by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I. Introduction

II. Male-Female Blending

III. The Enhanced Procedure

IV. More Details

V. Problems With Empathic Blending

VI. Related Topics




Empathic blending is a type of energy exchange and most often healing that occurs between two or more people or other living beings such as animals or fine matter creatures. The blending is due to mixing of the auras or energy fields of the two or more participants.

An unusual finding is that it can also be an effect of coffee when used in an enema. For details, read Coffee Enemas.

The energy field of a person is the emanation of subtle energy from the body. It is an electrical field that radiates a slight glow around a person, and around all living things.  It has various layers, and may extend from several inches around the body up to millions of miles around a person.

The energy field cannot be seen by most people, although some people can see it as a slight colored glow around people.  Many people can feel the energy field of others. 

The healthier a person, the brighter their glow, as a general rule.  For more details, read The Energy Field.

Development and the energy field. The powerful healing process called development is a genetic change in the body that slowly changes a person from mainly a physical being to mainly an etheric or spiritual being. It is also a genetic upgrade.

Part of the process of development is the growth of the size and brightness of one's energy field. This is very helpful for and greatly enhances empathic blending. For details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program.

Broadcasting. The activity called broadcasting is a conscious effort that extends or grows one's energy field. For details, read Broadcasting and Maturity For Women.


This section is based on the idea that there are seven basic levels of living – physical, emotional/sexual, ego, social, work or partnership-related, intellectual and spiritual/religious.

Based upon the above, a system that some counselors and others use to assess the degree of blending in usually a male-female relationship is the following, starting with the least involved and moving toward the closest type of relationship:

1. Acquaintance. This is the lowest level of empathic blending. Two people know of each other. That is about all they know Perhaps they are related by blood or marriage. However, they don't live together and don't talk much or share values or interests or much else.

It is possible that one of the pair blends more, but the other does not. This would be called a lack of evenness or reciprocity. It is a common problem in relationships and families.

2. Friend. This is a person with whom you have some interests, values, or something else in common. You may not live with the person, but you communicate and share at some levels. In terms of the 7 system, you share or blend at one or two levels.

3. Twin. This is a much closer blending situation. Usually, you live with the other. You also communicate, share ideas and much more. These also give you the possibility of sharing at even deeper energetic and spiritual levels. Twins, by this definition, share at all or almost all the 1-7 levels of living.


Two can be close or distant physically, emotionally, sexually, socially, work-related, intellectually or spiritually/religiously.

For example, two people may be close mainly on the physical level. They may live in the same home or apartment. Although they share space together, there may be little interaction between them.

They may not talk. They may not eat together, sleep together, have sex together or have much to do with each other besides physical sharing of space.

This arrangement works well for some people. Some empathic or energetic blending definitely occurs at this level, but not too much.

Some people are not interested in more blending than this. This may be due to their mental makeup, their traumas, their upbringing or family situation, or other factors.

This arrangement we view as inferior because blending offers many possible benefits, but requires more than just sharing space.


Male-female empathic blending. This is a very powerful method of healing that only occurs between a boy or man AND a girl or woman. It has to do with blending of their subtle energy fields.

When one is not developed, it requires a hug to line up the bodies properly. As one develops, hugging is still best, but it will occur just when a man and a woman are in close proximity.

Empathic blending occurs very easily between men and women, especially when they are intimate sexually or even just hugging.

The result is deep healing between men and women. Couples that blend deeply tend to stay together longer, and tend to live and work together far better than other couples.

The basic male-female blending procedures are:

1. Down sex. This is a very powerful and positive blending exercise. For details, read Down Sex.

2. Down hugging. For details, read Down Hugging.

3. Down kissing. For details, read Kissing.

NOTE: These are important development procedures and we strongly encourage everyone who is married to do them every day. This website is not sexy! However, these practices are somewhat sexy and we cannot help it. We include them on this website because they are powerful healing procedures.


The basic procedure is to hug and, at the same time, both partners visualize moving subtle energy downward from the head to the feet. Because of the line-up of the bodies, the partners assist each other in this most important movement of subtle energy. You will feel it.



The following exercises done during down sex or down hugging will greatly enhance the healing and development effects.  They can also have many other interesting and exciting effects for blending couples:

- Join the energy centers.  There are seven major subtle energy centers on the body.  Above these are many other subtle energy centers.

Visualize lining up the first energy center of both partners. When you feel this occurring, then line up the second energy center. When you feel this occurring, then line up the third energy center, and so on. Keep doing this for all seven of the energy centers that are on the body.

