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I. Introduction

II. The Procedure

III. Cautions

IV. Combining Procedures

V. Related Topics




The garden center procedure uses chemicals found in a variety of plants for healing and development. It consists of sitting or standing in front of certain plants. Then souls in the plant move the body nutrients and other chemicals the plant makes. It is a new procedure as of August 2023.

This is an ancient healing method, but one that is not well known today. Healing by this method accounts for the good feeling many people have when sitting, walking or gardening in any natural setting.

With this procedure, one need not harm the plant. One simply stands or sits in front of it. When doing this procedure, some people feel energies and nutrients leave the plants and enter their bodies.


Plants contain many specialized souls and make thousands of chemical substances. The possible healing effects of this procedure are enormous:

Nourishment. Most people do not eat well and the food on earth is not clean or rich in minerals and other nutrients. The plants mostly help with nutrition or we would all be much less healthy.

The body requires hundreds of chemical compounds found in foods. Eating a limited diet and not eating enough vegetables are the main flaws in people's diets. Instead, people eat much too much bread, other starches, fruit and sweets. This must change in the future.

Healing. The plants can help with specific healing. This is well known as herbal medicine.

Development. This is the amazing genetic upgrading of the body that is possible if one eats properly, gets enough rest and sleep, pulls down and limits sexual fluid loss. Some plants can greatly speed up development.

Maturing. This is a subtle area, but plants can assist with this, as well. It may be called personality development.

The upper levels. When a person is well nourished, which is rare, some plants help the upper levels of a person's energy field. These are subtle energy centers located above the head.


Plants are usually arranged in groups. These include:

- Evergreens, (plants that remain green all year)

- Deciduous plants (plants that lose their leaves each fall)

- Cactus or succulents

- Perennials (plants that live a number of years)

- Annuals (these need to be planted every year because they only live one year).

- Fruit trees.

- Shade plants. (Plants requiring shade are usually in a separate area where they have some shade) There is often netting over this area to block some of the sun's rays.

- Indoor area. Many garden centers also have an area that is totally indoors. This area is for plants that require less sunlight.

- Food plants. Food plants such as lettuce or carrots are generally not found at garden centers. These are at farms rather than garden centers. At this time, we have not researched visiting a farm for healing purposes. However, some healing definitely occurs from walking slowly among food plants.



Food. To get the most out of the garden procedure, eat lots of cooked, preferred vegetables three times a day. Salads are not helpful!

Also, follow the rest of the development diet. For a list of preferred vegetables, see Food For Daily Use – Diet For Rapid Development.

If you do not eat correctly , the plants will help feed you and you may indeed feel better afterwards. However, they would rather work on health problems and development, and this requires a properly nourished body. Most people do not eat correctly. Don't skip this step.


Clothing. Wear light-weight natural fiber clothing. This type of clothing allows subtle energy to move through it the best. Also, less clothing is better, so if possible, open your jacket in front to allow more exchange of subtle energy.

It is best not to wear much jewelry around your neck and don't wear any other item in the front of the body such as a fanny pack or small purse around the neck in case it blocks energy exchange.

Water for drinking. Bring water to drink with you because you will be out of doors for at least one hour. If you are dehydrated, as are many people, the procedure won't work as well.


You will visit a garden center, nursery or flower department of a supermarket or other store.

Nurseries and garden centers. These are large areas with hundreds or even thousands of plants for sale. They work very well and are found in most cities. Home stores such as Home Depot and Lowe's in America have large garden centers, as well.

Flower departments at supermarkets or other stores. These are not as large as nurseries or garden centers. However, many contain plants that do healing.

Nature preserves or riparian preserves? This may work. However, we have not researched it. We will update this article as we do more research.

Other locations. One's own garden. One could use one's own garden or anywhere there are plants. However, the problem with using your own garden is it is small, there are usually not enough plants and not necessarily the correct ones. For this reason, we believe it is best to visit a location where there are many types of plants.

