by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© December 2018, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


           This short article is intended for everyone, and is divided into four sections:

A. What or who is God?

B. Qualities Or Characteristics of God.

C. How God Works

D. How To Think And Behave For The Greatest Happiness




God, or the Creator or ultimate being, and truth, are real.  In fact, they are one and the same.  Stay away from anyone and any teaching that states otherwise.

In scientific terminology, God is the whole system and we are each a part of the whole system.  Systems theory states that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  It also states that one cannot know the whole system by just knowing the parts of the system.

With this understanding, you can see why we cannot understand God completely.  We can, however, appreciate and honor the whole system of life of which we are each a part.

God is not really a He or a She, even if a pronoun is used to describe God such as “His will”.  Do not become confused!  Gender is only about humans and animals, not God.

God is everywhere, so the “Kingdom of God” or Heaven is within you.  Do not seek it outside of yourself.  You need not travel anywhere to find or communicate with God.  Going to church or synagogue is fine, but not necessary in order to communicate with God.

The ability to know the Creator is within each one of us.  This is why freedom or personal liberty, along with taking full responsibility for our lives, are such important social and political ideas.  Each one must follow his or her heart and do the Will of God without government restrictions on all activities – economic, political, social, family and more.




God is everywhere, all-knowing, all-powerful, all-loving, and all-seeing.

God is abundant and, in fact, unlimited.  This means that God is our source of abundance, joy and prosperity.

The Grace of God is real.  It is the unearned Love the Creator has for you.  Its scope and power are beyond your wildest imagination.

You can communicate with God through prayer and becoming quiet.

God loves everyone equally.  No person or being is more valuable than another.

Everyone is worthy in the eyes of God.  Indeed, everyone has incredible potential.

God also knows that everyone has “sinned” or committed errors or mistakes.

God loves children very much.  Never yell at children, and never make them cry.  Never strike a child with force.  Never ever abuse them in any way.  Always listen to them carefully, and attempt to answer their questions.  Also, never let them out of your sight and never trust them with strangers.  Protect them with your life.

God loves women very much.  Some people believe that women are designed to suffer from rape, molestation and other insults.  This is always false and horrible.

Some believe that women are to be sex objects because they are pretty.  This is always wrong.

Some people think that women are temptresses and must be kept at home and never show their face.  This is not true. 

You will suffer badly if you mistreat or harm a woman in any way.

God loves men just as much as women.  Never abuse a male child, never scream at a man, never use a man for sex or as a ‘sugar daddy’, and never intentionally trick or deceive a man, unless for self-defense.

God loves all animals.  Never intentionally harm, yell, swear or otherwise mistreat any animal.

God loves planet earth.  Never intentionally mistreat, abuse, rape, pollute or deplete the soil, the air, the water or anything belonging to the earth.  Instead, build up the soil with organic material, and, when possible, eat organic food grown without toxic chemicals that ruin the earth.

Always seek environmentally friendly technologies and solutions to problems, and take from the earth only what you need. 

By the way, there is nothing wrong with burning oil or driving your car.  These emit a little pollution, but the earth can handle it.  Coal-fired power plants need scrubbers, but otherwise are fine. 

Also, fears about “climate change” are pure nonsense! The temperature on earth is regulated by advanced beings that can move the earth a little closer or further away from the sun to regulate our temperature.

In fact, global warming would be wonderful for planet earth, even if some cities had to be evacuated due to higher ocean water levels.  We could grow ten times the amount of food and graze many more animals if we had some global warming!

By contrast, nuclear power is a disaster because it causes pollution that lasts for 50,000 years or longer.  Burning oil or even coal are much better, no matter what some so-called environmental experts say!

God loves the military.  Never oppose the proper use of military might.  It is needed on this planet at this time.

Military force is needed to stop tyrants like Adolf Hitler and ISIS from taking over the world.  Never vote for a candidate who wants to reduce American military force.

The American military is the best fighting force in the world at this time, and it is a mighty spiritual army.  Never doubt this, no matter what problems exist within it.  Other nations are not as spiritually advanced, and their military forces are therefore not as good.

We are sorry if this sounds arrogant.  It is the truth.  This is why a small number of American troops are needed in about 46 nations at this time.

People have a right to defend themselves with weapons.  Never vote for anyone who favors “gun control”, more gun laws, or wants to limit the right of the people to defend themselves by owning guns.

Guns are not the problem.  America, with more than 300 million loaded guns in homes, is a safer place than Europe or Australia, for example, where guns were taken away from the people.  This is the absolute truth, no matter what the media claim.

The problem is criminals.  They can always obtain weapons illegally.  They love gun control laws because unarmed people are easy prey.

God loves the peacemakers.  Therefore, pray often for peace and harmony in the world.

God will outlast you.  This means that you can be as miserable and as mixed up as you wish, for as long as you wish, and God will still be there to receive you and love you when you turn back to Him.  Jesus explained this idea in The Parable Of The Prodigal Son.




God loves.  This, of course, has nothing to do with sex or romance.  It means God extends Himself.  We are to do the same.  How to do this is explained later in this article.

God works all the time.  God sets the pace for us.

God forgives and forgives, and forgives some more.  

Prayers are always answered.  This means that prayer is always helpful.

God works on a mysterious schedule.  This means that prayers will not be answered on your time schedule, so do not expect this.  Just keep praying and asking for help, guidance and truth.

