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Definitions Of Development

A Path, Not Just A Healing Program

Ancient Versus Modern Development

Development Axioms

Made In The Image Of God


Faster Regeneration

Improved Immune Response

Better Toxin Elimination

Telomere Lengthening

Increased Brainpower

More Enjoyment And Fun

Special Abilities

Receiving Guidance

Live A Long Time


Safety Of Development

Blocks To Development


Major Requirements

Development Thinking

A Complete Development Program


The Development Literature

The Merkaba

The Energy Centers

What Development Is Not

The Stages Of Development

A Spiritual Process

Final Thoughts




1. A special genetic process. Development is the unfolding of the full genetic potential of a person or creature.

The instructions for it are found mainly in the 97.5% of our DNA that has not been decoded at this time.  This part of our DNA is often called “non-coding” or “junk DNA”.  This just means that scientists have not figured out what it is for. For more details, type “junk DNA” into a search engine.

2. The expansion, brightening and increase in complexity of the subtle energy field around a person. For details about the energy field, read The Human Energy Field.

3. A state of extreme wellness.  Development is an extension of the natural healing concept of wellness.  The wellness concept is that one can achieve a level of health that is more than just the absence of disease or symptoms.  For details, read Wellness.

4. The way to become a master of life, meaning more of a cause and less of an effect of life circumstances.

5. The way to convert the body from a purely physical one to a more imperishable energetic or spiritual being.


Largely a nutritional and biochemical process.   Development requires very excellent nutrition in order to “turn on” or activate the genes that build the subtle energy field of a person.

A precise and very long physiological process.   Development occurs in a precise way with definite stages.  It goes on for many years with ever-increasing benefits for a person’s health and longevity.

The birthright of every person. Development is your birthright and not something extraordinary.  However, it rarely occurs to any significant degree in most people because most people’s bodies are nutritionally deficient and toxic.

Just following a “good diet”, taking nutritional supplements and embarking upon a healing program is not at all sufficient to cause development.  The healing program needs to be designed for development.

Fulfilling your complete potential.  By activating the full genetic potential of the body, development alone allows the complete fulfillment of the human potential. 

Honoring.  Development is an advanced way to recognize, celebrate, and honor the amazing creation that you are.  In so doing, you also honor your Creator.

A way to spread much more love into this world.  As one’s energy field grows in brightness and complexity, one automatically radiates more love into the world.

It sounds mysterious but it is not. Development is a major theme of this website. It is not mysterious, but it sounds that way because it is not taught much to the public. It has been taught for thousands of years in certain monasteries and convents.


Development is ancient knowledge. For example, The Old and the New Testaments of the Bible discuss many of the principles of development, though they do not call it development. For details, read The Bible And Development.


A path means that development needs to be a lifestyle and a goal that one keeps in mind at all times.  In the ancient Tibetan literature, development is called the golden path.  This is because one’s energy field turns a beautiful gold color at a certain point during early development.

Among some older Hebrew and Christian groups, its is called the path of ascension or the elevated path.  It is an ascension path because when the merkaba (vehicle of light) is sufficiently developed, we are told that one can take the body away from the earth, as did some of the Catholic saints and some of the Hebrew patriarchs.

Some of our Christian clients call the development program their expanded walk with Christ.

In some other traditions, development is called the straight and narrow path.  This is an appropriate term because this path has certain definite requirements.

The bushmen of the Kalahari call development the path of return.  The reason is that on this path one returns to one’s past and clears all illnesses, traumas and mistaken perceptions. On this website, the process is called retracing.

For more details about paths, read The Path Concept and The Stages Of Following A Development Program.


Development offers benefits that no other method or path can offer.  These include:

- a much tougher, stronger body

- greatly improved health

- tremendous improvement in brain activity leading to better thinking, a better memory and new abilities

- a longer and happier life

- receiving more help and protection from advanced beings

- much greater safety

- more maturity

- much more wisdom

Not part of Dr. Eck’s work. Dr. Eck, A founder of mineral balancing science and one of the author’s teachers, did not know about development. At least, he never spoke about it with me.

Development versus maturity. Development is not the same as maturity.  Development, as we define it in this article, is a purely physical and biochemical process.  Maturity is a psychological process. Both are very important.

