by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            Certain minerals appear to be more common in children, or give qualities that are associated with childhood.  These include what we call toxic potassium, some forms of copper, mercury, manganese and some aluminum and nickel compounds.  It may also include a somewhat toxic form of phosphorus, though this is still being researched.

            These minerals tend to make people less mature in various ways.  Here are examples:


1. Toxic potassium is found in male and female sexual fluids.  Perhaps for this reason, all babies today are born with quite  a lot of it.  They all must throw it off in order to mature from the ‘baby state’ to adulthood.

This is related to the article entitled Cancer And The Energy Centers, although it might seem surprising.  It turns out that when a baby has a lot of toxic potassium in the body, (from mother, in all cases), the child is not as mature. 

It also turns out that the problem is in the second energy center.  We call it a baby second center.  It is always closed, spinning backwards, hard to control, and deranged in a certain way.  When a baby is able to eliminate this toxic potassium, the second center opens a little, turns around and spins correctly, can be controlled easily, and the derangement goes away.

A lot of toxic potassium in the second center also occurs in some male homosexuals and in some women who receive a lot of male sexual fluid during sex.  Their second center is also deranged in a similar way to the babies, and it may affect their mind, as well.


2. Copper is known to cause a child-like quality of the personality, often young–looking bodies at any age, and other child-like qualities.

3. Mercury likewise can cause a young-looking body, although it is not healthy at all.

4. Aluminum, also, may contribute to a less mature personality.

5. Some nickel compounds connect people with others in subtle ways.  Its removal helps people become more independent.  This is not the “amigo” form of nickel, but some other compound.


These need to be replaced with more ‘adult’’ minerals such as zinc, selenium, chromium and the other so-called alkaline reserve minerals.  Selenium is also referred to as a ‘spiritual mineral’ because it is a much more ‘mature’ mineral.  As this occurs, a person may “grow up” psychologically.




Anyone who follows a development program for a few years will eliminate most of his or her toxic potassium, excess copper, manganese, mercury and aluminum.  This definitely can help a person mature in terms of one’s personality. This is a rather unique and subtle benefit of a complete development program.

This change in the minerals and maturing process also helps many people solve personal problems and resolve childhood traumas.  It is a powerful reason to follow a development program and not other programs, which usually do not have the same effects on personality integration, processing and resolving of traumas, and helping a person move along successfully with life.

Other aspects of the program that may also help with maturity are the Pulling Down Exercise, in particular.  Other aspects that may have this effect, as well, to some degree are the other detoxification procedures and even the rather strict diet of mainly cooked vegetables.  This requires a fair amount of discipline, and this may be helpful for psychological maturity, as well.




This includes socialistic and communistic groups all over the planet who favor large welfare states.  They (the Rogues) intentionally contaminate the planet with the toxic forms of the minerals discussed above.  For example:


1. Toxic Potassium.  This is in almost all commercial fertilizers, also called superphosphate fertilizers.  The food most contaminated with it is fruit.  For some reason, fruit picks up a lot of toxic potassium from the fertilizers.

2. Some forms of copper.  They want people afraid and burned out, which always raises the copper level in the body.

3. Mercury.  They encourage fossil fuel use on the planet.  This is the main source of mercury contamination world-wide.  It matters not that they say they oppose environmental pollution.  At the same time, they own the oil companies and even some coal companies that supply India, China and other nations who do not even use scrubbers on their fossil fuel power plants today.

4. Aluminum.  This is used in all the anti-perspirants, mainly, and it is added to almost all municipal drinking water although it is a powerful nerve poison.  It is also found in food wrappers, anti-acids many people take, mints and in some processed foods that are extruded through aluminum tubing.

5. Toxic forms of nickel.  This is everywhere, from hydrogenated oils to jewelry, to rooibos tea, to braces on the teeth all the teenagers wear, and nickel is added to plastics a lot – even automobile steering wheels and other things people touch all day.

6. A toxic form of manganese is added to gasoline.

It is no coincidence that these environmental contaminants have not been removed much from our world, while some other toxic minerals have been cleaned up, such as a lot of the lead and cadmium.



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