by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Table Of Contents



Basic definition


Very Old

Developed Angels

Rebellious Or Fallen Angels

Where They Live





The Powers Of Angels



Kind Helpers


Guarding The Earth



Example Setters


Liberty And Freedom




We Are Here To Learn Lessons And Develop Ourselves

No Good Deed Goes Unnoticed And Unrewarded

Truth Is Real

Life Is A Series Of Experiences That Is Always Strengthening Us

You Are Never, Ever Alone

Angels Love Humanity

Love Is God

Government Abuse Of Power

Angels Are Here To Help



Angel Literature On Earth

How Angels Appear To Us

Angel Cards And Other Angel Materials

Are Angels Evolving And Growing Like Us

How To Contact Angels

Are Angels The Same As God?





We believe angels are real.  Some are wonderful beings.  However, there are fake angels so one must be very careful with angels and never pray to angels.  Angels are not the same as God.  This article provides some basic information about this group of beings.


Bodies.  Angels have fine matter bodies.  This means their bodies are of a lower physical density than ours, and the have a somewhat different physiology.  As a result, they usually cannot be seen unless they choose to reveal their presence to us, which they can do.  For details about fine matter bodies, read Body Types on this website.


Gender. Angels are all either male or female.  Most have long, flowing hair.  As a result, people who see them usually think they are all women, but this is not true.


Old and experienced.  Real angels have all lived in physical bodies like ours, and are usually more than 1 million years old.


Developed angels.  Angels are presently of two types.  One type is well-developed.  This means the angel has done the pushing down exercise and essentially a nutritional balancing program for many years.  As a result, he or she has developed the subtle energy fields to a high degree. These angels are wise, mature and helpful.  The other type is not developed and are very unreliable, and can lie to people.

For details about development, read Introduction To Development on this site.


              Rebellious or fallen angels. 

According to the Hebrew and Christian Bibles, Satan was an angel who fell to this status, and took many with him.  They murder, rape, torture and in other ways harm humans and other creatures.


Where they live.  Angels are fine matter beings, so they can also live on planets or in outer space. 

Small angels live everywhere on earth, and also in outer space.  The larger angels are much larger than planet earth, so they remain in space.


Appearance.  Angels are quite beautiful and have a human face and appearance.

The robe. The legs of an angel are usually hidden by a whitish, flowing energy field that extends from the chest area all the way down the body.

As a result, if an angel appears in his or her true body form, it looks as though she is wearing a long robe or flowing dress.

The wings.  Angels have an energy field that projects away from the body below the shoulder blades.  Because of its shape, it looks like a set of wings.  However, it is really just an energy field and part of the beautiful aura or energy field of an angel.

Facial features. Most angels have long, straight noses and small mouths.  Women have small breasts that protrude a little, but not a lot.  Men do not have beards and also have slightly protruding breasts, so they can appear to look like women.  However, their facial features are more angular and defined than those of the women.

Size.  Angels range in size from about the size of a human baby to enormous creatures that are the size of our planet, or even much larger.

Groups of developed angels.  There are many groups of angels.  Below are some of the best known ones.  The ones near the top of the list are the smallest.  The largest ones are at the bottom of the list.  Each is somewhat different with different abilities. 

Hebrew names. Real angels speak an ancient version of Hebrew, described in a separate article, An Ancient Hebrew Language.  Hence, all of the angel groups have Hebrew names and they all end with im.  In Hebrew, this means a pleural word, meaning there is more than one in the group.  Here are some of the best known groups of angels:


Cherubim (about the size of a human baby)



Seraphim (about human-sized)








Abrahim (enormous angels)


Movement.  Angels can travel very fast using a power or propulsion unit located in the middle of their chest.  This is hidden, however, so one cannot see it.  It makes it seem as if they fly, but really they move with grace using this anti-gravity device.

Their power unit is related to the Merkabah of a human being.




Angels have certain abilities, for which reason they can be very helpful or very harmful.  These are:

Changing form.  For a short period of time, angels can take on any appearance or form they wish.  They can temporarily join with a human being or creature and take on their appearance.

This ability is very useful because it means that angels can blend in with any situation and do their work without attracting much attention.  But undeveloped angels use the ability to trick people in many ways.

Fly fast, strong, cunning and hard to kill.  This can be used for good purposes.  However, it makes the undeveloped angels difficult to catch.  Even if caught, they have tough bodies and are difficult to subdue.

Large brain and an excellent memory.  This, too, can be used for good purposes, but it also makes undeveloped angels capable of a lot of evil.

When undeveloped, they are sexy and have a very poorly developed seventh energy center. This is a dangerous combination that causes much mischief.






