Welcome. Those in charge of this newsletter, I am told, are a group of souls who have lived on earth a long time. These souls are able to make themselves known more directly through this newsletter and website.

The author does his best to relay information from them through this website and newsletter because, at this time, they are not in charge of the mass media or many websites. In fact, this site is one of very few that they control. I hope this will soon change, but I don’t know when that will occur.

Disclaimer. All information on this newsletter is solely the opinion of the author and is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, treatment or cure for any health condition.

In 2012, a group formed that consisted of many beings who live on and around our planet. Some were human beings. Many were fine matter beings. Most people, including the author, cannot see these beings. Fine matter is much less dense than our bodies, but it is real. Well known beings of this type include angels, elves and souls.

We were told that we could help the planet if we follow certain rules. We were also told that if we follow the rules, we will be much safer from a group of invaders called the negs, the otros or on this website I call them the rogues.

Some people call them the creeps or the thugs. In the Bible, they are called Satan. They cause many problems on earth and particularly attack and terrorize all women on earth. For more details, read the Rogues.


THE COVENANT. I am told that these rules, taken together, form a new covenant with the Creator of all life. It is an agreement that applies to all the inhabitants of the earth and the rest of our solar system. The COVENANT is not a religion. It is a set of rules. If the people follow the rules below, they will receive the protection of their Creator.

1. Obey the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai and the Golden Rule. The latter can be stated as: Think and behave toward others as you would have them think and behave toward you.

Clarification. The people are to follow these rules strictly. To clarify, the commandment “Do not to bear false witness” means do not lie or exaggerate. The commandment “Do not steal” means do not rape. The commandment “Do not commit adultery” means do not have sexual intercourse unless there is a marriage contract.

2. The people are to understand that all beings are loved equally by their Creator. All beings are also needed, and all beings are to be respected equally.

However, this does not mean to avoid eating meat or vegetables, since these involves killing. Some animals and plants have as their role to be food for others. Killing them for food and eating them in no way damages the souls inside of them. In fact, it helps the souls mature.

Also, if a being physically attacks another, it is acceptable only in this instance to kill in self defense. This applies personally and in a situation of war.

3. All beings are to develop themselves. Development, as the word is used here, means to move through a genetic upgrade process. Eating certain foods and following a healthful lifestyle activates these genes. This causes the unfolding of the full potential of each being, which is far beyond that which most people believe or live.

The idea of development is very ancient, but is not well known on earth except among certain monks and a few others. Those who control the planet don't want it known because developed people are much more difficult to control.

However, stories about people who lived a long time and/or had special abilities are quite common. The Bible is the most common source of this information for Western people, and there are many other books about it, as well.

The development program. The development program described on this website and not others at this time, is a rapid and safe method of development. I am told this is the required method due to its safety and speed. It is not “my” method, but one I stumbled upon and nothing more.

4. All beings are to seek out, and love, and speak the truth. The only exception is in rare situations in which speaking truthfully directly endangers one’s life or the life of another.

A very damaging and false teaching on earth at this time is that there is no truth. This is a pernicious teaching that needs to be exposed and stopped.

The original covenant in the Bible also includes at least three more requirements:

5. Everyone needs to follow the Biblical food laws. We like these, but there are a few changes required. At this time, we do not believe one needs two sets of dishes for meat and dairy meals or that these two types of foods must be eaten at separate meals. The Bible does not specifically say this. We believe these rules are interpretations that came later. For more details, read The Biblical Food Laws.

6. All male children needed to be circumcised. This is for the protection of women because it reduces rape. It is also for cleanliness to reduce the spread of disease. For details, read Circumcision.

7. We agree to help rid the entire universe of the plague of the Rogues.


More About Development. Development is a precise process that requires a particular diet and lifestyle, and is greatly aided by taking certain nutritional supplements and doing certain detoxification procedures. We call this the development program on this website.

Following this program only, and no other health program, grows the size and brightness of the energy field of the body and builds excellent health and longevity of the body.

Other healing methods - medical, holistic, naturopathic and others - may alleviate diseases and reduce symptoms. However, they do not cause development to nearly the same degree. For this reason, we recommend them only rarely. Otherwise, they are best avoided altogether. For details about development, read Introduction To Development. For details about the development program, read Introduction To The Development Program.



A feature of

All information in this newsletter is solely the opinion of the author and for educational purposes only. It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.

We urge everyone to repost this newsletter to all social media websites.

FOR THE HEADS: EAT THAT LEAF THAT WE ARE SHOWING YOU. IT WILL HEAL YOU. WE DO NOT WANT A FIGHT. (This message has to do with some of the alien invaders on earth at this time.)


7/13/24. Joining a sports team can have benefits for girls and boys. They can learn skills and more. However, especially for girls there are many problems with joining sports teams. Here is a list:

- Exhaustion. Many girls are very tired and it is too much exercise and time.

- Locker rooms and undressing problems. Locker rooms are unsafe and dirty in most all cases. Undressing with others is always unsafe.

- Food problems. Sports events and practices often interfere with family meals. Meals get skipped or the coach orders pizza or some other junk food.

- Group showers. These are very unsafe, unclean, embarrassing and easily become scenes of rape and molestation

- Skimpy outfits. Most sports outfits are too sexy, increasing the chances for rape.

- Travel. School sports teams often travel to other schools for competitions. Buses are very unclean, and not that safe, especially if a boys team goes along with the girls. Even worse are regional or state competitions that involve overnight stays at hotels.

- Coach problems. Sports coaches tend to be phyically-oriented people, not spiritually oriented. Today, many, if not most, girl's coaches are lesbians and bisexuals. This adds physical danger and often girls learn incorrect ideas from coaches.

- Body contact problems in some sports. This adds more danger of disease and fights in sports where there is body contact with other participants.

- Transgender problems, in some cases. In some schools, boys who identify as trans girls are allowed to participate on girls sports teams. They may share locker rooms, bathrooms and showers.

- Spectator problems. Sports events tend to expose girls to crowds of people including predatory men and perhaps predatory women. A dozen scantily-dressed girls running on a field is a sexy event.

Meanwhile, the girls learn to show off to the crowds that cheer them on.

- Jealousy, bullying and revenge. This can cause added danger to girls, especially if one is at all pretty.

- Opposing team problems. Sports exposes girls to many strangers on opposing teams, and this adds more danger.

- The rogues or satans. Sports teams mean less time at home, less supervised time, and more time with no supervision. The rogues easily take advantage of this to harm girls.

- A generally competitive and physical culture and focus rather than a spiritual or future-mother focus.

- More rape, molestation, unwanted pregnancies, and sexual diseases. This is for all the above reasons.


7/12/24. This evening we awakened seven high level creatures that are called the earth mothers. They had been in a state of suspended animation for possibly thousands of years until tonight.

They were in a drug-induced coma or unconscious state caused by being filled with drugs – similar to anesthesia drugs. The negs, crud, rogues or satan put them in this state of consciousness so they would not interfere with their control of the earth.

The negs were not able to kill them because in some way they are needed or the planet would disintegrate. By surrounding them with coffee and soap, the birds regained consciousness. They are helping write this message.

Appearance. The earth mothers are large, female fine matter birds. Fine matter means most people cannot see them because their flesh is less dense than ours. They look like a radiance of multi-colored light that is about half a mile long.

Thenix. Their body type is that of the Thenix (pronounced like Phoenix) birds. The internet has many drawings and photos of these beautiful birds.

Activities. The earth mothers live inside the earth and help direct other creatures that are essential for life on earth. They are now busy starting to clean up the planet from the inside.

Bad gold. Among their major tasks is to get rid of bad quality gold that has been brought to the earth. It was brought here from other planets many years ago because it is destructive when not in the place where it belongs. As they get rid of it, the price of gold will likely rise.

Restoring the entire planet and its creatures. Another major task is to awaken from suspended animation millions of creatures – both ones you can see (coarse matter animals) and ones that are not easy to see (fine matter creatures).


7/11/24. I am coming to understand that coffee is a power on the earth. As more goes into people, and the enemas are much better than drinking it, the coffee sort of takes over and has its own agenda or set of issues and solutions.

The main issue right now is the restoration of the planet – its structure, functioning, people, food supply, clean water supply, and many items related to this.

You can help by doing several coffee enemas each day. You can also help by thinking loving thoughts at all times and by assisting the animals on earth.

The humans and healing websites. Human beings also need a lot of help. There is a need to start websites that relate to healing the planet, as explained above. Don't think it is silly to start such websites. It is not at all silly!

The environmental websites are okay, but not enough.

One more item tonight. We may have awakened some earth leaders. We plan to report on this in the next few days as things become clearer.


7/10/24. The development program is integrated and its parts work together. Problems arise if one only does a part of the program.

Diet. The most important aspect of the program for most people is the diet. It is needed for basic nourishment and for detoxification. There is no substitute for it.

The development diet is warming or yang in macrobiotic terminology, downward-moving, relaxing, very nourishing and contains hundreds of nutrients that we find cannot be obtained from pills or in other ways.

However, often a person decides to do just red light saunas, or just coffee enemas, or just nutritional supplements and not the development diet. We find this does not work well and can be dangerous. Always begin with the diet, do it correctly and stay with it.

We know- the negs, thugs, rogues or satans don't want you doing it, so they interfere. We are attempting to assist anyone who has this problem.

Coffee enemas. This is another basic aspect of the development program. Skipping the enemas is common, but it unbalances the program and usually does not work.

Once again, the crud, thugs or rogues don't want healing so they forbid the enemas, steal coffee, damage the coffee or interfere in other ways. We find you must defy them by asking their boss – the Creator - for help to stay safe. We are also doing our best to assist our clients with this problem.


7/9/24. We added a little more information to the message from yesterday about coffee enema fantasies and made it into an article. We also added a reference to this new article in the main Coffee Enema article. For details, read Coffee Enema Fantasies.

We also added to the Coffee Enema article the importance of relaxing when you do a coffee enema. It makes the liver and kidneys work much better! It can make the difference between an unpleasant enema (headaches, stomach aches, etc.) and a very smooth and easy experience.

There are many ways to relax during an enema such as playing quiet music, massage using your hands or a massage machine, or listening to the radio.


7/8/24. This post is unusual, but may be very useful to help someone you love to do coffee enemas. The following are dramas that can be enacted to help one do coffee enemas. I use them myself to stay interested:

You tune in to God and hear, “It is My Will that you do coffee enemas”. (This is the truth for some people.)

You are scheduled to have a meeting with your guru or spiritual leader and need to clean up inside and out.

You join a new church or synagogue and are having an “inside” baptism or a kind of bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah ceremony.

You tune into mother earth or the planetary beings and you hear – “Please do coffee enemas to clean up the earth”.

The enemas are the terrible punishment for your sins - eating improperly, ordinary sex instead of down sex, going to bed too late, or something else.

It is like sex with God or a godly rape.

The enemas are your daily time with God – you lay yourself upon the alter of God.

It is the cookie cutter of God – you are being reshaped in the image of God. Or God is sculpting you – chiseling away all the toxins that are not needed and soon you won't recognize yourself because you will be so beautiful inside. It is a true 'born again' experience or makeover.

You are at a class about detoxification, or parasites, or nursing, or doctoring, or even witchcraft and the enemas are part of the training.

The daily enemas are like going to the movies, especially when combined with the pulling down procedure. Each day a new episode unfolds – very exciting! even if uncomfortable, at times.

You are training to be a political or other leader and enemas are needed.

You are at a reflexology class and it is time to learn about the colon reflex system – a truly wonderful reflex system.

You are at a yang training session and this is yang herbal therapy.

Unfortunately, you need enemas for healing. However, you meet a wonderful man or woman who helps you and you fall deeply in love.

You are an actor or actress and the movie requires you to act out an enema scene.

You are getting a massage and this is “massage inside”.

You have joined a social club, golf club, or work for a special company and at this place enemas are required.

You are a scientist and enemas are needed for scientific experiments.

You are a reporter and need to write about enemas for a book or article, so you practice them.

You are in training to be a doctor, nurse, counselor or other healer.

You are dying and the doctor says you must do enemas to survive, or you are at the doctor's office or hospital emergency room and this is the treatment.

Coffee enemas will be used for inspection and diagnosis of your body.

You are learning about witchcraft and coffee enemas are the best antidote for spells, curses and hexes.

You are at a very fancy, expensive health spa and the enemas are part of your pampering.

You are asked out on a coffee enema date. You may not like it, but it's a date.

You are captured and the enema is forced on you, like a strange rape.

Someone has organized a marathon race and doing coffee enemas is part of the marathon.

You are in a class learning the pull down procedure and doing coffee enemas helps a lot to learn pulling down.

The enemas are a rape substitute or alternative you need. Both are dirty, smelly, wet, embarrassing, humiliating, uncomfortable, strange, tickle, and done with less clothing or naked.

Coffee enemas always involve psychodrama, and this aspect can be emphasized. For details, read Psychodrama.

You are in a class learning about detoxification.

The enemas are a religious sacrifice. Either you do them or the high priest will cut out your heart and use it to appease the gods.

You like horror movies and doing enemas is like a horror movie.

For children:

You have negotiated and doing coffee enemas is part of the bargain or negotiation. Children like negotiating – I'll do what you want if you do what I want.

Reverse psychology. This often works on children. You tell them not to do coffee enemas for some reason and soon they want them. For example, you tell your child that he or she is not to do coffee enemas like Mom or Dad because enemas would make the child so smart, or give them beautiful skin, or make them strong or healthy that he or she would be difficult to control.


7/8/24. We wrote a message about using vinegar for cleaning a few days ago. However, I just found that standard white vinegar is contaminated with a poison and should not be used for anything at this time. I removed the earlier post about vinegar.


7/7/24. We are learning quickly about the seven energy bodies or energy fields of a human being. The article about them had been improved, but was not completely correct.

So we made a few more changes to the article that are quite important. For details, read The Seven Energy Bodies Or Energy Fields.


7/6/24. The negs or crud are telling many of our clients not to retest their hair. We urge you not to listen to this.

Always ask for a second opinion from God or Holy Spirit. Ask if you will really be beaten, raped or killed if you retest your minerals. I am told you will be safe - much safer, in fact, than if you stop the program.


7/6/24. Mind power is extremely important. When I tune into the negs or crud, they say in their minds we are all dead and they own and control everything.

I say in our minds the planet has reached home and we are all safe and free of them. That is our mind power.

They say I can write whatever I wish, and it won't matter. I say only God matters, and at this time when I tune in I am told that God supports our cause.

However, everyone reading this newsletter must do at least two strong coffee enemas each day or you will not be safe. Everyone reading this must also at least attempt to do the Will of God, and not be led by fear or voices in your head, or friends, or family, or the internet.


7/6/24. If a person has hemorrhoids, coffee enemas can be somewhat painful. A solution is to use organic raw sesame oil as the lubricant for the enema tip. This oil is very nourishing, high in vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids. It has a soothing effect.

One can put some in a dropper bottle and put a few drops onto the enema tip before doing an enema. This is cleaner than dipping the enema tip in a container of oil.


7/5/24. Women give birth. For this reason, they always think in terms of the future. They always wonder whom they will create and what the future will look like.

The rogues or satan want slavery in the future, so they enslave women, though they have made it seem like women are free. Women are not free! - and they are not allowed to talk about it.

Men, meanwhile, spread out in space and on the planet. They are more concerned with raising their families and working the land. The men are somewhat enslaved because they marry the enslaved women and put up with the problems of the women, most of which they don't understand and are not even aware of because they women don't explain them.

The rogues or negs are increasing their control over men quickly at this time. The children are all beaten, raped, poisoned and subdued in schools and elsewhere. This is the truth, even if it seems wrong. We hope this perspective helps you understand what is occurring on earth.

Peanuts. Peanuts are not what they seem and contain time souls – special souls that understand time and are helping our planet. So have a few each day. Buy the ones in the shell for the best effect.


7/5/24. On July 4, 1776, at a meeting of the colonies of America in Philadelphia, the 13 British colonies of America signed the Declaration Of Independence. Thomas Jefferson was its primary author.

It carefully explained the abuses that the people had endured under the rule of the king of England. They included more and more taxes, harassment of the people, arrests without trial, rapes, beatings and more.

The Declaration said the people would no longer tolerate this and were declaring their independence from Britain. Of course, this was a crazy idea. Great Britain was the leading world power! The colonies had no army, no navy and no money of their own. However, there was a desire to improve their lives.

Britain soon sent soldiers to America to enforce their control. What would be called the American Revolution began in the colony of Massachusetts in the North East of the colonies. Many, many people were killed by the British in their attempt to stop the uprising.

However, the Americans got unexpected help from the Native people, the people of France, and the people of many nations who did not like the British heavy-handed way of ruling their colonies. Amazingly, in the end the Americans got their independence and so began an era of freedom that has never before been seen on this planet.

American ideas. The people would be sovereign, not the king or queen. The government would serve the people, not the other way around.

The laws would be for everyone, not just for the common people. The people would vote for their leaders and could throw them out if they did not follow the law. These are just a few of the radical new ideas of the American nation.

Present-day attacks. The nation is now under attack by the alien group we call the rogues or satan in the Bible. They hate the American ideas of personal liberty, equal justice for all, and self-government. They are a mighty force, so we will see if they win.

We are told they might once again enslave everyone and they have enslaved all the women at this time. However, they have not completely succeeded in ending the nation.

We are told that this need not be if the American people and others around the world remember who is God, what He requires, and if the people live correctly. The nation was founded upon religious principles, but many people have been talked out of these principles.

They must return to Biblical principles at once and adhere fully to the ideas in the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule and more. This is more powerful than any enemy, even for women who today cannot speak freely or move about with any freedom whatsoever.


7/4/24. We are told that the earth is continuing slowly on a journey through space to a new area of space that is better than our current area. We are told this is needed if the planet is to survive at all.

Otherwise, the alien group called the negs, rogues, crap or crud are going to completely enslave and destroy our planet. They have been here for at least half a million years, we believe, slowly damaging the planet and causing wars, diseases, starvation, rape and many horrors as they slowly take over.

They are far along in their plan to destroy the planet. However, the planet is getting some help from angelic beings and others.

Survival. To survive, we are told, the fine matter beings such as angels must correct their way of living and must use coffee in enemas to purify and heal their bodies. This is very strange and most have never heard of coffee, certainly not used this way. So few are doing it or want to do it.

Some humans who are leaders are also required to do coffee enemas at this time. Very few understand this or do it, so the human leadership is horribly corrupt.

A few earth animals are required to use coffee in enemas because they are leaders. Very few are doing it, so things are not going well.

However, the idea is spreading and we want to help spread it, no matter how bizarre it seems. It alone works, along with constant prayer and a firm desire to follow the Will of the Creator, not your own will.


7/4/24. There is also a stepped up effort by the thugs or rogues to steal coffee from everyone. This is a serious threat at this time.

As we have written in the past, coffee, even drinking it and moreso in enemas, is protective against some of their attacks. Here are tricks to help hold on to it. They are not needed at home. However, if you are going out and will be among a lot of people, you can use these methods.

- Wear extra underwear. When I go to town, I may wear up to four pairs of underpants. They need to be tight-fitting, not loose, for some reason.

- Wear a long-sleeve shirt even if it is warm outside.

- Wear socks, even if they are hot.

- Wear a hat, preferably one that is made of synthetic material. Synthetic protects better than cotton, in general, for all clothing. However, cotton underpants are fine if they are tight-fitting.

- Stay at home most of the time. If you go out, you may need to put in more coffee when you arrive back home. Also, after going out, take off your outer clothing and wash it. Put on new outer clothing such as shirt and pants. Don't wear dresses or shorts or short sleeves.

This is a sort of emergency situation. We will let you know when we think the emergency has passed.


7/2/24. This is a very graphic message. Women are forbidden to talk about it, but their souls tell how the negs, rogues or satans condition women for rape and sex:

- Lying. They tell women that once a woman is raped, she is filthed up and might as well just relax and enjoy it. This is not at all true!!! More sex just filths one up more.

Another lie is that ordinary sex is good and more sex is better. This is not true!! It just wears her out.

Another lie is that they are so smart. NO! They are very, very sick!

Another lie is they like what they do. NO! The rapists and satans are brainwashed slaves.

Another lie is that it is all just fun. NO! It is destructive and meant to ruin our people and our nations.

Another lie is that they are our rulers. NO! God is in charge and allows this at this time. I am told our job is to learn about it and stop it – on earth, and on other planets.

- Starvation. Most women are told what they can eat. As a result, they are hungry. When they go for rapes, they may get fed meals, but they are also fed through their skin and mucus membranes (vagina, mouth, nose). Most women don't understand how this works, but it is a very excellent method of nutrition. Here is how it works:

Women are stripped naked and often covered with blood, sperm, sweat, saliva, grease, urine and sometimes feces. They are also filled with sexual fluid from the rapes. It is disgusting, but the women can feel much better from this!

They may be told they just “love it”, but really it is just nutrition – feeding the body through the skin and mucus membranes. It works well. The rogues are nutrition experts and also mix nutrient solutions in with the blood, grease and on other objects they use during rapes and beatings.

- Warm and cozy. The thugs do a lot of hugging, kissing and touching. The women are kept cold and naked, so the touching feels very good, even though they smell bad.

- Implants. The thugs put tiny electronic devices inside the woman in critical places that they can turn on to stimulate a woman sexually. They use these to alter a woman's mood, prepare for and improve sex, and as part of brainwashing and conditioning. For example, she can request certain stimulation, tickling and fantasies (the buttons) as part of her rapes.

- Charging. The rapists understand charging and do this as part of the rapes. For details, read Charging.

- Relaxing. The negs are experts at keeping women nervous, terrified, and upset much of the time. It is part of the women's slavery. he rogues do this by many means all at once.

For example, they talk to her through implants in her head all day. They threaten, scream at her, use vulgar language and call her names. They may direct her into dangerous situations.

They also upset and terrify women using electronic stimulators in the body. The women are also upset because they are kept starved and sometimes cold because they are told to wear inadequate (and often sexy) clothes that are not warm enough.

Then, when a woman comes in for a rape or is visited, they turn off the stimulators, and they hug, kiss and feed the woman. For many, it is the only time they relax, so they like it.

- Stockholm syndrome. Women also relax, in part, due to a phenomenon called Stockholm syndrome. This is psychological. When a person is threatened and tortured, she or he turns the situation around in their mind to make it more acceptable. She or he decides it is really all right, and actually relaxes when raped, beaten, poisoned or otherwise tortured.

- Sexual healing. The rogues understand male-female blending very well. They often use these techniques during rapes to make the woman feel better.

There are many interesting techniques and they tell the women they are experts at this, though in reality they use this method for their own purposes, and not really for the women's healing or they would not rape and beat people.

- Homosex. They force and teach women homosexual techniques that feel good. Some women prefer homosex because compared to male rapists, sex with another woman is less serious, safer because she is smaller and not as strong, cleaner, there are fewer beatings, more relaxed, with better kissing, more interesting and more fun.

- Sex with animals and even plants. At times the women are forced to have sex with animals or plants. Women can also request this because it is “exciting” and “different”.

- Choice, variety and excitement. Women are often given choices about what kind of sexual pleasure they can have, including homosex, sex with animals, and sex with satans. Satans are more developed males and females whose bodies have suckers on them and they have tails they use for sex, as well.

- Love body. They feed women special foods that develop one of the upper bodies called the love body or love energy field. This energetic part of every human being encourages a person to connect sexually with others.

- Wizardry. The thugs and rapists have many methods and tricks to convince women that they are our superiors and our rulers. Women can even request healing, surgery, and more. Women are taught to just relax and go along with the raping and other abuses.


7/1/24. I am told there will be some new behaviors on earth or there will be severe punishment. The new behavior is everyone will be required to do down sex, and not regular sex. Also, lying will be illegal and stealing will be punished more harshly.

A new lifestyle. For some, these are not difficult rules. For others, they mean a new lifestyle entirely. We know the women have been told to lie and they practice it. This will be a new style for them.

Many people say they don't want to lie but are forced to do it. If forced, they need to learn to say no and accept the consequences. By tuning into God, which is possible, you will be told what to do and sayin order to stay safe. That is what I am told.


7/1/24. I just learned that this article is not quite correct. I am correcting it, but it is not yet ready for publication. I will keep you informed about it.


6/30/24. A very important, somewhat subtle topic is the subtle energy field of a human being. It is very basic knowledge, but it is not taught much.

We revised and improved the introduction to the article about the subtle energy bodies. For details, read The 7 Energy Fields Or Bodies Of A Human Being.

Today, I also learned that the use of coffee in enemas assists the development of two of the subtle bodies - the oval bodies and the whole body. This is an important reason to do coffee enemas.


6/28/24. Today, 99% of the laws in the United States and in most nations are not made by the legislature, as is required by the American Constitution. In America, almost all “laws” (they are not really laws) are made by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats who work in 47 regulatory agencies of the government. The names of these agencies are familiar to some people – FDA, FTC, IRS, FCC, OSHA, FAA and the rest.

This system – taking power away from the legislatures of the nation and giving it to the regulatory agencies - is thoroughly illegal and unconstitutional. Yet it is occurring more and more. It takes power away from the Citizens and gives absolute power to government agencies.

The regulatory system also violates the doctrine of separation of power, a very critical legal doctrine.

Separation of power means that government power is distributed between three branches of government. The three branches are called the legislative branch (writing and passing laws), the executive branch (enforcing the laws) and the judicial branch (judging the validity of the laws).

These functions are supposed to be separated to prevent too much concentration of power, which is also called tyranny. However, the regulatory agencies often have the power of all three branches of government, which violates this important legal principle. For details, read The Regulatory State.


6/28/24. We are learning more about the importance of coffee enemas for health and for protection from the negs, rogues, crud, or satans. We want to emphasize that they are very important for prenatal care of mothers-to-be. We will explore this more in the future. For details, read the important article, Prenatal Care.


6/28/24. The jury system in the United States is not working correctly. This has contributed to the ruin of the nation. The reason is that juries in this nation are supposed to be able to not only decide if a person is innocent or guilty of a crime.

Juries in America are also supposed to be able to nullify bad laws. That is, they can decide that a law that was broken is a bad law and they can decide that this law is no longer in force.

This dual power of a jury is called jury nullification and the fully informed jury. It is the original jury system in the United States and was in force for a while when the nation began.

It is very important to be able to stop the proliferation of bad laws. The only other method to do this is the court system, and this system is very slow. The power of jury nullification also gives a lot more power to the Citizens and takes power away from the government. For details, read The Ruin Of The Jury System – Stopping And Preventing Bad Laws.


6/27/24. One of the most effective ways the thugs, crud, negs, satans or rogues control women is they first starve them. Then, when women come in for sessions, they feed them, at times secretly, so they feel better. It is very clever! Here is more detail:

Step one - starvation. They starve women in several ways:

- They tell some women they must not eat certain foods, such as red meat.

- They keep all women nervous and in fear. This wrecks digestion. It reduces appetite and assures that no matter what a woman eats, she will not digest it well so she will not become well-nourished.

- They beat and rape. This depletes nutrients such as calcium,magnesium and zinc very quickly because the woman goes into a fight-or-flight reaction.

- They poison women and this helps wreck digestion and deplete nutrients. They may force a woman to drink a poison, contact with objects or rogue bodies transfer poisons to the woman's body, or they give contaminated food or water to women.

Step two – feeding. Some of the rogue feeding is obvious – they give women a meal when the woman comes in for a rape. However, they use other nutritional methods:

- Skin feeding. This is putting food directly on the skin. It works very well on a person with weakened digestion. The negs put blood, sperm, pee, grease and more all over women at times. It is often filthy. Yet the woman feels much better.

It works because blood is very nutritious, or because they secretly mix nutrients with the sperm or grease. The blood, by the way, they often tell the woman is hers. That is another trick. Really, they buy blood meal at Home Depot. It is sold as rose food and is extremely nutritious.

But they lie and tell women they feel better because the women really love them, or she is very sick and loves blood, sperm or grease. NO!! IT IS JUST SKIN FEEDING, A VERY GOOD NUTRITIONAL METHOD.

- Physical and sexual contact with the men's bodies transfers nutrients to the woman's skin and mucus membranes – even just a kiss. This occurs because their bodies are very well-nourished, no matter what they look like. They are not allowed to eat junk food. So sex and touching them makes the woman feel much better. They lie and tell the woman it is because she is so sexy or sinful, but really it is just nutrition!

- They often put objects in the vagina, mouth, ears, eyes, anal area or elsewhere that they have secretly dipped in a nutrient solution. The object may be filthy looking, but she feels better with it because it contains nutrients.

IT IS ALL JUST A TRICK. They lie and tell her she likes it because she is trash or she is weird, when it is just a form of nutrition. In these ways, they keep women sick, off balance, confused, terrified and under control.


6/27/24. I have been experimenting with instant coffee. I am feeding it to the Jav, better known as the Javelina. These animals are leaders and all leaders on earth need to be using coffee, preferably in enemas.

Instant coffee is prepared either by free-drying brewed coffee or by a spray-drying process. Both methods seem okay and the label may not tell which is used. Some brands have added chemicals, and these are best avoided.

Instant coffee is not as good as freshly-brewed coffee. However, it is better than nothing. I bring it up because the coffee enemas are so important at this time that if one doesn't have time to make fresh coffee, one can use instant coffee instead of nothing.


6/26/24. Synergy is a most important concept. It means a working together of two or more elements that produces an effect that is greater than the sum of the individual effects of the elements.

In other words, when synergy is present, one plus one does not equal two. It equals more than two – perhaps 5 or 10 or even 100.

Think of two people working together who get along well, understand their work, and harmonize. They may get five times as much work done by working together, rather than just two times as much.

