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Warning:  This is a somewhat sexy article.  This website is not sexy.  However, we include this article because down coupling is a powerful healing therapy when done correctly.  We advocate sexual relations with one’s marriage partner and no one else.




I. Introduction


Three Variants


Down Sex Versus Ordinary Sex


II. The Down Sex Procedure

Summary Of A Session

The Biggest Hurdle

For Women

What To Expect

For How Long?

Who Can Do Down Sex, And How Often?



III. Down Sex Activities

The Pullling Down Exercise

Deep Breathing

Red Heat Lamp

Listening To CDs


Spinal Twists


IV. Cautions


V. Other Topics


Rape And Down Sex


VI. Down Hugging






Warning.  At first, down sex is not easy for men.  It only works if it is a team effort of both of the partners.  At times, the couple must wear some clothing, which some people do not like, but it may be needed to have success.


Definitions.  Down sex is a healing and Development method in which husband and wife hold an embrace, with or without sexual intercourse, for about two and a half hours.  They can take short breaks during this time.

The embrace causes blending of the subtle energy fields of the husband and wife and this has excellent healing effects on both people.

The focus of the procedure is on the embrace, not on having orgasms.  This is difficult for some couples.  However, other couples know that orgasms tire out the body.




We received these email messages regarding down sex:


            “Down sex has revived my marriage.  Sex had become routine, an obligation, and somewhat boring as I entered my 50s.  Now  my wife is much happier and so am I.” –RS, USA



            “I experienced a severe rape at age 16.  I started a development program, and am better.  However, problems remained that I could not solve.  I cried most every day, and could not think or function in the world.

Someone suggested that my husband and I try down sex.  It is the only thing, in addition to the development program, that has worked to heal my body and brain.  I highly recommend this procedure. – Jane, USA




Most people are not familiar with down sex because it is not taught much.  However, it is not strange, kinky or anything like that.  It is a simple embrace that one holds for a time with one’s husband or wife that has healing effects.

In contrast, ordinary sex with orgasm, also called up sex, is always a little harmful for both women and men.  The reasons are that ordinary sex:

1. Moves subtle energy upward through the body.  This is the opposite of the way subtle energy should flow through the body, which is from the head to the feet.

2. Ordinary sex can irritate the vagina because if it is too rough.  A woman’s vagina is much more delicate than a man’s penis, in all cases.

3. Ordinary sex tends to spin a couple’s energy centers backwards, which tires out the body.  Down sex energizes the couple.

4. Unwanted pregnancy is more likely with ordinary sex than with down sex.






Positions.  Husband and wife either:

- Lie down comfortably together, facing one another.

- Lie down with one on top of the other.

- Sitting with the woman facing the man and sitting on the man’s lap.

Clothing is optional.   If needed, the couple can wear tee shirts or even shorts or pants to reduce stimulation for the man since a goal is to prevent him from having an orgasm.

              Depth of insertion.  If there will be sexual ingtercourse, the penis must be inserted at least one inch or more inside the vagina.  There can be little or no motion of the penis for the same reason.

In about 5-6 minutes, both people will notice a slight tingling throughout the body.  This will continue for two to two and a half hours.  Then it will suddenly stop.  This is the end of the session.

How often.  The couple can repeat down sex up to about three times per week.  One can do it more often, but the tingling sensation will only occur about three times a week.

A balancing act for the husband.  Down sex is more difficult for husbands because they need to maintain an erection, but not have an orgasm.

If a man has a cooperative partner, she can learn to regulate his erection during down sex, and he can just relax with it.  Here is how to do this:

If the husband is too stimulated:

A. The woman can visualize pushing the penis out of her body as hard as she can.  For some reason, this helps more than anything else to stop him from having an orgasm.  It also moves subtle energy in the right direction for her.

B. To stop an orgasm, she may need to avoid moving around too much, giggling, wearing scents, tickling him and being completely unclothed. 

C. The man can distract himself with stray thoughts.  Think of work, your children, or something else unrelated to the procedure.  This can oppose an orgasm.

D. Relax.  Many men are in a hurry when they have sex, or they think they must “perform” with a lot of in and out or other motions.  Skip all this effort and relax.

E. The couple can use a plastic bag as both a condom and to reduce sexual stimulation.  It is much thicker than a standard condom so it reduces sensation for the man.  Wash the bag thoroughly with soap and water before using it.


If the man cannot maintain an erection.  If the husband is too relaxed and the penis motionless, he may lose his erection.  In this case:

A. The woman can imagine in her mind playing with the penis and testicles.  She can visualize tickling it, twisting it, etc.

B. She can take off some clothing.

C. She or he can move the hips a little, moving the penis around.

D. She and he can think or talk sexy.

E. She can rub or tickle his back, arms or elsewhere.

H. She can visualize pulling on the penis and testis into her body, as though she is pulling them off his body.  This often works.  However, it moves subtle energy in the wrong direction – upward toward her head, instead of downward toward her feet – so it is not recommended.