Some people are quite mature, but they are not developed, as we define development. Other people are developed, but are emotionally or otherwise immature.

For women. Women tend to develop more slowly than men. We now believe this is mainly because women suffer more trauma than men. For details, read Rape, The Rape Planet and Women And Development.

This does not mean that the average man is more developed than the average woman. This is not true. Both are quite undeveloped.


A few people are born slightly developed. Otherwise, in our experience, the only people who develop to any significant degree, whether men or women, are those that carefully follow the development program described on this website. Here are more details.


1. Follow a program.  If you want to develop quickly, follow a complete development program and the suggestions in the Young Person’s Manual.  Just wishing for development will not cause it to occur.

2. Timing.  Everyone develops at their own pace, so do not compare yourself with others.  Many factors influence how fast you will develop, including:

a. How ill you are.  This is not easy to assess, since many health conditions are hidden or sub-clinical.  These include chronic infections, and metal and chemical toxicity.

b. How well you adhere to the development program.  The most important parts of the program for most people are the development diet, lots of rest, retaining one's sexual fluid, doing coffee enemas, and the pulling down exercise. However, other aspects of the development program may also be very important to speed up development.  Spending an hour or, better yet, two hours daily or more with the pulling down exercise is critical.

The pulling down procedure. The goal of the pulling down exercise is to bring in a maximum amount of new etheric energy into the body.  This regenerates the body, extends life and improves health.  For more on this topic, please read Etheric Energy and The Pulling Down Exercise on this website.

c. How much rest and relaxation you obtain.

d. Your stress level and occupation.

e. Your living situation.  For example, in some cases, a good marriage can speed up development by providing emotional, mental and other support.  In other cases, living alone is better because one can retain more sexual fluid, one wastes less time socializing, and one is not in the energy field of another person most of the time.

f. Other factors.  These can include the toxicity level of the body, genetic factors, and one’s personality and emotions.

3. The will.  Development involves strengthening the will.

4. Discipline.  Development involves some self-discipline, which you will learn along the way by following a development program.

5. Service.  Development is not only a way to improve health and extend your life.  It is also an important type of service to humanity. Development serves everyone because:

a. Developing oneself turns a person into a broadcaster of healing energy. As you develop, you are able to help heal others at a distance by sharing nutrients, thoughts and more from your body more easily. This is a type of empathic healing.

b. Developing oneself sets an example that makes it easier for others to follow.

c. Developing yourself actually improves the overall energy of the entire universe.


Development has many effects.  Here are just a few of them:

* More enjoyment and fun in life.  This is primary.  Instead of the body aging and becoming diseased, the body slowly de-ages, the mind improves, new abilities appear, and one has time for much more enjoyment of life.

* Faster regeneration of the body.  This is important because the body is always in a process of being torn down by stress, and having to rebuild.  Rebuilding of the body slows as one ages, and this opens the body to all diseases.  Development causes much faster and more accurate synthesis of proteins, enzymes and all vital body chemicals.

* A better immune response. A stronger immune response means fewer infections.  Normally, the thymus gland and other immune structures in the body begin to weaken and atrophy around the age of 30.  Development slowly restores the thymus gland, the Peyer’s patches, and other immune structures.

* Better toxin elimination through the thymus gland and the Peyer’s patches.  The thymus gland regenerates as one develops more.

The Peyer’s patches are small lymph glands located along the wall of the small intestine.  They allow the body to eliminate certain toxins directly from the lymph fluid into the small intestine without having to pass through the liver or kidneys.  The Peyer’s patches tend to atrophy after about age 40.  Development slowly restores them.

* Telomere lengthening.  The telomeres are little tags on one end of a chromosome.  As we age, they shorten.  As this occurs, more errors occur in copying our DNA.  This causes some diseases of aging.  Development can reverse this process.

* Increased brain power.  As we age, brain cells die and are not adequately replaced.  This is one cause of diminished mental capacity in older people – and even in some younger ones today.

Development causes the replacement of some of the glial supporting cells in the brain with neurons.  The latter are the cells required for thinking and memory.  The result is an improvement in cognitive skills, memory, coordination, personality integration and improved overall brain activity.

