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            The following four hair mineral analysis patterns: 1) hard driver, 2) workaholic, 3) overcoming, and 4) vampire all share severe inflammation tendencies and fairly high energy levels.  These are the features these patterns share.

Other hair mineral patterns related to significant inflammation are sympathetic dominance and trying hard to stay afloat.  These, however, are associated with much lower energy levels in both cases.




            The definition of this pattern is a slow oxidizer, with a four highs pattern, and with a double high ratio pattern.  The latter means a calcium/magnesium ratio above 9.5 and a sodium/potassium ratio above about 3.5 or 4.

            Hard driver pattern would definitely be classified as a complex hair analysis pattern, as it is composed of several other rather complex patterns in a particular combination.


            Meaning of the hard driver pattern.  Empirically, we find that hard driver pattern, as the name suggests, indicates a type of a person who pushes hard and usually is an overachiever, hard-working, hard-driving type of personality.  It is also a Criminal Pattern.

As with all the patterns, the more extreme the ratios are, the more extreme the pattern tends to be.


            Relation to inflammation.  Hard driver pattern contains at least three common inflammation patterns or indicators.  These are:

1. Four highs.

2. Elevated sodium/potassium ratio.

3. Elevated calcium/magnesium ratio. 


            This is important, as it gives us a clue as to what drives these individuals.  An elevated sodium/potassium ratio is associated with anger and acute stress.  A four highs pattern is called yang rising in acupuncture, and is a person who is rather tired, but able to mount an inflammatory response to stress and is doing so.  The elevated calcium/magnesium ratio reinforces the high sodium/potassium ratio.  It may also be associated with a diet excessively high in carbohydrate foods.  In some cases, this high ratio indicates a need to let go of something such as a bad attitude or lifestyle factor.  However, the latter may not be true in the case of the hard driver pattern.


Controlled inflammation.  A hard driver is a type of controlled inflammation or controlled anger.  This is one way to view it, and it correlates with the expression of the pattern on the hair mineral analysis.




This pattern is defined as an adult, with a fast oxidation rate and an elevated sodium/potassium ratio.  It is also a criminal pattern.

It may be described as a peculiar metabolic configuration that somehow helps a person steal energy from others or from the environment.

The very idea that a mineral pattern is associated with this personality tendency is somewhat unusual.  However, we find in case after case, that it is indeed true.  Those with this pattern have become adept at “winning” against others, and often do so by subtly stealing etheric energy from them.

Also of interest, when the pattern is changed, the person becomes more aware of their behavior and generally ceases it.  For much more on this pattern and interesting topic, read vampirism on this website.




This pattern is defined as a fast oxidation rate with a double high ratio pattern.  It is similar to the vampire pattern except that the overcoming pattern is more extreme with a high calcium/magnesium ratio in addition to a high sodium/potassium ratio that both patterns share.

This is a rather uncommon pattern, relatively speaking, as is the hard driver pattern.

A highly inflammatory pattern.  This pattern might be called a type of controlled anger or controlled inflammation, just as is the hard driver pattern.  However, in the case of overcoming pattern, another inflammation indicator is present on the hair test – namely, a fast oxidation rate.




            This pattern is defined as three highs or four highs and an elevated sodium/potassium ratio.  It is similar to the hard driver pattern.  It, too, is a severe inflammation pattern as it includes two important inflammation indicators – three highs or four highs, and an elevated sodium/potassium ratio.


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