Synergy is an aspect of general systems theory. This is the study of systems and how they work. It can be applied to business, relationships, and to the development program. We improved the article about synergy. For details, read Synergy.


6/25/24. One of the most important topics and articles on this website is the subject of mercury toxicity. It is one of the most serious environmental problems on earth.

We updated and improved the article about mercury. For a basic education, read the improved article, Mercury.


6/24/24. Coffee is not what it seems. It appears to be a plant and a beverage, mainly. However, it is much more. It is a principle of healing. It carries a very high frequency of energy that has transformative effects upon anyone who uses it correctly.

We know this sounds quite strange. However, we are observing it every day at this time. The coffee is starting to show us more and more about our planet and helping those who are defending the planet to do so better.

Today the coffee reached a new amount and, as a result, we were able to see how some men are beaten, whipped and controlled in ways similar to the way women are controlled by the rogues, negs or satans. This is most helpful information.

The lemurs. Also today the coffee helped wake up more creatures on earth. As a result, we now have about eight more groups of about 20 lemurs each scattered around the planet.

Lemurs are an unusual type of monkey that is very intelligent. Apparently, they are also very needed on the planet.

If you look them up, it says they are only found on the island of Madagascar, off the southern coast of Africa. However, I am told there are now small groups of them on all continents.

They are teaching us how our planet used to be and this is most helpful. We plan to write more about this in the future.

All this is occurring because more people are doing coffee enemas and some are spreading coffee around the planet by other means. Drinking coffee helps a little, but not much.


6/24/24. The lemurs, who were just awakened from a state of sleep due to poisoning, would like to share some information. They say our planet is a patrol planet. This means the planet is part of the immune system of a very large being in space.

The patrol planet. Our planet functions in a way similar to some white blood cells in a human or animal body. These are called eosinophils in our bodies.

These cells circulate throughout the body and scavenge or clean up bacteria, viruses, parasites and other foreign material that gets into the body.

They do this by shooting beams of energy at the virus or parasite and the beam of energy destroys the object. The beams of energy, we are told, come from the energy centers of the planet.

Weakness. However, the planet has been weakened to such a degree that it is not shooting at all at this time. As a result, the big being is filling with what we call the rogues and other foreign invaders.

Recovery. We don't know if we will ever recover. The destruction of the planet is quite advanced, even though the planet looks quite good superficially. The major energy centers are very damaged, and recovery is not assured.

Patrol planets can be killed, just like cells in the body. If too many are killed, the entire large being can die.

Coffee. We are told that coffee is a remedy that we can use to survive. This is very unusual, but some are exploring its use.

The rogues tell people not to use coffee, especially a lot of it in enemas. They say they will kill anyone who uses it. However, our observation is that it protects anyone who uses enough of it and prepares it and uses it correctly.


6/23/24. One of the worst recommendations of the thugs, crud, rogues, negs or satan is they want people eating some tunafish, other fish, sushi, shellfish, and/or perhaps seaweed every day. These foods are very high in mercury. If you eat this way, you quickly become mercury poisoned.

If you have silver amalgam fillings in your mouth, the situation is worse because amalgam dental material contains a lot of mercury. If you get any vaccines, the situation is worse, and perhaps much worse.

The vicious cycle. Mercury causes fear and timidness, which the rogues want in the earth people. It also sets up a vicious cycle: One is frightened of the rogues, so one follows their orders. Their orders are to eat high-mercury foods. This further increases fear. Then, due to fear, you follow their orders even more. And the cycle continues.

Mercury disease. Mercury also weakens the brain and the kidneys, in particular. It always causes physical illness in these organs. For example, kidney toxicity is a cause of high blood pressure and toxic kidneys is actually a common cause of death.

Nervous system symptoms include tremors, numbness and tingling in the feet and impaired coordination. Neuromuscular diseases such as multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis are often due to mercury toxicity.

Mercury can also cause digestive problems, immune system problems, cardiovascular problems and perhaps cancers.

There is also a mercury personality. In addition to being fearful and timid, the person often acts somewhat strange or unusual.

Correction. Most everyone has too much mercury in the body. It may or may not show up on any test.

To heal this, first one must stop exposure to mercury. This is why we recommend NO FISH OR SHELLFISH except for 3-4 cans of sardines or some herring per week. This is extremely important.

The only sea vegetable we recommend is kelp, and no other. Kelp contains some mercury. However, it is higher in alginates than other sea vegetables and this binds and removes the mercury.

If you have amalgam dental fillings, have them removed.

Mercury removal. The development program will remove mercury deeply, thoroughly and safely. We do not recommend chelation therapy. It is not needed, it is unsafe, and it does not work nearly as well as the development program. For details, read Chelation Therapy and Mercury.


6/23/24. We find that it is best to combine at least three different types of coffee when doing a coffee enema. The reason is this method provides more nutrients.

We still prefer South American coffees, especially coffee from Columbia. However, coffee from El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru or other South American nations is also excellent.

Many brands of coffee are already blends. However, combining three or four of them is also excellent.


6/23/24. When cooking chicken for animals, one can save time by not cutting the meat into thin slices, as we recommend for humans. Instead, chicken meat can remain in larger chunks.

Cooked in larger chunks, the meat will not cook as evenly. Some will be more cooked than the rest. However, animals can handle slightly undercooked chicken so we believe the uneven cooking is not important.

Don't overcook. Very important, for both humans and animals, is not to overcook chicken. This is very easy to do and most people overcook meat. Meat labels and pressure cooker recipes tend to recommend too much cooking. Chicken should be cooked just enough so that the color turns from pink to white.


6/22/24. This new article discusses about two dozen ways to use a shower for healing and development. It can make taking a shower more fun and turn showering into a powerful healing experience. For details, read Shower Healing Procedures.


6/22/24. In the world of business, HR stands for the human relations department of a company. It is a very important department in any large company that handles hiring and firing of employees and employee problems.

I am told that one reason abortion is not a good idea is that as soon as conception takes place the main or entity soul of the new baby starts to recruit (or hire) souls to fill millions of jobs in the body. This is like hiring people to do all the jobs in a new factory or other business.

The process of adding souls is intense, very important and somewhat difficult during early pregnancy. Just like a business, there are big plans to fulfill for the future. Your new baby may be the future leader of the nation or some other very important person.

Abortion wrecks all of this! The souls tell us it is usually a very bad idea, even if the pregnancy was an accident or the result of rape or incest.

An abortion alternative. If a woman becomes pregnant and does not want the baby, there is an alternative to abortion that I am told works well and is superior. The woman sits quietly and talks to the souls of the baby inside.

She explains that she loves the baby, but it is not a good time for pregnancy – and she must explain carefully why this is so. Then she asks the baby to leave.

If she does this correctly, often she will soon have a miscarriage, which is a spontaneous abortion. If she does not have a miscarriage, then usually the pregnancy is an important one that is best allowed to continue.


6/21/24. One of the most interesting teachings I learned from Mr. Roy Masters is that he points out that man joins to woman physically to make babies. But he says woman needs to join to man spiritually to correct something.

This is a very controversial statement. Some just say it is sexist. However, it may not be just that.

It also has a lot to do with the rogue presence because they want women to join with them at all levels: physically, emotionally, ego, socially, work and more. They force it, in part, but they are also very clever to tempt women with food, pleasure, belonging and more.


6/21/24. This is a theme. We will talk about it more.


6/21/24. I was told that if one tunes in using the Pentacostal method one will get the same program as the development program. Tonight I learned this is not always true. This is disappointing to have to say, but we like to remain with the truth wherever it leads.

Possible reasons for problems are: 1) rogue interference with tuning in, and 2) perhaps, tuning in to the Holy Spirit is not as good as tuning in to Thy Will, although either if these is foolproof thanks to rogue interference, health problems, and trauma to the seventh center.


6/20/24. Most all women today are secret slaves of the rogues, thugs, or satan. This is difficult to believe because it is hidden, but it is true. Women, however, know it is true although they are forbidden to talk about it.

This means that most all children on earth today were born to rogue slaves – their mothers. For details, read Slavery.


6/20/24. We put up the beginnings of an article about the Pentecostal movement and church. It is important because it teaches that everyone can tune in to the Holy Spirit and receive guidance.

That guidance is often very similar or identical to the development program. For details, read The Pentecostal Church.


6/19/24. Love is many things. One of them is gratitude and this one is not discussed enough. Gratitude is thankfulness. It is related to the words gracious and grace.

Grace is the unearned and undeserved love of the Creator for us. It is a wonderful word in the old language of Ebre. Grace also means ease, such as to move gracefully.

Grace also means or refers to thankfulness.

Bible reference. Grace is a central concept in the Bible. I am told that the Creator is grateful to the physical beings because they allow the Creator to have a physical experience. So the Creator acts with grace and mercy toward us.

Other languages. In Spanish, the word for thank you is gracias.

The word gracious is also a wonderful word in the old language. Gracious is an attitude of ease and love and a sweetness of the personality. It is also a desire to help out.

Another related word is great. It is also a word in the old language that means wonderful, as it does in our language. It is a very related word.

Another related word is gratuity. It means something extra given freely for service. Usually, it means a tip or extra money that one gives to a waiter in a restaurant or another person who provides a service. For more details, read Gratitude.


6/18/24. We updated the homosexuality article to include the problem of homosexual behavior among women. The rogues force women to experience homosexual acts.

Homosexuality among women is the greatest homosexual problem on earth at this time. It is terrible for the women and for our planet. For details, read Homosexuality.


6/18/24. We have added to the message of yesterday about the lies told about God. It is in a new article. For details, read The Lies About God.


6/17/24. I am using a Shark X5 H20 steam mop as a steam generator to experiment with steaming as a healing procedure. It can thoroughly clean the body and saves a lot of water.

Yesterday we found that steaming the face for about 10 minutes after steaming the whole body has a very cleansing effect upon the liver. This is very helpful since we are all dealing with a load of poison put there by the negs, rogues or satans.

We added this procedure to the article about using steam for healing and development. For more details, read The Loyly or Steam Procedure.


6/17/24. The alien invaders called the crud, thugs, or satans (on this website we call them the Rogues) teach a number of lies about God. Here are the major ones:

- There is no God.

- God is dead.

- God is alive, but does not care.

- God was here, but now He has moved on.

- God does not like you because you are a sinner

- You do not deserve God.

- The satans control God.

- God is too busy for us.

- God is sick.

- God is a man and that means he is angry, selfish, nasty, uncaring and judgmental.


6/17/24. We compiled a short article summarizing basic principles of the U.S. Constitution. For details, read Ten Truths About The U.S. Constitution.


6/16/24. Everyone needs to do the Will of the Creator Being, who is real and who is a large being in space who created our planet and everything on it. That is reality.

Reality. Reality is not what you think. It is not fear, for example. It is not even conventional love and caring. It is something else.

We are learning about it. It is the radiance of the Creator Being. That is reality. This radiance takes on form and this is what we call the physical world. It includes bodies, objects such as chairs, tables and cars, and all else around you.

Some people can see right through walls and doors. They can do this because usually they were born with enough strength and love

Reality also includes the negs, or thugs, or satan. They are part of creation as well. However, they are very sick and we need to help them heal. They have come here they think to kill and oppress. Really, they have come to heal.

We are doing it by interacting with them, but it is not going well because we don't know what to do. It is a complex process and it needs to be directed properly.

Coffee. To do this requires the use of coffee. We know it sounds crazy, insane, or nonsense. You think coffee is just an herb, a greasy substance that grows on mountain sides. That is how it appears.

However, coffee is not that! It is a very high-level plant and plants are not what you think. They are not cute flowers, and good-tasting leaves or roots. No! Plants are quite high level creatures. That is why they don't move around.

The plants tell us that the fine matter creatures, at this time, must take in coffee. And it must be done properly or the planet dies. We know it sounds harsh and perhaps insane. Actually, it is sane and the rest of the world is insane.

Love. And now back to love. Love, at this time, is doing coffee enemas and following the Will of the Creator Being, from whom this message originates. It may seem strange but it is true.

Love is also eating the development diet rather than what you want or what the crap or thugs tell you you must eat.

Love is also pulling the subtle energy downward more and more. It aligns the energy centers, it brings in new ether, it gets rid of poisons, it helps the dantiens (spinning balls of energy in the body), it spins the orbits properly and it does a lot more than this.

Love is using a reddish heat lamp every day for at least one hour if it is single lamp. If it is in a sauna, with three or four of them, then 20 minutes will suffice. More is better, however.

In short, love at this time is doing this program.


6/15/24. Panat is 37 years old. He has had a very difficult life and was very traumatized – beaten. He could not sleep well, felt tortured all the time, and had the beginnings of a cancer.

He was also very depressed, often with suicidal thoughts. He has been on prescription anti-depressant medication for over 20 years.

He began the development program about six years ago. At first, he did not like the diet so he did not follow it perfectly. However, he took his recommended supplements, does two coffee enemas daily, and uses a red heat lamp. He pulls down a little every day. Occasionally he does the spinal twists.

Most recent Hair mineral test. His latest hair mineral retest is striking and unusual.

- He has a large standard surge. This is a significant increase in his sodium and potassium levels. I am told this is due to 1) an elimination of toxic sodium and toxic potassium and 2) to an improvement in his thyroid and adrenal activity. This has increased his energy a lot and sent him temporarily into fast oxidation.

- He has a large maturing pattern. This is an elimination of one or more of the “child minerals”. These are toxic forms of minerals that tend to keep a person immature or childish. In this case, Panat eliminated toxic potassium, copper, iron, nickel and mercury. Eliminating five child minerals at once is unusual. I am told Panat is a lot more mature.

- He has a triple three dumpA three dump or three amigo dump is an elimination of toxic forms of iron, manganese and aluminum levels. In Panat's case, the levels tripled or almost tripled. This is very unusual. A three dump usually causes a person to feel much better, have more energy and become calmer because the three toxic minerals are extreme irritants.

- He has a big all out pattern, also called everything coming out. This is a very excellent pattern because it indicates a major detoxification of the body. It is present when the levels of five or more minerals rise on a retest. On this test, 15 mineral levels increased. This is sometimes called a grand detox pattern.

- Many numbers doubled. This is called a “double chart”. It is related to the all out pattern above and just amplifies and reinforces the all out pattern. Not only did many mineral levels increase, but they increased a lot.

Panat reports his sleep is much improved and he believes his childhood traumas are less. His energy level is also much better. I am told that his cancer is also better and perhaps gone.

This case is an excellent response to the development program and a very dramatic healing. It often takes a few years on the program for the body to restore basic nutrients. Then the body can do deeper healing.

Also, I am told Panat received help from several guide creatures. These are small, very advanced fine matter creatures that align themselves around the body and promote healing, among other benefits.

The guide creatures work on the merit system. This means that they will come around if a person carefully follows the development program.

NOTE: I am told the guide creatures will usually not come around if one follows other nutrition or healing programs. For details, read The Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.


6/14/24. Tonight's message below is so awful that we want to begin with a reminder that love is real and love solves all problems. This is a spiritual principle that we need to teach widely at this time.

There is an effort on earth to remove love from the planet. Loving people are being killed and loving principles such as those in the Bible are being systematically attacked. We say it won't work, but it is having an effect. Don't go along to this effort. Reject it!


6/14/24. Tonight the forces defending the earth figured out why the negs, rogues or satan are collecting baby Jav or Javelina. We found a sort of factory where the babies are tied down.

Organs are then removed from live animals, to be placed in the bodies of the rogues for various purposes. It is truly horrible and has been stopped, we hope.


6/14/24. In yesterday's message, we said our septic system was probably designed wrong because the filter could not be removed. However, I learned that most likely it was designed correctly.

Most likely, the problem is the tank sunk a few inches over 20 years. This caused the outlet pipe to bow and this is why the filter could not be removed.


6/13/24. I have been learning about septic tanks because mine did not work. People who don't live in a city with a sewer system either have a septic system or they use a dry chemical toilet.

Septics. Septic tanks have two compartments and both need to be cleaned periodically or pumped about once every five years. A man came to clean mine, but he only cleaned one tank – an expensive fraud.

The tanks have lids, but builders often bury them because they are not beautiful. But then you have to pay someone to find the lid and uncover it so you can clean it.

The front of the tank – the part nearer the house – is bigger and has creatures in it that eat the poo and pee. The rear of the tank – further from the house – is used more to collect water, which then flows out of the tank and onto the land through a series of pipes called the leach field. This can clog up and it is an expensive repair.

Other expensive repairs are if the tank sinks you need a new one. Sometimes pipes break or the tank cracks and those are big repairs, too.

In mine, the filter clogged up, it was not cleaned because I did not know about it, and the whole system stopped, causing a puddle of dirty water in the yard.

All tanks in our area built after 2001 have a filter, but I did not know this. You have to clean the filter every year or two. Mine had not been cleaned in 20 years.

So I took it apart and cut out the filter with an electric saw. The tank was full of black goo, which I am told are beneficial creatures that live on the poo. They finally clogged everything up when there were enough of them.

With the filter clean, my system now works again and I can use the toilet. However, my septic education is not over.

Wrong creature. I think the black goo is the wrong creature for the tank. The right one is a centipede that looks like a worm. I don't think I have any of these and I might have to seed the tank with some so it works correctly.

Also, these creatures like real food, not just poo and pee. It helps if there is a kitchen sink that drains into the system. If not, you might have to put a product like Rid-X down the toilet once a month to feed the creatures.

Doing a lot of coffee enemas may not affect the creatures, but I am not sure. I hope this is helpful for people with septic systems.


6/13/24. Coffee is essential for survival today. If you use a coffeemaker to make coffee, you waste most of the coffee. Two ideas are:

- When you make coffee, put the coffee liquid through the coffeemaker twice or even three times. It will get stronger.

- Save the coffee grounds in the refrigerator and the next day use the same coffee grounds over again. Don't reuse the grounds more than for one day.

If you boil or pressure-cook the coffee, don't save the grounds overnight. It is not worth the trouble. However, if you make enough coffee for more than one enema (I make enough for four enemas), save the grounds in with the stored coffee.

When making the second, third or fourth enema for the day, warm up the coffee with the grounds in a pot on the stove. You will get a stronger coffee and not waste coffee. Only throw the grounds away when you have used up all your daily doses of coffee.


6/12/24. An important question is whether millions of women on earth who have been beaten, raped, poisoned and trafficked can be restored. Women are told that all such efforts are hopeless and not to waste time even thinking about it.

Efforts to restore women are in an early stage. However, so far the reports are encouraging.

To be restored, one must decide that one belongs to God, not to the negs or thugs. One must also stay with this decision when they apply pressure to change your mind. The development program is most helpful to slowly undo traumas, improve nutrition, and heal the body and brain.


6/12/24. On June 8, 2024, we wrote that the forces defending the earth found over 6000 baby Javelina or Jav in a prison in a pine forest in Arizona. They were starved and ready to be lifted off the planet. They are important animals for the health of the planet and the negs or rogues want to get rid of them.

I am told that at this time, most of the baby Jav have been saved. They are being rejoined with their parents and relocated to where they belong.

It is excellent to feed these animals if you have them in your area. They like peanuts, chicken, vegetables, blue corn chips, and most of the food on the development diet. You don't need to cook the food for them.


6/11/24. This message will seem extremely strange to some people. We urge you to just keep an open mind.

We have learned that most people of earth do not really die, though it appears they do. What occurs is the negs, rogues, or satans decide it is time to “take the person home”. This means to end the person's “early life” and force them to begin a new life as one of them.

So they stage an accident, a disease, or just a disappearance. The family is soon informed that the person is dead. If necessary, a body that looks like theirs is given to the family to bury or cremate.

However, the person is not gone. Some are placed in a state of suspended animation using poisons and other methods, until the negs are ready to use them.

Some people are cut up and their body parts given to others.

The rest are taken to a rehab center. They are quickly brought back from their disease, if needed, and they begin an intense “training” and “education” as a rogue operative.

They receive:

- Beatings, rapes, and poisoning to alter the body and mind as the rogues desire.

- Forced development called tune-ups in order to give them special abilities - to harm and kill, for example.

- Operations in which parts of the brain are removed that have to do with the will and memory, and perhaps others.

- The center of the pubic bone is often removed. A metal implant is put in its place that is full of electronic stimulators and more. It makes it difficult for the person to control himself or herself.

- Women are brought up to the development level of queen. This gives them special and horrible abilities. At this stage of development, the head grows a little in size. To disguise this, the negs remove some brain parts and tighten the sutures of the skull. This returns the head to a more normal size.

- The rogues may alter the body in other ways, depending upon the use they will make of the now robotic slave. For example, they might add breasts to a man or remove the breasts of a woman to make the person seem like the opposite gender. This is helpful for certain purposes.

- They may add an arm, a leg or even a head to give the person greater abilities. It sounds amazing, but they are surgical experts and can do this.

- All of this manipulation and brain washing is part of what we call forging. The word means to make, but it also means to fake. It is changing people into what the negs or satans want them to be. It is an aberrant form of healing, which means restoring people to full functioning. For details, read Forging. We improved and updated this article.


6/10/24. Eighty years ago, on June 6, 1944, about 160,000 mostly American and British soldiers began one of the largest and most famous recent military operations. They wanted to stop the advancement of the army of the German National Socialists or Nazis for short.

At that time, the Nazis had invaded the nation of France and had taken over that nation. They murdered, beat and raped millions of people without a second thought. We are writing about this because this is how socialist nations behave.

France is right in the middle of Europe. For this reason, its defeat to the Nazis was a very bad event for the free or democratic nations of the world.

Using very small boats, the soldiers crossed the English Channel. This is part of the Atlantic Ocean and it runs between England, an island, and France, which is the mainland of Europe. The Nazis had come very close to taking over England, but had not been successful.

Over 5000 boats were part of the operation. The sea was barely calm enough and the weather was uncertain.

The American and British soldiers landed the boats on five beaches, the most famous of which is Normandy Beach. There are cliffs above the beach and the Germans shot at them with machine guns from the cliffs, killing about 10,000 men.

The Americans and British also sent in about 13,000 paratroopers. These soldiers jumped out of high-flying airplanes and used parachutes to land safely on earth. They were dropped behind enemy lines to help the troops coming by sea.

Some larger ships also participated. They shot cannons at the Germans. Some fighter aircraft were also used. Together, they finally silenced the German machine guns and the landing was successful.

Because of the landing at Normandy, the Americans and British were able to throw the Germans out of Northern France. It was a turning point of World War II. This war caused the death of about half a billion people. Everyone needs to know this basic history, so please share this message with your children and friends.


6/10/24. We reposted a very excellent and short update about wireless technology and where it is going if we don't stop it. The report is from the National Health Federation magazine. Please read Stop The Wireless Mesh.


6/9/24. We greatly improved a very important article on the website. It is a critical issue today, in part because of the presence of the rogues, crud, thugs or satan. For details, read Citizenship.


6/9/24. At this time, I am told that most of the 6000 or so baby Jav that were rescued last evening are still free. Some have been recaptured by the rogues. When this happens, they promptly poison, injure and beat the baby Jav.

Those helping with this project are attempting to find the mothers of the babies because feeding yogurt to the babies is not working as an adequate food. Many of the Jav mothers have been captured and taken from the earth.

Angel help. A very unusual help is coming from angels, of whom there are many on earth. Angels are fine matter creatures, meaning they are difficult to see. However, angels nurse their young the same as do many creatures.

A group of about 500 angels are giving milk to the baby Jav. This is helping keep the babies alive. For details about angels, read Angels.

Also, anyone who eats well will share some of their food with the baby Jav and other starving creatures on earth. Keep this in mind, eat plenty and the correct food.


6/8/24. This is an unusual message. Tonight the forces defending the earth found a thoroughly disgusting rogue or satan project deep in the forest.

The Jav (the real name of the Javelina) help the earth in many ways. They are highly intelligent and they help maintain the major energy centers of the earth. They also are able to do healing on other creatures and the human population. I am told they are essential for the earth.

At this time of year, the Jav are reproducing. Over the past few months, the rogues had used various methods to steal over 5000 Jav babies. The rogues were getting ready to kill all of them in an effort to eliminate the Jav in this area. It was being done very secretly.

A few humans discovered the plan, were able to surround the area, and drove out the rogues. They set up shelters for the babies, some of whom have no parents. Then they brought in as many female Jav as possible to feed the babies. They also used their own money to buy over 100 large containers of plain yogurt to supply more food.

This was a heroic effort on the part of a small group that live nearby in Arizona. Most are couples and some are elderly. None were paid for their effort and many do not even like the Jav. But they were told this was an important effort and to please help!

The situation on earth is very serious. Much more help is needed to stop the spread of the negs, rogues, crud or satans. Most people do nothing, even though they know there is a problem. In fact, most go along.

Please never go along and do your best to fight back, which we know is dangerous. I will continue to write about it until I am stopped. I use a lot of coffee in enemas – four a day - and I attempt to do the Will of the Creator and not succumb to fear.


6/7/24. I am told there is a great need for more widespread use of coffee enemas.

Coffee is not what it seems. It is not just a drink or a plant. It is very special at this time and contains special souls. It is needed to clean up many kinds of toxins that are in all the bodies.

I am told that when enough human beings and creatures are using coffee in enemas, the planet will be able to return to its proper area of space and to its proper role. This and this alone will bring peace and happiness to the planet.

Is this a little strange? Yes it is. But this is what I am told over and over again. Everyone also needs to tune in and do the Will of the Creator or God, and everyone needs to help out the planet at this time. For details, read Thy Will Be Done.


6/7/24. We do not recommend detergents. They are all toxic, no matter how “natural” they say they are. Please do not use them!!

However, an excellent product is soap berries, also known as soap nuts, Indian Soap Berry, Aritha Nuts, Wash Nuts, and Chinese Soap Nuts. They are the fruit of a tropical Asian tree, Sapindus Mukorossi.

This is a very large, fast-growing tree that is native to India and Southeast Asia. It produces a large quantity of berries that can be used as a non-toxic soap, laundry detergent, body wash and hand soap.

It is also an excellent treatment for wood. It regenerates old, dried out wood by bringing certain souls to the wood. It also has other medicinal uses.

You can buy dried soap nut berries or powder. One company, Naturoli, also sells a soap berry concentrate called Extreme 18X. It is not completely pure because it contains a little oregano oil and grapefruit seed extract, which are toxic. However, it works well for laundry and other soap needs and is so concentrated that it is not too expensive.


6/6/24. The negs, rogues or satan are putting iron into many food products. One of these products is coffee.

A somewhat crude, but simple test for iron that you can do on your coffee and perhaps on other foods is the following:

Get a magnet, preferably a strong magnet. Place the magnet against a bag of coffee and notice the amount of pull or attraction between the magnet and the coffee. With a little practice, you will notice that some coffee attracts the magnet more than others.

We still recommend medium or dark roast South American or Central American (Guatemala, El Salvador) coffee. However, you can use this test in the supermarket when buying coffee. Go through the coffee section touching your magnet to bags of coffee. With some practice you may notice that some of the coffee attracts the magnet more than others. These would be best to avoid because they contain more iron.


6/5/24. Zain is ten years old and has been on the development program with us for just over one month. Previous to that, he was on other nutrition programs.

His initial symptoms were dry skin, joint pain, muscle pain, sinus congestion and fatigue.

Zain's hair mineral test revealed a four lows pattern and a slightly low sodium/potassium ratio. This is a chronic ill health pattern and somewhat unusual for a 10-year-old.

NOTE: Zain's mother is strict and very careful with the diet. Also, Zain goes along the development diet and supplement program quite well. This combination is very important in order to have good results.

Head Lice. A week ago Zain suddenly developed a cough, fever, lack of appetite and even more fatigue. Several days ago he also started having head lice. Head lice is a parasitic condition. His mother asked if all this is retracing.

Retracing. The method we use comes from communicating with the planning souls. They say the situation is retracing. We find that most symptoms during the development program are retracing.

Retracing is a special inflammatory process that changes chronic conditions into acute ones and then eliminates them. For details, read Retracing.

NOTE: One must be careful because not all symptoms are retracing. One can ask three questions that can help determine if a symptom is retracing:

1. Was the person feeling better just before the symptoms arose?

2. Did the person have this symptom earlier in his or her life?

3. Is the symptom picture somewhat strange or unusual? For example, one might feel ill, but in other ways one feels better.

In Zain's case, the answer to all these questions was yes.

Zain had had head lice when he was much younger. He was given suppressive therapydrugs and medicated shampoo. Suppressive means it kills the lice. The head lice then seemed to go away.

If you read about head lice on the internet, the only recommended therapies are suppressive – drugs, herbs or homeopathy. (We find homeopathy is suppressive and toxic. Something like retracing – aggravations or worsenings - is also known in homeopathy, but it is not the same!) The problems with all suppressive therapies are:

- They do nothing for the underlying condition of the body. Head lice grow if a body is toxic, nutritionally depleted, and too cold or yin in macrobiotic terminology. This was the case with John.

- They do not truly eliminate the “bugs”. The remedies just hide the bugs.

- They add more toxins to the body, worsening overall health.

- These methods fool people into thinking they are better, when really their overall health is worse.

- They waste time and money because they do not really correct the problem.

In fact, Zain had three problems: 1) a toxic and depleted condition of the body, 2) head lice feeding on him, and 3) toxins from drug/herb suppressive therapy.

Drug elimination. According to the planning souls, what occurred in the past few days is the development program caused Zain's body to eliminate the suppressive therapy. Therefore, the head lice seemed to return. In reality, however, they never left.

Yesterday Zain's mother took him to a holistic doctor who suggested more suppressive remedies – tea tree oil. I hold her these remedies are not necessary and would actually slow down deep healing.

What is needed is to stay with the development program. This will correct the nutritional depletion and toxicity that allow the head lice to live. Then they will go away permanently on their own.