God answers prayers in mysterious ways.  This means you may not receive what you think you deserve, want or need.  What you receive is usually much better, although you may not realize it at first.

Therefore, stop whining and know that with God, all is working for your good.

God has a sense of humor.  If you don’t believe this, just look into the face of a cat or a dog.  Who else could have designed such a face?




Stay away from anyone and any teaching that says there is no God.  Their entire world view is wrong.  This should be obvious because the world is amazing and totally mysterious, and they (the atheists, the agnostics and the skeptics) cannot explain it!

Do not try to fully understand God.  God is beyond anyone’s understanding.  Trying to figure out God is a mistake many people make, even religious people. 

We cannot fully understand why things occur.  We are here to experience, but not to understand things fully.  The latter is only up to God.

Seeking for the truth in all things is one of the finest way to come to know God better.

Extend yourself to others, to the creatures, and to the planet itself.  This means to reach out.  Always think about safety, however.

Reaching out often means working at a job, though not always.  It does not mean doing something outside you home. 

Reaching out is not always easy or comfortable.  However, it is an excellent exercise for everyone, of every age.  Millions of opportunities present themselves to reach out and extend the Love Of God to others and to this world.

Work diligently.  Laziness and idleness are not of God.

Pray often.  Saying a prayer once a day or even ten times a day is not as good as praying very often until it becomes a permanent habit.

Learn to pray correctly.  Many people pray selfishly for money, for love, for friends, for a marriage partner, etc.  If possible, try not to make your prayers selfish.

Always ask God for the highest and the best in your life.  Another way to do this is to ask for guidance and truth.  Another way is to ask for “Thy will be done”.  For details, read Thy Will Be Done.  Another excellent prayer is the 23rd Psalm of David.

Never, ever wish or pray for evil to be done to another, no matter how horribly you have been mistreated or harmed.  Revenge is not your business.  You may, however, ask that justice be done.

Forgive seventy times seven times, and more.  This will serve you more than any other personality quality.  Read How To Forgive and Forgiving Your Parents.

Do not tempt God.  This means do not say or think “If you love me, God, then you will do this or that”.

Do not turn away from God.  Many people do this when something ‘bad’ happens.  However, God may have intervened or it would have been worse.

The skeptics assume that either God is dead, or doesn’t care, or they think God does not like them.  These ideas are always wrong.

We are here to learn lessons.  At times, experiences are brought to our lives that are unpleasant and scary.  This does not mean that God is not there, or that God hates you, no matter what you have done or failed to do.  God is all-loving all of the time!

Decide today to fully receive ALL the love of God into your life.  Many people do not really allow the Creator’s love into their lives.  They place conditions upon it, decide they do not deserve it, or they decide they will do it tomorrow.  Many people do not understand that the Love is there, but you must take steps to receive it.  Move in close.  Then God will take many steps toward you.

You must humble yourself, perhaps get down on your knees, and let go of your notions of what God’s Love should look like.  You may have to give up something, such as your fear, an illicit relationship, a dishonest job or friend, a lying attitude, or an angry attitude.  You may have to give up your depression and stop feeling sorry for yourself.  All of these, and more, can block you from receiving the Love Of God fully into your life.

God loves everyone equally.  Therefore, do not wish to be better than anyone else.  This attitude is Arrogant and always wrong.

Do not compare yourself to others in your prayers.  Try to realize that comparing yourself to another is foolish because we are each unique.

Never believe the lie that your problem is worse than that of others and too big for God to handle.  There is no such problem in the world.

Stop trying to be perfect.  Instead, do your best in every moment.  Know that you are being observed and helped by God and other great beings that assist God.

Get quiet every day.  This can be different than praying.  It is about slowing down so you can receive messages, encouragement and guidance.

An excellent way to slowly train the mind to slow down is by practicing the Pulling Down Exercise.  We call this active prayer.  This is the safest and most powerful way to calm down and tune in.  It is also easy to do almost anywhere by yourself with no special instructions.  Do it daily for at least one-half hour or preferably for an hour or more.  Make it your new habit.

Live simply, but always care for yourself.  No one needs a huge house, for example, or two or three cars.  However, never put yourself in danger if you can help it by driving a small, unsafe car or by living in a hovel.  You need safety first, and enough money to get by, ideally with some to spare so you can save and comfortably donate a little to others.

Never give up your dignity and self-worth, no matter what occurs.  This is a vital principle of living.  Never, ever think you are just a sinner, a whore, a tramp or a liar.  This demeans not only you, but demeans and attacks your Creator, as well.  Remember, God sees and knows your perfection, as well as your shortcomings.

God cannot respect you if you do not respect yourself!  Please remember this.

God cannot help you if you will not help yourself!  Please remember this.

Do not believe those who say the earth is dying, and mankind is evil and “killing the earth”.  This is completely false.  The earth is alive and well.  It is here to love and serve mankind in peace and harmony.

Never vote for a candidate who wants to reduce American military force or who wants to limit gun ownership or freedom of speech by individual citizens.

Never worship angels or depend upon angels for guidance.  Angels are not the same as God.  They are just assistants.  Unfortunately, many of them are sick and/or corrupt at this time.

Teach all of the above truths to everyone you meet.  This is your solemn responsibility - as a parent, a friend, an associate, or just as one concerned.



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