by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Behcet's disease is a somewhat rare disease characterized by inflammation of the veins and arteries.
Symptoms. These vary depending upon the location of the inflammation. They can also vary in severity.
Prognosis. Behcet's disease is considered progressive and incurable by the medical profession.
Sara is 46 years old. She has had Behcet's disease for at least 20 years and it was becoming worse as she grew older. She had little hope of overcoming it. She read about the development program about five years ago and began the program.
Progress on the program. At first, there was little change in her symptoms. She persisted with the program, however, because she felt better in an overall sense.
Over the past two years, however, she noticed noticeably less pain in her joints. She also became happier.
In the past two months, she went through a healing reaction in which her pain flared up throughout her body. She decided this was a healing process, not a worsening of her disease. Such flare-ups are common while one is on the development program. So she just stayed with the program.
Most recent hair tissue mineral test (10/11/23). the test revealed a number of interesting mineral patterns.
- Perhaps the most important is the elimination of 11 toxic metals or toxic forms of nutrient minerals. This is a large number and indicates a significant detoxification process.
To be continued ...

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