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The reasons many women fear men are often obvious. Women are physically attractive tend to be smaller, physically weaker and unable to run as fast as men.


There exists a large group of invaders on earth that we call the rogues. It is critical to know about them because they are secretly responsible for many of women's fears of men.

This group is not from the earth, but have been here for at least 10,000 years. They secretly control many activities and events on earth. The Bible calls them Satan. This is not conspiracy theory or paranoia.

Part of their agenda is to frighten, terrorize and enslave women. They do this because healthy women get in the way of their control over the planet. Also, they use women for sex and to birth sick babies who will be easy to control. They want women to know they don't really have any rights and they cannot count on the police or other authorities for help.

The rogues also want to separate men and women because that is part of the military strategy on earth of divide and conquer. So they want women to fear and hate men.

Real men don't rape and don't beat women, and never even think about it. But that is not the impression the rogues want to give women. So their operatives use dozens of methods to sicken, weaken, frighten, beat, rape and torture women.

You won't read many articles about them because they prefer to work secretly. They have some ability to censor the news media, the internet, and more. For details, read The Rogues and other articles on this website about them.


Women fear men, and men’s penises for many reasons, such as:

Fear of rape, which means more than a stranger grabbing her in a dark alley. It means fear of thoroughly disgusting beatings, abuse, and other horrors. For details, read Rape and The Rape Planet.

A few women also feel raped by their husbands because he does not respect her as a woman, but merely treats her as a sex object, and some men have no guilt or remorse about these feelings. It is normal for a man to have sexual feelings for a woman.  However, he should have some remorse about this, realizing it is due to hormones and it is not “loving”.  When a man does not have these feelings, women feel raped, at least to a degree.

Fear of getting pregnant when they don’t want to.

Fear of sexually transmitted diseases.

Fear that the men don’t really love them and will disappoint them.  Most women are looking for what they believe is love.  Instead, they often just get sex.

Fear of upward-moving energy.  This interesting and powerful topic is discussed in a separate article on this site entitled Downward-Moving Energy And Healing.

Fear of splitting.  This is a subtle effect of sexual intercourse that some women notice.  Sex makes them more yin because it “splits” their bodies in two halves. 

Fear of penetration, which means the man being rough and perhaps even abusive.  The man can give her pleasure and still be abusive by not respecting the woman’s pleas to stop, for example, when she has had enough.

Fear of loss of control of her emotions and her body.

Fear of brutality and coarseness, which is a quality of some men, particularly rogue men (who we don't consider are men. They are brainwashed killers.)

Fear of tearing the vagina during sex.  Women’s bodies are far more delicate than most men’s bodies, and women are more concerned with their health than most men.

Fear of energetic pollution, which means the woman picks up the energy of the man and does not like the feeling.

Fear of being focused on the pelvis, and on her physical body, when this is not where most women want to put their focus.  They do not consider it a beautiful part of their bodies, although it is when it has been purified properly.  It is not their brains, or their hearts, but men do not understand this, especially those driven mainly by hormones.

Fear of inflaming the sexual passions.  Some women would rather live a more cultured and calm life.  Repeated sexual incursions take away from this effort.

Fear of confusion between appearance and reality.  Ordinary sex and sexuality should be a small part of life, but for many couples it becomes a major issue.  It becomes the butt of jokes, it becomes the dinner table talk about buying the right clothes and having the right sexy vacation, and so on.  This is all very confusing to a smart and aware woman.

Fear of the jealousy and anger of other women.  This is an important one for some women, particularly those who work in the man’s office world, or are married to famous men, or rich men, or some other situations like this.  Here there is often underlying competition, jealousy, rage, envy and other problems associated with getting the man’s penis, who is getting it most of the time, who is faithful to whom, and so on.

It not just about having affairs, but is more of a psychological and emotional issue as well about faithfulness.  Sex is the focus.

Other energetic damage.  For details about this, read Down Sex

Women fear that they will come to hate. They may start to hate their bodies, their pelvises, in particular, hate their men and their children, and in fact, hate their entire lives over this problem.

Fear of men may expand and many women become fearful of all things male, and all things yang (the masculine principle in nature).  This is particular damaging to women, as there are many wonderful things in the world that are associated with men and the masculine principle of life.

These include integrity, honesty, hard work, love of country, and others that many women have come to fear and then hate.  This cripples many women, especially the political liberals and progressives.  They turn the other way and become extremely destructive to themselves and to the nation.

Fear that one will come to hate oneself for hating men.  This is also the truth, although it may sound contradictory.  Sex is such an accepted part of society that secretly hating it causes a lot of angst and self-loathing.