Then do the next set of energy centers (8 through 14).  Then do even higher energy centers 15 through 21 and beyond. If you are sensitive, you will feel it when you and your partner’s centers line up together.

This exercise is easier if the partners do a back hug (one partner sitting or lying behind the other).  For details about the centers, read The Energy Centers.

- Spin your energy centers and that of your partner to the right. This requires a back hug, usually with the man sitting behind the woman. This way the energy centers will spin in the same direction.

Begin by spinning the seven main energy centers of the partners together very powerfully to the right.  The centers should look bright and of a vibrant color.

Then do the same for other, smaller energy centers such as in the breasts, shoulders, head, elbows, knees, feet, toes and more.

- Move subtle energy around the bodies from the left to the right.  This exercise is sometimes called the robe because you can imagine a robe around both people that is spinning to the right.  It is a very powerful healing exercise that is highly recommended when you do down sex or down hugging.

Visualize subtle energy moving around both bodies from the left to the right.  Imagine the energy moving as fast as you can.

- Visualize and spin the orbits of the partners together. There are two so-called orbits.  They are pathways of subtle energy through the body.  Both are in the shape of a bicycle chain.

The microcosmic orbit goes down the front of the body from the head.  It turns around at the pelvic area and then goes up the back all the way to the top of the head and starts over going down the front of the body.

The macrocosmic orbit also goes down the body from the head. However, it continues to the bottom of the feet. Then it turns around and goes up the back of the legs, and up the back to the top of the head.

Visualize subtle energy in these two orbits spinning forward very fast.

- Connect other parts of the bodies. Visualize various body parts of the partners lying close to one another.  Then imagine subtle energy swirling to the right around a body part such as the legs, arms, feet, neck and head.  The swirling energy joins the body part of the two people.

To do this exercise, one needs to decide with one’s partner which body part you will visualize spinning together.  You can just keep adding body parts.  This is a very powerful blending exercise.

- Visualize the three dantiens spinning together. The dantiens are three balls of subtle energy on all bodies.  Each is about the size of a large grapefruit.

One is in the head, one is in the chest and one is in the abdomen.  In most people, they spin slowly and are of a dull color.

Visualize them spinning in a forward direction, spinning very fast and very brightly.  For details, read The Dantiens.

- Kissing. All of the above blending exercises will work a little better if the couple holds their mouths together.  This is not necessary, but it is helpful.


During down sex or down hugging there is a tendency for the woman to fall asleep. Several women noted that this occurs even if one does it early in the morning when one is not tired.

The reason this occurs is that it is not a normal sleep. We have learned that during down sex or down hugging, if the woman relaxes, she will often quickly and easily move into a special state of consciousness that is a light trance state.

In this ‘sleep’, she will heal and develop very rapidly, much faster than her husband. Then she will help him heal and develop much faster. Both participants benefit greatly! Even better, the procedure can be done as often and for as long a time as you wish.

Comfort. The main problem is keeping the woman comfortable enough to remain asleep. Some women can lie on top of their husband and remain asleep. Others prefer to lie on their side. Some prefer to lie on their back. One will need to experiment to find the best position.

Breaks. If the husband wants to take a break, the woman will easily wake up. Then, she can usually fall asleep easily again when the break is over.

Harder on men. The only difficulty with this procedure is that while the woman is asleep, the couple so far cannot speak to each other or interact in other ways. For example, she cannot help him maintain his erection without ejaculating. This is a little more stressful for the husband.

Cautions. So far, the procedure is completely safe. One of our clients has done it every day or even more often for the past six months. We consider this enhanced procedure a critical breakthrough in development science. It greatly speeds up development, and this is very important today. Please consider doing this procedure. If you are not married, please consider marriage just so that you can do this procedure.



Empathic blending causes a transfer of information from one person to the other.  This may seem strange, but it is true.  It is very similar to, or perhaps identical to the phenomena in electricity and magnetism called induction.

When two wires are close together, as in a transformer, the current from one wire can cause or induce a flow of current in the other wire.  This is how a transformer works.

Another related concept to help explain empathic blending is resonance.  This is when two frequencies of energy blend in such a way that they affect each other a lot.

Another related concept is entrainment.  This is when two frequencies of energy blend in a way that one strongly impacts the other.

Another related concept is imprinting.  This is where one being leaves a trace or imprint on another person due to empathic blending.