Signals.  It helps if the husband and wife set up simple signals so that he can easily and quickly let her know that he is getting too stimulated or that he is losing his erection.  She can then quickly take the actions above to correct the situation.




At first.  When you first learn down sex, it is helpful to have extra time.  We suggest beginning on a weekend, for example.

Odors.  Some couples don’t like smelling each other for as long as down sex requires.  In this case, take showers first or keep some lavender water or rose water and spray yourself and your partner so both of you smell good.

Infections.  It is possible to transmit sexual infections right through one or even two intact condoms.  This is partly due to the long time of the intercourse.  This is also why a thicker barrier between penis and vagina may be better.

Contraception.  If there is a possibility of an unwanted pregnancy, use birth control even though ideally down sex should not cause any orgasms.

The man can use a standard condom or two.  However, these will often fall off due to the long time it needs to stay on.

Other birth control methods.  The woman can use a diaphragm, but it may fall out due to the long time of the procedure.  We do not recommend birth control pills, ever!

Food wrap.  A large piece of clear plastic food wrap can be placed over the penis.  Use one or two layers.  It is quite clean, easy to see and feel if it is in place, and gives good protection.

A shopping bag.  Wash a clean plastic shopping bag from the supermarket or other store wit soap and water.  Place it over the penis.  It is large, easy to see and feel that it is in place, and it won’t break easily.

A kitchen-sized garbage bag.  An unusual option is to use a medium-size plastic trash bag (about 8 gallon size or 30 liters, and about 21” by 22” or 55 cm by 56 cm).  Use a new bag and make two cuts, each about 6 inches long, along the sides of the bag near the bottom of the bag, one on each side of the bag.

The husband or the wife slips the legs through these cuts in the bag, and then one ties the bag tightly around the waist.  There is enough slack so this will function as a huge condom.  It makes the procedure much safer and more modest. 

The thickness of the food wrap, shopping bag or trash bag does not interfere with the healing effects of the procedure at all.

Men who have trouble keeping an erection may not like using these contraceptive devices.  However, most men have the opposite problem – having orgasms. 

Jolts.  Occasionally, down sex may cause a different type of orgasm called a Jolt or down orgasm that begins in the head and moves downward through the body.

The sitting position.  An excellent position for down sex is with the man sitting on a cushion and the woman straddling him, facing him.  The vertical position makes it easier to move energy downward, it is grounding, and condoms stay on a little better.

If a couple wants to use this position, the woman will need a cushion or small bench to sit on so her entire weight will not be on the man’s thighs.  A prayer bench will sometimes work well.  These are sold on the internet.  It is a small stool designed so that one can sit on it with legs folded backward to do prayers.

Couples often alternate positions between being one above the other, being side by side or a sitting position.

Pillows.  The side by side position requires a few pillows, not just one, to be comfortable, but it works well.

            Other pillows.  Some couples use a thin pillow between their chests for greater comfort, especially if the two are slender and bony.

Phones, children, televisions and other distractions.  Reduce distractions as much as possible.




Down sex is very easy and enjoyable for women.  However, you must assist your partner to keep his erection and to not have an orgasm.  This is usually not hard to do, but you must be willing to help or the procedure often won’t work.  Ask frequently if he needs more stimulation or less.  You can also learn to feel how stimulated he is. 


Vaginal dryness.  With little stimulation, the woman’s vagina may become dry, especially when the session goes on for more than an hour.  If this occurs, use a non-toxic lubricant, such as a little butter or cooking oil.




After about 5 minutes, both partners will begin to feel a slight tingling sensation in the entire body.  This will build a little and continue for up to two and one-half hours.  Then, suddenly, the tingling will stop.  This completes the energetic blending that occurs with this procedure. 


Retracing.  Occasionally, other sensations occur that are temporary retracing or purification reactions.  One partner may become very sleepy, cold, sweaty, or an ache or pain may occur in an organ or tissue of the body.

Emotional symptoms such as fear, anger, sadness or something else might also occur.  An old memory may come up, or one might begin to sob softly. 

This is a very important concept to understand if you do down sex.  For more on this topic, read Retracing and Healing Reactions on this website.




Any married couple can do down sex.  Old age or ill health are not barriers because it is very gentle.  For example, an older man with erectile dysfunction can safely use a penis ring or other device to maintain an erection long enough to do it.  We do not recommend drugs for this purpose.  Such a couple can also just do down hugging, described at the end of this article.

Down sex can also be done by a woman with severe vaginal dryness because there is no movement of the penis.

Better with age.  In fact, the healing effects of down sex works are greater when it is done with an older person than with a younger one.  The tingling sensation is stronger, and the sessions move along faster.

Height, race, skin color, and nationality.  It does not matter if the partners are the same height, nor does race, color or nationality seem to matter.  However, it will not work with two people of the same sex.

How often?  Down sex can be repeated as often as you like.  However, the energetic blending will only occur about three times per week.