Pasteur versus Beauchamp. This case shows the difference between the beliefs of two famous doctors. Dr. Louis Pasteur believed that disease is caused by germs or other “bugs”. Pasteurization of milk is named after him.

Dr. Beauchamp, a colleague, said the real cause of disease is a sick body. He called it bad terrain. He basically said the bugs come around because there is plenty to eat.

The medical profession and most all holistic and natural practitioners believe the germ theory. However, it is said that at the end of his life, Dr. Pasteur realized that Beauchamp was correct.

Most practitioners like the germ theory because it is simpler and because they don't know how to improve the terrain enough. Fixing the deeper problems is also more work. However, it is our approach and it is much better. For details, read Introduction To The Development Program.


6/4/24. We corrected and improved the unusual article about a body organ that most do not have. I am told the alien invaders some call the crud, rogues or satans destroy it before birth in all humans and some animals. It is called the criste and should be found near the pancreas and liver.

This organ helps the immune system and digestion. It also helps people to be intelligent and to have special abilities.

If one develops, which is a genetic upgrade of the body, at a certain stage of development the criste will begin to regrow. This helps greatly to strengthen the body and improve its functioning. The rogues or satans will try to destroy it again, however. For details, read The Criste, Introduction to Development and Introduction To The Development Program.


6/3/24. Former president Donald Trump was convicted of falsifying documents to cover up an affair he was having just before the 2016 election. Some people believe the trial was unfair. However, the jury reached a verdict quickly, which usually means the case was fairly clear.

I am told that according to American law, a convicted criminal cannot run for president. This could affect the American presidential election later this year. However, Mr. Trump will appeal the case and the conviction could be overturned by a higher court.

We started out liking Mr. Trump when he was president of the United States (2016-2020). However, he did not keep his promise to get rid of the 2010 Affordable Care Act. This was the 5000-page heath care law, also called Obamacare. The law further ruined the American health care system and parts were clearly illegal under the Constitution.

He also did not do anything about the vaccine horror in the United States. He said he wanted to help the problem and he commissioned and received a detailed report about the horrendous effects of vaccines on our children. But he did nothing to change it or even bring it to people's attention.

Also, he was aware of voter fraud but did nothing about it. Voting machines are an invitation to cheating – they are much too easy to manipulate. Also, mail-in ballots are very easy to manipulate. Also, women cannot be allowed to vote because they are told to vote democrat or liberal and are beaten and raped if they disobey. Nothing was done about these and other problems with the election system.

Also, the US Supreme Court violated the law by refusing to consider many lawsuits claiming voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Mr. Trump did nothing about this, either.

Also, during the Wuhan flu outbreak, Mr. Trump presided over the completely illegal shutdown of thousands of businesses in the United States. He also presided over many other illegal violations of the people's basic rights to assemble, to worship freely, to speak freely, and more.

As a result of the above, we don't like Mr. Trump as a leader. All the nations need leaders who obey the laws and who carry out the laws. That is their job. Unfortunately, there appear to be few of these leaders.


6/3/24. For a short time last evening, this newsletter was not on the internet. Someone blocked access to it at the server. This is a large computer where websites are stored.

The problem was resolved within about half an hour. We apologize for any inconvenience. I am impressed that we are able to write about many controversial topics.


6/2/24. I am told that angels are holding off an enormous force of the crud, Satans or Rogues who would like to completely dominate over our planet. I am also told that a group of angels are assisting the planet at a more local level.

These angels all use coffee in enemas. I am told this is required for fine matter creatures and for humans who are leaders. Many more leaders are needed.

We are learning about unusual effects of coffee when used in enemas. It strengthens the body, helps us see through alien cloaks, connects us with others, kills infections, removes witchcraft, and more.


6/1/24. The theme of this newsletter and website is love. Love heals all things and love is the reality of our lives and our world.

Why, then, is there so much horror and disgusting behavior? The answer is that love allows all things. That is, love does not control. Love allows.

That sounds crazy to many people. However, they are thinking with the body awareness and not as souls.

As souls, bodies come and go and keeping a body for a long time is just one option. Other options are to watch it decay or allow it to be destroyed quickly.

If that is true, you might say, then what is the point of eating well and doing coffee enemas and the other healing procedures?

The answer is that this is a method of waking up the souls so that they will think differently and will think more loving thoughts. Then they will love the body more and want to keep it around.


5/31/24. An interesting aspect of deep healing with the development program is the way the hair tissue sodium and potassium readings change over time.

This message is very important in order to understand how the development program works and in order to interpret hair mineral retests when one follows the development program.

The roller coaster. In many people, the sodium and potassium levels start out low. This is an indicator of exhaustion or burnout.

As one follows the program, the levels of sodium and potassium often rise on a retest. However, on the next retest the levels may decrease again.

After that, the next retest may reveal higher sodium and potassium readings. However, the following retest or retests may reveal lower sodium and potassium levels again.

The planning souls call this situation the roller coaster. For a while you are up, but then you are down, and the pattern repeats over and over.

This is confusing! If you don't understand it you will think you are making progress at times, but when the sodium and potassium levels decrease you will believe you have slipped back into deeper burnout. However, this is not true.

What really occurs is that the body is continuously gaining energy and strength due to the program. The cause of the roller coaster is crutch release.

Crutch release. Crutches are toxic metals or chemicals that, in this instance, support the sodium and/or potassium levels. They are adaptations to stress.

They are not ideal. However, they keep us going, just like crutches one uses if one breaks a leg. Examples of powerful crutches include certain forms of cadmium, copper and iron. Most people have hundreds of crutches!

Here is the true picture: More adaptive energy due to the diet and other aspects of the development program causes a rise in the sodium and potassium levels. However, after a few months or sometimes sooner, the body is able to release a crutch.

When one releases a crutch, the sodium and/or potassium levels on a retest decrease because the body is less supported. The levels look worse on the mineral test, and one may feel more tired. However, one's health is not worse. In fact, health is better.

The body continues to gain strength due to the program. This causes the sodium and potassium levels to increase again. However, when they rise sufficiently, the body releases another crutch and the levels decrease. This is how deep healing really occurs.

The roller coaster pattern, or progression of crutch release, goes on for many years. I am still releasing crutches after 43 years on the program.

Slowly, one's true health improves because existence depends less on crutches. For more details, read Crutches.


5/31/24. We made the message above into a new article on the website. For details, read The Roller Coaster.


5/31/24. I am retracing the injury called breaking the neck. The injury occurs when the rogues damage a disc in a person's neck. It is a common type of damage. It alters posture, makes a person tired, and twists and distorts the entire structure.

Recently, each day when I wake up the neck is sore and turning my head is difficult. The pain eases in a few minutes, but it is not pleasant retracing.


5/30/24. The earth is in a full-scale war with the alien force we call the Rogues. The Bible calls them Satan. Others call them the negs, the crud, the thugs and other names.

They would prefer we not be aware of their activities. However, the women of earth are much more aware of them because women are heavily controlled and abused by them. The rogues control many planets and are an enormous and formidable force.

Fighting back and getting help. Recently, there is an effort to fight back, although most people are not aware of it. The forces defending the earth have woken up many essential animals and human beings that were poisoned and in a state of suspended animation. Some were simply enslaved and have been freed.

We are getting a lot of help to hold off even more massive attacks and total enslavement of our planet.

The development program. I have come to realize that the healing program we recommend, The Development Program, is aimed specifically at undoing the damage the rogues do. This helps explain some of the unusual features of the program. It also helps explain why we find most everyone needs the same type of program.

The features include a Diet high in specific cooked vegetables, the use of coffee in enemas, reddish heat lamp therapy, the pulling down procedure, the twists, pulls, pops, and kicks and reflexology. Down sex or down hugs are also excellent.

Unselfish prayer, being of service to others, seeking the truth and asking for the Will of the Creator for yourself all day long are also needed. These measures counter much of the damage to the bodies.


5/30/24. We recommend the use of a sauna powered by reddish heat lamps that are chicken brooder lamps sold in many hardware and feed stores. We recommend only a few companies that build saunas and only certain brands of heat lamps. For details, read Recommended Sauna Builders and Sauna Therapy.

However, others who are malicious and working for the rogues recommend other types of saunas and other brands of red bulbs. We find these to be very dangerous, although they seem fine. They often put out harmful energies. Beware!


5/29/24. We set up a new section of articles that are about the founding, history and philosophy of America. It is a unique nation that is a leader in a number of ways. To view this section, go to America.


5/29/24. We updated and improved an older article about America. Please read America Is Unique.


5/29/24. This is an unusual message because it is about angels and one might think it has nothing to do with human beings. However, I am told it has much to do with human beings and the health of our planet.

I am told that to function properly our planet should be full of angels. This is an absolute requirement.

Angels are a fine matter life form. They look sort of human, but very few people can see them because angel bodies are made of a less dense form of matter.

To take on an angel body requires a high level of soul development. So real angels are quite advanced life forms that assist the planet in many ways.

Capture. I am told a problem is that the alien group, the rogues, negs, crud or satan, do not like angels unless they, the rogues, control them. The rogues do their best to capture angels and have captured millions of them.

For protection, angels need to use coffee. We don't know all the reasons why coffee is effective. However, it seems to protect human beings and other life forms from capture by the rogues.

Humans can buy coffee and drink it, which works a little, or use it in enemas, which works much better. Angels don't buy and sell, but they can “borrow” or take a little coffee from humans who are drinking or preparing coffee. They need to do this. For more details, read Angels.


5/28/24. Most people believe that the sinking of the cruise ship, the Titanic, was due to hitting an iceberg at high speed. However, some souls and people who were on the boat tell a different story. For details, read The Real Titanic Disaster.


5/27/24. We added to and improved the article about the steam procedure. We added information about three ways to generate steam and a number of locations or devices people use for steaming the body. For details, read The Steam or Loyly Procedure.


5/26/24. One of the most interesting effects of doing daily coffee enemas is that if you are in a marriage you will learn more about your relationship.

This occurs because coffee helps connect people deeply. We say coffee is communal. It fosters and deepens communication between souls and between people. It is one of the most interesting qualities of coffee when used properly.

This is a very important quality of coffee when used in enemas in enough quantity. The reason is the alien invading group on earth called the crud, negs, rogues or satan do their best to separate and disconnect people.

This is an ancient military principle called divide and conquer. The invaders are very skillful at damaging communication between souls, between bodies and more.

Case history. One of our clients had been married for many years. Their marriage even included doing the male-female blending exercises called Tan Science or Male-Female Blending. Both partners believed the marriage was fine.

One day, she and her husband learned about the benefits of coffee enemas. They both began to do two coffee enemas daily. One must use this much coffee in enemas to experience the full effects of coffee upon connecting and relationships.

Within a few weeks of starting the enemas, the woman found herself feeling ill and very uncomfortable each time she and her husband came together sexually. The husband also changed. He became less interested in his wife and started treating her badly. Both partners now realize that their marriage is not healthy.

Other reasons for impacting relationships. Other qualities of coffee used in enemas besides its ability to connect people may also contribute to this effect upon relationships.

- Coffee enemas are very healing in many ways. For example, they help remove toxins, assist nutrition, heal infections and remove witchcraft and other damage. This often improves perception and increases sensitivity.

- Coffee used properly speeds up the unusual process called development. This is a genetic upgrade of the body that builds health, extends life and causes the unfolding of special abilities. It literally changes one's life in important ways that could cause a need for change in relationships.

- Coffee used properly heals traumas. Most people have traumas from childhood and beyond. Some marriages are trauma-based. This means that one or both partners are traumatized and the marriage compensates or in some other way helps the partners handle their traumas. If one heals the traumas, the marriage is no longer needed or appropriate.

- Coffee used properly helps rebuild and strengthen the seventh energy center. This energy center connects us to our real self, and to God and spiritual guidance. When this occurs, one may realize that one's life needs to change in order to remain spiritually aligned and in full integrity. One of the ways this cab occur is a need for change in one's marriage.

All of the above can have to do with the presence of the aliens or negs. They weaken the bodies, block development, traumatize people, and do their best to wreck the seventh energy center of the body.


5/25/24. We improved the first part of the article about angels. This is very important information at this time.

Angel is not just a creature. It is a more mature soul level and our planet needs more of this level of maturity. For details, read Angels.


5/25/24. Dental implants consist of a socket that is placed deep in the jaw bone. Then a ceramic tooth is screwed into the socket. It looks like a real tooth and it also functions well.

The problem with dental implants, as with root canal-filled teeth, is that they are foreign bodies in your mouth and they become infected. The infection can be very subtle, but it spews deadly germs throughout the body. These can cause cancers and other problems.

For this reason, we do not recommend dental implants. We believe one is better off with the older methods. If one is missing a tooth, one gets a bridge or a denture or dental plate if a lot of teeth are missing.

For more about dentistry, read Dentistry. We updated and improved this article.


5/24/24. We updated and improved an older article about popular dietary advice and why it is very incorrect today. This is a very important article! For details, read Killer Dietary Advice.


5/25/24. Some health authorities recommend eating mushrooms. However, they have many problems. Among them are that they are extremely cold or yin in macrobiotic terminology. They also have a tendency to pick up toxic metals. For details, read Mushrooms.


5/23/24. Recently, we have been researching the use of steam for healing. A very old healing method is to apply steam to the genital organs.

The effects. These include general relaxation, excellent cleaning of the area, healing of infections and trauma, reduction in pain and other discomfort, and help for other problems related to these organs. In a woman, for example, steaming may help symptoms of premenstrual tension or other reproductive disorders.

The loyly. A reason steaming works well is that making steam attracts advanced souls. These are sometimes called loyly. They are quite remarkable in their ability to help assess problems and coordinate and assist healing of the body.

The procedure. There are different ways to steam the genital organs. A simple way is to sit in front of a pot that is filled with water you have brought to a boil. Place a towel over your mid-section so that the steam from the water goes to the genital area.

To do this, set up a low stool or chair where you will do the procedure. Then fill a medium-sized pot with water. Put it on the stove and bring it to a boil.

At this point, if you wish to add herbs to the water, you can do so. We are researching this aspect of steaming and will write about it in the future. Herbs may needs to steep in the hot water for about 15-20 minutes.

When ready, set the pot on the floor in front of the stool. Remove underwear and sit on the small stool or chair so the steam from the hot water goes to the genital area. Cover your mid-section with a towel to keep the steam in. Sit comfortably for 15-30 minutes.

Alternative method. I have been doing this procedure as part of steaming the entire body. I sit in an enclosed shower area. To generate steam, I use a Shark X5 steam mop with the mop head removed and instead a hose is connected to the steam outlet. It comes with this attachment.

To steam the genital area, one just aims the steam hose at the area for 5 to 15 minutes.

Caution. Steam is very hot. One must be careful not to burn the area. Otherwise the procedure appears to be very safe. For more details, read Steaming The Body.


5/22/24. This is part of the One Science or love science. The statement means that bringing more love to any situation is the answer to how to resolve the situation.

This idea sounds simplistic, but it is not so easy. It means that if you are poor and lack money, loving your situation more is how to resolve it. It means if you are ill, bringing more love to yourself is the solution.

These examples are just two of many possibilities, but they are not easy to understand. Why would it work and how does it work?

The answer is that by love is meant the ether of the universe – the radiant energy of loving thought. If you bring more of this to any problem, it throws light on the problem and that is the key.

The original statement – love is always the answer – also means that if you are having a problem, you are not bringing enough love to that particular situation. This is not meant as a criticism, but just an observation.


5/22/24. This message is related to the previous one. It will sound strange to some people. It is that coffee, especially in the form of an enema, is bringing love to oneself.

I told you it would sound strange, but there is truth to it. I hope I am not the only person who feels this.

Coffee is quite special:

- It contains unusual nutrients.

- It brings unusual energies to the body.

- It clears blockages in the body that block us from receiving and feeling love.

- It works on many levels at once to assist healing and development.

Please do two coffee enemas each day, even though the crud, the satans, or the rogues tell you that you must not do it.


5/21/24. It is possible to remain in a loving attitude even when things are not going well. This is a very important truth.

It is easy to be loving when everyone is loving you and things are going well. It is much more difficult to stay loving when the opposite is true. However, this is your test. Can you keep up your loving attitude all the time?

Loving adversity. It is possible to love a difficult situation. You can think of it as a test of your faith. You can think of it as a temptation to stop your loving attitude. You can think of it as an opportunity to bring love to a situation that needs it.

You can remember that love allows all things. This is a very difficult statement for some people, but it is true. We are not in charge of God and his Love. Situations are brought to us for reasons we may not understand. It is best to keep a loving attitude about them.

Love is not conditional. What all the above means is that a loving attitude must not be conditional. It needs to be above that. It must be something you believe in and have adopted as your own at all times, regardless of conditions.

Love is not dependent upon others. This is related to the above. Many people decide they will love one other person, or maybe a few, but not the rest. This is not a loving attitude.

Some call the above special relationships. You make one or two people special and you have love for them, but not others. It is not really love. It is specialness.

Love is something else. It is a universal quality and one extends it to everyone and every situation. If it comes up and you can still feel love at all times, you are doing well. Some call these holy relationships.

Love must be there at all times in all circumstances. This is a restatement of the above. It is a particular attitude that needs to dominate your life.

It is based on reality – that love is the energy of the creator and at one level, that is all there is! The creator emanates love and that love makes everything else – good or bad. That is the basic teaching. For more details, read Love As Radiance.


5/20/24. Chicken is one of the most important foods on the development diet. Please eat a portion a few times a week. For adults, a portion means 4-5 ounces.

- Chicken is a unique food. Chickens are birds, but they have qualities that are more like four-legged animals such as cows, goats, sheep and the other four-legged food animals.

- Chickens are relatively healthy animals. This makes their meat more healthful than most other meat.

- Chickens are very smart animals. It might not seem that way, but it is true. This also helps make their meat very helpful for human beings and for some animals such as dogs and cats.

The jav – pronounced HAV - (or javelina pronounced HAVELINA in Spanish) also require and enjoy some chicken in their diet. The JAV are extremely important animals that help our planet and all human beings.

- Chicken is fairly easy to raise and inexpensive. This makes it an excellent food animal.

- Buying chicken. It is best to buy chicken fresh, rather than frozen. When you get it home, keep it fresh rather than freeze it. It loses some nutrition qualities when frozen hard.

- Chicken thighs, legs and wings are generally best. These are called the dark meat. Chicken breast is too low in fat, so it is not as nutritious.

- Chicken eggs are among the finest eggs. Just do not overdo on eggs. Men may have up to 8 chicken eggs per week. Women may have up to 6 chicken eggs per week. Eating more leaves a mild toxin in the liver.

- Chicken organs such as liver and heart are okay in small quantity. Do not eat a lot of organ meat, however. It is more toxic and very high in iron, a problem today for most everyone.

- Chicken is also tasty and simple to prepare. Do not overcook chicken. An excellent and very simple method is to cut the chicken into small slices and then place it in a little boiling water until it turns whitish. This takes only 5 to 8 seconds. Then use a slotted spoon to remove the chicken from the water and serve.

In contrast, baking chicken, frying chicken, or roasting a whole chicken always overcooks it and produces some toxic chemicals, as well. Pressure cooking is not as good for chicken because it, too, tends to overcook it.

You can make chicken soup by putting some small, cut up pieces of chicken in boiling water, but only cook for a few minutes. If you use large pieces, you will have to cook it longer, but this is not ideal. In both cases, the chicken will be overcooked, but not too much if you use small, cut up pieces of chicken.

- Chicken skin is not the best part of the chicken. We suggest not eating chicken skin. If the chicken has been roasted, the skin is quite toxic and must be avoided.

- Chicken bones can be used for bone broth. However, don't just live on bone broth, as some people do. Also, all meat broths are somewhat toxic and not best. A little is fine.

- Chicken fat is a healthful fat, especially if the chicken is free range and allowed to eat a healthy diet.

- The great chicken mystery. How does a female chicken make calcium-rich egg shells when she does not eat a lot of calcium?? The answer is she transmutes silica into calcium.

Chickens like to scratch around in the dirt. They eat shiny pieces of mica and even sand, which contain silicon. Then they use biological transmutation to convert silica to calcium.

This is important because biological transmutation is real, but is forbidden knowledge on earth. Also, chickens are very good at it! This improves the nutritional value of chicken. For details, read Biological Transmutation.

Humans must also transmute elements. This is especially true today because the food is low in nutrients.

However, if you are ill, you can't transmuts much so you remain very malnourished. Development greatly enhances your ability to transmute elements. This is one reason we recommend the development program.

Biological transmutation also explains one of the deep mysteries of the development program. It is the reason why people get well even though we do not supplement all of the essential nutrients.

Clients often ask why we don't supplement glutathione, quercitin, other minerals, and more. The answer is because we help the body to transmute so the body produces the nutrients.

We also find that giving piles of supplements doesn't work. It is too yin, confuses the body, interferes with digestion and is very costly and inconvenient. It is combination therapy gone awry! See below for more on combination therapy.

- Buy free-range or organic chicken if you can find it. The chickens don't spend their whole life in a tiny caged area. They are allowed outside to scratch in the dirt for food they want. They also eat bugs to enrich their diet.

- Most important, there is decent chicken to buy in the supermarket. This is not always true of other foods, but is usually true about chicken.


5/19/24. Combination therapy means combining a number of therapies all at once. It is a great secret of success with healing and development.

Why combination therapy? Because the body is very complex and works on many levels all at the same time. The body is a unity.

The body is not a collection of “body systems”, as the medical community believes. The idea of body systems is not wrong. However, it is incomplete and misses the big picture.

We sometimes classify these levels as 1–7 – physical, emotional, ego, social, work and expression, mental and spiritual.

However, there is more than this to combination therapy. Within each of the levels 1-7 one can also combine. For example, the physical level of healing includes diet, nutritional supplements, rest and sleep, activity or exercise, coffee enemas, correcting the structure, use of the bidet, red lamp therapy, healing infections and more.

There is another level of combination. Within diet, for example, one needs to combine foods and do it correctly. Just eating a few of the required foods won't work.

The soul system. Another reason for combination therapy is that this is how the planning souls think about healing, and we work closely with them.

Synergy. Done correctly, there is a synergy with combination therapy that is very powerful. The word synergy means working together in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Cautions. Combining therapies presents some problems:

- There may not be enough time in the day for many therapies.

- Therapies may conflict with each other.

- There might be too much financial cost.

- It is possible to overdo therapy and confuse the body.

- Many therapies are somewhat toxic such as herbs, chelation, homeopathy, intravenous vitamins and many others. There may be rare times to use them, but they are not part of the development program and can easily ruin the program.

- Some therapies are too cold or yin in macrobiotic terminology. This includes electronic machines used for healing.

Articles that discusses this topic The Basics of The 7 System and The Seven Movements Of The Development Program. An article that discusses a critical mental aspect of the program is Courage.


5/19/24. If you eat a peanut and it tastes like pesticide or chemicals, spit it out. This seems to be a problem with some peanuts.


5/18/24. This is a large and most important topic! If one lives a certain way and does certain things, one will get help from unseen helpers. The helpers are either souls or often small fine matter creatures that help in many ways.

Merit. Most of this help is based on merit. This means that the more you do certain things, such as take the time to do the development program or assist others, the more help you will receive.

Some of the help also depends upon eating certain foods or doing a procedure such as the Pulling Down Procedure or the new Steam Procedure.

Examples: Here are some of these interventions or unseen help:

The Avura. These are absolutely wonderful fine matter creatures that help out people who assist others. For details, read The Avura.

Prayer Souls. We believe that there are special souls who assist people who pray correctly very often.

NOTE: Selfish praying does not attract these souls nearly as much, although all prayer is an excellent use of your mind. Selfish prayers are ones such as “God, please give me a new car, protect me, heal me, or help me get through the day.”

Much better is prayer for Thy Will, such as The Lord's Prayer. Another excellent one is the Twenty-Third Psalm of David.

Angels. Angels are real and they love helping people. They are a particular type of fine matter creature. Everyone has at least a few around them at all times.

If you assist our planet and/or assist others, you will attract many more angels. Some have specialized jobs and others are general helpers. For details, read Angels.

Love souls. There are souls and fine matter creatures who assist people who are loving. They assist families, marriages, and single people as well who choose to have a loving attitude toward others and toward our world.

Food Souls. These are very advanced souls that are found in certain foods. We don't understand all the reasons they are there, but they are extremely helpful for healing and development. They are the main reason we recommend certain foods.

Among the most important are souls found in sardines, blue corn chips and to a lesser degree yellow corn chips. They are also found in some spring water, cooked vegetables but not raw ones, roasted sesame tahini, especially the Joyva brand, almonds and almond butter, and peanuts, especially when one buys peanuts in the shell.

The Guide Creatures. These are small fine matter creatures that arrange themselves around the body if one follows the development diet. They offer guidance and much healing. If one helps others, one will get many more of them. For details, read The Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.

The Development Souls. These are special souls that assist the development process. One can get more of them by following the development diet carefully and especially by doing the Pulling Down Procedure for at least two hours each day.

The Solar Souls. These are very advanced or high level souls that today are found in coffee. They appear to be part of a special project at this time.

They assist healing and development of the body in dozens of ways. One will get many more of them if one uses coffee in enemas, rather than drinking it. For details, read Coffee Enemas.

The Os. These are special souls that are attracted to oxygen. They will come around if you use an ozone machine in your home or do the vaginal peroxide procedure, the penis peroxide procedure, or take peroxide baths.

The Loyly. These are very interesting and helpful souls that are attracted to steam. They are around and will come and help you if you use a steam room or steam sauna. They do many types of healing work on the bodies. For details, read The Steam Procedure.

Red Lamp Souls. These are very advanced souls who are attracted to the large, reddish heat lamps that we recommend everyone use every day. They assist with nutrition and healing of the body, among other activities. For details read Single Lamp Therapy and Sauna Therapy

Soap Souls. We are just learning about a group of souls that assist the body when one uses a lot of soap or even just holds soap for an extended period of time. We believe this is another special project on earth.

The project is designed to help get rid of witchcraft and other rogue or satan activities on earth. For some details, read Soap.

Do not use detergent on clothing, dishes, floors and anywhere in your home or on your body. Soap is much better and less toxic. For details, read Detergents.

Even more! If you feed your dog or cat correctly and/or treat them well, certain wonderful souls will come and help your animals to be healthier and to assist you more. This also applies to wild animals that you feed and help in other ways.


5/17/24. We wrote the basics of an article that describes the effort of the negs to convert millions of people around the world into fighters for them. For details, read The Black Master Program.


5/16/24. We added to the new article about beans a few other important problems with beans. These are difficulty with digestion, too starchy and high in protein so that one eats less of the required foods, and somewhat stimulating to the lower energy centers.

These are all in addition to the other problems with beans such as toxicity, a more yin or cold quality, and that they are a lower etheric energy food. For details, read Beans.


5/15/24. An area in which the development program differs greatly from medical and most natural healing methods is in healing infections.

Most healing methods handle infections by giving a drug, an herb or other substance that “kills the bugs”. Problems with this method are:

- Most of the anti-infective agents are somewhat toxic and some are very toxic. Many clients report to us that they were in fairly good health until they took drugs or herbs for an infection. Even with the development program, it can take a year or more to remove the residue of a course of antibiotics from the body.

- Often, anti-infective substances kill off good bacteria along with the bad ones. This is a very important problem with some antibiotics and herbal therapies.

- The “kill the bugs” method does not correct underlying imbalances or rebuild the body. In fact, it usually weakens the body somewhat due to toxicity, making the body more prone to infections and other problems in the future.

The development method for infections. The development program uses at least 24 methods at the same time to handle infections. It almost always works much, much better than “killing the bugs”.

It is also much safer and more preventive of future infections because it balances and strengthens the entire body. The methods are:

- Make the body more parasympathetic. This relaxes the entire body, activates the immune organs, conserves energy, and helps greatly with infections.

- Make the body warmer or more yang in macrobiotic terminology. This is a subtle correction, but an extremely important one.

All the bodies today are too cold or yin. This makes them much more prone to infections.

This situation is due to radiation exposure, toxin exposure, improper diet, poor quality food, improper thinking, stress, rapes, beatings and poisoning due to the rogues, accidents, injuries, and electromagnetic pollution due to cell phones and cell phone towers and other electrical devices.

- Open and clear the energy channels of the body. These are tiny tubes that move subtle energy through the body. In acupuncture, some of these are called the meridians. For details, read The Energy Channels.

- Move subtle energy correctly through the body with the Pulling Down Procedure, Coffee Enemas and the other healing procedures.

- Increase the absorption of subtle energy from the ether field. This is less well understood but has to do with restoring the correct spin of the energy centers, the dantiens, and the orbits.

- Increase biochemical energy production in the body. This is extremely important and is much more than just restoring the mitochondria. The body has seven energy systems and most people are using only about two of them! For details, read The Body's Energy Systems.

- Fix the energy pathways of the body. This is a complex set of biochemical pathways that have to do with the conversion of chemicals to ATP.

- Restore hundreds of nutrients needed for the immune response. This can only be done with a proper diet, although correct supplementation helps, too.

- Reduce exposure to thousands of toxic metals and toxic chemicals that block the normal immune response.

- Remove stored toxic metals and toxic chemicals that block the immune response. This includes residues of antibiotics and other toxic drugs.

- Get more rest and sleep.

- Correct other lifestyle imbalances, such as no exercise, too much exercise, sexual imbalances and others.

- Improve oxygenation of the tissues. More oxygen tends to kill all the bad bugs, but leaves the good ones alone. Deep breathing and the oxygen therapies are very good.

- Improve hydration of the body. This also helps every bodily activity including the immune response.

- Improve circulation. This is extremely important for some infections, such as those of the extremities.