 Empathic blending occurs all the time, and moreso as one becomes developed. It occurs between mates, between parents and children, and between students and teachers.  It can also occur at work between colleagues and work associates, between two friends, and in groups, as well. 

It also occurs between people and animals, and between animals and other animals. It can even occur between people and their plants or shrubs, and between animals and plants, and plants with other plants.  This is how common and easy this type of blending is.


It occurs because all human beings and animals have a subtle energy field or electrical energy field around their bodies.  The strongest part of it extends only a few inches away from the body, but during certain situations, it grows very large, up to several miles in diameter. 

This field can also be extended to another person in some situations, such as in sexual contacts.  A property of this energy field is that it can overlap or blend with the field of another person, causing the phenomenon.  As stated above, it is a type of resonance and induction phenomenon.

As one develops, the energy field grows much larger and overlaps with many people. This increases healing much more. For details, read Introduction To Development.


The transfer of information when two blend in this way occurs from the stronger or more vital person to the weaker or less vital one.  This can be used for good, but often it can be very harmful for the one receiving, and possibly also for the one sending the energy. 

For example, if one is a healer and one blends with a client or patient, if the healer is stronger or has more vitality, then the healer will give energy to the client.  However, if the client happens to be at a higher vitality level than the healer, then the client will extend their illness to the healer, making the healer more ill.

This cannot be avoided, so be careful if you are blending with anyone who is ill in any way.


As the etheric bodies blend, there occurs a transfer of information.  For example, if a healer who is stronger blends with a client who has a virus, the healer sends a healing vibration or energy that may weaken or even kill the virus. This can help reduce or completely remove the virus from the sick person's body.

Also, a stronger organ of one person helps the same organ of the other person to heal.

Many healers actually do this consciously or unconsciously.  They make good doctors and nurses, for example, because everyone who comes in contact with them begins to feel better automatically.

As another example, if the weaker person is a very slow oxidizer and the stronger one has a balanced oxidation rate, this information is transferred also.  It can cause the oxidation rate of the weaker person to increase as a result.

This is related to an article on this website called The Car Analogy To Understand DevelopmentScience.  By “forcefully” speeding up the oxidation rate, toxin removal speeds up greatly, and this has a powerful healing effect.

Many other healing possibilities exist.  The stronger person could also slow down a very fast oxidation rate in the weaker person.  The stronger person could help correct an imbalanced mineral ratio in the weaker person, and so on.


Yes, this is possible and is being done on earth to help nourish millions of people who do not eat correctly. In some cases, a machine is used to help connect people who are well-nourished with those who are poorly nourished. However, this phenomenon occurs even without the use of a machine.


The answer is yes, to some degree.  Empathic healing is a purely vibrational or energetic healing method that transfers many types of energies from one person to another.

Empathic blending will transfer the energy of a vitamin, mineral, herb or other substance from one person to another.  However, it does not transfer the actual chemical substance of a food, vitamin or mineral from one person to another.  This may be called a vibrational or radionic approach to healing, and it works, to a degree. 

One might also transfer the energy of better digestion, and this, in turn, might allow the weaker person to begin absorbing more vitamins and minerals from their food.


This is possible, as attitudes and even habit patterns are basically energetic patterns.  So it is possible to influence the attitudes and habits of others.

Indeed, this is part of what occurs with prayer groups.  They not only send or transfer healing energy.  They also send the message to please give up your smoking or drinking habit, or please relax and let go, or other changes in attitudes and beliefs.  Sometimes it works, particularly if there is a lot of love between the people.


Empathic blending takes some interesting forms.  Guide creatures are advanced beings that live very near all human beings, usually about one to two feet from the body.  They interact with a person for protection and assist a person to make wiser decisions.

They also help greatly to keep out other entities and rogue devices that otherwise would invade and blend with a person causing harm.  For details, read Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.


It is helpful, but not required.  The phenomenon works in the most powerful way if there is a love bond between the two people involving both of them.  However, as people know in prayer groups, it is fine to pray anonymously, and it carries power anyway.

Love can be universal, and people who love others in this way make the best healers because they broadcast their love to everyone, everywhere on earth and beyond.


Yes, and many developed people do this.  They may give someone a hug, or just send them healing light, or something similar.

In rare cases, they may actually enter a full-fledged relationship for the purpose of healing another.  This is what is meant by blending very consciously for healing.



The answer is yes.  One can definitely transfer distorted or dark energies, disease states, negative attitudes or the energy of a bad habit from one to another.  In fact, this occurs all of the time.

