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This article concerns a very common phenomenon I will call the runaround.  Many thousands of people have consulted a dozen or more doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors and others, looking for answers for their health problems.

Some have consulted at the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland clinic, and other name-brand medical centers.  Others have tried every holistic therapy imaginable, from herbs and acupuncture to massage, body work, and more.  Many tests were performed, and most know all about their blood, urine, genetics, and hormones.  Some take half a dozen medical drugs, yet they do not feel well.  Other take many nutritional supplements, but they, also, do not feel well.

Many have become angry, frustrated, and discouraged by their experience.  They say things like “doctors just want to make money”, or “the doctors just don’t care enough, and don’t understand me”.  As a result, some become cynical and may turn to stimulants, depressants, marijuana, alcohol, or other ways to self-medicate for their pain or other bodily discomfort.  This often just makes things worse in the long run.

This article explores this syndrome – its causes and what to do about it.  I find that most of these unhappy people can restore their health with a proper program.


Several factors often combine to create the runaround:

1. Lifestyle imbalances such as lack of rest and sleep, no exercise or too much exercise, or too much sexual activity. Lifestyle imbalances add stress to a person’s life that tends to build up until it causes physical symptoms.  The connections may not be apparent, but they are often there.  Many physicians do not address these issues enough, if they do so at all.  Overlooking them is a common cause of disease today. 

They may include using legal or recreational drugs such as marijuana, which is not a harmless drug at all!  Regardless of what experts say, in my practice I see the negative effects on a regular basis.  In fact, I can often tell from a properly performed hair mineral analysis that a person is damaging their health with marijuana.  The mineral test often reveals an elevated calcium/magnesium ratio, an indicator that one’s lifestyle is causing health problems.

2. Improper diet.  I do not find that diet is given nearly the importance that it deserves, even by natural doctors and certainly by most medical professionals.  In my experience, the proper diet is critical for good health today.  At times, if one is eating incorrectly, literally nothing will correct one’s health problems until the diet improves. 

What is the proper diet is discussed later in this article, and more information about diet is available at

3. A high level of stress.  A high stress level from a work situation, a divorce, death in the family, financial problems or from anything else can destroy one’s health in a way that no healing program will help.  The old-fashioned family doctors who made house calls often became aware of these issues.  However, they may not come to light when one has a short visit with a modern physician.

Hair mineral testing is an excellent way to assess the stress level, and this is one of its advantages.  Also, development programs can sometimes help with stress in an unusual way.  The program can often unwind and clear traumas that give rise to some kinds of stress.

4. Negative attitudes such as anger or fear.  These cause many people to “get in their own way”.  They may be angry, resentful, guilty or hold other negative feelings about themselves or about the world.  While drugs or natural remedies may dull the emotional pain, the issues need to be dealt with honestly and fully.  Otherwise, the resulting negativity can have devastating effects upon one’s health.

Unfortunately, many doctors avoid discussing this.  Even some counselors do not want to “judge” a person by pointing out that the person is very angry, or very fearful, and this needs to be addressed to help correct physical health concerns.

5. Fragmentation in medical care.  This is a terrible problem, at times.  Fragmentation means that one doctor takes care of lung problems, while another specializes in kidney diseases.  Still another specializes in heart problems, and another in digestive conditions.

While helpful, at times, especially in the field of surgery, this type of specialization often creates problems.  It would be better if the specialists consulted together.  However, often they do not correspond with each other and no one is viewing the person as a whole system or as a whole person.  So they may miss conditions that are more of a general, but serious nature.

In addition, the patient is often given one drug for the heart, another for the kidneys, and still others for other organ problems.  Multiple drugs, or polypharmacy, as it is called, is often a highly toxic brew, as the drugs may interact in surprising and harmful ways.  Fragmentation is less of a problem among holistic practitioners, but it does occur.

6. Healing methods that are outdated, and not powerful or comprehensive enough.  The 21st century presents health challenges never before seen in the known history of mankind.  These include living on a very polluted planet with a hybridized, genetically modified, and nutritionally depleted food supply.  In addition,  toxic metals, toxic chemicals and radioactive fallout are everywhere and very hard to avoid.  Stray and harmful electromagnetic fields or EMFs are another pollutant the come from cell phones, cell phone towers, smart meters, computers, wifi and other electronic gadgets.  In addition, prenatal care is a joke, in my view, since very little is required of the pregnant ladies besides taking a one-size-fits-all vitamin that contains very little of the vital nutrients everyone needs.

The result is that most everyone today is born with too many toxic metals and toxic chemicals obtained from their mothers through the placenta.  Most are also born low in zinc, chromium, selenium and other trace and macrominerals due to deficiencies in the bodies of their mothers. 

This problem can be overcome, and I know this because I assist famlies produce much healthier babies that I call superbabies.  They look better, speak and walk at a younger age, and are rarely ill with anything.  Their mental development is also much faster and better than other children their age.  When they enter school, they are often several grade levels ahead of their peers.

Meanwhile, among the general population, as a child grows, health declines further due to vaccination, which introduces extra aluminum, mercury and other highly toxic chemicals into the body.  All vaccines tend to contain stray viruses and other micro-organisms that contaminate all vaccines.  Other reasons for ill health in children and young adults are the widespread use of medical drugs such as antibiotics, drinking fluoridated and chlorinated water, and eating poor quality and often refined and junk food.