- Fix the body structure. This requires spinal and other structural correction. You can do much yourself with the procedure we call The Twists, Pulls, Pops and Kicks. At times, chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation and other body work are helpful.

- Remove witchcraft. The crud or rogues use this extensively. Methods to do this are coffee enemas, steaming the body, better nutrition, soap and prayer.

- Use of hydrogen peroxide, such as in peroxide baths and the Vaginal Peroxide Procedure.

- Balance the oxidation rate and tissue mineral ratios, especially the sodium/potassium ratio. This is extremely important.

The body is like a car motor or pedaling a bicycle – it only has good power at certain speeds. If one pedals a bicycle too mast or too slow, one's power (or torque) goes down and this is an important cause of infections.

- Get rid of certain tissue mineral patterns that get in the way of health. Two important ones are sympathetic dominance and four lows.

- Get rid of negative thoughts and replace them with more accurate and more positive thoughts. This is essential to heal certain infections, including parasites.

One of the most important is to learn about love and practice it. For details, read Love As Radiance and other article on this website about love.

- Reduce fear and negative emotions, and replace them with positive emotions.

- Heal spiritual imbalances such as cynicism, arrogance and disbelief in a benign creator.

- Correct social problems such as unhealthy relationships and friendships that are draining energy from the body.

- Correct work situations that are harming the body.

- Help out and have an attitude of being of service about everything you do, all day long. This will bring you help in surprising ways.

- In addition to all the above, we occasionally use a few carefully chosen natural anti-infective agents. These are not often needed, but may be needed if the body is very depleted.

They include a little vitamin A, Limcomin, vitamin C, propolis and colloidal silver. Use of the red lamp sauna, single red heat lamp, steaming the body and other methods are also very good. These are much less toxic than antibiotics and most other anti-infective agents.

For more details, read Healing Infections.


5/15/24. We put up a new article about the use of steam for healing. It is still in the research stage, but it is an excellent procedure. For details, read The Loyly Procedure.


5/14/24. We corrected and updated the article that describes how physicians use hair mineral testing. For details, read Hair Analysis Interpretation Methods And Laboratories.

We also updated and improved the article about masturbation. For details, read Masturbation.


5/13/24. Pleasurable feelings are very important for one's mental and emotional health. They should be the normal situation. However, one of the worst activities of the alien group some call the crud, negs, rogues or satans is they damage the bodies so that people are in pain.

Destruction 1 through 7. For example, they starve the bodies with poor quality food and dietary restrictions for women. They damage all the bodies on earth with poisons such as mercury and arsenic. They wreck the body structure with rapes and beatings. They mentally abuse people to upset them mentally. They wreck marriages and families. They lie, which is very damaging for the mind. They damage the seventh energy center on everyone so that one is less in touch with God or higher levels or reality.

When they do all this, the souls and cells of the body stop sending pleasurable messages to a person and one becomes unhappy. That is what they want.

Pleasurable feelings can be heathy in nature or unhealthy. Ones that are unhealthy may be called up pleasures. This means that they move one's subtle energy upward. Standard sexual orgasm is an example.

However, another type of pleasure is possible. It can be called down pleasure because one's energy does not move upwards, but rather stays the same or moves downward. Here are some examples:

- Coffee enemas provide a slight tickle to the lower body.

- The Pulling Down Procedure is another excellent form of down pleasure. Moving subtle energy through the energy centers is pleasurable, but does not tend to cause orgasms.

- Down sex and Down Hugging provide down pleasure.

- Some massage, either with hands or with a massager, can provide down pleasure.

- Many other activities can provide down pleasure.

For more details, read The Seven Pleasures and a new article based on today's message, Pleasure.


5/13/24. When one develops or heals, at times one will feel a release in the body. The two ways I feel this are a gurgling in the abdomen or a sound and vibration in the mouth on the upper palate. It is good to be aware of this so you can look for these releases.

I believe they are caused by subtle energy flowing through a newly opened energy channel of the body. For details about the channels, read The Energy Channels.


5/12/24. While you are holding a coffee enema, another excellent exercise besides pulling down is to circulate the coffee inside your body. The circulation procedures are listed in the article called Male-Female Blending or Tan Science. You can circulate the energy yourself without a partner.

The spin or circulating procedures include moving the coffee around the macrocosmic and microcosmic orbits, spinning the centers to the right, a general right spin of the body, and spinning the dantiens forward.


5/12/24. This is a repeat of an earlier message. If you have Javelina, whose real name is the Jav, they would appreciate food. They love and need peanuts, chicken, vegetables, hummus, blue corn chips, eggs, and baked beans.


5/11/24. We wrote a new article about an important food group - beans, which are also called legumes. For details, read Beans Or Legumes.


5/10/24. Brian Brezinski has decided not to work with us any more. If you are one of his clients, you will need to find a new Helper from the Find A Helper page.


5/10/24. We recommend finely grinding coffee because it produces a stronger coffee. Therefore, it requires less coffee. It is best not to waste coffee.

However, do not overgrind coffee. In an electric grinder, grind it at most for 25 seconds. If you grind it more, it oxidizes and becomes very irritating.


5/10/24. Taking 1/3 of a dropperful of Nature's Answer Low Alcohol Milk Thistle tincture at the beginning of a meal often calms down the liver and may assist you to tune in and figure out what is best to eat at the meal.


5/10/24. We corrected and updated the article about eating eggs. For details, read Eggs.


5/9/24. Quail eggs are a very good development food, if you can find them.

Spoilage. Quail eggs spoil quickly. It is best to eat them within one week of buying them.

Serving size. A serving size for an adult is 3-5 of them as one serving.

Cooking. The easiest is to boil them, but only for about 30-40 seconds. When cooked properly, the yolk should be runny and the white should be soft.

How to eat them. Here are two methods:

1. Break one or more quail eggs in cereal such as oatmeal or brown rice. Remove the contents and then remove the shell and throw it away. A few pieces of shell may remain, and that is fine.

2. First use a knife or other utensil to tap on the shell all around the middle of the egg to break the shell. Then use a sharp knife to cut the membrane under the shell all around the middle of the egg. Then the egg splits into two parts. Add a little sea salt use a small spoon to eat the contents.

Salmon today sadly contains a lot of mercury. This includes wild caught salmon. For this reason, we don't recommend eating any salmon at this time.


5/8/24. Helping out is not exactly what you might think. It is an attitude, first of all, of helpfulness. It is the idea that I am here to help.

Helping out is also a willingness to go out of your way for others and/or for a cause.

Helping out is also a desire to make a difference in the world.

Helping out is also a desire to do the right thing.

Helping out is also a strong intention to make a difference and to follow the Will of God.

Helping out is also a willingness to see things through to their conclusion, even if it takes a while. Helping out is all of these things, and more.


5/7/24. I added love to the 'What To Do' part of yesterday's Rogue Update. It is vital for your survival.

Everyone must learn and practice being in Love at all times. When you find yourself in fear or anger or hatred, stop what you are doing and remember you are to be in Love.

Being in Love does not mean you submit to abuse or even spend time with toxic people. It does mean you let go of anger and hatred.

Also, remember that being in Love is the same as dwelling in the house of the Lord and it is the same as living in the kingdom. It is also the same as being one with God.

When you are not in Love, and instead find yourself in fear, anger, guilt, remorse or hatred, you are not in reality. In fact, you have gone insane. So bring yourself back to reality. It is basic mental training.

For help, read The Real Self and the last few pages of the book, The Great Divorce by CS Lewis. There is also a Real Self Audio Program. I had to listen and read this material hundreds of times until I began to understand it and feel it.


5/7/24. Ruining the money is one of the nastiest tricks of corrupt governments around the world. You wake up one day and your money buys less, meaning things cost more.

Inflation is a tax that hits poor people the most and that most people do not understand. To understand it and take proper action, read Inflation, The Ruin Of Money And Society.


5/6/24. I am told that this evening those defending the earth found hundreds of large underground rogue bases very near where I live. The bases are full of people, some of whom look Oriental, but many do not look this way. They are busy:

- killing the local people

- removing angels from their bodies and sometimes moving them into other bodies.

- turning some of the people into sats. This involves a series of rapes, beatings and poisoning. The bases are underground, in part, so no one will hear the screams.

- The rapes, beatings and poisoning lower the resistance of the body. Then we think they give the person the rabies virus, or a similar virus, which alters the mind.

The conversion process also involves some operations in which part of the brain is removed and replaced by electronic controls. They say they are converting people into their kind of being to become fighters for the invading force.

- forcefully tuning up and developing some women to the level of queen or above so they will be more effective fighters for their forces.

- removing body parts from some of the people and sewing them onto their own people, including heads, arms, legs and organs.

- killing many of the animals that live in the area

Most of these human-looking ones are not from this planet. They are thoroughly psychopathic and criminal. When they arrive they go to a house, kill the owners, and move into the house, using the former owner's car and house as their own.

They also rape women if they please, and know how to do it very well. If the police try to stop them, they pull out an advanced laser weapon and threaten or even kill the police.

They say they are doing this all over the planet. They have no use or respect for our laws, although they seem to want to keep a facade of law and order in the town. They say they are the new owners of everything.

What to do. I am told that if one wants protection, do the following:

- Think only loving thoughts! This is a most important principle of living. No hate!

- Do at least two strong coffee enemas daily using our instructions. For details, read Coffee Enemas.

- Say the Lord's Prayer often and sincerely many times each day.

- Work on tuning in to God or the Father In Heaven. Work on getting your orders and following those orders, even if they are sometimes unusual.

- The entire development program at all the 1-7 levels is helpful to restore and keep up your health and strength.

- We also think it is wise at this time for young women to remain at home, if possible.

- Help out! This means do not live a selfish life. Attempt to help anyone who is truly attempting to bring our planet home and clean it up.

The crud, satans or rogues will tell you not to do this, but it is necessary to do it anyway. You can ask God if you will be protected if you do it. So far I am told yes, but I cannot speak for others.


5/5/24. For about the past two to three months, interpreting hair tissue mineral test results is more difficult. The reason is that the test results from ARL continue to appear to be somewhat low. They say they don't wash the hair, so I don't know why this change has occurred.

To interpret a test, one now needs to raise the numbers, especially sodium and potassium. The amount of increase needed is not always the same. As a result, it is more difficult to accurately assess the mineral levels, ratios and patterns.

A few people have sent a hair sample to another testing laboratory for comparison. However, so far, all of the other labs wash the hair, so their test results are similar and not more accurate.

At this time, the problem of interpreting retests is even more difficult. This is because on the previous test the numbers were correct, but the readings on the new test are low. If the accuracy problem continues at ARL, interpretation of retests should become a little easier in six months because both the previous and the current tests will have lowered numbers.


5/4/24. We are all learning to love. Love means that one wishes everyone well – goodwill to all. This includes your enemies.

It does not mean you wish everyone success. If someone is hurting others, you don't want them to succeed. However, you want them to wake up and see the truth about their actions, and stop doing what they are doing. That would be real success!

It also does not mean you need to be with them or even speak with them. You can still wish everyone well from a distance.


5/4/24. I am told that the earth is part of a much larger being that lives in space. This is called The Biological Concept Of Space And Creation.

This very large being, which I am told is a female, literally gave birth to our planet. She is our creator.

She, in turn, is part of an even larger being that lives in space who gave birth to her.

When one prays “Thy Will be done” one is asking to connect to these large beings and to do what needs to be done to restore our connection with the creator beings.


5/3/24. War in Ukraine and Israel continue. Some news media don't even report on it any more.

The wars are very important because of those who started them – Russia, Hamas in the Gaza area, and with lots of support from Communist China, North Korea and Iran.

These nations ALL hate Western culture, and that includes our readers. They hate the United States, they hate the nations of Europe, Australia and Canada, and they hate the other democratic nations of the world.

Is it a world war? – Absolutely! It does not matter what the television channels call it.

This means that if they win, we will be destroyed. Therefore, these wars matter a lot!

Big Deception. The Hamas and Russian thugs have brought in a bunch of protesters to make it look like Americans favor Hamas. They don't!

The protesters are usually brainwashed, paid, professional protesters, although they may look and sound like college kids.

Also, the American college police have been told by the crud, satans or Rogues not to break up the protests. So they continue. It is all propaganda, meaning lies intended to confuse people and influence their thinking.

This newsletter and website are clearly on the side of Ukraine and Israel. If you are not clear about this, we strongly suggest you learn about the truth of what is going on. Two media sources that are not too bad are Newsmax and The Daily Caller.


5/2/24. This message is about an interesting aspect of human relationships. It is important and not one of the usual subjects we write about, so I will explain it hopefully in enough detail.

Spinning. We write often that nutrition is very critical today and most people do not eat correctly. A subtle aspect of life related to our nutrition is that at an energetic level, life is also about spinning.
For example, food must have a right spin to be nourishing. Good quality food has a strong right spin, even though most people cannot see it. In fact, objects also have a spin and this affects the quality of the object.
Understanding spin. What basically occurs is that spinning in certain ways extracts some energy from the ether field of space and this powers our bodies. The spinning cannot be seen by most people, but it occurs in all living bodies and is essential for life and health.
The main way this occurs is that the energy centers of a body spin. For details, read The Energy Centers.
The generator example. Most people know about electric generators or the alternator found in cars. This device has an armature (the central portion) that spins. As it does so, it produces electricity.
It does not really produce electricity. It extracts energy from the ether field and converts it to electricity. Our bodies do something similar.
One's spin is critical affects health. All aspects of the development program that we teach have as their goal to improve the spin of a person's energy centers. We don't emphasize this, but it is true.
People's spins interact all the time. This is another basic fact of life and is important for all human relationships.
Back to the electricity analogy. For example, a fact about electricity is that one electrical field influences other electrical fields that are around it. A simple electrical device that uses this principle is a transformer.
It has two coils of wire. Power is applied to one of them and it influences the other coil. The word used to describe this is induction. One coil induces a current in the other coil.
People affect each other just as do the coils in a transformer. That is, the spin of one person is actually a field around that person and it influences the people all around you.
Animals and plants also have a spinning field around them. As a result, we influence them and they influence us. This is why many people love animals and plants.
In human relationships, each person's spin influences the other person. This helps explain why we feel better around some people and not as good around others.
Meshing vs. grinding the gears. Another mechanical topic that some people know about is how gears work. Gears are round objects, usually of metal, with indentations on them called teeth. They are used on bicycles, in cars and in many other objects. They transfer power.
Meshing the gears or grinding the gears. A fact about gears is that they must interact correctly for a bicycle or car to work properly. This is called meshing the gears. If they don't work correctly, it is called grinding the gears.
Gender identity, homosexuality and spinning. One of the reasons why gender identity, now taught in some schools, is wrong is that it ignores the influence of spin. I am told that those who can see people's spin know that there are only two genders – male and female – and this has to do with the spin of their energy fields.
Intimate relationships work best between men and women, rather than homosexual relationships, because of the spin aspect of the bodies. I hope this knowledge will become more widespread and that more people will be able to actually see the spin of the bodies in the future.
The development program. Once again, all aspects of the development program affect the spin of a person's energy centers. Besides diet and lifestyle, the healing procedures are wonderful to assist one's spin. Two examples are:
The Pulling down Procedure. Moving subtle energy downward through the body from your head head to your feet with your mind is very helpful to correct the spin of the body. Many of our clients have trouble with this or just ignore it. Please do not ignore it!
The Reddish Heat Lamp Procedure. Shining one or more reddish heat lamps on the body is also superb to correct the spin of the body. Please do not ignore this procedure.
4/30/24. There is a worldwide growing movement to use steam in showers or sauna rooms that is very interesting. We are researching this because it has definite health benefits.
Healing effects. Basically, the steam contains souls. These souls do healing on the body. Therefore, sitting in a steam room, steam shower, sauna or other location where this steam is generated has healing effects.
The nature of the healing is very interesting and I am experimenting with it on a small scale. I use a steam mop with the head removed in my shower area as a steam source. The steam source may be important.
Cautions. I find distilled water makes a purer steam. Otherwise a few chemicals in the water boil with the steam and you breathe them, which is not ideal.
Also, one must be careful because steam is very hot and it is easy to burn oneself. Also, the experience can be intense and one must drink enough water or it could cause dehydration and be dangerous.
We have an article and book, Sauna Therapy. However, at this time it does not include a section about sauna steam, called loyly or leli in some languages..
This research is at an early stage and if any of our readers have experimented with steam in saunas, please let me know.
4/29/24. Shining a reddish heat lamp on the skin each day is an important basic healing procedure on the development program. The lamp provides certain frequencies that are nutrients for the body.
We believe the reason the lamp is needed is that our sun has been damaged and is not providing these frequencies.
One might ask – what about all the people who do not know about the reddish heat lamp procedure? How to they survive?
The answer may be by eating chicken. Chickens require the same lamp in order to grow properly and remain healthy. Their meat seems to contain some of the beneficial frequencies or nutrients associated with the heat lamp. This is one reason why chicken is one of the basic foods on the development program.
We find that eating chicken is excellent, but does not provide enough of the frequencies of the reddish heat lamp. One will feel better if one also shines a reddish heat lamp on the body for about one hour each day. For details, read Single Lamp Therapy.
A related procedure is to use a reddish heat lamp sauna. For details, read Sauna Therapy.
FAITH – 1-7
4/29/24. Faith has to do with belief in something that you cannot fully see and understand, combined with trust and action. Faith differs from hope in that hope is future-oriented, whereas faith is in the present.
Faith differs from belief in that faith also implies taking action, whereas belief does not.
Lack of faith. At times, it is said a person lacks faith. Usually, this means one lacks faith in God. However, in reality, people do have faith in something. A better question is usually - Where does one place one's faith or trust?
The 7 system. One way to understand faith is through the 7 system. These are seven levels of human functioning related to the seven major energy centers of the human body.
One can have faith in any of these levels:
- Faith in the first or physical level of life is the simplest and most secular type of faith.
- Faith in the second level of life is faith in what feels good.
- Faith in the third level of life has to do with faith in that which feeds the ego and gives one a sense of power and control.
- Faith in the fourth level is faith in your friends.
- Faith in the fifth level is faith in your work or some kind of expression.
- Faith in the sixth level is a purely mental type of faith.
- Faith in the seventh level is faith in God or a higher power. For more details, read Faith.
4/28/24. We believe that certain phrases found in prayers around the world all refer to the same thing. They all refer not to a physical place, but to a mental state that we can all reach. It begins with a rejection of the secular life and the secular world in favor of something greater.
To reach this state and stay there, one needs to 1) desire it enough, 2) maintain one's intention, 3) listen for guidance and 4) follow that guidance. The phrases are:
- The kingdom of Heaven
- The house of the Lord
- Thy Will
- One with God
- I and the Father are one
- In Love, not in fear
- Know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free
- The walk with Christ
- The golden path
- The straight and narrow path
- The tao
4/27/24. We recently wrote asking that everyone help our planet. A question arises – why help out?
- It will make you safer. The Golden Rule and The Law of Cause And Effect come into play. As you help others, you will receive more help
- It will bring about the kingdom of heaven on earth faster.
- It feels very good to help out.
- Helping the creatures, each of which has a job to do, feels very good. They greatly appreciate it and they want very much to heal our planet.
4/26/24. We wrote a new article about the main tactic used by the negs, crap, aliens, satans or Rogues.
The main tactic they use to make everyone obey them is terror. They use terror on many levels. This article explains the major ways terror is used against the people of the earth. For details, read The Terror Planet.
4/25/24. This message a reminder that I am told that at this time our planet is not in the area of space where it belongs. Moving the planet back to its proper area is a critical task at this time.
The rogues or negs or crap don't want it moved and are opposing this effort. We must all think and imagine that the planet is going home - that we are going home.
We need to know and spread the truth about our location, and hold the thought of going home at all times. This would be most helpful.
4/24/24. To help our planet, learn and practice the Pulling Down Procedure. This is a most important spiritual practice for everyone.
Active prayer. The pulling down procedure is based upon the Lord's Prayer: “Thy kingdom come. Thy Will be done, on earth, as it is already done in Heaven.” This means bring Heaven down all the way to the earth. This is the exercise and it is the basic spiritual practice needed at this time.
The Catholic tradition. In the Catholic tradition, one can move the energy downward while saying the rosary. A Catholic website says: “Some people pray the Rosary for specific intentions or petitions, asking God for help or guidance through Mary's intercession.”
The Hebrew tradition. In some Hebrew traditions, the same procedure is taught as davening. While standing up, one gently rocks the body back and forth. At the same time, one moves energy downward from the head to the feet.
Some dictionaries are not correct when they say that davening just means recitation of prayers. The real practice is a movement of energy downward. It was originally for both women and men.
The Native traditions. In many Native cultures, one sits quietly and asks and pulls the Grandfather and Grandmother levels of creation down through the body to bless the earth.
While sitting. In the Buddhist and Hindu traditions, the same procedure is often done sitting, usually with legs crossed in the lotus position. However, this posture is uncomfortable for some people and is not required. Any sitting position with the back straight and vertical will work.
While walking. Pulling down can be done while walking. This is another ancient method. We discuss this in the Walking article and the new Treadmill Procedure article.
While lying down. Another method is to pull down while lying down. Doing it while holding a coffee enema makes it much easier. At first, this method and while walking were the only ways this author was able to do it.
Whichever method you use, pulling down becomes easier and easier with practice. This is because it slowly opens life channels throughout the body. As more channels open, the energy flows more and more easily through them. A time comes when it is pure joy to do the pull down procedure.
4/23/24. Tonight marks the beginning of the ancient Hebrew holiday of Passover. It marks the freeing of the Hebrew slaves that took place about 3000 years ago in Egypt. Soon after, the Ten Commandments were brought forth and a new era began on earth.
I am told that something similar is occurring on earth today. I hope it is true. The earth has been and is a slave planet at this time, occupied by an alien group that some call satan and on this website we call it the Rogues.
I am told that an effort is underway – an effort that needs your help – to free us from this scourge.
4/23/24. This message is from some of the newly awakened creatures on earth. They want everyone to know that our planet is so poisoned it is imperative that everyone help out with the cleanup of the planet. There are a number of ways anyone can help:
On The Personal Level: Diet. Follow the development diet to renourish and clean up your own body. Eating lots of the preferred vegetables, properly cooked, has a wonderful effect. However, the entire diet is needed.
Coffee enemas. Coffee enemas are particularly important, at least two every day. The coffee has many excellent benefits. It is a sacred herb at this time when used properly. Doing the enemas is work, but is wonderful for the planet as well as for you.
Reddish heat lamp. Use a reddish heat lamp on yourself for at least one hour daily. A simple way is to just sit in front of one of them during meals. I use them to help heat the house. This lamp and only this one provides special frequencies that our bodies and our planet need at this time.
Deep breathing. There is a need for deep breathing. Most people breathe in a shallow way and it is not adequate.
On the Mental Level: Be a voice of love and truth, law and order. This is a mentally confusing time on earth. There is much lying, division, fakery and mixup.
Also, the major news media are controlled by the aliens, crud, satans or Rogues. They seek to inflame the emotions, stir up violence and set groups of people against each other.
A way to navigate safely way through this is to recall Biblical principles at all times. The articles about the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule and The Law of Cause And Effect will help you stay balanced.
On the social/political level: Help out groups who are cleaning up the earth. Many organizations assist the animals, the birds, the oceans, land trusts, conservation groups and others. Decide you will become a member of one or more of these and contribute a little time and money to helping cleanup of the planet.
On the spiritual level: Pray all day every day: Thy Will Be Done On This Planet. This helps the planet tremendously. It will also help keep you alive and safe.
4/22/24. We now have many more fine matter and coarse matter creatures on earth. They were all here before, but they have been awakened from a kind of suspended animation. They had been poisoned and then buried. They survived, but are all in poor condition.
The new creatures are helping with many basic activities of the earth. This is their job. These include spinning the energy centers of the earth, spinning the dantiens, and spinning the orbits of our planet. These are all vital activities.
The new creatures also communicate well. They are using this ability to guide our journey through space. This means we have more help staying on course, a problem
The creatures also have other abilities such as the ability to move objects and to assist with healing and rebuilding the planet.
4/21/24. We wrote about a method to use a treadmill for protection, healing and rapid development. It is quite simple. However, several clients report it is most helpful! For details, read The Treadmill Healing Procedure.
4/20/24. We have learned that coffee that sits in the refrigerator for 12 hours or 24 hours ferments, a little. This changes some properties of the coffee.
We formerly believed that old coffee was never good. However, we now believe the ferments in day-old coffee are helpful.
As a result, we now recommend that you make coffee only once a day for the whole day. Also, it is okay to use coffee a day later than you make it, as long as you store it in the refrigerator.
4/19/24. There has been a shift in our dealings with the alien group called the Rogues, evil or Satan. We have much more understanding of what they the doing here.
They are using the earth and her human beings as raw material which they convert into fighters for them. They call these converted beings blacks or black masters.
The blacks have nothing to do with race. They are developed beings who, due to beatings, rapes, poisoning and surgeries, have lost control over themselves and just follow orders of their rogue bosses.
4/18/24. Steam is a most interesting substance. I set up a shower to use steam from a Shark H2O X5 Steam Mop.
The mop. The steam mop comes apart. The mop head and handle come off, and this leaves just a steam unit. It also comes with a short hose to direct the steam.
I sat on a low stool with the steam mop on the floor next to me. The top of the shower needs to be covered to hold in the steam.
Cleaning. The unit uses a little distilled water to clean the body. It is quite hot on the skin, but I was told it is very good since it is cold where I live.
The steam from distilled water works differently than soap. It is less toxic, warmer or more yang than a standard shower, and does not leave a soap residue.
I will report more about the use of steam as we learn more.
4/17/24. We improved the article about rewinding events. It is a more complex topic about which I am just learning. It is quite amazing. For details, read Rewind Science.
4/16/24. We wrote a very important new core article about spinning and how it creates life. The basic idea is that spinning in certain ways cuts the ether field or energy field that is all around us. When one does this correctly, it extracts or converts some of the energy of this field into a form that can be used to power a body.
A simple example of how this works is a standard electric generator or alternator. It is built so that it has a shaft that spins. As it spins, it converts some of the energy of the ether field into electricity.
Our bodies do something similar. Proper spinning is absolutely required for life and health. For details, read The Spins Of Life.