Parking your car. It may seem unusual, but I am told that if you drive to a nursery or other location, park your car as close to the plants as possible. This will allow the plants to send certain energies and nutrients to the car. These will clean up the car and assist you after you leave the garden center.


Relax. If you can open your coat or jacket, do so. This makes transmitting energy and nutrients to you easier.

Assessment. Very often, plants that are near the entrance of the Garden Center do an assessment of what you need. So take 5-10 minutes to slowly walk among these plants. You can spend more time here if you feel you need to do so.

Then move on to the main part of the nursery or garden center.

Walking the Isles. Walk slowly close to each plant. Don't walk down the middle of an isle between two rows of plants. Instead, walk close to one side of an isle. Then turn around and walk along the other side of the isle close to the plants on the other side of the isle.

Feeling the energy. Some people can feel the energy of plants entering their bodies. This sensitivity will increase if you repeat the garden procedure many times.

Stopping. If you sense energy flowing to you from a plant, stop walking and just stand close to the plant. Touching the plant may enhance this feeling.

Listen. Listen while you walk because souls in the plants will try to direct you so you are in front of the correct plant for your healing and development. Remain in front of the plant until the sensation of drawing energy from the plant ceases. Only then, move on to the next plant.

Duration. Even a few minutes can be helpful. For some healing, more time is required – up to an hour or more.

How many visits? We recommend spending starting with two hours at a a garden center once each week for a month or so. If this is not possible, visit at least once a month. If you are ill, two or more visits a week may be better.

How about bringing plants into your home? This can work, but the problem is knowing which plant you need on any given day. It will change and it may be difficult to have enough plants in the house in order to have the right ones.


If you are unable to leave home, you can do the garden procedure by sitting comfortably and visualizing that you are at a local garden center or nursery. The closer you live to the garden center, the better. Do this visualization for at least one hour.


Most of the time, one will feel better after doing this procedure.

Reactions. This procedure could cause purification reactions. These are temporary symptoms due to detoxification or other types of healing in the body. So far, these have been mild because the souls in the plants are careful to balance the body.

Retracing. The process of going back and healing old traumas and illnesses is called retracing. The garden procedure can definitely speed up this process. For details about retracing, read Retracing.

Safety. Safety for women is always an issue when leaving home. This is a drawback of this procedure. Ideally, go with a man or another woman to the garden center. We think this is much better than going alone.

Of course, doing the procedure by visualization at home is much safer, but not quite as good.

Toxicity. We would avoid standing or sitting near marijuana, which is a toxic plant. Aloe plants can also be somewhat toxic. There may be other toxic plants, as well, but most plants are beneficial.

If you feel that toxins are being put into the body, quickly move away from that plant.


Time management is important to fit the development procedures into your daily schedule. While you are doing the garden procedure you can also do:

- The pulling down procedure. This vital procedure is excellent to do while standing in front of a plant. It will enhance the healing and development effects. For details, read The Pulling Down Procedure.

- Sunbathing. This will occur naturally during the garden procedure.

- Exercise. Walking through a garden center is a wonderful way to exercise. Walk slowly for the best healing effects.

- Deep breathing. This is easy to do when visiting a garden center and will often occur naturally because you are surrounded by lovely odors.

- Relaxation. Natural settings including garden centers are excellent to visit any time you feel the need to relax.

- Clasp the hands to pop the finger and wrist joints. This is part of the procedure called The Pops, Pulls, Twists and Kicks. It is excellent for rapid development.


Visit a zoo. This is similar to the garden procedure except it involves animals rather than plants. One visits and walks around to receive nourishment, healing and development help from animals.

Visit a pet store and spend time in the fish department or around other live animals. Walk slowly and stand in front of the fish tanks or animal cages to receive nourishment, healing and development help.


Is this procedure good for babies and children? Yes, definitely! Children like plants very much and often can communicate with the souls in plants better than adults. So bring your children with you for this procedure.

Babies can easily be wheeled slowly through a garden center in a stroller. In fact, we think this is a superb therapy for babies. It is also easy, inexpensive and enjoyable.

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