It often occur unconsciously in the helping professions, for example.   If a doctor or nurse is tired and less alive or vital than the patient, the patient’s negativity and disease state can jump to the doctor or nurse.  This is a common cause of fatigue, depression, and burnout among helping professionals.  It also occurs in families, businesses and everywhere.

Healers are thus often be harmed by blending with others, even loved ones.  They simply are not strong enough, or do not maintain enough boundaries, so they are forever blending sloppily with strangers and it takes a toll on them, even if the other person gets well as a result.  It can be a serious problem, in fact, for anyone who cares about others and is willing to blend with others.

Sometimes, one wonders if a doctor cares enough because he or she seems somewhat distant.  Keeping this distance can be a way to protect oneself from this problem, although it could, of course, also be just a way to not get too involved due to lack of caring.


Energy vampirism is the process by which one person steals subtle energy from another.  The way it is done is often a misuse of empathic healing principles.

Essentially, the one acting as the vampire blends a little with the victim, and then deliberately, even if unconsciously, does or says something that upsets the victim in such a way that the victim gives up a little energy to the vampire. For details, read Vampirism.

In this sense, energy vampirism is a kind of subtle seduction and violence practiced against others.  For example, some men and women say “I love you”.  However, whenever you are around them, you feel worse - tired or depressed.

The fact is, they may indeed love your energy, but it is because they are able to disrupt it and steal a little for themselves.  This can also occur with parents who say they love their children, but who feed the children junk food to weaken the children. While it may be unconscious, it is still horrible and a type of vampire behavior.

To summarize, in the case of vampirism, the transfer of certain information is used specifically to disrupt another person’s energy field in such a way that the person gives us some energy to the vampire.


Simple measures can help protect you if and when you blend your energy with others: 

1. Know that empathic blending is always occurring, so be careful with whom you mix.  Try to do it consciously, not sloppily.  For example, casual sex is very bad for blending because you are not really in love and committed to the other person.  This is why getting married before having sex is always best.

2. If possible, avoid blending with others if you are tired, hungry, thirsty or otherwise out of sorts.  The reason is you will be weaker, and thus more influenced by others.  This means that whenever possible, do not go out in public, if possible, if you are not well-rested, or if you are out of sorts in some other way.  Instead, rest up, eat something and try to be more alive and centered before venturing out.

3. Be especially careful with all close relationships.  Blending occurs easily and deeply in these situations.  For example, be very careful with whom you have sex.  Also be careful whom you hire in your business.

Also be careful whom you invite into your home, and where you spend your time around others such as at the movies, churches, etc.  These are situations in which deeper blending occurs easily.

4. The most unbalanced and dangerous people to blend with tend to be the “players” and “socialites”.  They attend many parties, sleep around, perhaps, or just rub elbows, as it were, with others all the time.  They often spread diseases and “bad vibes” everywhere they go.  I would avoid them all.

5. Spend some time alone each day to clean up your energy and help release the imprints you have gotten from others, even from nice people you interact with.  This is a reason to have your own bedroom, if possible, so you can “unblend”, “unwind”, and re-center and rebuild your energy often.  This is not necessary if you are married.  When two people marry, they agree to blend their energy deeply and fully.  It makes marriage very satisfying, but it is not always easy.

6. When in close relationships, it is best to keep one’s own “psychic space”.  This just means to do your own thinking at all times and don’t fall into the temptation to just “go with a friend, no matter what”.

Teens often do this, wanting to be loved and accepted, and get in trouble as a result.  Older people sometimes do it, too.  It is called an addictive or co-dependent relationship. 

7. Sex often causes harm.  Sexual contact causes a lot of powerful energetic blending.  This is explained in the article, Why People Want Sex.

Unfortunately, sexual blending can cause a lot of harm to both people if they are not well-matched or compatible.  Some people feel this each time they have sex with their partner.

This is especially true for women.  When women have orgasms, their energy field “opens” and they feel the energy of their partner very deeply.  They are also more influenced by their partner’s thoughts and feelings.

This is a major reason why ALL women and men should only have sexual relations when married.  Casual sex and even ‘fooling around’ without penetration of the penis can be quite harmful for this reason.

Rape.  The blending that takes place during sex is also one reason why all rape is very harmful for women.  It always leaves women confused, angry, and often depressed and anxious.  Blending is only one of the reasons for these feelings, but it is an important reason.  For more details, read Rape and Healing Rape.


