels who live on earth. For details, read The Rogues.

6. As a result, the advanced angels need the help of the earth humans at this time. Humans help by praying for the safety of the angels and in other ways.

7. Angels would like to help out more and are learning how to protect themselves. Interestingly, the method is the development program that we describe and teach on this website.

Of particular importance is the use of coffee in the intestines. Angels do not use the coffee in an enema. This does not work with their body configuration. Instead, they are able to insert the coffee directly into the lower part of the small intestine.

9. Angels are also learning that they cannot eat just what they wish. Fruit, for example, weakens them just as we find it weakens human beings.

Angels, like the human beings, must eat certain food and they must warm the food before eating it. Most of the proper food for angels is smaller living creatures.


Many people claim to speak with angels and to obtain advice from them. Please be careful with these people because they are not all truthful. Some also truly believe in what they do, but they are misled by the less advanced angels who use them to deceive and mix up people.

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