4/15/24. Orbiting is moving subtle energy through the two orbits – the microcosmic orbit and the macrocosmic orbit. Basically, it is to move subtle energy down the front of the body and then up the back so it completes a full cycle or ring.
Orbiting helps heal and develop the body. One feels better, has more energy, is safer, and develops faster when one does this.
The microcosmic orbit is sending energy down the front of the body to the floor of the pelvis. Then it turns and goes between the legs and then up the back, up to the head.
The macrocosmic orbit is sending subtle energy down the front of the body all the way to the feet. The energy then moves to the back of the feet and goes up the back of the legs and up the spine back to the head. For more details, read the new article, Orbiting.
4/15/24. Some people wonder if we are in another world war, since there is fighting in various parts of the world. In all instances, it is the forces of Western civilization on one side and the forces of dictatorship (Russia, Red China, Iran and the negs, crud or Satan) on the other side.
I would say yes, it is World War III. It is intended to distract people, scare people and perhaps to destroy Western civilization.
It may not involve nuclear weapons because these are so powerful they could destroy the entire planet. Please pray and in other ways help stop it.
4/14/24. This may sound like an unusual message. However, a number of people report that praying or asking for guidance from the Father in Heaven is not working well. I don't know why this is so, but that is the report.
So I am experimenting asking for guidance from other sources, although I still ask for guidance from the Father in Heaven. It may work better to ask for guidance from higher level, highest level, God or absolute truth. Absolute truth is very good.
Oddly, another source that is working better is to ask for guidance from coffee. It is unusual! However, coffee is not what is seems. Some think it is a unique herb filled with advanced souls and quite uncorruptible, especially when used in daily enemas.
The filth, crud, negs, satans or rogues hate coffee and are locking it away in large tanks around the planet. Maybe coffee is more powerful and positive than we think.
4/14/24. Our local AM (which stands for amplitude modulation) radio station no longer carries the Dennis Prager radio show. This seems like a loss to many people because he is one of the few conservative talk show hosts who also talks about the Bible, morality, man-woman relationships and other important topics.
However, I believe he is incorrect about some major issues. I will give two examples, and could give more. (He often says people criticize him but don't give examples).
Example #1: He says over and over that human nature is bad. However, the first chapter of the Bible, which Mr. Prager says he reveres, says the opposite. God created the world, the heavens and the earth, the animals, and the men and women, “AND GOD SAID IT WAS GOOD”.
Also, the word human is related to the word humane. This word means good. Look it up! It says that similar words are merciful, kind-hearted, tender, tender-hearted, compassionate, sympathetic, caring, and loving. We are sorry to sound harsh, but calling human nature bad is incorrect and he should know it.
Example #2. Mr. Prager's attitude about homosexuality is that we need to be tolerant. He also says some of his friends are homosexuals. However, the Bible calls homosexuality “an abomination”. It does not add up.
He might answer that many people disagree with certain ideas in their religion. We don't agree with that assertion, but even if true, his attitude about homosexuality is a major disagreement, and one he never explains.
His attitude is also thoroughly secular and Mr. Prager says over and over that secularism is destroying our world. So it doesn't compute.
We do not mean to be harsh. However, Mr. Prager is a major teacher on the planet and needs to be held accountable, as do all leaders.
4/13/24. We updated, corrected and improved the important article about the subtle energy centers known as the dantiens. This subject is somewhat esoteric.
However, in the future we believe it will become very important as more people learn how to see these spinning balls of subtle energy. They are found along the midline of every living body.
We recently learned there are seven of these, not three, as most people believe. So the article has been updated. For details, read The Dantiens.
4/12/24. Our clients, Dante and Daniel Berry, have built a website dedicated to teaching about the development program as it applies to sickle cell disease.
Sickle cell disease is called the scourge of Africa. It is a supposedly incurable genetic illness that affects millions of people around the world. It is very painful and cuts the lifespan about in half.
Daniel has the condition and has followed the development program for about 9 years. He is doing very well. The new website tells his story and why the development program would help an incurable genetic condition. For details, go to
4/11/24. This is a reminder that if you have javelina in your area, they are most often hungry and they are very important creatures. Please put out food for them.
The javelina love peanuts, raw eggs, raw vegetables, blue corn chips and will eat some chicken and turkey and other foods, as well.
4/11/24. The use of a bidet toilet attachment is a simple, but truly wonderful healing procedure. We added the liver detox and a few other items to the article about the therapeutic use of a bidet toilet attachment. For details, read The Bidet Healing And Development Procedures.
4/11/24. I have been informed that ARL is not washing the hair and that there has been no change in their mineral testing procedures. I apologize for any confusion.
4/10/24. Some clients are not eating blue corn chips. This is unfortunate because blue corn is a wonderful food for healing and for development (the genetic upgrading of your body).
Blue corn is an older variety that is more difficult to grow because it requires a lot more nutrients in the soil. It is also unlike standard yellow or white corn because it is much less hybridized and it is not GMO (genetically modified).
The blue corn chips are needed because some nutrients in blue corn that we need are unstable. As soon as the corn is ground, they begin to deteriorate. Lightly frying the corn in oil seals in the nutrients to preserve them.
We generally prefer the use of vegetable oils to fry the chips, rather than fruit oils. However, two brands of blue corn chips that use fruit oils are fairly good. They are Xochitl, which uses palm oil, and Siete, which uses avocado oil.
If at all possible, don't use fruit oil-fried chips exclusively. Mix in some chips that use vegetable oils, which are warmer or more yang in macrobiotic terminology. Avoiding Yin Disease is very important today.
Improved article. For more details, read the newly improved article, Blue Corn Chips.
4/10/24. This is a continuation of yesterday's message below about love. Love is an attitude.
Love is an attitude of acceptance, affirmation, and caring. It is an attitude of tolerance for others and more than that. It is a recognition that we are all souls, basically, and all are related and all have worth. That is love.
4/9/24. Love is not just romantic attraction. It is a principle and a force in the universe. It brings people and other things together and holds them together.
The force of love is very much needed at this time on our planet, and with and for our planet. Strange things are happening, such as the next message. We will report more as we learn more.
4/9/24. Some are reporting that very large human-like beings are on earth. They are frightening and they hurt people. This reminds one of several passages in the Old Testament of the Bible such as Genesis 6:4 that say “There were giants in the earth in those days”.
4//9/24. I added a few paragraphs to the revised article about peanuts. It includes information about beans or legumes, in general. It also includes some interesting history about peanuts. Roasted peanuts are also fine to eat even if the shells are cracked or broken. For details, read Peanuts.
4/8/24. The earth is part of a much larger being that lives in outer space. I am told that the earth is not an isolated planet. The earth is part of an extremely large fine matter being that lives in outer space. This idea is called The Biological Concept Of Space And Creation.
It is a somewhat unusual idea, but I am told it is true and we will come to understand it much better. The much larger being is still far away, but the earth is moving through space toward it at this time. The earth had been separated from its parent being at least one million years ago.
The earth is “alive”. The earth is also not just a hunk of rock and ocean. The earth is “alive”, in the sense that it has many living beings who are part of it and who are needed to operate various aspects of the planet.
These aspects include maintaining its spin, its orbit around the sun, its climate, the level of the oceans, the amount of rain that each area receives, and more. ALL OF THIS IS UNDER THE CONTROL OF ADVANCED BEINGS WHO TAKE THEIR JOBS VERY SERIOUSLY. There is no crisis regarding the climate or any aspect of the earth's activities.
The earth has been captured and is under alien control at this time. This is also the truth. The Bible calls the invading force Satan. The word satan is related to the English words sated and satiate.
Others use different names for the high-tech invaders such as the scav, the crud, and others. On this website we use the term The Rogues.
This group uses the earth as a breeding center to produce more aberrant, brainwashed, raped fighters for their war. They damage the planet and all its inhabitants in thousands of ways.
It is helpful to understand this, and to know that there are efforts to free the planet. Understanding the true situation is a good first step.
Foremost among the efforts to free the planet are a need to nourish the body correctly, to do several daily coffee enemas, and to carefully follow the Will of the Creator. Coffee is not just a beverage and has very unusual spiritual and protective qualities when used correctly.
Moving subtle energy downward from the head to the feet is also very important. The invaders do their best to make people's subtle energy move upwards, and this weakens and sickens the bodies.
Correcting this imbalance with the Pulling Down Procedure is needed and most helpful. It can be difficult, at first, and it becomes easier with practice.
The invaders don't like any of the healing efforts and will try to stop you. However, these are the only means we know of right now to maintain your life and health and reduce some of the danger on the planet.
4/8/24. We completely rewrote a very old article about peanuts. It is now up to date and peanuts are now an important food for healing and development. For details, read Peanuts – A Newer Healing And Development Food.
4/7/24. The Jav (correct name of the Javelina) are having babies at this time. Many animals give birth in the spring because there is more food around. As a result, the young have a greater chance of survival.
It is very good to feed the Jav if they are in your area. Their food supply has been largely taken away by the Rogues, who do not like the Jav. The Jav are very special creatures who are very needed on the earth.
Jav food. The Jav like many human foods. Most important are fresh, raw vegetables, especially carrots and celery. They also eat some meat, though it is not the main part of their diet. They also love sardines, pumpkin seeds, blue corn chips and shrimp.
We strongly recommend not just giving the Jav your table scraps. Buy some extra food and put it out for the Jav. They need it, especially right now, and it is much appreciated, and will do a lot to help our planet.
4/7/24. We improved the short and important article about whether God hates us because of what is going on on our planet with the rogues. For details, read Does God Hate Me?
4/6/24. ALL creatures and humans on earth are learning that they must do the Will of God. This is the rule and this is the only way to live that will allow you to survive and thrive.
This is not an easy path. It is tedious because one needs to ask for Thy Will many times each day in all areas of life. This includes diet, lifestyle, work, friends, love, money, and much more.
It is also not easy because Thy Will can be unpredictable. For example, perhaps your friends are not the ones God wants you to have. Perhaps your favored location or house is not where God wants you to live. Perhaps your marriage partner is not the one God wants you have, although you may think you are totally in love.
Thus, it is a special path that is not for everyone. However, I am told it is the future for the planet earth.
I am further told that those who do not want to live in this way will be given a new planet to live upon. This may occur soon, or it may occur slowly over a longer period of time.
4/6/24. Earth is currently loaded with very poor quality food. Everyone needs to avoid eating this food. Most contains very little food value! Even worse, some is mainly toxic chemicals that is called food, but really is no such thing.
Poor quality food fits into five categories:
1. Refined foods. These are food items that would be okay except that some or most of their nutrients have been removed by refining. This includes:
- ALL WHITE FLOUR PRODUCTS. This includes bread, breakfast cereal, pastries, pizza dough, cake, cookies, and more products that are either all or partially made of refined white flour. This is an adulterated food that needs to be removed from food.
- ALL REFINED SUGAR PRODUCTS. This includes sugar used in coffee or in hundreds of prepared foods. It also includes sugars labeled corn syrup, fructose, dextrose, maltose, invert sugar, and, at times, given other names. Most honey and maple syrup is also total junk and best avoided.
- REFINED SALT, SOMETIMES CALLED TABLE SALT. The only decent salt is unrefined or sea salt, and even this is often of mediocre or poor quality.
Hawaiian Jade salt. We have suggested using Hawaiian bamboo jade salt. However, the latest bag of this that I bought has been altered. I think they added iron to it, a problem of many foods on our planet at this time. I am not using the Hawaiian salt until we learn more about it.
2. Food grown improperly. This is more difficult to assess. However, we find that some food has been sprayed with toxic chemicals or otherwise grown improperly and is toxic. It includes some organically grown food.
3. Food that is nutritious, but somehow toxic. This includes all pig products. The nutritional products are Endomet that contain a little pig extracts are okay because the provide certain nutrients people need and pancreas is a very unusual product.
It also includes all coconut products, because these are toxic. It also includes most fruit products because these are high in sugar and not healthful products.
4. Hybridized and GMO food. Unfortunately, this includes most all wheat at this time.
5. Highly chemicalized and really fake foods. This includes anything in which the label is mainly chemicals. There are today quite of few of these, including soda pop, other beverages, and much more. For example, it includes margarine, which is fake butter that is sold in almost all health food stores.
For more details, read The Food Story and other articles on this website about food and diet.
4/5/24. Our Helper became ill after eating cheese made with “vegetarian rennet”, which most likely was a GMO product. Rennet is a substance used to cause milk to curdle and turn into cheese.
When he stopped using this product, a stuffy nose and other symptoms went away. Apparently, a lot of inexpensive cheese is made with GMO rennet, which is best to avoid. The best rennet is animal-based, although it is more costly.
4/5/24. One of our clients developed eye problems after using NOW brand of lecithin. A better brand appears to be the Legendairy Milk brand of sunflower lecithin.
A good general rule is that if somethngs does not taste right or does not smell right, don't eat it.
4/4/24. We are learning more and more about coffee. It is without a doubt a sacred herb. Therefore, it is best not to waste it, as do most people. Here are suggestions to save coffee:
- Ideally, buy whole coffee beans and grind them. Coffee that is already ground is somewhat spoiled.
- Grind coffee finely. This exposes more surface area of the coffee and makes the coffee stronger. Therefore, you will need less coffee.
- Boil or pressure cook the coffee. This makes a stronger coffee than using a coffee maker, so you will be able to use less coffee.
- When you empty measuring cups or other containers, put a little more water in them and wash out and use coffee that is left over in the containers.
- Clean up spills of coffee and try to use the coffee. For example, at times I spill coffee on the kitchen counter. I try to use the coffee I spill, not just throw it away.
- If you do two enemas, or a second enema later in the day and have leftover coffee grounds, pour hot water through the coffee grounds and add it to the enema coffee. One can extract more coffee this way.
- Spread old coffee grounds on and around trees and plants, rather than just throw it away. It makes good fertilizer for plants.
- Another method we do not currently recommend is using distilled water for coffee enemas. Distilled water is a chelator and will extract a little more of the chemicals from the coffee.
However, the bodies today desperately need minerals and distilled water does not provide any minerals. For that reason, we currently do not recommend using distilled water for coffee enemas.
THE JEFFERSON BIBLE – The Life And Morals Of Jesus Of Nazareth
4/3/24. Thomas Jefferson was not just one of the founders of America, early president of America, and a primary author of the Declaration Of Independence. He also had a deep interest in morality and published his own version of the Bible.
It is a somewhat controversial book. He cut and pasted together passages from the New Testament and left out other passages he thought had been altered or “embellished”. For details, read the new article, The Jefferson Bible – The Life And Morals of Jesus Of Nazareth.
4/2/24. As we wrote a few days ago, I am having trouble setting up mineral analysis programs:
- The negs, rogues or Satan are making it very difficult to find people's planning souls.
- They sometimes want programs for their murderers and rapists.
- Many people are told to lie on the hair test by using a special shampoo they provide to obscure their high iron, aluminum and perhaps other mineral levels. The purpose is to hide their black master conversion program that in full swing on the earth.
So far, the only answer is to use a lot of coffee in enemas and to ask repeatedly of God or Our Father to save you and ask what to do. Most people say they are scared to do this, but we know of no alternatives at this time.
- If we find planning souls, some say they are forced to lie about the mineral levels.
- Other problems. For example, at times the Sats or crud force people to send in someone else's hair for whom they want a program.
All the above wastes a lot of time. We know this is one of the goals of the thugs or crap.
At the same time, I believe the One or Father wants the program to continue.
So here is a new policy:
- I will set up programs for most people, unless I am told not to do so.
- However, I won't spend much time trying to contact the planning souls.
- I will just do my best using my medical education and 44 years of experience. This is not how I want to work! Hopefully it is temporary.
- As a result, if I told you that we would not set up a program for you, ask your Helper to check again with me. Please do not write to me directly.
4/2/24. I became busy yesterday and completely forgot to do a newsletter message.
3/31/24. I am told that peanuts are now part of the development diet. Peanuts are not what they appear. They are a very nutritious food and one that everyone needs at this time.
How to eat peanuts. Buy peanuts in the shell. They are best eaten roasted and perhaps lightly salted. This provides special nutrients and special souls that are extremely important at this time. They do not need to be organically grown.
Do not buy peanut butter or peanuts that are not in the shell. These do not work as well to supply special nutrients.
At this time, we recommend just a few peanuts each day for all our clients. As one develops, one may need more.
History and details about peanuts. Peanuts are a bean or legume. They are unusual in that they grow underground. Most beans grow up in the air. Because they grow underground they are warmer or more yang in macrobiotic terminology and have other unusual qualities.
Nutrition. Peanuts are a very high protein food and rich in a number of minerals and vitamins. Most important, I am told that today they contain special souls that are helping our planet transition to a more spiritual path.
Human use. Peanuts have been eaten in many cultures for thousands of years. They are prominent in Thai cooking. They are used in Mexican cooking in the nutritious preparation called mole. Many are grown in America, where children and some adults often eat them as peanut butter.
Many animals love peanuts. They are used as part of the diet of some farm animals.
George Washington Carver. One man, George Washington Carver, did a tremendous amount to spread interest in peanuts. He was a brilliant African-American agricultural scientist who lived at the time of the Civil War in America (1864-1943).
His story is quite remarkable. Born into slavery, his owner rescued him from slave robbers. Then they raised him as their own son so that he obtained a fine education.
He loved plants and just seemed to know how to make them grow easily. He became one of the leading agricultural scientists in America and the world. He heavily promoted growing peanuts to save the soil and developed over 500 products made from peanuts. For details, read George Washington Carver – Plant Scientist, Inventor And Philosopher.
3/31/24. Most people today have a high tissue iron level. This is part of a Rogue plan to convert millions of people to so-called “blacks” or black masters. This is a perversion of the process of development in which people become high-level killers. Raising the iron level is part of the conversion process.
Iron is being added to salt, to some restaurant food, to our soil, and directly to some food. During rapes, beatings and other sessions, most people receive more iron.
Too much iron is very unhealthy and associated with cardiovascular disease, liver disease, cancer, infections and more.
What to do. Eating a lot of cooked vegetables helps keep the iron level under control. The development program can also help, including coffee enemas and the other procedures.
We have written in this newsletter.about how to tune into God to help end the rogue horror. For details about iron, read Acquired Iron Toxicity.
3/31/24. The price of gold has increased about 20% over the past year. I am told this is likely to continue. The causes of the increase are:
1. Inflation. This means that governments around the world are spending much more money than they have, and they are spending it for improper purposes.
They do this by borrowing the money from banks. They spend a lot of it on welfare programs which, I am told, are not a correct expense. Also, these programs are full of fraud, waste and abuse.
When governments spend recklessly, the value of the money decreases. This has been going on for some time and shows no sign of stopping.
2. The forces defending the earth are removing “bad gold” from the planet. This is gold that does not belong here. It belongs on other planets.
The rogues bring this bad gold to our planet. They use it to damage the shield around the earth and to do a lot of other damage to our planet and her people.
3/30/24. At this time, many fine matter and coarse matter creatures are being restored to the earth. Coarse matter is the common matter of which our bodies are made. Fine matter is a less dense type of matter. Some people can see these finer creatures, such as angels and elves, but most people cannot see them.
Some of the creatures were in electronic prisons, which are force fields, out in space. Believe it or not, it is possible to keep earth creatures, even human beings, warm enough and with enough air, water and food inside one of these prisons to keep them alive.
Why put creatures in prison? Exactly why the creatures were put in prison, rather than just killed, is not known at this time. Possible reasons are:
1. Some or them, or perhaps all of them, are necessary for the survival of the planet. Those who put the creatures in the prisons, the Rogues or crud or Satans, may want to control the planet, but not destroy it.
2. There are so-called karmic effects if one murders others. The satans may not want to cause so much death with its karmic effects. So they imprison some, rather than kill them all.
3. The satans may want to use the creatures and humans. They brainwash, beat, rape and poison many, including many humans on earth. They are experts at this torture. The end result is the creatures and humans become their workers and fighters.
4. Perhaps the Biblical phrase “As you sow, so shall you reap” applies to these creatures and humans. These words mean that as you behave, so it will be done to you. Perhaps the souls of these creatures and humans have done something bad in the past, and now they are being punished or atoning for their crimes or sins.
This may sound ridiculous, but I am told that souls live for thousands of years. Who knows what they did in the past such as conduct wars, and kill and harm others.
5. Perhaps the souls of these creatures and humans want “exciting” experiences. While is may seem odd, being in prison, slavery and torture may be exciting for some souls.
Souls are very hardy and do not injure or die easily. For them, living in a prison or experiencing tortures such as beatings and rapes may not be that bad.
6. I am told that the earth is part of a much larger being that lives in space. This is called The Biological Concept Of Creation And Space.
It is possible that the large being in space is sick or behaved badly. As a result, those on and around the earth may be suffering. It may not be due to anything we have done. It may be due to a problem of the larger being of which we are a part.
7. It is possible that our planet is sick. Some say this is true. It is very polluted with toxic chemicals and more.
If true, perhaps the earth and its creatures are being destroyed. This could be bad. However, like getting rid of sick animals, maybe it is necessary so that a new creation can take its place.
Many believe this is true. They say if we want to survive, we must live and think differently. We must become much more spiritual, religious, wholesome beings.
They also say that the development program offered on this website, and especially daily coffee enemas, are needed to purify and heal the bodies and minds. They say this is essential, not optional.
They say that if you are told by the satans that you must not use a lot of coffee in enemas and that you must eat only what they tell you, you must pray to God and then eat correctly and use plenty of coffee in your enemas. If you do this properly, you will be left alone and you will survive.
3/29/24. Part of the Science Of One is that each person is always powerful. However, each is free to give away his or her power. This is exactly what most people do.
Giving away power makes a person seem weak, frightened and oppressed. Learning to take back one's power is a basic life lesson.
I am told that coffee helps one take back one's power. It works best in enemas, although even drinking it works a little.
Excuses to give away power. Reasons people and other creatures give away power include:
1. - I don't deserve power.
2. - Having power is not as much fun. (Not true!).
3. - Taking back power does not feel good. (This is only because most people are accustomed to giving away power.)
4. - Everyone else is giving away power, so it must be a good thing.
5. Taking power means I will have to help out or work in some way that I won't like. It brings with it too much responsibility and I am lazy. (This is very important.)
6.- Having power is not a good idea. Having power is not “being nice and cooperative”. Power corrupts.
7. God does not want us to be powerful.
For more details about the Science of One, read the new, though incomplete article, One Science.
3/29/24. Our planet appears to be in a precarious situation at this time. We are told the planet will not be lost to the negs. However, they are here in great numbers and they want to take over completely.
I am told this is being allowed because there are too many human beings and other creatures who are not helping out the planet, and this needs to change. However, I am not sure this is true.
3/29/24. Our friends, the Jav (or Javelina) have a new method for obtaining coffee. They wear a covering on the body that contains some coffee. It is not visible because it is kept cloaked.
It provides some protection for the Jav against capture by the negs or Rogues. We are writing about it to let all Jav know it is available.
Effects. This covering, which is like a think blanket, makes the Jav smell in a way the negs don't like. It is quite unusual, although it is similar to what occurs with human beings who use enough coffee in enemas.
Other methods. Some Jav are also starting to eat some coffee. It does not taste good, but it seems to help with protection, as well.
3/29/24. I added to the Coffee Enema article to avoid the use of the Aeropress method of making coffee. It is a small machine that makes coffee without cooking it.
I am told that not cooking the coffee makes it more toxic. For this reason, it is not a good way to prepare coffee.
3/28/24. It is important to maintain a loving attitude toward everyone at this time. This includes toward the negs, Rogues, Satan, crud, or whatever you call them. This does not mean that you go along with their demands. However, it means you do not hate them, or anyone else.
There are reasons for events, although they may not make sense. There is The Law Of Cause And Effect. The basic law is that when one misbehaves, it causes a blemish on the souls. The souls want this blemish removed. The only way to do it is for the soul to have experiences of a painful nature.
The Bible discusses the same matter in different words. Both the Old and the New Testament of the Bible say “As you sow, so shall you reap”. This means as you plant seeds with your behavior and your thoughts, you will experience the results.
The reason not to hate is because we are all the children of God, even those who hurt us, and we are all related. When one hates, one cuts oneself off from others. This is like cutting off a part of yourself such as your foot or hand. It is not wise. It is not the way to deal with problems.
It is far better to pray for others, no matter they do. In the New Testament of the Bible, the man whose real name was Yeshua or Jesus, was bound to a wooden structure to kill him. He could have expressed hatred for this act. Instead, he said “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.”
3/28/24. There are many to whom one can pray such as God, Father, Mother Earth, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Moses or others.
However, I am told that at this time, it is best to pray to the large parent being of which the earth is a part. I am told that the earth belongs to and was birthed by this large being who lives in space. This is sometimes called the Biological Concept Of Space And Creation.
Most people cannot see this being because the being is made of fine matter. This type of matter is much less dense than our bodies, and difficult to see. Angels and elves, for example, are made of this matter and are also difficult for most people to see. To understand fine matter, read Bodies – Their Structure And Activities.
In order to do this, it is best to pray to Our Father (not The Father) or pray to Absolute Truth. You can also ask for Thy Will.
3/27/24. The following is a method you may find helpful for use with the pulling down procedure. When you pull down, imagine your body drying out and shriveling up like a piece of dried fruit.
I am noticing this is occurring automatically, but I can encourage it. It helps me to know something is actually occurring during the procedure. For more details, read The Pulling Down Procedure.
3/27/24. An old, time-tested way to decide when you have had enough of a food is to try to sense a feeling of fullness in your ears. It is a fairly accurate and simple method.
How to use this method. I believe anyone can learn this method. It just requires relaxing and then tuning into yourself while you eat one food, such as blue corn chips. It helps to pull downward.
With some practice, you may notice that after eating a certain number of corn chips, there is a sensation of fullness in your ears. Before that, there is a sensation below the ears and then it reaches the ears.
3/26/24. One of the most important animals on our planet is the Jav (pronounced Hahv). In the ancient Ebre language, their name means friend. They are truly friends.
A similar word exists in Hebrew, havurah. The name javelina is a Spanish word and not quite correct.
The Jav is one of the most intelligent on the planet, if not the most intelligent. It is a member of the elephant family. There are about one million Jav on earth at this time.
Role on the planet. The word Jav in the ancient Ebre language means a helper. The Jav have a special role in maintaining our planet. They can spin the energy centers. However, they do much more.
They are communicators and guardians of the planet. They are able to communicate easily with Jav all over the planet and they are a communication network.
They also interact with the humans on the planet and keep in close touch with them. This is one reason they are often seen in areas where humans live.
Diet. The Jav are mainly vegetable eaters, although a little meat is also good. They are short of food in many areas, so they will eat human leftover food and food scraps.
They are quite clean animals, although they can make a mess of a garbage can if they smell food in it.
Social organization. Jav are usually found in a group of between 5 and 25. One animal is usually in charge of the group, although this may not be obvious.
The Jav live in dens, in most cases, for safety. All of them marry, usually for a long time. The females give birth with live births.
Health. The Jav remain very healthy as long as they eat well. They have few diseases and are one of the healthiest animals.
Feeding the Jav. The negs or crud hide the food of the Jav, as part of an effort to kill them. As a result, at this time, food for the Jav is in short supply. For this reason, putting out some food for the Jav in your area is excellent.
They will eat raw vegetables, preferably cut up into small pieces. They also love meal worms that are sold at animal feed stores. They also love peanuts, preferably raw and in the shell.
Lesser foods. They will eat a little meat, a little bread, and some cooked vegetables. They tend to avoid fruit because they know it is too yin to eat in macrobiotic terminology. The Jav greatly appreciate your giving them good food to eat!
3/25/24. I added to the message of yesterday about stolen coffee. Please read the message again. The new part is at the end about using many kinds of tanks to hold coffee and sending it into space to get rid of it.
3/24/24. This is a most unusual message, but apparently true. The aliens, crud, thugs, negs, Rogues, or Satan are very stupid because they think they can do as they please without getting the permission and support of the Father in Heaven.
They are stealing coffee from human bodies and elsewhere such as sewage systems.
They are storing and hiding it in large underground gasoline tanks. Theses tanks are found mainly underground at gas stations, especially at older gas stations that are no longer in use.
The purpose is to block a healing energy contained in coffee. It turns out that coffee is a mysterious and powerful plant that protects all life forms against the negs.
Coffee is extremely protective when used in enemas, not by drinking it. We strongly encourage everyone, including children, to do coffee enemas – at least two daily. There are many tricks to make them more pleasant. We have written extensively about Coffee Enemas.
However, stealing coffee and storing it underground in gasoline tanks is a new discovery. This needs to be stopped!
What to do. All the underground gasoline tanks that contain coffee must be opened and the whole business stopped!
The gasoline tanks that contain coffee give off a subtle glow. That is one way to find them. Once located, lift up the small, usually round cover of these tanks. Often, one can then open the top of the tank. This seems to release an energy that is healing for our planet.
However, some newer gasoline tanks have a lock on the cap that needs to be broken in order to open the tank. We hope opening the tanks will not be needed in the future.
They are also using tanks that hold propane, natural gas, water and chemicals. From the local tanks, they drive the coffee to toxic waste dumps where they dump it into large tanks and mix it with radioactive waste. They wash out the tank trucks and pretend nothing is going on. Very stupid, we say!
From there they used to pump it deep into the earth to get rid of it. But that is filled up, so now they are taking it on space ships and putting it in tanks in space. They use angels to block our view of it.