Angels intervene in many situations on earth, usually without anyone even knowing about it.  They can help a man survive an accident, or help a woman deliver her baby more easily.  Some help in floods or hurricanes so that more people escape harm.  Others help in other situations. 

When the World Trade Towers were bombed in 2001 in New York City, many angels gathered there and helped a few to escape.  Others were protected from falling debris.  It was one of the largest gatherings of angels, in fact, in American history.  This is never discussed, although there were many stories of amazing rescues that no one understands to this day.

Sadly, the newspapers do not report such incidents, although there were many reports of miraculous rescues.  It was a test of the media because the stories were told to papers such as the New York Times, and they utterly failed to report them.  This is a paper I would avoid.


Calling on angels.  You can ask for help at any time from angels.  You just ask in prayer, and your prayers will be heard.  Intervention may not come in the form in which you expect it, but help will come. 

Angels particularly love the line in the Christian Bible:  “Ask, and you shall receive”, “Knock, and the door shall be opened”, “Seek, and you shall find” – Matthew 7:7.




Angels love helping anyone who is interested in children.  This includes babysitters, teenage girls who help their mothers with the young ones, teachers, doctors who help children, and many others.

Some children see the angels, and discuss them openly with their friends and their parents.  Unfortunately, parents often do not see them and think the children are just fantasizing, which is not true.

Children need a lot of help on earth, and angels try to make their lives easier, more fun, and safer.  Children’s health today is not good.  In the poor nations, Children’s health is dreadful.  Even in the wealthier nations, it is not good at all.  Autism ravages children, as does hyperactivity, cancer, birth defects and more.  A recent posting on this site discusses this in more detail entitled Maternal And Infant Mortality Is A Tragic Embarrassment.

Angels help heal children’s diseases and pain, and give them hope that if they can survive childhood, life will get better.  Angels also teach children that their parents are often not ideal, but hating their parents is very bad.  Instead, children need to have compassion for their parents.

At one time, the parents were children just like them.  At that time, there were fewer angels on earth – and this is true.  As a result, they did not receive all the love and attention that today’s children are receiving. 

Many of today’s parents grew up somewhat cold and uncaring, or very scared, or very angry, or with physical problems that make it hard for some parents to properly care for their children.  All children need to know this today.




Angels say a change is coming to the earth.  No longer will wars and famine be tolerated.  Diseases will diminish, as well.  This is a positive change.  However, it will require a shift in attitudes, away from negativity and violence and toward a helpful attitude.  This is a big shift for some people.

It also requires a shift in the nations away from total warlike behavior, as occurs in North Korea, Russia and Iran, for example.  Red China is also at fault, here, though it is carried out secretly for the most part.

This change has been long in coming.  Two World Wars devastated the Western world, in particular, but laid the foundation for a happier and more peaceful world.  America led the way in combating Nazi horror and Japanese horror, as well.  She will continue to lead the world in this area, maintaining a very strong military in order to send a message to other nations not to challenge the peace.


Protecting the earth.  Angels also are in charge of the stability of the earth.  This means maintaining her spin, her orbit, her integrity and that of all the planets in our solar system.  This is quite a job and requires continuous adjustment of our planet’s orbit and spin.  This may seem difficult, but it is not difficult for angels who are as large or larger than the planet herself.

I have written that global warming and climate change concerns are total nonsense.  The reason is that the climate and temperature are regulated by angelic beings who simply move the earth a little closer to the sun to warm it up, or move it away from the sun to cool it down a little.  For much more on environmental concerns, read Healing the Earth on this site.


Protection from outside evils.  Angels also help protect the earth from outside forces that seek to control the people of earth.  These are very real.  You might call them aliens or extraterrestrials.  This is accurate.  Not everyone on all planets are benign and interested in our welfare. 




Women have a difficult time on earth, in general.  They are smaller, less physically strong, and many are pretty, which attracts negative attention to them.  Real angels assist them in all areas of life such as their health, their relationships, raising children, working outside the home, and more.




Angels often bring messages to human beings, such as this article.  This is a message to you.  The Hebrew and Christian Bibles are replete with stories in which an angel brings news to someone.  This is an important role for angels.

Messengers also include those who warn people of coming disasters, and to evacuate or move, or get prepared.  This is the case today.  We warn you that change is coming.  The best way to prepare is to make peace with everyone.  Do your best to forgive everyone for everything that has occurred in your life.  There can be no exceptions.  For help with forgiveness, read Forgiving and Forgiving Parents on this website.

