by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Self-love is vital for healing and development.  It is an attitude of the deepest honoring and respect for the amazing creation that you are.

High or real Self and lower or false self.  It can be helpful to realize that there is a high Self (capital S) or Real Self.  There is also a lower self, ego self or false self.  This is a secondary personality that everyone develops as a child, but which should not rule your life.

The energy centers. To a degree, these two selves are associated with different energy centers among the seven physical energy centers and the ones beyond them. 

The lower self is primarily associated with centers number 1,2 and 3.  The higher or real Self is associated with centers 4 through 7 and beyond.  Loving these centers is what we mean by loving the Self.  For details, read The Energy Centers.

The soul.  Loving the Self is also acknowledging the reality of souls in yourself and others.  In other words, you are not just a complex machine, just a body, or just a creature.  Your body is activated and guided by souls, which are the real units of consciousness and which are amazing.

A deep, not superficial identity.  Today, there is a push by some forces to want people to identify as their gender, their skin color, their sexual preference or other superficial qualities.  Loving the Self means that you understand thoroughly that you are not just a man or woman, white or black-skinned, rich or poor, or anything else of this superficial nature!

You are set of director souls who are both male and female, have lived for millions of years, and are just amazing.  For details, read the articles on this website about souls such as Soul Science and Soul Upgrades.

Self love is allowing yourself to truly receive ALL of God’s love.  Few people do this.  Some feel they do not deserve it (but you do, no matter what you have done or not done in your life!).

Others don’t believe God’s love exists (but it does!).  Without it, you would cease to live in an instant.


This requires doing the pulling down exercise recommended on this website every day.  This exercise literally brings in the energy and love of the Creator.  It will rebuild your self-esteem, self-confidence and self-love if you just continue to do it every day because you will slowly be filled with God’s love and energy more and more and more.  For details, read The Pulling Down Exercise.

You can also ask in prayer: “Please help me to have more of God, more of God, more of God.”

The opposite.  Self-love does not mean indulging your ego (the lower self or false self).  It does not mean you must follow your ego preferences or avoid that which seems demeaning to the ego such as forgiving people or putting coffee in the rectum for a coffee enema in order to cleanse the colon and liver.


People who really love the Self want to eat correctly, live correctly, heal the body and brain and develop themselves.  You can use these criteria to discern how well you are doing with self-love.  If you slip up often, it means that you may like the idea of self-love but you are not quite doing it in practice.


Always include yourself in the circle of your love.”

One must first allow oneself to receive the love of God in order to give love.”  Then you will give from fullness, not emptiness.

- “If only you could see yourself as God sees you – in your perfection”.

I am loved, I am lovable, I am loving forever.“

from the Jeshua material distributed by the Shanti Christo Foundation. For more details, read The Real Self.


Dear one,

I give you all the leeway in the world. You astonish me. Every positive stride you’ve made. There are so many. All the sunshine you beam into peoples’ lives.

Right now it’s time to focus on you.  I give you permission to crash and be sad. To grieve. I acknowledge your pain that drives you to eat food when it is pain that is driving you to your breaking point. I don’t blame you for running away from the pain of feeling unworthy and never good enough.

I forgive you for bending under pressure.I sit with you through the pain that threatens to drown you.  It won't.  And this storm is passing us by.

You are not alone. And I will never abandon you.  What ever you must face I face it with you. You are as strong as everyone else.

I forgive you for allowing the enemy to mock and belittle you.  I am so sorry for your loss of dignity.  You deserve a party to celebrate your courage and boldness.

You deserve an award for every thought of doubt and despair you meet with overwhelming kindness and compassion.  Every single time you do this, every single time you have the awareness and the dogged persistence to diffuse these land mines... every single new beginning is a MIRACLE.

YOU ARE A MIRACLE, my love. God has great things in store for you. Be patient. Sometimes you win some and sometimes you lose some.

The pain of hardship and confusion is shaping you into a costly, polished diamond. 

Much love,

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