by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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This article concerns one of the most important keys to interpreting hair mineral tests.  That key is that one must view the entire hair mineral chart as one whole system or an array.  Before going further, I will define these words, as they are not well understood.




The word array, as used in this article, means a set of elements that are arranged in an orderly and often a special manner to achieve a particular purpose.  Here are examples of what I mean:

An antenna array.  The word array is used to describe a set of radio antennas that are all connected and aimed in a special way to increase radio reception or transmission.  They are often also designed to move together to maintain their relationships and their purpose.  Thus, an array is some type of special and orderly arrangement of elements that achieves a specific purpose.

A solar panel array.  This is a group of solar panels, all of which are connected, and aimed or placed in a specific way to generate the greatest possible amount of electricity.

The word array is also used in computer science and mathematics, but the meaning of the word is slightly different.

The point is that a hair mineral chart is a type of array in which:

1. All of the chemical or mineral elements are connected or related to one another.

2. They are arranged in particular patterns in order to achieve specific goals.  These goals, briefly, are to enable our bodies to survive and thrive, to produce maximum adaptive or biochemical energy, to create the best homeostatic states possible so that we can adapt and live as healthfully as possible.




This may be splitting hairs.  However, one can say that both a system and an array refer to a set of elements, all of which are related to each other.  An array, however, goes further by stating that the arrangement of the elements or the entire system is set up for a specific purpose.




The answer is because it is the truth, yet most doctors and researchers do not view the hair mineral chart in this manner.  Instead, they view it as simply a report on isolated chemical elements.  As a result, they often focus on just one or two of these elements at a time.  They miss the fact that they are reading or studying a whole system or an array, not isolated elements.

One reason that doctors do this is that they are used to reading sets or collections of blood and urine tests.  These are related to each other, but not nearly as closely as the levels and ratios of the minerals on a hair mineral chart.

Another reason doctors view the hair chart the way they do is they are trained and accustomed by our education system to view one or two parameters or data points at a time, in a linear, cause-effect manner such as A + B = C.  This type of logical thinking is what is generally taught in all of our schools.

In contrast, viewing systems or arrays requires a more primitive type of thinking, in fact, that Sigmund Freud called primary thinking.  It is a strange process in which one assimilates many facts or data points, and then attempts to draw conclusions about the whole system or array.  This ability is often Ňeducated outÓ of our children, and it makes them less wise, often, and more dull and boring in their mode of thinking and behaving. 

Creativity.  What is called creativity is often precisely this ability to study a system as a whole system or array, and to draw conclusions about the system or array rather than focus simply on this or that part.  Restoring childrenŐs ability to think and act in this creative manner is often the key to inventions, and problem-solving on a large scale, so it is vital for society to understand these two modes of thinking: 1) the linear A+B=C and 2) the holistic or array type of thinking that is not linear or logical in the same way, but it is effective and vital for the survival of a body, and for society. 


Dr. Eck.  Dr. Paul Eck always viewed the hair mineral test as an array, and always viewed the human body as one system or one array.  This is why he was able to discover nutritional balancing science.  In order to practice this science and understand the hair mineral chart and our bodies, one must follow in his footsteps, even though for most of us, including myself, this was quite difficult, at first, especially, due to our education.


Viewing the chart as single elements.  This does not mean that it is never appropriate to look at only one number on a hair analysis chart.  For example, an elevated mercury level often indicates a person is eating too much fish.  An elevated aluminum level often indicates a person is using aluminum-containing anti-perspirants, and so on.

However, as a general rule, if you wish to understand the hair mineral chart and if you wish to work with it and change the body using it, one must view it as an array, and not as isolated elements.






Usually, that purpose is to promote life, but arrays or complex systems can be used as weapons of death, as well. 



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