Messengers also means those who deliver the bad news.  Angels sometimes do this with wives of slain soldiers, for example, or family members of someone who was in an automobile accident and suffered injury.  This is not a pleasant task, but a necessary one, as it prepares a person for a shock that otherwise could cause more damage.

Messengers also deliver actual letters and papers, at times.  If a paper or letter mysteriously shows up at your door or on your desk, it could have been delivered by an angel.




Angels sometimes help leaders on earth to set a very good example for their people.  This is not always an easy task.  For example, a leader may tend to smoke and drink alcohol, even though he or she does not want to do this.  However, there is a lot of pressure and he or she may cave in to the pressure.  An angel may guide him in the right direction to reduce these habits.

Other ways that angels help leaders to set an example is to be humble in dealing with other nations, or with those less fortunate.  These are very important traits for people to learn, and they look to their leaders for guidance.  Too often, the leaders are not interested, so angels help out in this area more than one might imagine.




Angels are powerful healers.  They can do mental healing with the mind, and they can do laying on of hands.  Occasionally, people report feeling as though someone put their hands on their back or some other part of their body that requires healing.

Angels are often involved in spiritual or religious healing.  In this type of healing, a person is part of a prayer circle or is attending an evangelical religious revival.  The preacher asks if anyone needs healing.  A few people raise their hands.  Either they come up to the front of the room on their own, or are carried up by friends or family.  Healing often occurs in these situations.  This is not fakery.




This is an important area of work for real angels.  They are quite shocked at the horrors of slavery, imprisonment, unfair treatment of some people, overbearing government regulations, corruption in government, and many restrictions on people’s liberty that have no good reason for them.

Freedom and liberty do not mean license to do anything one wishes.  They mean the ability to do as one pleases as long as one does not impinge upon the freedom and liberty of others.  Therefore, harming others in the name of freedom will not be tolerated.  Some on earth do not understand this fact.




The following are just a few of the most important lessons from the real angels.  Once again, one must be careful because not all angels are benign and helpful:




As human beings mature through life, they should become less selfish.  We should all know that the way to progress spiritually is by giving up the ego needs like a big house, a big car, a big family, many friends, and many “toys” or “stuff”.

Life is not physical, at its core.  It is about loving God, working hard, and helping others, as our religious leaders should be teaching us.

By helping others, you must and cannot help helping yourself.  There is nothing like service to humanity.

True happiness is always about radiating the love and light that you are, and giving to others.  Life is not about selfishness. 

However, we are required to care for our health, our families, and a few other basic needs.  Giving away all your money and then having to live in a homeless shelter is not healthful, not helpful, and never recommended.  Indeed, it is stupid. 

Never ignore yourself in the circle of your love.  I repeat, never ignore yourself in the circle of your love.  This is hard for some people, and the preachers do not teach it enough.

This is not the same as the message a lot of preachers give that you can have wealth, fame and fortune with God’s help.  This is just selfishness masquerading as Christianity or some other religion, and it is sickening.  But never leave yourself out of the circle of your love.

Selfishness is subtle.  Selfishness can be confusing.  You must ask yourself often about your motives.  Why do you work?  Why do you love another person?  Why do you have a home?  Why do you have a family?  If the answer is selfish reasons, this is not so good.  If the answer is to help others, then you are on the right track.

If you say, I want a family so I will be safe, however, that is fine.  Women, in particular, are much safer if they are married with a good husband than if they are alone.  Women with children are also safer from rapes and robbers.  Children have a protective ability in many cases, and they often know if something is wrong long before Mom or Dad knows.  Even having a dog is not selfish if it is for protection.

However, it is selfish to have a husband, children, or a dog just because you are bored and you don’t want to work.  Many women do this.  If you like shopping, this is also very selfish.  Shop online and do not waste your time shopping except to get only what you need to help others.

Money. Some self-concern is needed to get and keep your money.  This is because most people do not want to give you any, sadly.  The whole world is selfish this way today.  So you must conserve your money and be very careful to whom you entrust it. 

Money is basically stored value.  Money is needed and money is very good to have.  Do not impoverish yourself.  It does not make you a better person or less selfish.  It often means you are just careless with money.

Money is also needed for helping others, so use your money wisely, and invest it wisely, as the Bible teaches.  We do not advise putting it in the stock market.  There are too many sharks who know a lot more than you do about money, and will end up stealing yours in some devious way.  Instead, keep it in gold or silver coins, ideally, or something else very simple.  If you have a lot of money, then you must be even more careful to maintain it.




The angels and other advanced beings notice everything.  Please assume you are being watched every moment of every day and night.  Let your words and actions speak for themselves.