3/22/24. We are becoming better at tuning in to people to see if a hair test is really that of the person who says it is theirs, and if all the information and test numbers match the person.
We are finding that many people cheat on the hair test by using a chelation shampoo to lower the iron, manganese and aluminum levels. Some people are told to do this by the negs or rogues or Satan in order to disguise these numbers, which often indicate criminal activity.
We don't like cheating! If we detect it on the hair test we won't set up a program for you. You can do the 'free' or basic development program.
If you are honest with us, we may set up a program even if the numbers indicate possible criminal activity. We are aware the negs try to force people to lie, cheat, steal and even murder.
The only answer we know of is to be sure you have enough to eat and drink. Then sit and relax, pull down as hard as you can, and then ask for the Father in Heaven, or the One, or Highest Level or Absolute Truth. (I ask for all of these).
I then ask “What is thy will for me at this time?” With practice you will tune in better. You may get some very strange advice, such as to get in your car and drive, although the negs or Satan has told you never to run away.
Ask the Father again if you are not sure and ask as many times as needed. I am told you can be saved.
Also, lots of coffee is needed for protection from them, even if they tell you not to do much coffee. Do it anyway! That is what I do and I am still here.
3/22/24. We wrote a short article about the problems that occur when women dress up to look sexy or attractive. It is an important topic for women's safety and happiness. For details, read Dirty, Smelly, Ugly Women.
This new article is a summary of a longer article on the same subject, How And Why To Be Unsexy.
3/22/24. A new protein food on the development diet is Uncured Corned Beef from Niman Ranch. Corned beef is an old recipe to preserve beef in which it is mixed with large chunks of salt and left for a time. The chunks of salt look like kernels of corn, so it is called “corned” beef.
Most corned beef contains nitrates or nitrites, which are somewhat toxic chemicals. This product contains no nitrates or nitrites. Instead, it contains fermented celery juice, which I am told is less toxic.
Because it contains no nitrites or nitrates, this product is called “uncured”, although really it is cured, meaning prepared in the traditional way.
I don't know how easy it will be to find this product. I found it in a health food store, the Natural Grocer.
3/22/24. It is much better to eat very little or not at all before doing a coffee enema. You may drink water before an enema, but limit food to a very small amount.
The reason is that the coffee enema seems to interfere with digestion and will cause a stomach ache if you eat before doing one. It is fine to eat right after doing a coffee enema.
3/21/24. Discussing souls is a theme of this website and newsletter. Few talk about them, but I am told they are real and they are the basic units of consciousness.
Your true identity is that you are a soul being. All the rest of you is superficial. However, this knowledge has been withheld from the people of the earth.
I am told that the alien group called the negs, crud, rogues or Satan do not want people to understand souls because they unify all people and living creatures and they give us dignity and much more.
Basic information. I am told that souls are extremely tiny living beings that number in the trillions and much more. They have tiny organs similar to ours and have a somewhat human appearance.
However, they are made of fine matter so they are very difficult or impossible to see. Fine matter is a less dense type of matter.
Many souls enter every living human, animal, and plant body very early in its growth cycle or gestation. There is one main soul or entity soul, but many others assist the creation process.
They assist the growth of all creatures and as more and more of them enter a body they operate and animate the bodies. They truly give life to the body, which is otherwise just a shell.
When the body dies, the souls leave and may move on to another body. Some of them may remain separate from a body, although they prefer to occupy bodies for their own development.
Problems. I am told that most souls are not healthy. The rogues have attacked them quite severely, damaged their brains and bodies, and harmed them in many other ways. As a result, many do not function well. This affects all of us.
This website has a number of articles about souls. To begin to learn about them, read Soul Science and Soul Rehabilitation And Development.
3/20/24. We check the hair test numbers on most everyone to help identify people and understand their health situations. We noticed recently that the hair test numbers from ARL are low.
This would indicate that the laboratory is washing the hair. However, I have not confirmed this with them.
The mineral patterns depend upon accurate readings, which require not washing the hair at the lab. One can still interpret the test by increasing the numbers about 50% to about 80%. However, it is more work and not quite as accurate.
At this time, ARL still has the most accurate numbers, the best products, and the best reports among all the commercial labs. So we continue to use them.
3/19/24. We just learned that the crud or negs or rogues steal body parts from people and give them to their operatives as rewards. They can steal parts of the brain, the liver, the kidneys, the spine or others. Their “Chinese-looking” operatives/slaves particularly like this.
We are also learning how they tune up women and convert them into their slaves and then into what are called black masters. They are not really masters because a master, by definition, is a good person who is in control of himself or herself. Those who are converted are not in control of themselves.
Brainwashing. The way brainwashing works is that one is tortured violently. At some point, in order to cope, the person's brain decides that the torture is okay.
Some call this “being turned upside down”. After that, everything that is good can seem bad and that which is bad can seem okay. It is an inversion of reality used by the brain to justify inhuman torture.
That is what the negs or rogues or Satan do to all the girls and women on earth and to some men and creatures, as well. For details, read The Rogues.
NOTE: We also made some improvements to the newer article about Satan. It is about the same subject. For details, read Satan.
3/18/24. We are receiving help from a large being who wants us to know he loves us dearly. We think we may be part of him. He is an enormous, male, fine matter creature who looks a little human in that he has two arms, two legs, two ears and a head similar to ours.
He differs from us in that his flesh is fine matter and his legs are short relative to the rest of his body. Short legs are an indicator that his body type is that of an angel.
We contacted him earlier this evening to ask for help. The negs or Satan were closing in on us with thousands of ships attacking our planet. We freed the large being from being tied down and he is now driving us toward our home area, which is much higher up in space. This means it is higher up on an even larger being.
We are told we belong in his head, helping with communication and thinking. We will keep checking to see if all that we are writing is true and we will keep you informed.
A dire situation. Meanwhile, the situation on earth is extremely serious. The rogues are quickly taking over and there are reports of them wrecking the electricity system of cities to force people who are not theirs to leave.
The solutions we have at this time is to try to rewind the events. Meanwhile, on an individual basis one must:
1. Follow the four steps to doing the will of God,(an earlier message in this newsletter). If you cannot tune in well, and many people cannot, maybe a friend or family member can do it for you. You have to ask all day, “What is Thy Will for me?”
2. Strictly observe the marriage and sex rules (yesterday's message). Rape, by the way, is not a violation of the sex rules.
3. Do daily coffee enemas for protection. However, beware that the rogues steal coffee. We don't know why this is allowed.
We know following these is not necessarily easy and we are not sure they will work, but they help.
3/1824. For cleanliness, men need to sit down whenever they urinate. They also need to wipe the head of the penis afterwards.
To wipe correctly, men need to hold a piece of toilet paper to the head of the penis for about 10 seconds while aiming the penis downward. This will empty the urethra of all urine and there will be no drip.
We say men are like frost-free hose bibs. These are special faucets for hoses found on the outside of homes built in cold areas. The water valve is deep in the wall of the house so it does not freeze
Similarly, men's urine valve or sphincter, unlike that of women, is located somewhat deep inside the pelvis. When one shuts it off, the residual urine keeps flowing out for a few seconds, and this causes a mess unless a man catches it.
3/17/24. American law is based upon an older system of law called the British common law. It was a body of law that was based upon the Bible and which governed many areas of life.
One of the most important subjects in the common law was marriage. It was viewed as the basis for a loving, stable society. Here were the main rules:
- Marriage is between one man and one woman. There will be no polygamy and no homosexuality.
- Marriage must be a voluntary arrangement for both partners.
- One cannot marry one's close family members such as a brother, sister, parent or first cousin.
- One can only marry someone of the same race. Mixed race marriages were found to have more problems.
- The sex rules. Sex is allowed only between a married couple. There will be no bestiality (sex with animals) and no sodomy (anal sex).
- Sex is not an obligation of marriage. Both partners must agree to it.
- Sex is not allowed during menstruation.
- Dating must be civilized (clothing remains on) and seduction is not allowed.
- Rape is not a violation of the sex and marriage rules.
In addition to these rules, we would add that Down Sex is much better for health and happiness than ordinary sex. Most people do not know what down sex is, but we want everyone to learn about it.
3/16/24. A very important aspect of health is to strengthen the VERTICAL aspect of oneself. The procedure that does this the most is The Pulling Down Procedure.
This procedure opens thousands of tiny tubes that run vertically from the head to the feet These channels conduct ether or life energy.
Deeper meaning. Words that sound similar to vertical give us an idea of the deeper meaning of vertical. These words include verity, virtue, verify, veritas, verily and veritable. All these words have to do with truth.
3/15/24. This is a very unusual message about a disgusting subject. We are learning that the alien group called here the Rogues, the negs, the crud or called Satan in the Bible convert most women into fierce and ruthless fighters called blacks or black masters.
They also convert men into enemy agents, as well, who are called powers. These men work with the women to cause terrible damage to our planet and to others.
Black masters are women who are improperly and partially developed at least up to the level of queen, but who use their superior and often unusual abilities to harm others, rather than for love and healing.
Powers are men who are improperly and partially developed, but who use their superior and often unusual abilities to harm others, rather than for love and healing.
Fake deaths. We are learning that many funeral homes lie to people. They say they cremate bodies and they give you fake ashes. In fact, the bodies are turned over to the rogues, who convert them to black masters.
It does not matter if a person is old, or has cancer or some other fatal illness. When the person dies, the rogues take the body and put the person on artificial electronic life support.
The person then comes alive again as what we call the walking dead. This means they are sort of alive, but they are not in control of themselves.
Then the rogues beat them, rape them,poison them, and improperly and partially develop them so they become black masters.
If a person is buried in a cemetery, the rogues may dig up the body and steal it. They may substitute another body in the coffin.
Recently, we tuned into a photo of a group of high-level earth scientists. The photo was taken about 80 years ago. The names of the scientists were listed with the photo. Much to our surprise, we found out they are all alive and working as black masters for the rogues.
Converting children. The conversion process can begin when one is a baby. In fact, many young women today have been severely beaten to wreck the body nutritionally and in other ways.
Then they are put on life support, improperly and partially developed and go to work as black masters. Oddly, they can look and act quite normal, but they have been turned into criminals and are anything but normal!
3/14/24. I am told this is a very important story at this time for everyone. We wrote a short article about this parable. Please read it because there are a lot of lessons in this short story about love. For details, read The Parable Of The Prodigal Son.
3/13/24. The negs, crud or rogues have placed very large negative energy weapons all around the earth and in space around our planet. These weapons shoot a beam that makes a person too warm and uncomfortable.
The weapons were turned on earlier this evening and right now they are turned off. We are working with the Father in Heaven or god or the Creator being to get rid of them. They are illegal weapons of the worst kind.
The walking dead. The negs are angry because we figured out that they usually don't kill people. Instead, they convert them to what is called The Walking Dead.
This means the rogues beat, rape and poison a person to reduce his or her life force. Then they put a lot of electronic artificial life support into the person, which brings one back to life, to a degree. However, the person loses control of himself or herself and becomes a total slave of the negs.
The rogues also develop the person – using diet and the basically the same methods we recommend such as down hugging and down sex. When they do this enough, the person obtains special abilities that the rogues use against us.
They can do this to human beings, but also to animals, fine matter creatures and even some plants. For details, read Introduction To Development.
3/13/24. A principle of doing Thy Will or turning your life over to God is one must do it for all decisions all day long. This is rather tedious and sometimes scary, but needed.
Some people believe the reason for the presence of the alien force we call the rogues, the crud, the crap or the negs is to force us to turn our lives over to God.
Others say the purpose is to get everyone to do the development program, especially coffee enemas, which seem to be somewhat protective against the sessions and visits of the crud.
Others say it must be balancing some problem in the universe. This is sometimes called The Law Of Cause And Effect. This idea is found in the Bible and in other holy books. Others call the same idea the theory of karma.
3/12/24. This is a continuation of the Food Warning message from 3/10/24, which dealt with avoiding Capretta Goat Yogurt and Humm brand of hummus.
Yogurt. Another brand of goat yogurt to avoid at this time is Redwood Hill Farm. Their goat yogurt now says “Our goats are on maternity leave”. I am told this is not true. In fact, the rogues killed some of their goats and their product is no longer pure goat yogurt.
Cheese. One of our clients informed me that a lot of cheese is made with GMO rennet, although it is not required to be listed on the label. If you don't feel well eating goat cheese, try switching to a different brand and perhaps you can find one made with better rennet.
I eat Bella Capra Goat Cheese - Monterrey Jacques raw milk goat cheese. I have not had a problem with it and am quite sensitive to chemicals. It says it is made with vegetarian enzyme (vegetarian rennet).
Corned beef. We are recommending a product called Uncured Corned Beef from Niman Ranch. Corned beef is an ancient recipe in which beef is sliced thin and preserved with large chunks of salt. The salt chunks look like corn, so they call it corned beef.
The product is apparently required to be labeled “uncured” although that is not true. It is cured, which means prepared with salt. However, it does not contain nitrites, which are found in most corned beef. Instead, they use fermented celery powder to cure the product.
3/11/24. Morality is how you look at life. Everything you do has consequences. Some people call this theory karma. We call it The Law of Cause And Effect. Following moral principles and rules, and accepting the consequences, is the main human activity on earth.
Morality has declined on our planet and this is the cause of most problems. For example, people must not kill babies in the name of “reproductive rights”. There is no such thing.
Women are the givers of life and killing their babies is a terrible crime, especially when done lightly or easily. If a woman suffers terribly with an abortion, that is better, but most women just go and do it and that is all. This is awful and is causing terrible hardship for women and men. Our guides say NO MORE ABORTIONS.
Another immoral behavior is homosexuality in all its forms. It is not right. The Bible calls it an ABOMINATION. Yet even religious and spiritual leaders such as Dennis Prager, whom we like in some ways, tells people to be “tolerant” with homosexuals.
Today things are even worse with the gender identity nonsense, as though boys can be girls and vice versa. That nonsense must end and end fast for our planet to survive.
There are reasons to be man or a woman. If you are unhappy with your gender, it is for a good reason, usually nutritional imbalances, which we can correct with the Development Program. Occasionally there are soul reasons for so-called gender dysphoria, and this can be fixed, too. Our guides say NO MORE GENDER SURGERY OR THE PLANET WILL NOT SURVIVE.
Another immoral behavior is lying. This one is tough because the negs, crap, crud or rogues, also called Satan in the Bible, force especially women to lie all the time about their rapes, their beatings, their homosex, their fancy meals with the crap, and much more. We know all about it so there is no reason to lie about it any more. We hope you are listening. WE KNOW ALL ABOUT IT. IT IS NOT SECRET – NONE OF IT.
Another immoral behavior is lying to yourself. This is even worse than lying to others. This is when you say your life is okay when it is not and you know it. The women need to work on this one, too. Your life is a complete mess and you know it. So stop lying to yourself about it.
Start doing coffee enemas and fill up on coffee until you are doing about four tablespoons of coffee twice a day. Then the rogue visits and sessions end.
We know - it is not allowed. However, they are not in charge, no matter what they say, and they hate the coffee because it brings in a truth they don't want to hear about. So just do it.
For more details, read Morality.
3/10/24. I am experiencing more interference when I attempt to tune in to the planning souls to set up development programs. The rogues do not like our program so they try to ruin it as much as possible.
At times, the rogues force the planning souls to lie. They also have their operatives alter their mineral levels by using a special shampoo. They even send the hair of someone else to us to confuse us.
We don't have any quick answers for this problem, but I want everyone to know about it.
3/10/24. We are learning more about the process of converting people into rogue operatives. The rogues are doing this on our planet, especially at places such as hospitals. These have become dangerous places.
Their method appears to be to fill people's bodies with oxides of iron, manganese and aluminum, and perhaps other mineral oxides. These are irritants. For details, read Iron, Manganese Aluminum And Others – The Amigos.
They combine this with rapes and beatings to deplete the bodies of their nutrition. This leaves people hungry and scared, which wrecks their digestion so that they remain nutritionally depleted.
The bodies become susceptible to infection with a virus that appears to be the rabies virus or something similar. The virus can alter a person's personality, turning a nice person into a mean, sexy person and perhaps into a psychopath.
Some foods contain more of the virus. This is new and continuing research.
So far, foods to avoid at this time are Capretta Goat Yogurt made by the Sierra Nevada Cheese Company. Another is Hummus made by Humm. We will update this as we learn more.
3/10/24. We just became aware that the plastic trays in which many meat products are packaged have often been altered and spin to the left. This damages the meat. Food should have a right spin.
The solution is that when you buy meat such as chicken, ground turkey, beef and lamb, when you get the meat home take it out of the original packaging and put it into preferably a glass jar.
3/10/24. I am told that the earth is moving in space along a path toward its original home. The journey has been slower in the past few weeks.
At this time, there are a number of blockades in space that threaten to stop our progress.
When we tune into the Father to ask what to do, we are told there is a great need for more coffee in and around our planet. However, it must be used in an enema and not used as a beverage.
Using more coffee than you need in your enemas will also help. It will cause the coffee to be shared.
When you tune in to the Father in Heaven or absolute truth, you may also receive other suggestions that would help the planet.
3/9/24. Doing Thy Will or the Will of God requires the four steps of action. EACH STEP IS A MENTAL TRAINING AND A PROCESS. This has not been clear from our article about Thy Will so we will clarify it:
Step 1. DESIRE. One needs to want to do Thy Will. This may be the most difficult for some people. Usually, you have to have tried other options and decided they don't work for you.
Step 2. INTENTION. This is consistent desire. It means not to waver in your desire and to begin to ask for Thy Will more and more.
Step 3. ALLOWING. This means to not only ask for Thy Will in your life, but to accept and follow what you are told when you ask for Thy Will. It is allowing Thy Will to influence you.
Step 4. SURRENDER. This is a deeper letting go of your old lower will and greater acceptance of Thy Will as a complete way of life or lifestyle.
For more details, read The Four Steps Of Action.
3/9/24. We improved the newer article about a very common and very important cause of diabetes, kidney disease and high blood pressure – drinking too much coffee and not drinking enough water. For details, read Coffee Diabetes, Kidney Disease And High Blood Pressure.
3/9/24. Earlier, we posted a message about corned beef. Please do not eat corned beef – we need to do more research on it.
3/8/24. This message is to remind everyone to drink lots of water. It is not just for you. The entire planet and universe needs water. Here are some tips:
- Spring water or carbon-only or sand-only filtered tap water are usually best. In some nations, the tap water is not safe to drink, although boiling water just before drinking it usually makes it somewhat safe from bacteria and parasites. It does not remove chemical toxins.
- Don't drink reverse osmosis water, which is often called “drinking water” or “purified water”. It is devoid of minerals, which is not good. Also, it often does not hydrate the body as well as tap or spring water.
NOTE: Reverse osmosis water is usually found right next to spring water in the food stores and often has fancy names like Dasani. The rogues, negs or crap may want people buying reverse osmosis water, but thinking they are buying high quality spring water. So beware.
- Don't drink distilled water. It is also very low in minerals. Adding back minerals to it is possible, but usually not as good as the natural minerals found in good quality spring or tap water.
- Don't drink designer waters. Today, there are some unusual waters offered for drinking. We test them and most all are not that good.
- Adults need about 3 quarts or 3 liters of water each day. That is a lot, but you will heal and develop much faster if you drink this amount or something near it.
- Children are also often dehydrated and need plenty of water. The amount depends on their size and weight.
- Sparkling water, also called carbonated water, is fine. It often tastes better and the carbonation actually protects the water to some degree. If you really don't like the taste of water, flavored sparkling water with not sugar or sweetener, is not bad.
- Avoid soda pop, coconut water, and more than one or two cups of tea, including herbal teas. These are often somewhat toxic. 10-12 ounces of carrot juice daily is excellent.
- Coffee enemas are excellent to help hydrate the body. Many people ask me if coffee enemas dehydrate the body. NO! They help hydrate dried out bodies. This is just another reason besides protection from the rogue men, detoxification and healing to do coffee enemas every day.
- To hydrate yourself, do not soak in bathtubs or hot tubs. This makes the body too yin in macrobiotic terminology. Showers are better. We suggest only up to two baths per week for this reason.
Most bath water is also not pure and one can pick up a lot of toxic chemicals in baths. Swimming pools are also toxic places and best avoided. Swimming in the ocean, lakes or rivers are better.
NOTE: Drinking coffee definitely dries out or dehydrates the body. It is actually quite dangerous and is a common cause of diabetes and, at times, kidney disease and high blood pressure.
For details, read Water For Health And Longevity, Hydration For Healing, and Coffee Diabetes, Kidney Disease And High Blood Pressure.
3/7/24. I am told that today many more fine matter creatures were found buried in the earth. These creatures belong on earth, but had been killed many years ago by the Rogues or Satan in the Bible.
These creatures were more or less dead. However, they were not completely dead. They were in a state of stupor or suspended life.
Incomplete death. The way it works is that once a person or creature develops to a certain degree, if they are shot or killed in some other way, they do not die completely. Instead, they go into a state of stupor or suspended life, but some souls remain.
In this case, one can reverse the death process using a special time machine or using your mind. That is what occurred today. Millions of fine matter creatures were awakened from their stupor. Some call this rewinding.
For details about this amazing science, read Rewind Science. To read about fine matter creatures, read Bodies – Their Structure And Activities.
3/6/24. Down sex and down hugging are among the most powerful healing and development procedures. They are truly amazing and enjoyable, as well.
Down sex has over a dozen advantages over ordinary sex. However, it is not taught much on earth today.
I am also told that down sex and/or down hugging are extremely beneficial for the healing of our planet at this time.
We enhanced and added a number of details to the down sex/down hugging article. Please be sure to read the new version of Down Sex And Down Hugging.
3/5/24. Morality has to do with following moral principles and rules, and accepting the consequences. This is often not easy and it can cost one one's life. The other choice – to live immorally – may seem easier, but has karmic and other consequences.
Some say that morality has declined on our planet and this is the cause of many problems. For example, they say that women must just say no to the rogue sessions and the rogue insistence that women lie, steal and even kill.
We expanded and improved the article about morality. For details, read Morality.
3/5/24. Maria Montessori was a brilliant Italian educator who founded the Montessori method of education. She also spread her method throughout the world by starting thousands of alternative schools, many of which are still going today.
The Montessori method allows children to largely direct their own education. This is somewhat similar to the development method of healing in which we allow the body to direct the pace, timing and order of healing. For this reason, the Montessori method is of great interest.
However, we feel the Montessori method is incomplete and missing some important elements. For details, read the newly expanded and updated article, Maria Montessori And The Montessori Method Of Education.
THE JAV OR JAVELINA – Most Interesting Creatures
3/4/24. The Jav or Javelina (pronounced Hav or Havelina) are medium-sized animals. Their proper name is Jav, but most people use the Spanish word for them, Javelina.
Their name is related to the word Yave (pronounced yaveh), God of the Hebrews. This is related to an ancient word, Yav - one of the names of the extremely large being that lives in space and is our Creator being.
This means we are part of this being and we are to do the Will of our Creator being. To understand this better, read The Biological Concept Of Space And Creation.
The word Jav (or Hav) means to work closely with Yav, the Creator being. The Jav are extremely intelligent and very essential animals in certain parts of the world.
They stand about two feet tall. They weigh about 35-55 pounds and are 3-4 feet long.
They live at and around the seventh physical energy center of the earth. This is located in North America. Jav are also found throughout Central America and parts of South America. They are very much “New World” creatures.
They have very large heads and very small legs and look something like a pig, except the head is much larger and shaped differently. Also, the body is covered with a brown fur. They have a serious and wise look about them and indeed, they are very intelligent creatures.
The Jav are very important animals. Most people who know about them know that they roam the neighborhoods and are not too afraid of human beings. In fact, they like humans and like interacting with them. They do this mainly by raiding garbage cans looking for food.
However, these animals are actually very developed and highly spiritual creatures that help keep our planet on course. They assist the angels, the birds, and many other essential creatures.
The Jav are a vital part of the matrix of love that is the animal world. They reproduce easily and usually travel around in small packs or groups. They don't have many enemies and some live a very long life.
They love music, particularly happy and upbeat music. Their favorite music is Broadway show music, which is usually about romantic love and other basic life themes.
The Jav also love excellent food. They would appreciate it if everyone would think happy thoughts about them and give them some high quality food. They are not too fussy about what to eat, although their main food is vegetables such as roots and leaves.
I give them my vegetable scraps and some other food. I just gave them a 50-pound bag of raw peanuts, most of which were eaten in two days. After that, they were able to protect my location better, they said.
The Jav will speak through this newsletter in the future and will help guide our planet. At this time, they will discuss the Thenix birds we introduced yesterday in the newsletter.
The Thenix (pronounced like the city of Phoenix, Arizona, USA) are very small, very unusual birds that direct the other creatures on our planet. These birds are also an essential part of the matrix of love of our planet.
They had been killed or made unconscious by the Satan or Rogues on the planet at least a million years ago. However, a few of the Thenix birds were just found, as was explained in yesterday's newsletter. They are undergoing rehabilitation at this time.
The Thenix are in charge of certain operations on our planet and are beginning their work once again. There is a legend that when the Thenix birds arise again, earth will be saved and will once again become a spiritual planet. We, the Jav, assert that this is the truth.
3/3/24. In the past week, several thousand very unusual birds have been found scattered around the earth. They are not in good condition, but they are getting better.
These special birds called Thenix. This is pronounced theenix. There is a legend that when these birds are found, conditions on earth will improve. I certainly hope so.
These birds are made of fine matter. For this reason, most people cannot see them. However, they are reddish in color and very dramatic looking.
To view them, type into a search engine: Phoenix birds, drawings. Thousands of drawing exist and will come up. Here is one website:
3/3/24. Earlier this year, we suggested eating cooked kelp leaves, also called kombu, a Japanese word for kelp. However, we recently found that kombu, harvested near Japan, is more toxic than Atlantic Ocean kelp, so we no longer recommend eating kombu leaves.
3/3/24. We updated the kelp article and we wrote a short article about eating salad. For details, read Kelp and Salad.
3/2/24. This is a very important topic. The walking dead include millions of people who have been raped, beaten, poisoned and starved or malnourished by the alien group called on this website the rogues, negs, crud or called Satan in the Bible.
We improved and expanded the article about this topic. For details, read The Walking Dead.
3/1/24. I updated and improved two articles: Implants And Why Become God's Servant To Oppose Brainwashing. Please read the new versions.
3/1/24. I am told there is a great need for people to do coffee enemas at this time. The more the better. The coffee helps move the planet on its sacred journey back to a safe place in space.
It also protects the planet at this time and protects all the creatures on the planet. It also protects you and speeds up development.
This short, but important message is to encourage you to do coffee enemas and to use extra coffee in the enemas. That way you will share some of it with the plants and animals of the earth. It will be spread around and it will assist the survival and healing of our planet.
This is broadcast coffee, a special use of coffee enemas that is wonderful for you and for our planet.
3/1/24. At this time, there are many Chinese-looking people on earth. Some are older, while others are younger-looking. I am told that most are not from China and many of them are not even from this planet.
They speak English and can appear friendly. However, I am told that most of them are not here legally and are not friendly. Indeed, they are a rogue force. For your safety, I am told to avoid staring or talking with them.
2/29/24. When one discusses healing, there are several possibilities. It is most helpful to understand this and to know the differences between them.
Healers, doctors, and other health practitioners offer all these different approaches, which go by many different names. Understanding the differences between them and understanding what you are getting is most important because the long-term consequences are quite different.
1. Genetic change and upgrade of the body. This we call development. It is not known to the Western medical or natural healing professions because it has been suppressed. However, it is very real. We teach it and offer programs to accomplish it. This newsletter and website are one of very few that teach it openly.
Development and genetic upgrade are largely hidden capabilities of our bodies that lead to detoxification, greater strength and longevity, and the appearance of unusual abilities such as the ability to communicate telepathically.
It involves activating the so-called “junk DNA”, which is about 97.5% of our DNA that has not been decoded. It is a slow process that takes some years to occur.
2. Restoration. This is a lesser process than development, discussed above. Development (#1 above) is not just restoration. The reason is that as one upgrades genetics, the body actually changes from what it was. The body makes some new and different chemicals than it ever made before and the structure of the body also changes in ways it never did before.
Restoration is the application of mostly foods and other nutritional substances to put back chemicals and to restore the body's ability to make the chemicals it needs. It begins with following a healthful diet of natural foods and avoiding toxic substances and situations that damage the body in any way.
It also includes learning excellent eating habits, such as sitting quietly when eating and thorough chewing. Restoration is offered by some nutritionists and physicians who understand the nutritional needs of the body.
A major problem with this method is that all the food today is of mediocre quality due to soil depletion of minerals and modern N-P-K agriculture. This method is used even on organically grown food.
Many essential minerals have been removed from the earth by the alien group we call the negs, the crud, the Rogues, or the Bible calls Satan. Removing vital minerals such as zinc, selenium, calcium, magnesium and others is a major activity of theirs.
The negs also poison most all food to some degree. This is easy for them to do using cloaked space craft that fly over fields and spray toxic substances. They even grow some of our food and secretly bring it here to poison people.
As a result, so-called “good quality” food is not that nutritious and today it will not fully restore the body. Also, some “good quality” food is actually quite toxic, including some organically grown food.
Surgeons also do some restoration. Surgical restoration is the best aspect of modern allopathic medical care. When properly trained, they set broken bones properly so they will heal. They help keep people alive after serious accidents. They help women through childbirth. They also offer other surgery to remove tumors and surgically restore the body.
Problems with surgery are it often involves using toxic drugs such as anesthesia and antibiotics that may be needed with surgery. It also often includes toxic procedures such as x-rays. Also, surgery is always deeply stressful for the body because it is an injury. For these reasons, it is not a panacea and it is best to avoid surgery whenever possible.
3. Symptomatic correction without true restoration. This is the main activity of the medical profession and most natural healers. Chemicals such as drugs and herbs are used to suppress, stimulate, or otherwise alter the activity of the body in order to reduce symptoms. Most vitamin and mineral therapy is also used this way. This is sometimes called curing.
It is important to realize that drugs, herbs, homeopathy, chelation therapy, and many nutrient therapies do not actually restore normal body activity at the deepest level. They may appear to do so, but really only partially restore health. Most poison the body in clever ways that make it seem normal.
This is the mode of action of drugs and most herbs and vitamins used for symptoms such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar and hundreds of other symptoms. They partially restore normal bodily activity such as blood pressure.
However, they weaken the body because they are usually somewhat toxic and do not restore the whole body system. We find they are best avoided if you want excellent health.
4. Following the golden path. This is another healing concept that we use, but very few others do so. We place people on a path, consisting of a diet, lifestyle and doing certain healing procedures every day.
The path also consists of advising people about ways of handling emotions, one's social life, work life and spiritual life. For example, it includes doing your best to follow the Ten Commandments given to Moses and the Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you).
It also involves learning the law of cause and effect – that all one's thoughts and actions have consequences and directly affect one's future health and other situations. The Bible states this as “As you sow, so shall you reap.”
Following this path is not exactly a healing remedy. It is a direction or guide to a life that leads to healing, restoration and eventually genetic upgrade or development.