In most, if not all cult situations, the leader basically hypnotizes his followers and then is able to blend easily with them.  All that is needed is for the victim to “love” the leader a little too much, and lose perspective and distance.

Real love does not tend to cripple a person, but adoration of the wrong kind can and does cripple a person.  This is a fine line, of course, but it is important when one is seeking to understand empathic blending.

The followers usually give up strength to the leader, who becomes even more rich, powerful or greedy.  It all happens unconsciously in most cases.  It happens in churches, temples, synagogues, sports arenas, theatres, auditorium and anywhere that a leader “entertains”, leads, speaks or works with a group of people.  It can even occur via satellite television or radio to some degree because the etheric body can be extended this distance for a time.

The followers, audience, flock or groupies find themselves strangely weakened after attending church, or a group meeting, or some other contact with their guru or leader.  Most of the time, all of this is unconscious.  However, in the more evil or obvious cases, the rock star, guru or other leader deliberately does or says things to upset and steal energy from his fans, followers or flock.  The effect is the same, whether the negative energy exchange is directed consciously or not.

National leaders do the same thing. Some cult leaders are masters at hypnotizing or mesmerizing thousands of strangers, and even a whole nation.  Adolf Hitler, for example, and MaoTse Tung did this on a national and perhaps world-wide scale.  They mesmerized their enemies to get them to leave the dictators alone for a while so they could gather strength.

Police sometimes must deal with criminals who mesmerize not only their victims, but the entire police force as well, stealing their energy and weakening them over and over again. 

Harm to the leaders.  The followers are not the only ones harmed by improper or misused etheric blending.  Often harm comes to leaders such as famous sports stars, music stars, actors and actresses who have many “fans”.  The leader starts to feel funny inside and may find himself or herself strangely attracted to sex, drugs, or just becoming ill.  This is because they are blending improperly with strangers who are usually unconsciously finding ways to steal their energy.

This can occur to a degree with all leaders, teachers, healers, doctors, lawyers, parents, and others who direct others.  They often fall ill as a result, or become depressed, suicidal or develop other problems of many kinds.  To prevent this kind of negative blending, leaders in society must not become too involved with those whom they direct or lead.


Hypnosis makes use of mild empathic blending.  The hypnotist blends with the subject, or victim, and once inside, can then plant what are called post-hypnotic suggestions in the person.

A very skilled hypnotist can get a person to do almost anything, including kill their parents or have sex with him, or whatever else he wishes.  That is how powerful hypnosis really is.

A hypnotic trance is a condition of the mind in which the person has been “opened up” to a type of empathic blending. The hypnotist “gets inside” the person and plant post-hypnotic suggestions.

People who have been traumatized early in life are particularly prone to this kind of forced entry, as it were.  It is always dangerous and a form of subtle mental seduction of the worst kind.  For more on this subject, read Hypnosis on this website.


Too much ordinary sex has a particular weakening effect on both men and women that makes them much more open to empathic blending.  This can be used for good if the partners are truly in love and they can then heal each other more easily.

Often, however, they are not that in love and the excess sexual activity just causes excessive blending of a negative kind.  This is a subtle subject, but it is a reason to be careful with ordinary sex, no matter how much fun it seems to be.

The same can occur with down sex.  However, it is less likely because down sex is a more conscious sexual method.  For details, read Down Sex And Down Hugging.

Using drugs, including marijuana, also opens up a person's energy field and tends to increase blending that is generally harmful.


When the body is weak, deficient or toxic, as are most all bodies today, one is far more subject to blending of a harmful type.  It is harmful because it is out of the person’s control and one does not realize it is occurring.  Essentially, the person is too open, blends too easily, and often becomes more ill. This is part of the condition we call yin disease.

The development program is helpful to stop this type of “openness” to blending. The program makes the body much warmer or more yang, more self-sufficient, more mineral-sufficient, less toxic and more balanced in terms of the oxidation rate and the major mineral ratios. For details, read Yin Disease and Introduction To The Development Program.


Past physical and emotional traumas cause normal and healing blending to feel odd or strange.  Meanwhile, unhealthy and destructive blending can seem “normal” or even enjoyable.

This occurs commonly with women who have had bad relationships with their fathers.  Girls always tend to blend with their fathers from a very young age.  If a father’s energy is abusive or even just strange, a young woman becomes accustomed to this energy.