Do not try to hide your real self under a bushel, and do not deceive other people with subtle lies, flirts, envy or covetousness.  You cannot deceive the angels, who read your energy and thoughts like an open book.




This may sound simple, and it is.  But today many people, especially liberals, progressives, and socialists in the Western nations, do not believe it.  They think “truth is relative”.  They are sadly taught this in their schools, and especially in their colleges.  They think they can do what they like, and get away with cheating, lying, and stealing.  It will not work!  Truth is real and absolute, and truth is winning out.

The Ten Commandments.  Also, the Ten Commandments of Moses (plus two on this website) are good guides for living.  Such wisdom is not on the internet, not on your cell phones (which are quite harmful for your health), or on television, unless it is Christian television.  Even there, you must be careful as some of the preachers are preaching fear, which is not the truth.

The Bible is real.  It is not an old dusty book to be mocked.  So anyone who does not like the Ten Commandments of Moses, who speaks against the Bible, is a fool and not to be trusted.

If this sounds ominous, it is because a change is coming to the earth, and must come or we will all be destroyed by nuclear weapons and chemical weapons of a horrible type.  Please realize that truth is real, and the Bible is basically correct. (A few things were left out of the new Testament by the early Catholic priesthood).  This will be expanded upon, and the angels apologize if anyone feels offended, but truth must prevail on earth.




Angels are all highly developed beings.  Development is very special and discussed in many articles on this website.

This means that we are not here just to have families and jobs, or make money, although there is absolutely nothing wrong with these activities.  Life is much more than friends, family, work, play and what people call daily life.

We must first give ourselves over to the truth - not to any religion, but to the truth.  We should also work on developing ourselves, as it is defined on this website.  Then and only then we will find what we are to do next.  For details, read Introduction To Development.




This is the truth, even if it does not seem this way.  Try to enjoy or, at least, not resent your experiences, even if they are painful, disgusting, or otherwise difficult.  They are designed to teach you things. 

If you take this attitude, you will move much, much faster!  This is an important topic the angels wish to speak much more about in the future, I am told.




There is no such thing!  You are always surrounded by advanced beings who are looking out for you.  They will not always save your life, however, if you are in a collision or accident, or if you get sick.  They do not always have permission to do so.

You must care for your body, your mind, your sanity, your dignity, and everything else.  Angels are not there to just hold your hand if you won’t take action.  However, you are never alone and you always have help and guidance, if you can learn to tune in and listen.




Angels are very ancient beings who were once human themselves, so they understand the difficulties and joys of being human.  The angels must allow human beings to make mistakes, and even to hurt themselves and others.  This is necessary so that human beings learn basic lessons about life, love, selfishness and other things.

Angels feel badly for people who are ill, selfish, angry, stubborn and so on.  Angels can often see it all.  There is truly little privacy!

Just remember, ask for help continuously, and turn your life over to knowing and finding the truth.  This does not mean to analyze everything and read everything you can find.  It means to ask for truth.

Science is not truth, for example.  It is often just some experiments that will later be proven incorrect.  Scientific people are supposed to be looking for the truth, but often they trip over it and move on.  They are too often motivated by money, power, fame or another evil motivation.  Truth is often simple, for example.  Please beware of this trap.




God is love.  This is a very important teaching.  God is not a big, powerful man or woman living somewhere, looking over our shoulders and judging us.  God is the same as real love.

This love is not romantic love.  It is an energy that emanates from a large being and it permeates everything, including us.  This is the meaning of the saying “God Is Love”.

This love is not sexy.  This is a non-sexy caring, compassionate quality of love, and not sexy.

God is love means something else.  It means that love is the motivating force for all good in the world.  It also means that if one wants to succeed, abide in love, no matter what happens.  This means do not sink into your anger, revenge, resentment and hate. 




This is not so much a spiritual teaching, as it is a practical one.  Too many people trust their government, when the correct attitude should be one of profound distrust and suspicion.  This does not mean to hate your government.  It just means to always be suspicious of power and authority, and not to give over more power to the government than they already have.

This is a very important teaching that was known by the founders of America and many other nations.  However, due to government propaganda, it has been forgotten today and is not taught in schools.

A good quote to recall is that “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

 Paying money to the government.  Unfortunately, the governments of the world often steal the people’s money and then waste it.  As a result, do not give them one penny more than you must.  This is sad to have to say, but it is true.

In fact, the governments of the world are the most selfish people of all, according to the angels.  So do not vote to “tax the rich”, for example.  Instead, vote for a much smaller government that does not need half the money they now collect.  That would solve the budget crises of most nations in a few short years. 