5. Forging. This is not healing, but it shares some concepts with healing. It is the very widespread practice of the negs, crud or rogues to beat, rape, poison, threaten and torture people to produce the kind of person that suits their needs.
They employ many standard healing methods such as food, vitamins, herbs, drugs, surgery and other medical procedures. However, it is all for their selfish purposes. This is going on on a huge scale at this time. For details, read Forging.
2/28/24. We are making tuning in to God one of the healing and development procedures. Here is how to do it:
- Sit, stand or lie down comfortably
- Move your attention to below your feet.
- Imagine turning around so you face your body.
- Pull downward as though you have a magnet or vacuum cleaner under your feet.
- Another excellent idea is to do down breathing. As you inhale, move energy into your head and then down to your feet. Imagine swallowing the energy as it reaches your feet. As you exhale air, do the same thing. Imagine the air moving downward from your head to your feet and imagine swallowing it as it reaches your feet.
- While pulling down, relax. Then ask for God's Will for you at this time.
- Then wait to hear the answer. It is very good to ask a number of times to confirm the answer.
- Do this all day long about everything – what to eat, what to wear, what to do, and more.
2/27/24. An important principle of doing Thy will is that only God is smart enough to figure out the best solutions to our problems. This is a different reason for doing Thy will than because we are totally dependent upon God.
Another point is that most people say that God only wants us to be happy. However, following Thy will may cause a situation that does not seem happy, but in fact is done for our happiness. For more details, read Thy Will Be Done, Turning Your Life Over To God and Becoming God's Slave To Oppose Brainwashing.
2/26/24. We experimented with making enough coffee for one day (enough for two enema sessions, one before breakfast and one before dinner). While it works, it is not as good as making coffee fresh before each enema. Some weakening occurs when coffee sits in the refrigerator all day.
Also, we have removed the non-cooking, soak overnight method of making coffee from the coffee enema article. This is not as good as the other methods.
Also, we added the steeping step to the enema procedure. This is helpful. Steeping means allowing the coffee to sit in its grounds for about 3-5 minutes after cooking before using the coffee.
We also added that you can eat up to three almonds or a tablespoon of goat yogurt before an enema if needed to help maintain your blood sugar level. For details, read Coffee Enemas.
2/25/24. Some of the forces defending the earth have come across a tactic of the alien group called the rogues or Satan in the Bible. It is rather horrible! I am told it occurred in the past and was supposedly forbidden.
They attach extra limbs, even extra heads, onto a person. They do it to give a person extra strength or other abilities. I'm writing about it because if you should happen to see one of these people, it is very scary-looking.
Some readers know about an older movie called Atlantis: The Lost Continent (1961). The extra limb technology was known thousands of years ago and is presented in this movie.
Atlantis was a continent located in the Atlantic Ocean where this technology was used about 50,000 years ago. Some say the continent was destroyed as a punishment.
2/24/24. One of the main ways the alien group called the rogues on this newsletter or Satan in the Bible control women, in particular, is by starving them and conditioning women to want certain sexual stimulation.
Starvation. Beatings, rapes and poisoning that occurs in girls wreck all women's digestion. Women are also kept terrified at all times, and this wrecks digestion. As a result, most are hungry all the time, no matter what they eat.
In addition, many are told they may not eat red meat, hommos, kelp and certain other essential foods. We sometimes call this The cult diet or rape diet. This also causes some women to feel very hungry all the time.
The sessions. Then the rogues tell the women that they must call on the rogues, usually telepathically, and come to special hidden places for rape sessions. At these sessions, the women are stripped naked, filthed up with diseases, raped, beaten, humiliated and tortured in other ways. As a result, the women filth up their families and give birth to sick babies.
The sessions must be kept totally secret from husbands, family and others or the women get more beatings. Any woman who does not go along is usually killed. The rogues can make the death look like an accident, illness, etc.
The meal and the tickle. The women also are given a good meal and tickling. As a result, they feel much better for at least several hours and this encourages them to come back for more sessions.
2/24/24. Francis is 77 years old and has been on the development program for about seven years. Her symptoms include osteoporosis, muscle pain, burning pain in the throat and bronchial tubes, gas, bloating, constipation, food cravings, food allergies, impaired circulation, skipped heart beats, bronchiectasis, post-nasal drip, difficulty sleeping, very cold in winter, dry skin, and frequent urination with some incontinence.
Francis is unable to follow the development diet too well due to food allergies and sensitivity to some supplements. As a result, she progresses more slowly. The negs or rogues also tell her she can only do about two coffee enemas a week. However, at this time her planning souls say she is doing very well.
She reports sleeping better, less pain, breathing is better, fewer skipped heart beats and less frequent urination. Frequent urination can be due to toxin elimination.
The burning pain in her throat is also less. Her planning souls also say her bones are stronger and she has less cancer. Most adults today have some cancer even if they are unaware of it.
Her most recent mineral analysis revealed the following:
- Wise person (12 Anchor patterns). This is a wonderful pattern. Anchor patterns are mineral levels that change very little on a retest. Having twelve of them on one retest is unusual. They indicate a lot of deepening of the ridges or sulci of the brain. The ridges flatten due to rapes and beatings and then one cannot think clearly. Hence 12 anchor patterns on one test is called a wise person pattern.
- Everything coming out pattern (8 minerals increased). This is an excellent pattern indicating a major detoxification of the body. Often toxic chemicals as well as toxic metals are being eliminated.
- Settling down (on the first four minerals). This is present when all four of the first four mineral levels decrease or remain the same. It is another excellent pattern, sometimes called a coming home pattern. One feels more relaxed.
- Mild coming alive (on the second four minerals). This is present when all four of the first four or second four minerals increase or remain the same. It indicates increased vitality and is an excellent pattern.
- Two feet in the tunnel of death (went into four lows). This pattern is present when all four of the first four mineral levels becomes low on a retest. It usually indicates the person is forgiving someone. Four lows is a state of lower activity. Moving into it on a retest is fine and sometimes needed.
- Double low ratio. (double give-up or slow death). This pattern was present on the previous test and persisted on this test, and was even more extreme. It consists of a low ratio of iron to copper (less than 0.5) and a low ratio of manganese to zinc.
It indicates retracing of a trauma. It is a common pattern thanks to the presence on earth of the alien group we call the rogues, also called Satan in the Bible. They beat, rape, and poison all men and especially women on our planet in an effort to control them. It is often necessary to go back into this pattern in order to heal trauma.
Comments: This case history indicates the rather unusual types of information a tissue mineral test can provide.
Also, older people often do well on the development program. This is much less true of medical and most other types of healing programs.
Also, there was excellent progress even though this client does not do all of the development program.
2/23/24. As we have written before, I am told our planet is not in the proper location in space and that it is on a journey to a hopefully safer area of space.
In the past 24 hours, I am told the planet entered a better area of space called the angelic realm and above that, the super-angelic realm. We believe these angelic areas are the head area of a gigantic fine matter being that lives in space.
We were told that our planet belongs in the super-angelic realm, but we are not sure about this. The area looks similar to the outer space we know. However, it is slightly brighter.
The negs or rogues are still present. However, there seem to be fewer of them. These areas are not safe, however, and we were pulled back down to standard space several times from these areas.
Also in the past 12 hours, our planet was briefly pulled into a disgusting area of space where planets were taken apart by the rogues. Here the rogues are able to kill the angels and some humans on a planet. Then they use the planets as breeding centers to make more criminal beings called sats or satans.
Fortunately, someone helped us out of that area and we hope we can stay away from there. Oddly, we were told that having more people doing coffee enemas purifies the bodies. This helps a planet stay out of this awful place. For details, read Sats and The Rogues.
2/23/24. We changed the recommended amount of water to use in a coffee enema from 2 to3 cups to 3 to 4 cups. This seems to work better. I updated this in the Coffee Enema article.
2/22/24. Some newer information may not be clear. We formerly said that what is needed for safety from the negs or rogues is coffee enemas and unselfish prayer.
However, this is not enough. What is also needed is to ask often for Thy Will. You must ask many times each day: “Father in Heaven, what is your will for me right now?”
You can ask about food, rest, going places, clothing and more. It is basically asking for your orders all day.
How to tune in. I am told that everyone can tune in to God or The Father. However, it is sometimes not easy and there can be a lot of interference. It also improves with practice.
The correct procedure to tune in is in the Guidance article. Also, I always ask several times about any important matter.
Why it works. I am told that the earth is part of a much larger fine matter creature that lives in space. We can't see it but it is there. This creature is our Creator.
This is like your hand or your stomach being part of your much larger body. In other words, the earth is not an independent being.
Your body parts are supposed to follow orders, and the people of earth are in the same position. We are supposed to follow orders from our Creator being. So when you ask “What is Thy Will in this moment?” you are asking for your orders at this moment.
What to do if the rogues or negs tell you not to tune into God or they will beat you even more. This is one of the few situation I am told in which you need to talk to their boss – God. You can ask God if you are allowed to tune in to God. If your tuning in is accurate you will hear yes, you can tune in and will be protected.
NOTE: I have not had time to update some other articles with this newer information – articles such as Thy Will Be Done and Turning Your Life Over To God.
2/21/24. Rapes take a number of different forms. I am told that all of them are very harmful for the women and the planet.
Although it sounds crazy, I am also told that ALL women on earth experience sexual molestation and rape. That is our current research. Molestation begins even while a girl or boy are still inside their mother's womb.
I am told the planet is thoroughly invaded by the alien group called the negs, rogues or Satan. Rape is part of the way they control the people of earth.
Some rape occurs within the appearance of marriage. Some occurs on dates and at parties. Some women are just grabbed while at work or walking on the street.
Some is an effort by the negs or rogues to “dry out” a woman. This means to extract a type of yin energy from the woman.
Some rapes are used to force rapid development of some women so their abilities can be used by the negs as a weapon against the planet. For this type of rape, women are taken to special rooms, fed special food, and forced to do down sex with developed rogue men.
I am told it is all horrible for the women, for the planet, for the men on earth, and for all involved. For details, read Rape, The Rape Planet, Queens and The Plight Of Women.
2/20/24. We updated and made corrections to the newer article about an advanced stage of development of women. It is an important article and we want everyone to read it. For details, read The Queens.
2/19/24. The section of the article about anchor patterns on a hair mineral test concerning advanced research was not correct. We deleted that part of the article. For details, read Anchors And Pivots.
2/19/24. We added an excellent hand reflexology chart of the palms of the hands to The Liver Detox Procedure below. Here is the link:
The back of the hand has reflexes to the 7 major energy centers of the body. Center number 7 is at the tip of the fourth finger. Center number 6 is at the base of the fourth finger. Centers number 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 are behind #6 along the back of the hand and are also found in similar locations on the feet.
Reflexes to the major meridians of the body are also found on the back of the hands in the webbing between the fingers. They are also found on the tops of both feet.
Reflexes to the three dantiens are also on the back of the hands and the top of the feet.
2/18/24. An excellent and very easy detoxification procedure involves massaging the liver and the liver reflex areas. It can be done at any time.
It is excellent to do as you expel a coffee enema. This procedure can make coffee enemas more comfortable and improve the effects of coffee enemas.
The procedure. While sitting on the toilet after an enema, or at any time, tap firmly or slap with both hands on the area of your liver.
The liver is quite large. It is not only on the right side of the upper abdomen. It is also in the middle of the upper abdomen and somewhat on the left side, as well. Here is a link to see where your liver is: LIVER PHOTO.jpeg.
Why it works. The tapping or massage enhances blood and lymph circulation in the liver. Also, it is psychodrama. This means it gently and lovingly duplicates or mimics a beating to the liver, abdomen and ovaries that many women have experienced. This powerfully relaxes the area.
The liver reflex on the hands. Tapping or slapping on your abdomen with both hands is not only a massage and stimulation of the liver. It also stimulates the liver reflex on both hands.
These are located on the palm of each hand below the third, fourth and fifth fingers of each hand. Here is a good hand reflexology chart to view the liver areas:
The thigh-kneecap reflex area. Another way to stimulate several liver reflex areas at the same time while sitting on the toilet is to tap or slap your hands on the top of your thighs right next to the knees and tap on the knee caps at the same time.
This stimulates the liver reflex area of both hands. It also stimulates a liver reflex that is on the top of each thigh right near the knee cap. It also stimulates a liver reflex on each knee cap. You get three stimulations at the same time.
Another way to stimulate the liver reflexes of the hands is to rub the liver reflex area with the thumb and forefinger of the other hand.
Alternate. We suggest alternating between tapping or slapping the hands on the liver area of the abdomen for about 20 seconds and then moving your hands to your upper thighs and knees and tapping or slapping the hands there for about 20 seconds. Do about 10-20 repetitions.
Even better, use a bidet. If you have a bidet or bidet toilet attachment, which we highly recommend, you can enhance the detoxification a lot using this device.
Sit on the toilet so that the water from the bidet splashes on the anal area. This is another powerful reflex area. Just stay with this for at least five minutes and perhaps longer – while you are tapping your hands on your upper abdomen or while you are tapping your hands on your knee caps.
Why adding the bidet is even better. 1. The anal sphincter is a powerful and important reflex area of the body.
2. If you relax the anal sphincter, some water will enter the rectum, pick up toxins and then fall back down into the toilet.
3. Running water on this area helps move subtle energy downward. It is a low body procedure.
4. Running cold water on this area improves general circulation and particularly circulation to the lower abdomen. It is an aspect of the so-called German water cure.
5. Some water will be absorbed into the rectum and will move to the kidneys, where it picks up toxins and eliminates them in the urine.
6. It is also psychodrama. That is, it can gently mimic or duplicate trauma to the lower abdomen and genital area that many people have experienced.
I now do this liver detoxification procedure every day after each coffee enema. While doing it, I ask the liver souls if the procedure has cleared the toxins it picks up from the coffee enema. It usually takes about five to ten minutes to do this. Then I get up and shower off.
NOTE: You can also rub the liver reflex area of the hands while doing a coffee enema or tap on your abdomen firmly while doing a coffee enema. This also works.
Tapping or massaging the abdomen also moves the coffee around your colon better, which enhances the enema procedure. However, I usually prefer to focus on doing The Pulling Down Procedure while doing a coffee enema because it is so important to do every day.
2/17/24. Many women are not comfortable taking showers. When they turn on the shower, their energy goes upward in a very uncomfortable way. Here are two ways to change this:
1. Down kissing. When one kisses, move subtle energy downward in oneself and in the other person. This will often undo the trick the negs or rogues use to make a person uncomfortable in the shower.
Be sure to use a thin plastic bag between you and the other person. Kissing is always a dirty activity, thanks to the rogues. Using a plastic bag is not romantic, but it will stop the transmission of disease.
2. Soap procedure. You only have to do this once or twice. Get your body all wet, including your hair. Then put soap all over your body. We particularly like Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap although any good soap should work. Be careful with homemade soaps, which are often somewhat toxic.
Sit or stand. Move your hands firmly down the front of your body, starting at the very top of the head. Be sure to move through your breasts and crotch. Then spread out your fingers so that you move down the front and all sides of the thighs.
Move all the way down the legs, the knees and the lower legs. Move your hands firmly down the top of the feet. Then lift your feet slightly if you are sitting and move your hands toward the heels.
Now move up the back of the legs. Move your hands all the way up the legs and back. Half way up the back move your hands so you can continue to go up the upper back, neck and up to the top of the head.
Then start over: starting at the top of the head, move your hands firmly down the front of the body, as described above. Do at least 10 full rotations around your entire body.
This procedure is also very cleansing and feels very good. Technically, it is called the macrocosmic orbit. It is a correct movement of subtle energy around the body.
Someone suggested wearing gloves such as rubber gardening gloves while doing this procedure. At this time, we don't know if this would work even better.
2/16/24. This case illustrates many interesting mineral patterns. Joan is 64 and has followed the development program for about 7 years. She reports feeling much more mental clarity. Her most recent mineral analysis revealed the following patterns:
- Out of four lows. Four lows is a lower energy pattern. Some people are in four lows pattern due to poor health. Others go into a four lows pattern in order to forgive their parents, or others. Joan completed this process and came out of four lows.
- Three dump or three amigo dump. This is a rise in the levels of iron, manganese and aluminum. This is an elimination of toxic forms of iron, manganese and aluminum.
Most people report feeling much better when these come out of the body. They are not easy to remove and the development program is the only way I know of to remove them quickly and safely.
- All out or everything coming out. This is present when the levels of 6 or more minerals increase on a retest. It indicates an important detoxification process – and often not just toxic metals, but elimination of toxic chemicals, as well.
- Detox in progress. This is present when the levels of minerals increase.
- Late detox. This is present when the levels of some toxic metals decrease on a retest. This occurred with lead, mercury, arsenic and nickel.
- Removing crutches. Toxic metals can function as “crutches”. This means they can support the levels of other minerals. For example, on this mineral analysis, removal of crutches caused a reduction in the level of phosphorus, zinc and sodium. Toxic metals were supporting the levels of these minerals.
- Maturing. This pattern is present when the level of potassium, nickel, copper and/or mercury increase. These are called the child minerals. They seem to keep a person immature. When they are eliminated, maturity increases.
- Anchors. Anchor patterns indicate a deepening of the sulci or ridges of the brain. It is an excellent pattern. In this mineral analysis, there were eight anchor patterns, which is called a new brain.
2/15/24. I am told that this message is from one of the oldest spiritual leaders on earth. The message is one of love.
Our planet is not where it belongs. It was moved many thousands of years ago. There is an effort now to return it to where it belongs.
The planet is an angel breeding center and needs to return to that function. The human beings help out and need to do so again. At the very least, think beautiful thoughts about angels.
The angels say the planet is filthy and cleanup is one of the main needs at this time. Also, the negs or rogue menace needs to be removed. However, they are very entrenched so dislodging them is a difficult task. Always oppose them whenever you encounter them.
They also say that love must reign supreme on earth and wars must cease. With these changes, life would be much better.
There is also a great need for more love on the planet and for couples to do down hugging and down sex. This would help the planet enormously.
There is also a great need for more people to do coffee enemas. These are not what they seem. Coffee is a wonderful herb. If more human beings would use it in enemas each day, it would move the planet along much faster.
The old earth leaders, whom some know about, are here and working feverishly to restore the planet. They need your prayers and your help.
2/14/24. Living on means living a very long time, far beyond today's average lifespan of about 70 to 100 years. I am told that human beings can and should live much longer than this.
What does living on require? I am told that it requires reaching a fairly early stage of development – about Big Stage one and Small Stage 200. There are various means to reach this stage of development:
- Eating the development diet is very helpful.
- Doing the pulling down procedure is very helpful and necessary.
- Retaining most of one's sexual fluid is necessary.
- Getting plenty of rest is also needed.
Other methods. Other methods to speed up development are doing coffee enemas, twisting the spine, doing the neck pull procedure often, doing foot and hand reflexology, and doing the genital bath procedure every day for at least half an hour.
Still other methods are doing down hugging or down sex with a developed person, placing a special stone at one's feet called shungite, and using a special machine that is currently not permitted on earth.
What occurs when one reaches the required stage of development? I am told that the body ceases to age and that diseases slowly go away. The body becomes stronger and remains alive as long as one stays on a good diet and does at least half an hour of the pulling down procedure each day.
Eventually, the body de-ages and one begins to feel and eventually to look around age 40. One gains special abilities. Women's menstrual period begins again and a woman can bear children.
The menstrual period continues for hundreds of years until a woman reaches the development stage called a queen. Then the hormone levels change and she takes on a new role. For details, read The Queen.
A dark side. I am told that the alien group called the rogues on this website and called Satan in the Bible know about living on. They choose people they like and keep them alive to serve their evil purposes.
When they do this they require beatings, poisoning, and often rapes. These are used to force the person to follow the orders of the rogue slave masters.
2/14/24. The people of earth have been tricked into believing that life is supposed to end at age 70 or 80. They have also been tricked into believing that doing the Will of God is a special and unusual religious attitude.
In truth, development and living on should be the normal situation. Also, following the Will of the Big Creation should be the natural way to live. We are part of a very large being that lives in space and the normal situation is to know about this and to do your job to assist the large being.
2/13/24. A vital theme of this website and newsletter is that each of us is part of, and serves, much larger beings who live in space.
This is similar to our hands, feet, eyes or stomach that live inside of us and serve the whole or the One Creation.
Why is this not common knowledge? The alien beings called on this website the rogues, or Satan in the Bible, attempt to keep us ignorant of our true nature. They came to the earth at least 20,000 years ago and have a large influence on our planet.
They want us ignorant of our true nature so they can better control us. Another, newer article about this that is not yet complete is The Plight Of Women.
Fine matter. The large being of which we are part is made of a much less dense type of matter called fine matter. In contrast, human beings are called coarse matter bodies.
Most people cannot see fine matter bodies, but they are real. Fine matter beings can live in the cold of outer space quite comfortably.
Fine matter creatures are real! They include angels and elves, as well as many others. They are described in many books and movies such as Fairy Tale: A True Story (1997). For details about the different kinds of bodies, read Bodies – Their Structure And Activities.
Compatible with religions. This idea is completely compatible with the religions on earth. It is the idea of a living God who loves us and in whom we have our lives. However, the full truth is not well known and it is time to return us to the truth.
The biological concept of creation is known among some scientists. It is gaining support because it explains many phenomena in space better than any other theory.
The competing theory. The only other popular theory about who we are is the “big bang” theory. This is the idea that there was a giant explosion in space many years ago that created all the planets and stars. However, this theory does not explain hundreds of facts about space.
Without going into too much detail, we can say that only the biological theory of creation works.
What does this mean for us? It means we are not an independent planet. It means we have jobs or work to do as part of the Big Creation. Each person needs to ask, What is my job or role in the big picture?
Thy Will. This is exactly the same as asking for Thy Will to be done in my life. It means that asking for Thy Will is not just a religious concept. It is also a very basic biological idea.
It is also not a scary concept, as some people think. They believe that asking for Thy Will is bad because you might end up homeless or beaten up. But the exact opposite is the truth. The large being of which we are part wants us to be happy and content.
You can ask “Take me and use me this day”. I am told that at some level, we are all aware of the whole – the Big Being of whom we are a part. For this reason, you can ask, What shall I do this this minute, this hour and this day?
You may be surprised by the answers, but you need not worry. Just keep asking. For details about how to do this accurately, read Receiving Guidance.
What is the role of the earth? I am told the earth belongs in the head of an enormous being and that it helps with communication and thinking.
More and more people are waking up and ignoring the lies and threats of the aliens. The alien beings are losing power over us. For more details, read The Biological Concept Of Space And Creation.
2/12/24. The idea of the message on 2/10/24 about coffee as a sacred herb is basically very correct. The more we learn, the more impressed we are with the healing properties of coffee when used in an enema.
One can also benefit from the other coffee procedures: the oral coffee hold, vaginal or penis coffee, and spraying some coffee on the skin, which causes some absorption.
However, we don't want people to think they have to spend too much time on the enemas, since most people don't have a lot of time to do the program. So we would say if you can, don't waste coffee. However, most important is to do the coffee enemas each day.
2/11/24. The pulling down procedure is absolutely required for rapid development! We have found no substitute for it. Only this mental exercise moves subtle energy correctly through the body.
This will feel strange, at first However, it slowly cleans and opens millions of tiny energy channels that run vertically through the body.
As you do this, health improves dramatically and development occurs. The challenge is to find an easy way to do it and the eating visualization is one of the best. Here are details:
- Place your attention on your feet. As you inhale, imagine ether flowing from your head down to your feet. When it reaches your feet, you eat it and swallow it.
- Keeping your attention on your feet, as you exhale also imagine ether or subtle energy moving from your head to your feet. As the energy reaches your feet, again you eat it and swallow it.
You set up a rhythm of breathing in and breathing out, eating and swallowing the subtle energy on both the inhale and the exhale. This visualization is very powerful and enjoyable at the same time. For more details about the pulling down procedure, read The Pulling Down Procedure.
2/10/24. Coffee is a sacred plant and for this reason it is important not to waste it and to use it properly. Here are some ways to do this:
- Ideally, buy coffee beans and grind them at home as needed. Buying ground coffee is okay, but the coffee is not as fresh.
- Rather than using coarse ground coffee, grind coffee fine. You will get more out of your coffee.
- Preferably boil or pressure cook coffee. You will get more out of your coffee this way, rather than using a coffeemaker or Keurig machine.
- If you use a coffeemaker, pour the coffee back into the machine and run it though again two more times. This will extract more nutrients from the coffee.
- Let coffee steep. This means when you make coffee for an enema, allow the coffee to sit in the grinds for about three minutes. You will get more out of the coffee.
- Don't use the French cold press method of preparing coffee. Also do not use the non-boil soak method of preparing coffee. These are less efficient methods.
- After emptying your measuring cup of coffee, boil a little water and pour it over your coffee grounds again. You will get more coffee this way. By grinding coffee finely, steeping coffee you will be able to use less coffee.
- Always store uncooked coffee in the freezer and store ready-to-use coffee in the refrigerator. This will extend its life.
- Don't spill coffee as you are making it or putting it in the enema bag or bucket.
- When putting coffee inside for an enema, there will usually be some extra coffee that remains in the plastic tube. Don't throw this away. Either add it to your next enema or put it in your mouth. This is the oral coffee hold procedure.
- If you make enough coffee for two or more enemas at once, keep extra coffee in the refrigerator for only 12 hours. This means if you make it in the morning, you can use it all day. If you make it in the evening, you can use it the next morning.
- Don't throw coffee grounds away. Put them around trees and on the land. To do this cleanly, it best to use a fine strainer when making coffee instead of coffee filter paper. Filter paper is less clean and more difficult to spread the coffee grounds.
- Share coffee with the coffee-impoverished masses of human beings, animals and fine matter creatures. To do this, use extra coffee in your enemas.
Also, develop yourself and read the articles about Broadcasting and Women And Broadcasting. As you do this, little by little you will automatically begin to share some coffee whenever you do a coffee enema.
Also, when you are doing a coffee enema, do the light bulb exercise. This is to imagine a very bright light bulb in the middle of your chest. The light radiates outward in every direction.
2/9/24. STAY FAR AWAY FROM ANYONE WHO SAYS THEY HAVE “IMPROVED” ON OUR PROGRAM. We just learned about some people suggest the following “improvements” that are very dangerous:
- Using less coffee, or they give you “better coffee” which is actually fake coffee or light-roast or so-called “enema coffee”. Do not use these!
- Recommending the garden center procedure. This is spending time around plants for healing. Sadly, we recently learned this is extremely dangerous!
- Use of open water. We no longer recommend this.
- Use of beatings, which they tell people are “good for you”. NO! Beatings are terrible for everyone! Some also say beatings are legal. This is a total lie. Beating is illegal. The crime is called assault and battery.
- Eating few cooked vegetables.
- Adding bad foods such a salad, fruit, sushi, tunafish and perhaps others. Some of this we call The Cult Or Rape Diet.
2/9/24. Recently, I added to the Read Articles page a paragraph about a pattern called Back to Life. This pattern is incorrect. I have removed it from the Read Articles page.
2/7/24. Coffee enemas are excellent for healing, for development, and more. Another reason to do coffee enemas is they are like having insurance.
Insurance. People buy insurance to protect themselves and their families against harmful events over which they may have little control. These include car accidents, damage to their home, and even death. One hopes that one will never need the insurance, but one buys it anyway because it is a wise idea.
Coffee enemas as insurance. At this time, the world is quite dangerous. The air, water, food and objects are often somewhat poisoned, and disease is everywhere.
For women, rape is common and awful. The rogues or Satan also use witchcraft on everyone to mix things up and damage the bodies and our planet. This is the truth, whether you believe it or not.
Coffee enemas can help prevent all these negative events – and more. This is an important reason why we recommend them so strongly at this time. For details, read Coffee Enemas.
2/6/24. I am told that when women develop far enough, their bodies change. At this time, the women's hormone levels change. The breasts become smaller, the hips become narrower, the vagina becomes smaller and menstrual periods cease. It's sort of a Twiggy look. Twiggy was a British model who was very thin.
At the queen stage, women also become happier and develop great abilities and work closely with the planet for its healing. For details, read The Queens.
NOTE: We recently learned that the rogues are tuning up women very fast to the queen stage and then using the women's abilities for killing and damaging our planet. This is a complete perversion of the queen stage of development and there is an effort to stop it.
2/5/24. General fatigue. The amazing process of development requires a lot of rest. For this reason, during the program one may become tired and need extra rest and sleep for a day, a week or less often even a month or more.
For example, certain stages of healing and development require extra slowing of the metabolism. With development, you are essentially getting a new body. We could list 20 reasons why sleep and rest are essential.
Program change. Fatigue can also occur due to a change in body chemistry that requires a program update. For example, the oxidation rate may change from fast to slow. This can occur at any time and can cause fatigue.
Fatigue attacks. An unusual type of fatigue during the program are sudden episodes of fatigue. At these times, one needs to lie down and rest, often for 10 to 20 minutes. Then the fatigue passes and one can continue with daily activities.
I call these situations fatigue attacks because they come on quickly and can be very severe. If one is driving a car, one needs to get off the road, lock the doors put the seat back, and just rest for about 5 to 15 minutes. If one is working, one may need to stop and close the eyes for a short time.
The cause. These episodes are also due to development. At times, there is a need to make changes to the nervous system or some other body system that require complete rest of the body.
I am told that, at times, certain souls may leave the body and special development souls may enter to perform certain healing work on the body. This requires resting the body.
Retracing. The very unusual process of retracing also requires extra rest in some instances. Retracing occurs when a chronic health condition temporarily becomes acute on its way to total healing.
This is common during the development program. In fact, it occurs continuously during the development program and causes ALMOST ALL symptoms that occur during the program. However, it does not occur much with medical and most natural healing regimens. For details, read Retracing.
Trauma release. The development program also causes the release of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual traumas. When this occurs, one may also become tired for a short time. For details, read Trauma Release and Trauma Retracing.
What to do. Deep healing and development are profound processes that require extra rest. We don't believe there is any way to avoid some fatigue if one wishes to deeply heal the body.
Also, I don't know any way to completely stop the fatigue attacks. They seem to be a necessary aspect of the program.
I try to leave extra time at meals, when driving and at work. This way if a fatigue attack occurs, I can just rest. If I were living with someone, I would also want the other person to know about these occurrences.
If you are in touch with one of the approved Helpers for your development program, you can ask that I review your entire program and update it if needed. For more details, read Introduction To Development and Rest And Sleep.
2/4/24. Peanuts. Eating only several roasted peanuts each week is helpful for most people. I am told this has to do with more advanced development. We are still researching this.
For peanuts to be a helpful food, one needs to 1) buy a bag of peanuts in the shell and 2) peanuts should be roasted, not raw. At this time, we don't believe the peanuts need to be organically grown.
2/4/24. The planning souls want to spread the understanding of tissue mineral patterns. It is the method used by the planning souls to measure and heal the body. For details, read The Planning Souls.
Mountain. A very steep hill pattern is called a mountain. The criteria for it is a calcium/magnesium ratio about 3 or less AND a sodium/potassium ratio about 10 or more. A mountain pattern has the same meaning as a hill, only more extreme. A hill indicates excitement and celebration.
Very fast development. Now and then you will see a very high phosphorus level on a retest. If the level is 30 mg% or greater, it may be a condition of very fast development. This is a very positive indicator. It is also possible that a high phosphorus is due to the use of a hair product, so this needs to be ruled out.