* Helping others.  Many people want to help others, and are not sure how to do it.  Development is the best way possible.  As one develops, one automatically assists everyone else on the planet to heal and to develop themselves. 

The reason this occurs is somewhat esoteric, and has to do with resonance and induction.  Basically, as one develops, one’s vibration changes, and this assists others to change in the same way.

* Special Abilities.  As one develops, one develops unusual abilities such as telepathy, ability to see the energy field around a living being, and many others.

* Receiving guidance.  When one develops sufficiently, one receives personal guidance that is truly wonderful.

* Longevity.  The body lasts much longer when it is developed.  It can be possible to stay in the body as long as one wishes.


This website is deeply concerned with the safety of all methods of healing.  In this regard, development is one of the safest ways to restore and maintain one’s health.  Reasons for this include:

1. Development is based on following a healthful lifestyle and an excellent quality diet.

2. Development very rarely requires the use of toxic drugs, surgery, bio-identical hormones, chelation or other somewhat more dangerous methods and procedures.

3. Development involves a lot of rest and sleep.  This tends to reduce injuries from accidents that often occur when people are overtired.

4. Development teaches self-discipline.  This trait also tends to reduce accidents.


These are:

1. The pulling down mental exercise.  This needs to be done at least one hour daily and preferably two or three hours daily.  It is a simple exercise, but very necessary.

For details, read The Pushing Down Mental Exercise.  For more details about the concept of moving energy downward, read Downward-Moving Energy And Healing.

2. Diet.  The development diet is the best we have found.  It supplies a lot of cooked vegetables and these seem necessary today for fast development.  At this time, one cannot just take supplements to supply these minerals.  I wish this were true, but it is not.  Many of the needed mineral compounds are found only in food.

It also requires small portions of animal quality protein twice a day, eating some blue corn chips daily, no pig products and no or minimal fruit, sugar or junk food.  For details, read Food For Daily Use.

3. The right type and amount of drinking water.  Drink between two and three quarts or liters daily of either a quality spring water or carbon-only or sand-only filtered tap water. 

AVOID most other types of drinking water, particularly reverse osmosis water.  This water, along with distilled water, are devoid of minerals, which is harmful for development.  Reverse osmosis water, alkaline waters and distilled water are also too yin.  For more on drinking water, please read Water For Drinking on this site.

4. Proper nutritional supplements.   Taking extra amounts of a few nutrients is also very important.  These include omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, trimethylglycine, kelp, calcium, magnesium, zinc and a digestive aid with ox bile and pancreatin.

In our experience, taking most other supplements slows or stops development. Most of them are too yin in macrobiotic terminology. Some of them unbalance body chemistry.  For example, avoid homeopathy, chelation therapy, intravenous vitamins, and most herbs.

The basic supplement regimen is found in the Healing Lifestyle article. Even better is to embark on a complete development program because the supplement program is individualized and for this reason, much more powerful.  See below for how to do this.

5. Rest.  Nine or ten hours of sleep daily is very important.  Also, take a nap or even two, when needed.  Also, very important is to go to bed early – between and 8 and 9 PM.  For details, read Rest And Sleep.

6. Sexual fluid retention.  Men and women should not have sex with fluid loss more than once a week, and less after age 35 or so.  However, Down Sex with no fluid loss is fine and actually very helpful.  Hugging, kissing and touching are fine.  For more details, please read Sexuality And Development.

7. Reddish heat lamp therapy.  Shine a reddish heat lamp on the abdomen or back for at least one hour daily.  Alternatively, use a red heat lamp-powered sauna for 20 to 60 minutes daily.  This provides frequencies that seem to be needed for rapid development and healing.  No other type of lamp will work.  Nor does sunbathing do not do the same thing.  

8. Other detoxification and healing procedures.  These are not always required, but they help and many people rquire them.  These include the Neck Pull, Coffee Enemas, The Spinal Twists, foot Reflexology, Single Lamp Therapy or Red Heat Lamp Sauna Therapy, and perhaps the others found in the article entitled The Accelerators.

9. A suitable location.  You need to be in a location where you can do the above program.  Any place that is safe, quiet, clean and low-stress will work.

If you have to work, then look for a situation in which you don’t have to work too hard or long hours so that you will have time for the program.

Access to organic food is very helpful.  A dry climate and higher altitude are also a little better.