In other words, keep the money out of the hands of the government by voting for a much smaller government and lower taxes for everyone.  Keep the money you earn and use it wisely, and vote to allow everyone else to do the same.

Do not allow governments to divide you, the people.  They routinely do this.  They cause anger and hatred of the poor for the rich, and vice versa.  They do their best to pit men against women, the North against the South, blacks against whites, and more.  Do not allow this to go on.  Vote against anyone who takes sides and encourages divisive attitudes among the citizens.

Also, vote against anyone who advocates open borders.  This is a horrible practice.  America and Europe are both suffering terribly from this liberal policy.  It must end!  Build the walls, in other words, and save your nations!

Evils.  Many governments of the nations are quite evil, according to the angels.  Do not give them more money and power.  Do the opposite.  Tell them you don’t want their “handouts” and “benefits”.  They use these to sucker in the people and take more of their money.

Force them to live within their means.  Force them to stop paying the government employees good salaries and benefits.  Force them to hand back the money they have stolen from the people.

Government is force.  Government is force.  That is all it is.  Always vote for people who will cut the government to the bone, eliminating many departments and allowing the people to take care of such items as education, welfare, retirement, finances, housing, transportation and all business matters.

This was the design of the founders of America.  However, recent presidents, especially of the Democratic Party, are very corrupt and have ruined things.

Do not be swayed by arguments that the government is set up to “help the people”.  The reality is that too many government workers mainly help themselves to your pocketbook, and everything else.

Beware of any leader who suggests that governments need to be larger, or have more authority and power.  They need much less.

The reality is the people of earth are becoming much more mature, and can govern themselves much better than any government can do.  This is a stern warning from the angels!

Spying. Also, do not let the government spy on you.  This is not good and it is growing more and more each day.  They do it through the computers, through the cell phones and new cars, and even through the RFID chips in our clothing and other household items.

The car companies are now forced to include a GPS (ground position satellite) locator in every new car so the government can find you any time!  This is all horrible, and a serious violation of your privacy.  It must stop!






The Bible and other holy books.  Angels are discussed in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles, in the Queran, in the Hindu scriptures, and in other religious textbooks around the world.  According to these books, angels are common, number in the trillions or more, and are very powerful and wonderful beings.


Popular books and paintings.  Many people claim to have seen, or been visited or touched in some way by angels.  Many books exist about angels, and many paintings and sculptures depict angels throughout the world, in all cultures, and on all continents.


Sightings.  Young children, in particular, sometimes report seeing or hearing angelic beings, although their parents cannot see them and usually discount the whole episode.

When people (especially adults) see angels, the stories are quite consistent.  The angel is usually large, may have what look like wings, is ethereal or sort of transparent, and often appears to wear a shimmering white gown.  This is not usually true, but it is part of the appearance of their subtle energy field.

The angel often warns the person away from danger or saves the person from death from an accident of some kind.


Angels on television.  The popular television series, Touched By An Angel, has a lot of true angel wisdom in it, although certainly not all of it is true.  For example, angels can show up in any form, and are not limited to one physical body form.  The Touched by An Angel series is available on DVD for purchase.  I recommend it, although some of the episodes are rather unusual.




Angels can temporarily take on many shapes, sizes, or forms in order to influence and help a human being.  For example, an angel can appear as a fireman to help pull a child from a burning building.  The next moment, the same angel can appear as a sweet mother to help a small child calm down.

The next moment, the same angel can appear as a bird flying overhead looking down on a crowd.  The next moment, the same angel can appear as a storm cloud dumping rain on a battlefield so that the soldiers will want to go home and not continue to fight.

They can show up as worms, flowers, crocodiles or anything or anyone else they wish.




STAY AWAY.  It is too easy for it to become idol worship.  Pat Robertson does not recommend ever worshipping angels.  For example, you do not need to know the names of all the angels and what they do.  These are mostly fake, anyway.




Yes.  Angels are learning and developing, just as we are.  They have to guard their own health, their minds and their bodies, just as we do, or they can become ill.




            Many methods for contacting the angelic kingdom have been recommended in books and other literature.  Most say to just be open to them, and ASK.  One need not even believe in angels, although this helps and is desirable.

It is helpful to allow some time each day, preferably in the morning when you get up, to be quiet and become receptive to their guidance and comforting.  This can help you to hear, sense or otherwise feel the presence of these lovely fine-matter beings around you who are attempting to communicate with you and offer you guidance and comfort.




            Absolutely not.  Because angels are mentioned many times in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles, and in the ancient Oriental texts such as the Bhagavad Gita and others, many people think that angels are somehow related to God or are like God.  This is not true.  They are much older than we are, but they are not God.



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