Later, as an adult, when she blends with men her own age in relationships, she may enjoy or feel comfortable with men who are like her father.  This causes endless relationship difficulties for some women!

In contrast, blending with a man who is emotionally more healthy will feel unusual to her.  It may feel boring, for example, or too “heavy”.

This causes some women to avoid relationships with good men because blending with such a man is unfamiliar and feels uncomfortable. So beware, the energy of a good man may feel unusual, at first.

Men can have exactly the same problem blending with women if the man’s mother was a vampire, abusive, possessive, or even just very weak or unhealthy.  In this case, blending with a more emotionally healthy or even physically healthy woman may feel odd and perhaps threatening or boring.

This blending problem causes relationship breakups and other problems.  To avoid it, here are suggestions:

1. Realize it occurs.

2. Forgive your parents, especially, so that you do not harbor resentments that can tie you to your parents in many ways.

3. Forgive everyone else who has crossed your path in life, over and over, if necessary.  This can help reduce resentments and even traumas that can bind you in many ways to other people and upset your energy fields.

4. A complete development program can definitely help clear emotional traumas.

5. When starting a new relationship, give it time.  Do not make snap judgments about people as long as there is some possibility of a friendship.


Entity attachment or entity possession (though it not total possession) has aspects of empathic blending.  In these instances, a soul that is without a body, sometimes called a discarnate soul, enters the etheric energy field and perhaps enters the body of a person.

When this occurs, the discarnate soul can influence the person’s thoughts, words and actions.  This occurs often and is a cause for criminal behavior, for example.

The effects of entity attachment can be positive or negative, as with all empathic blending.  Most of the time, however, it is negative and needs to be stopped as soon as possible.  The entity can cause disease, depression, and even suicide in some cases.  So entity possession is a subset of empathic blending that is usually highly negative, as with hypnosis and sexual excess.  For details, read Soul Attachment And Release.



Empathic blending occurs normally in all families.  The children especially blend with the parent of the opposite sex.  Any baby or child, including an unborn child, who wishes to learn how to blend with their parents in a powerful way should ask in prayer and will receive help with this.


One can intentionally test the energy of products such as herbs or vitamins by holding a bottle or tablet on one’s central channel. This is done by placing it near the body in the middle of the chest area.

This is a good way to test foods and nutritional supplements, although it is definitely not foolproof.  It is the basis for some applied kinesiology and other holistic healing techniques.

Note that at times, one must consume or eat a substance to transfer it well, while at other times just holding the substance can work to cause some transfer of energy to occur.  Eating it is more powerful as it enters the etheric body more deeply.


The scope of empathic blending is much larger than that which is described above.  Blending of energy fields is the basis for many energetic healing sciences.  These include many energy medicine methods and some nutritional methods.

In addition, it is the basis for some forms of brainwashing and mental influencing of people with special frequency machines.  These methods are sometimes referred to as radionics and psychotronic warfare.  For more on this topic, read Psychotronic Warfare and Energy Healing on this website.

All of these share the idea of using the reality of empathic blending to either influence, direct or introduce energies or substances into the human body by means of introducing the thought or substance into the etheric body first, and then allowing it to filter down into the physical body.  This is the essence of all energetic healing and energetic warfare of this type. 


Blending with animals can be used for healing, and is extremely common on earth.  This is one reason why people grieve horribly when their dog or cat dies, or even when a pet becomes ill.

It may be easier to empathically blend with your pet than with your husband or wife.  The reason is that the pet offers little resistance of any kind, and in fact, this is one of the reasons people have and love their pets. 


This is blending that occurs between two souls who were birthed at the same time. It is a particularly powerful type of blending. For details, read Twins on this website.


This is a fairly common and powerful healing method in which two people or a human and an animal or even a plant align their tissue mineral levels to remain similar to each other. For details, read Paralleling.


It is possible to induce blending between two people or even just two souls using electronic or radionic equipment. This is somewhat dangerous, but it can be done.


Empathic blending is a large and complex subject that affects every area of our lives and our health.  This article just touches on the subject.  It helps explain why:

- One may feel better around some people than around others.

- Family and friendship ties can be strong, but sometimes harmful.

- You can help others without even knowing them, just by your presence, a smile or a hug. In fact, you can be distant from them and help them, as well.

- Healing and developing yourself always heals everyone around you.  It is not selfish and, in fact, is one of the best things you can do to heal the world.

As you develop, you radiate a stronger light and love to everyone around you, and to the whole world.  It is a thoroughly win-win situation.

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