Types of detox. When the levels of toxic metals and most nutrient minerals rise on a retest, it is called a detox in progress. This does not apply to zinc and phosphorus.
When six or more levels rise on a retest, not counting zinc and phosphorus, it is called all out or everything coming out.
When the levels of toxic metals and perhaps some nutrient minerals decrease on a retest about 20% or more, it may be due to a late detox. This means that a removal of a toxic form of this mineral has ended.
Toxic chemicals. A criticism of mineral testing is that it does not measure the levels of toxic chemicals. However, this criticism is not quite valid for two reasons:
1) Many, though not all, toxic chemicals contain toxic metals.
2) An interesting feature of the detox patterns described above is that they may apply to the removal of toxic chemicals, in addition to the removal of toxic metals. This is because when the body is in a detoxifying mode of action, it often eliminates more than one type of toxin.
NOTE: Toxic chemicals are everywhere today and most are very difficult and costly to measure precisely. However, the development program assists the body in so many ways that it is essential to follow this program, and not others, if you want to protect yourself from toxic chemicals.
The development program is also the only way I know of to remove hundreds of toxic chemicals – as part of general detoxification. Other methods, in my experience, are often not as safe and often not as effective.
Coffee enemas are also superb to help protect yourself against toxic chemical poisoning. Just having the coffee in your system at all times is an excellent safety measure.
2/3/24. In earlier posts, we said that to stay safer from the rogues, we suggest 2 coffee enemas daily along with the development diet, and regular and unselfish prayer.
This is not quite correct. Rather than prayer, one needs to decide to do the Will of God. This means asking often during the day what is God's Will for me at this time. It is a training of the mind and not so easy at first.
For instructions how to tune in, read Guidance.
2/2/224. As of today, all fine matter beings (these are souls, elves, angels and other beings that we cannot see, but they are real) and some human beings are required to do coffee enemas.
This is not a punishment. It is for the spiritual uplifting of our planet. The coffee used in this way has a number of healing effects. It removes many toxic substances through the liver, and helps heal infections and parasitic infestations.
It is excellent to help prevent and heal cancerous tumors, which today are very common. It also helps with the removal of electronic implants. Coffee in enemas even helps with witchcraft (curses ad spells) that are common on earth.
We strongly recommend that all of our clients do coffee enemas for other reasons, as well. If you do two of them each day they will help protect anyone from visits and beatings from the group called on this website the rogues. For this to work, you must use at least two tablespoons of coffee in each enema if you boil or pressure cook the coffee or three tablespoons of coffee in each enema if you use a coffee maker.
The coffee in enemas has other interesting effects. It connects you with others in a wonderful way that helps heal everyone. It also will teach your body how to detoxify much more powerfully, which can save your life.
2/1/24. You are either in a state of love or in a state of fear. This is a theme of this newsletter and this website. Most people live in a state of fear. This is not normal! However, various conditions on earth are causing this condition.
The rogues. A primary cause of fear is the presence of the alien group we call the rogues and the Bible calls Satan. They want us in fear because we are much easier to control when in this state. So they beat people, rape people, lie to people, and poison people.
Also, they poison the entire planet, ruin the food, the air, the water and more. In fact, I am told they have moved the earth to a different area of space where they have more control.
Mental control. However, you can't blame everything on the rogues. Most people also have very sloppy thinking! They allow their mind to lapse into fear.
Religion and love. Some religions on earth can hep with this problem. The Hebrew and Christian religions are among the best for this. There are other ancient and related teachings about love. For details, read The Real Self.
A healthy body helps a lot! Another theme of this newsletter is that in order to stay in love, a great help is to have a healthy body. This way at least you won't worry as much about your health. So let us briefly discuss this theme.
You are either in a state of wellness or in a state of illness. Most everyone today is in illness. This is a very low state of health in which you are prone to thousands of “diseases”. You may not be “sick” at this time, but you may become “sick” at any time. The “diseases” can be physical, emotional, mental and other.
Wellness is a higher state of health in which you are simply not prone to diseases, or at least not nearly as much.
Man, The Unknown. I first came across a similar idea in the 1935 book by Alexis Carrel, MD titled Man, The Unknown.
Dr. Carrel said there are two kinds of health – natural health (which we are calling wellness) and artificial health (which we are calling the state of illness). Calling these states of health wellness and illness I believe is more accurate.
In Man, The Unknown Dr. Carrel said the medical profession only knows and provides artificial health, but people want natural health. I think this is accurate.
The health care professions. The medical and natural healing professions deal pretty much exclusively with the illness level of health. In part, this is because it is all they know about. Also, it is because their clients or patients are basically all in the illness stage of health.
People who are in the wellness stage of health simply do not need the services of most health professionals. They still need people to assist with 1) childbirth, 2) trauma care such as setting a broken leg, and 3) a few other situations. However, this is basically all.
Laying out these two themes – love versus fear and wellness versus illness – helps set our work apart from other health-related programs. Many other themes fit into this outline.
For example, the amazing process of development and the development diet are part of wellness. Other vital aspects today are the healing and detoxification procedures such as coffee enemas, the pulling down procedure, use of a reddish heat lamp, the spinal twists and reflexology. All of these are aspects of the love and wellness paradigm or world view. I hope to be able to write much more about these themes.
For more details, read a short, older article, Wellness. An article about love is Love As Radiance and there are several others on this website.
1/30/24. The group called the rogues on this website or Satan in the Bible have sprayed a new mild poison on earth. It has a foul smell. They appear to be spraying it everywhere.
What to do. Coffee enemas will remove the poison. It is good to use more because the coffee is used up removing the poison.
Using lots of soap in the shower helps a lot. We like Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap, although others are probably okay as well. We also suggest keeping windows closed in homes at this time.
1/29/24. Kelp is an excellent food that everyone needs today! It is a rich source of many minerals, especially iodine. It has many other good qualities, as well.
For at least two years, we have not recommended Nature's Way brand of kelp capsules. For some reason, it did not test well. However, we just reviewed this product and it is now testing well. So we can now recommend this brand of kelp capsules.
Another new recommendation is that rather than take kelp capsules or tablets, one can eat cooked kelp leaves, also called kombu. This appears to be even better than taking kelp supplements.
We improved and updated the website article about kelp. For details, read Kelp.
1/28/24. People often ask me how our healing methods and research are different from those of conventional medicine and most holistic health care. A large difference between our methods and their is that ours are path-centered. Theirs are disease-centered.
Path-centered means that the primary method of caring for illness is to put a person on the development path. The path is a lifestyle that involves all aspects of a person's functioning.
When one follows the path, most all health conditions slowly disappear on their own. Research often involves refining and improving the path.
Disease-centered means that the primary method of caring for illness is the use of remedies that are specific for each illness or disease. These may be drugs, herbs, diets, radiation therapy, surgery or other methods. Research usually involves discovering and testing new disease remedies.
For more details, read The Path Concept and The Seven Aspects Of Following A Path – With Emphasis On The Path Of Development.
1/26/24. Eating visualization. As you inhale and exhale while doing the pulling down procedure, imagine eating or gulping down the ether that you move through your body from the head to the feet.
For example, as you inhale, put your attention just below your feet. Then imagine pulling ether from your head to your feet and swallowing the ether that you move through the body.
As you exhale, again put your attention just below your feet. Pull more ether downward through the body and imagine eating and swallowing it as it reaches your feet. Just keep doing this so you “fill up” on this meal of ether. This is an excellent visualization!
The Jonah and the whale visualization for pulling down. This visualization is somewhat unusual, but you might like it. Imagine that while swimming, you have been eaten by a whale, feet first.
You are in the whale's mouth and the whale is now trying to swallow you. However, you are holding on to one of his teeth so he can't swallow you. Or perhaps your upper body is too large to pass through his throat.
You are thus caught in his throat. You can feel the slimy sides of his throat rubbing against your legs and pulling on them as he tries to swallow, pulling you downward. It is is a powerful downward pull on your feet as the whale keeps trying to swallow you.
1/27/24. For both the above visualizations, and for others, we suggest another visualization that will make it work much better: Imagine doing it with a partner.
THIS IS VERY POWERFUL and it is more fun. It is a little sexy or intimate.
How to do the partner visualization. What matters is:
1. The partner you choose must be someone of the opposite sex. It can be a family member or not.
Your partner could be a child or even a baby, although it may be a little better if the person is about your size. If you use a child as your partner, you can imagine the child is the same size as you.
A child can do this visualization with its parent and this works very well.
2. It can be someone you know or it could be an imaginary person. Some say that if it is someone you know, it is best if the person lives near you. However, this is not necessary.
3. The bodies must line up, head to head and feet to feet. You can be hugging front of the body-to front of the body or you can be doing a back hug. This means you are facing the same direction as the other person and you are either in front of the other person or behind the other person.
4. Imagine you are pulling downward and this is helping the other person move the ether downward. At the same time, the other person is pulling downward and this is helping you to move the ether downward. You feel their pull down and the other feels your pull down.
5. Some might not agree with the following: If you imagine pulling down with someone whom you know, you need not ask permission or tell the other person. The reason is that you are not hurting the person at all by imagining pulling down with him or her. In fact, you are helping the other person. This is a very healing exercise.
However, some would say it is a slight invasion of the other person's privacy so it is best if it is someone you know to tell the other person what you are doing. (Most people won't understand it.)
6. It is a little more powerful if you imagine doing with a person who is developed. In general, this would be a person who is older in age, although you could imagine pulling down with even a very developed child.
7. You can improve the exercise further by doing the TAN exercises while you imagine holding the other person. These are very powerful.
The basic exercises are to spin the other person's three dantiens correctly, spin the other person's seven energy centers correctly, spin subtle energy to the right around both bodies, and spin the other person's microcosmic and macrocosmic orbits correctly. For more details, read Male-Female Blending or "Tan" Science. This article also contains other helpful exercises.
For more details about the pulling down procedure, read The Pulling Down Procedure.
1/24/24. A very important spiritual idea is that you are more than your story. Let us explore what this means.
Your story is the story of your life. It is 1-7 in that it is physical, emotional, ego, social, expression, mental and spiritual.
The concept is that these are okay, but this is not who you are really are and you need to go beyond all of it.
The reality of who you are is you are one with God. This has always been and can never change. It does not matter where you have lived, what has happened to your body, what family you lived in, your work or career or your religion or spiritual beliefs.
Letting go of your story is a challenge for many people because the story gives meaning to their lives. However, the teaching is that there is something beyond it all. The Bible calls it the kingdom of heaven and the 23rd Psalm of David calls it living in the house of the Lord. Oriental teachings have different names for it, but it is the same idea.
Some say it is to live in Love, not fear. This love is not human love, although some people radiate more of it than others. It is something beyond this that is yours if you will just welcome it and accept it, something most people don't do, in part because they don't know it even exists. They also don't know how to do it.
Some would say it is the ether that you breathe in, that is found in good food, and that you bring in more of whenever you do the pulling down procedure.
When I do the pulling down procedure, I gulp in as much ether as possible with each breath. I'll explain more of this in another message. You can also say “I want more of God, more of God, more of God”. Little by little, you go beyond your story.
1/23/24. The development diet is like going to a fine restaurant. I have had the restaurant experience. There are various courses and food is excellent.
Our elegant dining begins with a protein dish that can be chicken, turkey, lamb, sardines, cheese, eggs or occasionally beef. One could begin with a little miso soup before the protein if you wish. At a later point of development, there will also be a very small serving of usually a dried fruit.
Then there is a dish of mixed vegetables. It can have a topping – some butter, grated cheese, tahini, almond butter, some soy sauce, a little curry sauce or mole, or something else healthful, perhaps. Later on in development, there will then be a few nuts.
Finally, there are some blue corn chips, which I tend to eat with butter on them. At the restaurant, there would also often be a glass of fine wine. At our restaurant, you have something much better. It is the water in which you cooked your vegetables - a true elixir!
This is the way to eat and it feels like I live in an elegant restaurant.
The pit stop mentality. However, most people today eat with the pit stop mentality. This phrase comes from automobile racing.
The cars race around the track. When they run low on gas, the cars zoom into the “pit” or service area. There someone runs out and begins to fill up the car with gas as fast as he can.
The workers might also give some food to the driver. He eats it very quickly because often, within five minutes, the car is fueled up - and off he goes to continue the race. If you eat this way, please change to the fine restaurant method. It is much healthier.
1/22/24. This is a clarification of terminology used to describe important changes on a retest tissue mineral test.
Detox in progress. This pattern is present when the toxic metal levels predominantly increase on a retest.
Late detox. This pattern is present when the toxic metal levels predominantly decrease on a retest.
1/21/24. A theme of this newsletter and website is to inform as many as possible that the earth has been totally invaded by an alien group we call the rogues. The Bible calls them Satan but gives few details about them. We give a lot of detail, and they are very amazing and advanced in their methods of conquest.
For some reason, I have been given a lot of information about them. Also, so far, I am able to write about them, which they don't like.
We believe there are forces protecting the earth to some degree or things would be worse. However, the situation is total war that affects every area of life.
What to do. When you understand the situation, you will:
- Become more careful in your life.
- You will live the down lifestyle. For details, read Downward-Moving Energy And Healing.
It is a military situation. Most people still live “the civilian life”. By this I mean wasting time, wasting money, wasting your health with improper food and bad living habits, and more.
The religions on earth help, but they have been infiltrated and do not guide people well enough. The development program offers more answers to problems of health and more. However, a serious and prayerful attitude is also needed or you won't do much of the program, since it takes effort.
We will write more about the total war in the future because we think it is helpful to understand that conditions on earth such as pollution, poisoning, diseases, rapes, and more are not accidental or caused by “human nature”. No! They are a plan for our planet and you can help out by the way you live and care for yourself.
1/20/24. This is a message we have given a number of times. It is that the election system in the United States and probably in other nations is broken.
We don't understand why more people do not discuss this, but it is very important. Without fair elections, democracy is a sham! Here are some of the problems:
Voting machines. These are simple computers that are so easy to rig with a computer virus they should never ever be used. This should be obvious to anyone who knows anything at all about computers.
Mail-in ballots. These are terrible and many people know this. Often, during our elections, suddenly a carload of mail-in ballots are found and often they are just added to the pile of ballots without careful enough checking. It is, in fact, very difficult to detect fraudulent ones.
Other cheating. Stories are common about other cheating on elections. Methods include having dead people vote, for instance. All women are compromised, as well. They are all beaten and raped by the rogues and told to vote liberal and Democrat. I hope someday soon this will be common knowledge.
A very common method of cheating I have observed in my town is that people drive in from other states, claim a fake residence here, and register to vote. Then they get back in their cars and go to another state and do the same thing. This is thoroughly illegal, but is a common practice that enables criminals to vote 10 times or more.
Please write your representatives and insist that more be done to restore fair elections.
1/18/24. This is a topic we have discussed in the past. As we learn more, we report it here.
The standard time to hold a coffee enema is 20 minutes. If held longer, the coffee picks up more toxins and this can cause a headache or other symptoms in some people.
However, once or twice a month we suggest holding the enema for 45 minutes to an hour. This will allow the coffee to work on different problems in the body that cannot be handled in 20 minutes.
One of these is purifying the small intestine. The coffee souls tell us they can clean the small intestine, which usually needs it. However, it requires holding the enema for at least 45 minutes and preferably longer.
1/17/24. Cancer is one of the main diseases of our time. When we tune into the souls, they say most adults have some cancer. This is not difficult to understand if you understand what cancer is and what it loves.
The trophoblast. Cancer is a normal cell of the body that arises in the wrong time and most often in the wrong place. It is supposed to arise at the beginning of pregnancy and it invades the mother's uterus and nourishes the baby. The cell is called the trophoblast, which means to feed the baby.
Totipotent cells. Under the right circumstances, a type of cell turns into trophoblast. It is called a totipotent cell. A few of the conditions needed for cancer are:
- Acidic pH of the body. This is extremely common and not easy to overcome with remedies. It occurs when the body is low in the alkaline reserve minerals. These are found mainly in cooked vegetables and not much in any other food.
- Too much estrogen, which is due to a toxic liver. The liver detoxifies estrogen.
- Other nutrient deficiencies.
- The presence of certain toxic metals, especially cadmium, nickel and lead.
- Root canal-filled teeth. The bacteria that always grow in these dead teeth are particularly toxic and seem to lead to cancer. Such teeth should always be removed and as far as we know, cannot be saved.
- Attitudes of resentment, hostility and hatred. These poison the body organs and are related to cancer development.
For much more, read The Trophoblast and Cancer And Alternative Therapies. The book, Sauna Therapy, also has a chapter about cancer and sauna use.
1/16/24. A concept that is turning out to be quite important is the difference between doing a simple enema and coffee saturation.
Coffee saturation is filling the body with more coffee. The main reason for it is greater protection from the rogue beatings, poisoning and rapes. However, it also causes faster development. It also seems to be required for human leaders.
How to do coffee saturation. To saturate the body with coffee, one needs to use 4 to 5 tablespoons of coffee in each session, twice a day.
A session might be two even three enemas, since most people cannot handle that much coffee in one enema. The liver becomes more tolerant of coffee over a period of days or weeks. This means that it produces more of the chemicals needed to process and remove the excess coffee.
Some may have difficulty with this at first, but many people can handle it. You can work up slowly if your prefer.
Coffee quick start. We are also experimenting with people who are just beginning coffee enemas who need to put a lot of coffee into the body quickly. This again is usually for protection from rogue beatings and rapes. Normally it takes at least a few days to a few weeks to build up the coffee in the body.
The methods for a coffee quick start are to do rectal, vaginal and oral coffee at the same time. Another method is spray coffee on the skin or dampen a towel with coffee, take your shirt off and lie down on the towel and preferably sleep this way.
1/15/24. An excellent idea while relaxing or while doing a coffee enema, a pulling-down session, or a sauna session is to have your computer read to you. It is an excellent use of time. It also may help you to remember to do coffee enemas or the pulling down procedure.
It is better than staring at a a computer screen to read an article or having to print out a lot of articles, which wastes paper. If the article is complex, just start it over until you understand the material.
Both the Mac and newer Windows operating systems offer the ability to have the computer read to you. One brings up an article and you push a button to start hearing the article.
You may have to select the text you want to listen to. You can adjust the speed of the reading and the voice. If you get bored with the voice, which is somewhat robotic, you can change the voiCe.
If your operating system does not offer this, there are other options. For details, read the new article Let Your Computer Read To You.
1/14/24. A question arises whether local governments should be able to buy land and properties for historic preservation? We believe the correct answer is no. It is not specified in the national or state constitutions so it is not legal. However, more and more the constitutions are being violated and corrupt judges are allowing it.
The cities argue that it helps preserve the character of their cities. This may be true. However, it gives a lot more power to the government. Once it has the power, the city tends to use the power for other projects that further expand the reach of the government.
Other problems are that any government enterprise is plagued by waste, fraud and abuse. This is known in economics, but not discussed enough.
Briefly, waste occurs because the government has less incentive than individual to save money and spend money wisely. The city can go to the taxpayers if they run deficits. Individuals cannot do this.
Fraud is much worse with all government programs because policing them is much more difficult than when an individual is in charge, there is less incentive to police the program as explained above, and often a bureaucracy runs the program and corruption is common.
Abuse means that the program is misused. For example, a political donor may say if the government will use my cleaning company, for example, we will support your re-election. If you don't use our company, we will make sure you lose the election. It can be much worse, but even this is awful and is standard with government programs. It does not occur nearly as much with private programs.
Most important, the state constitutions in the United States specify the roles of the local governments. They are similar to the roles of the national government and do not include historic preservation and other non-essential roles. For details, read the new article, Local Government Overreach.
1/13/24. A very important phenomenon today is the hardening of the tissues of the humans, plants and animals. It damages our health and causes numerous illnesses.
The hardening is the replacement of vital trace minerals, which are missing in the food and soil, with other minerals used as substitutes. They include iron, nickel, chromium, cadmium and perhaps a few others.
The hardeners act to support the human, animal or plant because the structure of the body is weak.
Fortunately, the development program can slowly undo hardening by replacing the hardeners with the correct trace minerals. For details, read Plating, Hardening, Tempering And Lubricants.
1/12/24. We realize that coffee used in enemas has at least seven distinct actions:
1) Detoxification, 2) Nourishment, 3) Communication, 4) Healing, 5) Protection against the Rogues, 6) Medical Diagnosis, and 7) Development.
In addition, doing enemas which are somewhat dirty, smelly and slightly painful has other actions: 1)Reducing blemishes or karma, 2) Psychodrama, 3) all the lower body actions.
1/11/24. At times, one can become very discouraged. At these times, several phrases or sayings can be most helpful.
With God, All things Are Possible. This is from the New Testament of the Bible, Matthew 19:26. It is a statement about faith, a subject that is most important and a quality that many people lack.
Faith means a belief in something even though you cannot see it with your eyes. It is a very important mental attribute or quality to work on in yourself. For details, read Faith.
Only The Impossible Happens. This quote is attributed to Richard Buckminster Fuller. He was a twentieth century scientist, visionary and excellent thinker. He was one of my mentors and his writing continues to inspire me.
He taught that one cannot know and predict the future. Scientifically, the future is always at least somewhat open and unknown. Therefore, everything that occurs is technically “impossible”, meaning unpredictable.
This is a wonderful perspective – and true! For details, read the newly updated and improved article, Buckminster Fuller.
1/10/24. I am told that our planet and solar system are continuing to move in space to a new location. The location is actually the original location of the planet.
To help out with this journey, think “home” for our planet as often as possible. Many minds holding the thought of “home” helps a lot.
1/10/24. We improved and corrected the article about the planning souls. This is an unusual article because it is about a group of souls that are in everyone. However, they want their presence and their healing method to be much better known on earth. For details, read The Planning Souls.
1/9/24. A major theme of this newsletter is the reality, nature and activities of souls. The main source of information about souls for Western people is the Hebrew and Christian Bibles. However, the Bible provides few details about the nature and activities of souls.
I am told that the human body is a kind of shell or structure that depends upon the activity of millions of tiny creatures called souls for its survival and its health.
The planners. I am further told that everyone has a group of very advanced souls that live inside the body and who direct healing in the body. They are called the planning souls or planners. Everyone has several hundred of them.
They know the health status of the body and they are at work continuously to improve your health and extend your life. I seem able to tune into them if I ask properly.
The programs we offer are based upon their advice. Most of the time, the advice works very well. It works much better than anything else I have come across working in the health field for more than 50 years.
The advice is unusual, such as suggesting that we eat loads of cooked vegetables, not raw salads or fruit, and wanting everyone to do coffee enemas and do the pulling down mental exercise each day. However, this is what I hear. For more details, read The Planning Souls.
1/8/24. Today physicians of all kinds are trained to believe that there are many “diseases” and they are quite different from each other. As a result, they require different treatments and remedies.
However, this is incorrect! It is a serious problem with both conventional and natural healing methods. We know this because when one follows the healing path we recommend, hundreds of diseases disappear on their own.
Theoretical basis – the stress theory of disease. One way to understand the unity of all disease is to learn about the stress theory of disease. This is the work of the famous Hungarian-Canadian physician, Dr. Hans Selye, MD (1907-1982). He taught the unity of all disease and he proved it.
Although Dr. Selye lived and worked over one hundred years ago, to this day conventional and holistic physicians do not understand or use his concepts much. Some give lip service to the word stress, but they do not know how to measure it, monitor it and change it at deep levels.
Modern development science is one of very few sciences that completely incorporates Dr. Selye's concepts such as the stages of stress and the general adaptation syndrome. For details, read the newly updated articles, The Stress Theory Of Disease, The Path Concept and The Seven Aspects Of Following A Path – With A Focus On The Path Of Development.
1/8/24. An excellent way for women to speed up their development is to use a vaginal object. I am told it works so well it is required in a number of convents dedicated to healing and development.
The vaginal object is a small object that one places in the vagina. It causes a slight tickle or irritation all day long that helps remind a woman to move her energy downward all day.
Men already have something between their legs that does this. The vaginal object offers the same thing for women. For details, read the newly updated and improved article, The Vaginal Object Procedure.
1/7/24. The following are very basic ways to think about your life:
1. Life is primarily about survival. For these people, power over others and money are very important.
2. Life is primarily about feelings. For these people, pleasure is most important. They often love sex and other feeling experiences.
3. Life is primarily about security, power and control. These people need to feel in control of their life and often want to control others.
4. Life is primarily about friends. These people often do whatever their friends decide is best.
5. Life is primarily about expression. Expression may be artistic in nature, or music, dance, singing, or writing. Other types of expression are having a family or working at a business or career.
6. Life is primarily about ideas and beliefs. For these people, ideology, beliefs, dogma or doctrines are most important.
7. Life is about doing the Will of God. This is the surrender of the lower self such that one only wants to do the Will of the Creator. This is the best approach to life and it is where we are heading.
For more details, read the new core article Approaches To Life 1-7.
1/6/24. Anxiety is a very common symptom and is often related to biochemical imbalances in the body. It is often a mercury toxicity syndrome, although this can be difficult to detect because the toxic metal can settle deep in the brain.
Paul is 40 years old and had extreme anxiety. He was on several medications that he needed just to function.
Six years ago he heard about the development program and began it. At first, his progress was quite slow. e felt a little more energy, but the anxiety persisted. Her mineral analysis retests revealed some progress in removing toxic metals, but not that much.
Recently, he has felt much better. The anxiety has diminished to a large degree.
Most recent mineral test. Paul's new mineral retest reveals interesting patterns related to healing:
- Double forward flip. This is a positive change in both the oxidation rate (from fast to slow oxidation) AND the sodium/potassium ratio (from low to normal or elevated). It is a very positive change.
- Grand back to life. Back to life pattern is present when one has a double low ratio pattern or a bowl pattern on a retest when one is following the development program. In this case, there was bowl pattern that extended through eight minerals. This is sometimes called a grand back to ife pattern.
- Perking up. This is present when the level of phosphorus increases at least 2 mg%. It indicates faster biosynthesis and improved protein synthesis.
- Rapid development. This pattern is present when the level of phosphorus is above 16 mg%.
- Calcium-magnesium surge. This is a sharp rise in the levels of calcium and magnesium. It often indicates an elimination of toxic or less preferred forms of calcium and magnesium and their replacement with more preferred forms of these vital sedative minerals.
- A lot of change in the toxic metal levels. The levels of lead, mercury, and aluminum had been quite high and decreased on this retest. The level of cadmium increased, indicating an active elimination of this toxic metal.
1/5/24. Love is the force that brings all things together. It is the unifying force and the binding force. It is much needed today because the opposite force of destruction and separation is too strong.
This principle applies to human relationships as well as to nations and to the planet itself.
Love requires courage to face the unknown and the threats from those who would keep us apart and unhealthy. Love also requires persistence and patience with ourselves and others. Love also requires a certain faith that things will work out even if does not look that way at this time.
This message is simple, but most important at this time.
1/4/24. I am often told by a voice in my head not to do what I would like to do. The voice is that of the negs, rogues or Satan who have implants and radio receivers set up in everyone's head so they can control you.
The way I suggest handling this is to consult the neg's boss – God or the Father In Heaven. This is not being defiant. It is just going to the next level, like asking to speak to the store manager if an employee is not treating you well.
NOTE: You may have to do this hundreds of times a day because they just keep threatening, at times.
I am told that at this time everyone can tune in to God. Here is the procedure:
1. Relax. The best position is to sit down comfortably. Make sure you are not hungry, thirsty, anxious or too tired.
Be sure you are following the development diet and not others. Eating fruit, for example, is enough to mix up guidance.
2. Move your attention to a point a little below your feet.
3. Imagine turning around so that you imagine you are facing your body and looking up at your body, which is now above you.
4. While keeping your attention below your feet, pull energy downward to your feet from your entire body. It may help to imagine you have a large magnet or a large vacuum cleaner below your feet that is helping you pull energy downward.
5. (Now for the new part). Do the pulling down for at least 20 seconds. You will notice that your whole body settles down and it sort of feels like the entire body is now below your feet.
6. This is the position in which you ask God, the Father in Heaven, or the Holy Spirit your question. I am told that asking Jesus for guidance is not as good as asking the Father, the Radiant One, Highest Level or Absolute Truth.
7. Be as clear, simple and direct as you can about your question. Rephrase your question several times, if needed, so you are clear you are asking the right question. This is very important. If you ask the wrong question, you will often receive bad guidance.
8. After clearly asking a question, wait for an answer. It will usually take at least 5 seconds to hear an answer. If you hear an answer immediately, it is usually the negs or rogues and is not correct guidance. If you hear nothing, repeat the question and again wait to hear an answer.
9. I often repeat this process a number of times, especially if it is an important matter. I may wait an hour or a day and then ask again to see if the answer is consistent.
10. You can ask about anything and it is good to ask questions all day long.
11. Also, pray often the Lord's Prayer because this reminds you that you want the Will of God in your life.
12. If the thugs or rogues keep interfering, consciously tell them you are going to consult their boss – God – about this matter. Explain to them that this is not defiance and you are not a defiant person. But you need to talk to the boss.
They may say you may not tune into God and that they are the boss. They may give you a headache or make you nauseous or weak.
When this occurs, I ask God anyway, though I realize this may be too scary for some people. The first question I ask is if it is okay to tune into God and I always hear – yes! For more details, read Receiving Guidance.
1-2-24. The pulling down procedure is the basic exercise required for rapid development. Any visualization that assists you to do it and enjoy it is excellent. Here is a new visualization I enjoy.
Place your attention below the feet, and turn around and face the body. Then imagine eating or drinking a divine food that flows downward from your head to your feet. As you breathe in, imagine drinking it in by pulling it into your mouth. As you breathe out, imagine drinking in more of it. Just keep this up in a constant rhythm.
For details about other powerful visualizations such as the tornado and the giant magnet at your feet, read The Pulling Down Procedure.
1-2-24. Due to trauma and other reasons, the low body procedures are extremely helpful for everyone. We added two massage machine procedures to the list of low body procedures. For details, read The Low Body Procedures.
1/1/24. We added important information to the introduction to the dating article. New paragraphs discuss the use of coffee enemas for protection and how to tune into guidance to receive information.
Other new paragraphs discuss how to check out your dates before dating and a reminder that ALL women have been raped and beaten by the rogues, no matter what they say. For details, read Dating For Development.

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