Health status.  One can do this procedure even if one or both of the participants is very ill.  In fact, this procedure is excellent for healing.

A participant will not “catch” the other person’s disease, unless it is a contagious virus, perhaps, and neither participant is weakened by the procedure at all, in our experience, even if the partner is quite ill.

Cancer.  For some unknown reason, the procedure is very helpful to slow down or stop the progress of cancer.






If one or both partners do the Pulling Down Exercise during the session, it will enhance the healing effects of the session. 




This is helpful for development and for improving health.  We suggest a three-part  breath: 

1. First one breathes into the stomach, which should rise up if one is lying on one’s back. 

2. Then one breathes into the ribs, and the chest should expand outward to each side.

3. Then one breathes into the upper chest, which should rise up and out as one inhales.

Each of the three parts can be done to a count of about 3 seconds.  Then hold the breath for about 2 seconds and then exhale.

The best way is for the couple to breathe together, inhaling and exhaling at the same time.




A red heat lamp or two can be positioned shining on the legs or elsewhere during down sex.  This is needed for fastest development.  Note that wearing clothing blocks the infrared energy from the lamp.




This is relaxing and studying the right material, such as articles on this website, will speed up development and healing.  Computers can be programmed easily to read articles to you out loud.




This is excellent to do during breaks.  For details, read Reflexology.




These are excellent to do during breaks.  For details, read The Spinal Twists.




Down sex can be continued for as long as one lives.  It will never stop assisting the health and development of both partners.  In this regard, it is a particularly helpful procedure.




1. Trauma.  Anything to do with sex can cause trauma if it is not done gently and respectfully.

2. Disease.  Cleanliness is always important.  The couple can spray themselves with hydrogen peroxide to kill germs on the skin.  Wearing a little clothing also helps to prevent spreading disease.

3. Pregnancy.  This can occur with down sex, though it is much less likely than with ordinary sex.  This is because there are few, if any orgasms.

The couple must take precautions to prevent pregnancy if the woman is menstruating.

4. Healing reactions.  These can occur during down sex sessions.  Most are mild and end quickly.  One may feel a sore throat, headache, upset stomach, or perhaps pain in a part of the body. 

Most reactions can be ignored and they will go away on their own.  If needed, rub the reflex area of the feet and/or hands that corresponds to the area that is having the reaction, and this usually speeds up getting over the reaction.

5. Practice.  For men, especially, down sex requires some practice.  Usually, there will be slips.  Do not let this discourage you.

6. Comfort. This is sometimes a problem.  To avoid it, we suggest using a thick memory foam mattess if you lie down, change positions every 5 minutes or so, (set an alarm if you will forget), take breaks about every half hour or 45 minutes, and keep some pillows handy, as well.






It is fine to take short breaks or rests during down sex sessions.  These may be needed in order to:

1. Stretch and change positions.

2. Go to the bathroom.

3. Drink some water.

4. Other, such as eat some food or another chore.


Recommendations for breaks:

To get the most development out of your down sex sessions, during every break twist the spine, pop the toes and knees, and do a short foot rub.


The rules for breaks:

1. Do not go far from your partner.  Preferably stay within 10 feet of each other.  If you need to go to the refrigerator for food, bring your partner alongside of you so you are within 10 feet of her or him.  This has to do with the blending that is occurring during a sessions.

2. Keep breaks to less than 10 minutes long.  If they are longer, you may have to start the session over.




Down sex is wonderful for anyone who has experienced rape.  In fact, it is a specific antidote for rape.  Women and men report that it feels loving, and it is enjoyable, it is safe, and it helps them retrace and clear the trauma of rape.  For much more on this topic, please read Healing Rape on this website.




WARNING: Hugging today is often almost as dangerous as having sex.  The reason is it is so easy to consent to a hug with a stranger or other person you do not know well.

It seems so innocent, but you can contract sexually-transmitted diseases when you get a kiss with it, and it can be a setup for rape.  Do not be “huggy” and do not allow others to hug you unless you know the person very, very well.


Down hugging is the same idea as down sex.  However, it is without the connection between the penis and vagina.  It is just as helpful.  A session just takes a little longer.

Down hugs are hugs in which the two participants deliberately push energy downward from the head to the feet at the same time they are hugging each other.  If done correctly, both participants will feel the downward moving energy, and it will help them both to move energy downward harder, in a kind of cooperative multiplying effort that is fun and productive.  This will speed up healing and development.

If you have never experienced this, try it.  It is quite wonderful, especially if you are doing development and are learning to always move energy downward from the head to the feet.

Down hugging can also be used in a way similar to down sex.  In other words, two people can hold each other for about 3 hours.  They will notice a peculiar tingling sensation that greatly speeds up healing and development. 

Wear light clothing only.  Natural fibers are better.  They can take breaks but must stay within about 10 feet of one another to continue the session. 

They can lie down and change positions often, or the sitting position with the man on the bottom and the woman straddling him and facing him works very well.  It is quite intimate, but not as intimate as down sex.



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