Attitudes.  For rapid development, adopt and live by Biblical values such as the Ten Commandments Of Moses and the Golden Rule.  Avoid liberal values, which are more yin and get in the way of development.

Also, learn to love yourself very much at all times, and learn to forgive yourself and everyone else for everything that has ever occurred. 

Also, avoid negative thinking.  This includes victim thinking, which is a killer.  It also includes wishing evil on anyone and holding on to resentments and hatred for anyone or anything.  These block development.

Goals.  Focus your attention and energy first on development, and delay other goals and pleasures for a while.

For example, be willing to delay having a family, making a lot of money, having a lot of friends, and having careers and other achievements until you have developed to a degree.  Then you can have all these things, and much more.  The problem is that if you focus on the usual goals, you won’t have much time to do the program.

Also, start thinking long-term.  Ask what will I do if I am around in 100 years or more, and feeling very well and strong?

Emotions. Controlling emotions, staying away from negative emotions such as fear and anger, and emotional detachment are most helpful.

For more details, please read The Young Person’s Manual.


If you follow the instructions above, development will begin to occur.  However, if you wish to speed up the process, then begin and stay with a complete development program.  Unlike other healing programs, this one is specifically designed to speed up development.  That is why the diet, supplements and procedures may seen unusual.

To begin a program, contact one of the practitioners listed on Referral Page.  They are the only people we can recommend to assist you.



Western development literature.  The Old Testament of the Bible, in Genesis 1:27 says, “God made man in his own image”.  One possible meaning of this statement is that just as God is developed, and so, too, can a human being develop.

Hebrew patriarchs.  Many of the Hebrew patriarchs such as Abraham, Sarah, Enoch and Ezekiel were developed.  Their lives are described in the Old Testament of the Bible and in other Hebrew texts.  They lived long lives and had unusual abilities.  For example, Sarah gave birth at the age of 90 and Methuselah lived to age 900.

Jesus.  Jesus demonstrated abilities that come with advanced development.  He also taught some of the principles of rapid development, such as living a clean life, sexual restraint, being honest, and more.  He is often pictured with a halo around his head, a mark of development.

The saints.  A number of Catholic saints experienced advanced development.  Among the best known is Padre Pio.  Fairly recent visitations by Mother Mary in Europe in which she appears inside a bubble of light (the merkaba) also indicates development.

Another developed man known in the West was Nickolaos of Myra. Today, he is immortalized in the legend of Santa Claus. He was and is a very interesting man. For more details about him, read Nicholaos of Myra.

Christian television often discusses topics related to development such as becoming more honest, forgiving, more loving and more.

The Dennis Prager radio show also discusses some topics related to development.

Another, non-Christian book that touches on the subject of development is Initiation by Elizabeth Haich (1994).  Our book, The Real Self, also discusses some aspects of development.

Development literature among native cultures.  A fairly recent book that describes some aspects of development is The Mutant Message From Down Under by Marlo Morgan. It is a story about an American woman who spends time living with the Australian Aborigines.

Oriental books about development. The Tibetan culture, in particular, has taught older methods of development in their monasteries for many years. However, most of the teaching has been kept secret and not taught in public.

Books about Oriental methods of development include:

- The Life And Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East by Baird T. Spaulding.

- Living With The Himalayan Masters by Swami Rama. 

- All 20 or so books by Lobsang Rampa.

- Older yoga literature such as the 8-fold path also involve development.

- Gautama Buddha was also a developed man and taught many people some aspects of development.  The founders of most religions were at least somewhat developed.

We are sure there are many other accounts of development that we have not read.  If you know of these, send us an email as we would like to compile a complete list of development-related literature.

Older methods not working well today.  While the above are all interesting, some of the older methods of development do not seem to work as well today.  This may be due to:

- changes in our diets and food supply

- ionizing radiation everywhere on the planet thanks to nuclear power plants and A-bomb tests

- pollution with metals and chemicals

- horrifying amounts of electromagnetic stress or EMF smog from  cell phones, computers, television sets and other devices that emit harmful electromagnetic fields.

The development method recommended on this website may seem unusual, but it is tailored to people living in the toxic 21st century. I our experience, it works much better than many older methods. It is also designed to be done at home because it is not possible for most people to live in monasteries or convents.