Some women also fear becoming a lesbian.  This may sound strange, but it is true to a degree. Some women are lesbians not out of love for women, but out of fear of the rod and of men.  Thus, their relationships with other women are tainted.

They look for a non-threatening partner, rather than genuine love.  It is an escape-based relationship, not a love-based relationship.

Some women fear a deep longing in their heart center that they begin to feel when they connect deeply, correctly and non-sexually with a good man. This can occur because some women gave up on love years ago.  The feeling is a wakeup call that perhaps they are wrong and this was a mistake.  It is a very uncomfortable feeling.  To suppress it, too many women stay away from truly loving relationships.

Women who are fearful of the rod also always fall into a love-hate type of relationship whenever they are in a relationship with a man.  This is horrible for most women, who love, but also hate or fear their man, no matter how honest, aware and upstanding he is.

Fear that one is not ready for a deep, loving, blending relationship.

Fear of the rod leads women to stay more yin in macrobiotic terminology. This is an unhealthy state of the body. For details, read Yin Disease.

They may do this unconsciously by eating more fruit or sweets, avoiding eating enough meat and eggs, or by other means.  The effects are the women remain weak and ill. It also keeps some women immature, somewhat selfish, often conniving, perhaps dishonest, out of integrity, and depressed and anxious.

This is called a yang blockade.  It effectively slows or can even stop a woman’s development.  For this reason, it can be the worst consequence of fearing the rod.

Women also fear speaking about this issue, which is why this article is being written and circulated.  At least by speaking about it, the fear can come out for all to see and hopefully for all to heal together.

Finally, some women have a dreadful fear that maybe love is real.  Maybe men are not that bad.  In other words, fear of the rod is just a distraction and it is time to let it go.  Maybe love is a real thing, but someone or something does not want them to believe this. It is the truth – as explained at the beginning of this article in the section about the rogues.

This is woman’s deepest fear and one I hope that all women will experience and love and move beyond, as that is the real answer to all the fears above.  That is, believe in love and let go of all the rest.  Yes, the fears of the rod are real, and some men are not worth much. However, there are some who are worth more than all one can give.  So stay open, women. You never know who will come around to say hello.


The worst consequence of this fear is that women decide that life is bad and death would be better.  They literally become depressed and angry for the remainder of their lives.  They no longer wish to live.  This is the fate of far too many lovely young and older women.

Some women also distract themselves from their fear by focusing on material pursuits, instead of pursuing love and real development.  For example, they may focus on decorating their homes, decorating their bodies, controlling their children and husbands, living a sterile business career life, and other less fulfilling and more superficial pursuits.

FEAR IS ALWAYS A CHOICE AND ALWAYS A BAD CHOICE. To learn more about this, read Fear.



The solution to the fear of the rod and fear of men is probably going to be one or a combination of the following:

Follow the development program. This may seem unrelated and irrelevant, but it is not.  Many fears are born of low energy, toxic metals and chemicals lodged in the brain, organ dysfunctions and more.  These can be cleared and the mind and body will work far better.  This will enable anyone to process traumas and fears much faster and more easily, and often automatically.

Forgiveness.  This requires a lot of prayer, the Pushing Down Exercise, and perhaps other methods.  For more details, read Forgiveness and Prayer.

Read about Down Sex and share the article and the practice with your partner if you have one.

Counseling.  This may help, but only if it is with a woman with training and experience in this area who is extremely careful how to counsel, and who has completed the work within herself.  Few of these counselors exist.

A real loving relationship with an aware man in her life who will read this article, and a few other articles on this website with her, and who is capable of taking heed, and working out the problem with her in their sexual relationship.  This may not be easy to find.  However, more and more men of this type are becoming available, so don’t give up.

A male friend who will at least talk about it honestly and openly.  This can be very helpful to talk to about it with, but often not as helpful as a male sexual partner of the type described above.

Clear it alone.  A woman can clear the issue without needing a sexual partner or a male non-sexual friend.  Sometimes just understanding this article deeply enough will resolve it.


The first step is to read this article and realize it is not crazy or weird.  The next step is to realize that your rod may be a problem child.

Realize that the rod must never be your ruler.  It must become your servant, and the servant of your partner, as well.  This means that hormones and the rod must never rule your thoughts or your behavior.

Men need to develop themselves using the Development Program. This will cause subtle energy to move properly through the body so that their mind controls their body and not the other way around.

An earlier teacher of mine, Mr. Roy Masters, expressed this as men must learn to meditate properly in order to bring a new energy into their bodies that will motivate and move them in new directions.

Men also need to learn and practice down sex.  This may be critical for your marriage or relationship.  Please read the Down Sex article because this technique is far healthier than ordinary sex, causes Development, and solves many problems.


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