Standard medical methods, as well as most natural healing methods, are simply not comprehensive and powerful enough to reverse all of these bodily insults.  As a result, many people simply do not get well using these methods.

7. Four low electrolytes and other unusual metabolic conditions.  Some people do not get well because they have very unusual metabolic patterns.  One of these is called four low electrolytes.  It consists of a hair calcium level below 40 mg%, hair magnesium level less than 6 mg%, hair sodium level less than 25% and hair potassium less than 10%.  Unfortunately, the pattern is not revealed on any blood or urine tests that I am aware of.  Therefore, it is missed by most doctors, both conventional and holistic.

When a person with this pattern takes common medications or supplements that help others, a reverse effect occurs and the person becomes worse.  For example, taking thyroid medication, or vitamins A, B-complex, C and E, and adrenal support all make the four lows pattern much worse.

People who have been to many doctors and take many drugs or supplements without much success often have this pattern.  I have written about the four lows pattern at, and how to correct it.

8. Yin disease.  Another unusual metabolic condition that confuses doctors and patients alike is called yin disease.  It is the condition in which the body becomes too yin in macrobiotic terminology.  The word yin means cold, sluggish and expanded, and today it usually means ill.

It is common, and results from eating refined food diets, fruit and other sweets, vegetarian diets, vegan diets, eating a lot of raw foods, or drinking smoothies and shakes.  Other causes of yin disease include drinking fruit and vegetable juices, eating fermented foods, taking a lot of herbs, and taking too many nutritional supplements, no matter what benefits they provide.  Still other causes are too much bathing, too much sex, and rarely other causes such as frequent air travel or many medical or dental x-rays.

Those with yin disease feel tired, spacey, and often suffer from yeast overgrowth.  Most are depressed and sad, and do not respond well to most medical drugs or natural healing methods.  They receive many diagnoses and treatments, but most do not help if the yin condition is not corrected.  As with the four lows pattern discussed above, very few practitioners recognize, identify or know what to do about yin disease.  However, a development program corrects it. For details, read Yin Disease.

9. Impaired digestion. This is usually due to improper diet, stress, parasitic infection, other intestinal infections, or constipation.  It is often overlooked by doctors, even natural doctors, because it may not cause many symptoms.  Drugs or herbs are given for problems such as gas, bloating, heartburn or GERD, but these really do not rebuild the intestinal tract.  Without proper digestion, the body cannot be renourished and renewed.

10. Sometimes just incompetence.  Some medical and natural doctors are themselves exhausted, very stressed, or for some other reason not interested enough in their patients well-being.  Some are under pressure from their licensing boards or their legal advisors and, for this reason, are afraid to tell the truth about they know, and what needs to be done.   Others are not experienced enough, or not listening carefully to their patient’s concerns.  This is unfortunate, but true in my experience.


1. Diet: Although some disagree, I believe the diet must be very high (about 70%) in cooked, not raw vegetables.  These provide hundreds of nutrients our bodies require.  We cannot absorb enough of them, however, if the vegetables are raw.  In addition, the less fruit the better, and most people need to simply avoid sweets of any kind including all fruit, fruit juices and too much vegetable juice, rice milk, soy milk, almond milk, regular milk, and other sweet foods and beverages.

Other foods that make things worse are wheat and wheat flour in any form, and most soy products.  Some people can tolerate gluten, while others cannot.  Some also tolerate corn, while others cannot.  Vegetarian diets are not helpful for most people and should be avoided.  This is the basic dietary scheme I use, and it works well if one follows it diligently.  It takes a little getting used to, but is not difficult, costly or too inconvenient.

2. Work actively to reduce stress.  Make sure you get at least 9 hours of sleep every night, for example, and that you breathe deeply and do a little exercise daily.  These are simple habits to develop that can go a long way toward maintaining and improving your health.

3. Let go of negative attitudes, grudges and resentments.  Learn to be grateful for what you have, and to forgive everyone for everything, at all times.  This does not mean you condone their behavior, or that you stay in touch with them.  However, it means you are willing to let go and move on in your life.  I know this is not easy, at times, so be patient and persistent with yourself.

4. Be aware that odd metabolic patterns such as four low electrolytes, copper imbalance, yin disease, yeast problems, gluten intolerance and others are very real, even if some doctors deny their existence.  If you are not getting help, I suggest a development program as it takes these into account.  For more details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program.

5. Finally, beware of the pitfalls of modern medical care, and of natural healing methods, as well.  Too often doctors give symptomatic remedies, instead of helping you correct deeper metabolic patterns that underly a variety of symptoms and conditions.  Sometimes this is due to laziness, and at times it is due to an attitude that you won’t change your habits, anyway, so why bother discussing them.  Also, one must realize that most of conventional, holistic medical and naturopathic care comes from the last century and is not geared to times, with its unique challenges in terms of a contaminated environment and widespread nutritional deficiencies thanks to modern agriculture, food processing, and other challenges.


Many people who consult me for help with their health have already visited a dozen or more doctors, natural healers and others.  Many have become discouraged, cynical and even hopeless about their health condition.

Yet there are good reasons for this failure to help people, as outlined above.  With a more modern and more comprehensive approach, many of these clients do very well and can have excellent health.  The development program offers a uniquely modern and comprehensive system of healing that I have not seen duplicated by other methods.


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