Definition. Merkaba is a Hebrew word found 44 times in the Old Testament of the Bible. It means a chariot or vehicle. It can be translated as vehicle of light. The word is pronounced MERKaba, with emphasis on the first syllable.

The growth of the merkaba is a prominent feature of development. The merkaba begins to grow early in development and continues to add layers or thickness for many years.  It is protective, helps regenerate the body and brain, and has many other benefits, as well.  For many more details, read The Merkaba.


It does not require traveling somewhere, attending special classes or joining any religious or spiritual group. In fact, many spiritual groups get in the way of development. Many teach outdated or wrong information. Beware!

It is not spiritualism. This is an old science in which one tunes into dead people or spirits without bodies to gain access to information or power.  We do not recommend this! Today it is quite dangerous.

It is not about the development of psychic powers or mediumship. Many people believe that development is about developing one’s “powers”.  This is not true.

During development, unusual phenomena occasionally appear.  However, these are never the goal and are purely incidental.  If they ever become the objective, then one has lost sight of real development.


Development occurs in stages.  It is a long process during which illnesses and injuries slowly heal, one requires a little less sleep and a little less food, and regeneration occurs at deep levels.  For details, read The Stages Of Development.


This is a more technical aspect of development. Five major energetic changes that occur with development are:

1. Opening and growth of the Seven Physical Energy Centers.

2. Growth and filling of the five upper Energy Fields or so-called Subtle Bodies.

3. Establishment and growth of The Merkaba.

4. Establishment and growth of The Plumes.

5. Development of the Monad. This is more advanced and requires at least following the development program for at least 20 years or longer.


You are not just a body.  You are much more.  You are not just someone’s child, mate, parent, employee or employer.  Development is about the growth of something entirely more wonderful.

Humanity is not familiar with development, so don’t try to force it on friends or family. Trying to get others to understand development can be extremely frustrating and a waste of energy. Development is a new idea to most people, so most will not be interested, at least at first.

Development takes time, so start now.  Old ways of eating and living need to change, so start to make these changes as soon as possible. By far, the most difficult aspect of the adventure is getting started.

It is like sending a rocket to the moon. The hardest part of the journey is getting away from the gravity or inertia of the earth.

In the same way, getting started with development takes some work. Then it gets easier and easier as you learn new habits.

At times, relationships, habits, jobs and every other aspect of life-as-usual will need to change or development will cease.

Help is available to anyone who wishes to develop himself or herself. Everyone can receive quite specific guidance to help with development.  This is your birthright, and there are people and unseen beings whose only function is to help with development.

In fact, they seek out people who are open to development and to guidance, and are more than happy to assist.  Never feel that you are all alone in your desire to heal and develop! This is never really true.

Just because you live alone or work alone, or seem to be in the company of people who do not share your beliefs, it is never true that you are alone.  You are always in the company of hidden helpers in this adventure.

Development is an adventure – the ultimate adventure. Thinking of development as a sort of punishment in order to get well, or as a mechanical routine that someone has suggested, is absolutely incorrect and will not work! You will become bored, or tired of it.

Development is the highest calling and highest possibility of a human being, and nothing less, ever!

Development should never be viewed as a chore or requirement for health, or any such thing. It is the adventure of a lifetime!

It will eventually surpass every other type of adventure you can imagine, in terms of the joy it causes, the abilities it can bring, the health it can produce, and the insights and wisdom that comes with it.

Will and intent matter in development.  This means that if you feel stuck, or if you do not know what to do or how to proceed, your proper intent to develop yourself is helpful.  Intent alone is not enough, but it helps.

Do not fear. Some people fear that if they develop they will lose friends, family members, or other benefits of this world.

In our experience, if you develop something better will replace whatever is lost. Thus, do not fear the changes that may occur with development. In fact, all of your best qualities will be preserved at all times, and the truth of all else will be revealed.

The world is more than it seems.  The world has a lot of horror, deception and other problems.  You can choose to be caught up in this aspect of the world.

However, another option is to choose to become caught up with development – the most wondrous and thoroughly amazing aspect of being human. Start now, and do your best to enjoy the ride.

Other articles. This website has about 20 other articles about the specifics of development. All of them are listed at this link.

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