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By Dr. Lawrence Wilson and friends

© May 2017, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


Remember your Mission:  To make the world safe for love, joy and happiness.


Every positive action you take, every kindness you make, reverberates to uplift every being in this and other universes, unto the end of time.


There is little time to fathom the Mystery, Beauty and Love that is your birthright, so make haste...gently.


Follow only 'Paths with Heart'.  These will be a source of strength and comfort.  Any other path, no matter how alluring, will weaken you.


The Great Outfitter has given you everything you need to be victorious.  You will not be given any assignment beyond your training status.


Know your enemies: guilt, resentment, fear, anger, lust, greed, jealousy and the rest of the gang.  The gang will show up because Love allows all things.


This gang must be faced, for how can there be courage without danger, or virtue without temptation?  When they rear their heads, you need only observe them calmly in yourself and others.  Then they will lose their power over you and slowly fade away.


It is not a person, but a phantom acting through oneself or another, that frightens, embarrasses, or torments you.   Knowing this helps you to have compassion for your self and for all others.


The warrior remains empty of self, as much as possible.  This is not the same as repression, suppression, or just controlling your thoughts.  Emptying the old self and ego through the feet allows the New and the Powerful to flow in through the head.  Power is not so much about force, but about the right use of the Will.


Keep your Equipment in good condition!  The basics are:

¥  a Healthy Body

¥  a Clear Mind

¥  a Loving Heart

¥  an Undauntable Spirit, and

¥  Unshakable Faith in all that is Good, True and Beautiful.


Advance when conditions seem favorable.  Retreat does not mean defeat.  Never hesitate to call for 'Help!' (No martyrs, please).


Keep your weapons in Warrior-Readiness!  They include:

¥  The Bow of Benevolence

¥  The Arrows of Piercing Positivity and Total Integrity

¥  The Penetrating Ray of Sincerity

¥  The Headdress of Humility

¥  The War Paint of Impeccability, and

¥  The Shields of Good Deed and Cheerful Object.


The closer you are to winning the Battle-Of-The-Moment, the harder your foe will try to defeat you.  At these times, Relax, Breathe Deeply and ... Endure.


Do not cling to self-images and self-definitions, for the battle lines are ever changing.  The warrior must learn to tolerate some ambiguity and confusion.  This is how the Soul feels its way forward. 


The quality of slowly moving forward one day at a time, feeling your way forward, is discernment.  This is a quality totally unlike judgment, with which it is often confused.  Judgment is an ego decision about what or who is good and what is bad.  Discernment is never of the ego.  It is soft and flowing, while judgment is harsh and final.


Through all travails, the warrior loves the Self (with a capital S).  For this is the central part of the struggle – learning to love the Self in the midst of battle, and to separate the Real Self from the false ego self.


In the end, the Good Guys and Gals always win.  So don't despair if you lose a battle or two.  Rest up, dust yourself off and jump back into the fray  (and do your best to É enjoy it).


When you don't know what to do, step into the ring Of Patience.  Ask only for Truth and Clarity of Vision.  Wait to be in-formed.  In your helplessness, help will come.


For Emergencies:  Swallow the pill of 'Controlled Folly'.  It will bring relief, for you will know that everything is really just screen play.  The Real Self is eternal, all-powerful, all-wonderful, and cannot be touched at all.


Learn to laugh at yourself a little, and laugh a little at and with everyone else.  Relax, see their flaws and yours, but do not fear them as this is not helpful.


Your Secret Weapons:  1. Love your Real Self always, more and more, AND 2. Take The Time Each Day to retreat to your Private Place of Peace and Power (the Secret Sanctuary Within).  Commune there with the Great Spirit to reaffirm your bond and allow the Great Spirit's All-Powerful Vibrations to renew your strength.  In other words, do the Pushing Down Exercise a lot every day.


Above all, remember who You are!  Nothing less than the Emissary of the Great Spirit... The Link between Creator and created... The Spirit dancing in the flesh... The extension of GodÕs Love into the world of form... Not the body you animate, but the Force of Animation itself.



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