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1. Slavery is submission to a dominating influence. The influence can be of many types such as physical slavery, sexual slavery, wage slavery, and others.
2. Slavery is a system in which some people are owned as property by others and have few basic human rights.
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Trafficking is a method of brainwashing to produce sex slaves. It is common in the world and consists of repeated rapes and beatings that deplete one's nutrition, introduce toxic metals into the body and damage the body. The goal is to force women, usually, to have sex with whomever they is told at any time.
Because the entire planet earth is under a slave system due to the presence of the rogues. This may sound unbelievable but it is true. Women know it but are told never to talk about it. Most men are not aware of it.
Slavery is a huge topic that is not taught correctly. This article is a brief introduction that seeks to clarify the truth about slavery in our world in the past and today.
The Hebrew religion forbids slavery. It is the only religion to do so. All other major world religions permit slavery.
Slavery is a type of organization of human society that was very common in the world. It was practiced in most parts of the world and in almost all of the older empires of the world until about 200 years ago.
Greece, Rome and Great Britain. The Greek and Roman civilizations practiced slavery. The British empire forbade slavery in the home nation of Britain, but it allowed slavery in the British colonies such as in America.
Slavery in America. America began as a group of British colonies, and Britain allowed slavery in their colonies. As a result, America inherited the slavery system.
However, almost all the founders of America opposed slavery vigorously because the nation was formed based upon Biblical principles, and these forbade all slavery. This is clearly written in the American Declaration Of Independence.
Slavery was limited in America to the Southern colonies and there were never a lot of slaves. Hebrew people in the South, for example, never owned slaves and most people did not own slaves.
However, to form a nation that included all of the British colonies a compromise had to be reached. The founders decided to allow the slavery system to continue in the South only and for a limited time. It went on for another 89 years and was officially ended in 1865.
Slavery in other nations. Slavery is still practiced in parts of Africa and Asia. Most other areas of the earth have stopped the system.
Modern slavery. Today the alien group called the rogues have re-imposed a type of high-tech slavery once again on our world and it is important to bring this to everyone's attention. Their version is extremely high-tech and very secretive.
Instead of keeping people in chains, it uses cell phone technology, radionics, psychotronics and other electronic methods. We discuss it in more detail below.
The slave mentality is that one is inferior to another in some way. In order to create this mentality, one uses beating, rapes, tortures, nakedness, yelling, operant conditions, starvation, freezing, burning and other methods to weaken, embarrass, humiliate, and alter a person's mind and body.
The group called the rogues also use high-tech electronics to inflict pain, monitor behavior, alter consciousness and give orders to people.
The end result is the person gives up their freedom and rights, and just follows orders of the one doing the torturing.
Slavery almost always requires depleting the nutrition of a person and introducing poisons into the body. This weakens the person's body and mind and makes people much easier to control.
Also, weakening women causes their children to be born weak, sick, malnourished and toxic. This makes them much easier to control.
Methods such as beatings, rapes, yelling, poisoning food and water and others are used to accomplish this goal.
Another physiological aspect of modern slavery I am told is that all human beings and some other creatures have had about half of the pancreas removed before birth. I am told the pancreas should extend all the way across the abdomen, not just on the left side.
The rogues do this to all developing babies because enzymes secreted by the pancreas will kill the rogues.
I am told that if one develops sufficiently, the missing part of the pancreas will regrow. This requires many years of following the development program.
The development program taught on this website is an anti-slavery method because it restores nutrition and functioning of the body and brain. Especially the use of coffee enemas along with proper diet and lifestyle can help liberate a person from control by the rogues.
To protect a woman from rapes and beatings by the rogues, one needs to eat the development diet and do at least two coffee enemas daily. The enemas must contain at least two tablespoons of regular, non-instant, caffeinated coffee if one boils the coffee or three tablespoons of coffee if one uses a coffeemaker.
Today, the alien group called on this website the rogues, also called Satan in the Bible, keep the people of earth in a high-tech type of slavery, especially women. We recently learned that most all girls and boys are beaten and raped at a young age to cause them to submit to rogue authority.
The women of earth are particularly controlled through rapes, beatings, poisoning and other tortures along with implants in their heads that tell them what to wear, where to go, whom to marry and more.
They are forbidden to talk about this, so it goes on quite secretly. For more details, read The Rogues.
This will sound unusual, but our research is that most souls today are enslaved by the same alien group, the rogues. They are beaten, raped, poisoned, depleted nutritionally and part of their brain removed. They are not allowed to communicate with each other normally and restricted in other ways as well.

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