by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

November 2019, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc. 


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.




Many people lose a lot of sexual fluid.  This causes a depletion of vital nutrients and it causes soul loss.  This combination does a lot of damage to the body and causes fatigue, depression and other symptoms.




These include:

- Long, hard rapes.

- Too much ordinary sex with orgasm and thus fluid loss.  Down sex is excellent, however, and does not deplete sexual fluid.  In fact, it helps heal the body.

- A masturbation habit.

- Malnutrition alone depletes the body of many nutrients and can produce sexual depletion as part of a general malnutrition syndrome.  This is quite common, in fact.  We find that to be well-nourished, one needs to eat plenty of cooked vegetables, not raw ones and not overcooked ones.  For details, read Food For Daily Use.




Sexual depletion causes one to feel very tired, cold, lonely, and often angry, sad and somewhat depressed.  It may also affect memory, especially short-term memory, and it may affect ones thinking in various ways.

Sexual depletion can produce a childlike quality that is a type of dementia.  It can also make a person irritable and short-tempered.

Other symptoms may occur as well, depending upon the cause of the depletion.  Fortunately, in most cases this is reversible using a development program.




 Here are ways that will speed up  the regeneration of the sexual fluid in the body.


1. Reduce and preferably avoid more sexual fluid loss.  This is very important, and completely avoiding fluid loss for several months is very helpful.

Afterwards, limit fluid loss to no more than once a month.  You can still hug and kiss, but do not lose fluid.  Women can have some orgasms if they reabsorb their fluid.  Men must be more careful not to ejaculate, as it is harder for them to reabsorb their sexual fluid.

Learn about down sex.  This is enjoyable, does not involve much fluid loss, and actually heals the body at deep levels.

2. Obtain lots of sleep and rest.  This is very essential.  Go to bed early – 8 to 9 PM, and sleep at least 10 hours daily, if at all possible, for a number of months.

3. Eat a warming diet.  This is extremely helpful.  Include three 4-5 ounce servings of red meat per week.  Chuck meat is good and seems to contain more of the chemicals needed for sexual rejuvenation than some other cuts of meat.  If possible, buy grass-fed beef because it is better quality.  Lamb is also very good and most lamb is grass-fed.

Also, eat plenty of cooked vegetables, but not salads, which are too cooling.  Avoid all food chemicals as much as possible for the same reason.

A warming diet also means total avoidance of all fruit, fruit juices and sweets of all kinds.  This includes honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, rice syrup, and corn syrup. 

It also means avoiding soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, and even regular milk.  These are too sweet.  Ten to twelve ounces of carrot juice daily is good, however.  Carrot juice is much more warming than fruit juices, although it is sweet.  For more about diet, read Food For Daily Use and other articles about diet on this website.

            Hijiki. Some people report benefit by eating some hijiki daily.  Hijiki is a tasty, black, threadlike sea vegetable used widely in Japan.  It is available at health food stores or on the internet.  However, do not eat more than about 1 tablespoon daily because Hiziki contains some mercury.

            4. Ideally, follow a complete development program.  This will help greatly to renourish the body and remove toxic metals that are always present when one is sexually depleted. 

In some instances, a development program is essential.  Otherwise, healing will only be partial because one will not obtain all the nutrients the body requires.

5. Go outside in the sun daily.  Do this for 30 to 40 minutes.  Wear a hat if the sun is strong.  Do not use sunsceens, which are all toxic. 

6.  Minimize baths and only take a shower at most once a day.  Also, do not do much swimming or soaking in tubs.  This is because all exposure to water has a cooling effect on the body that is not desirable.

7. Move subtle energy downward through the body as much as possible. This is perhaps the most important single thing anyone can do for deep healing.  It is part of every development program that we set up.

The most powerful way to do this is to do the Fish Exercise every day for at least 15 minutes. 

8. Think positively.  Stay out of victim thinking, think positively, forcefully, clearly and in a more Christian direction.  Indeed, accepting Christ into your life is extremely helpful for some people.

This helps give ones life a positive direction, peace, rules to live by, and a general understanding of why things happen and what to do about it.  It can help a person let go of anger and resentment, learn to forgive and move on. 

9.  Foot and hand reflexology.  This can be very helpful and is part of every development program.  Press hard all over both feet and both hands at least once every day.  It only requires about 10 minutes.

Be sure to press on the sexual organ reflexes.  They will be tender, but by working on them the tenderness will decrease.  On the feet, the sexual organ reflexes are located just below the ankle bones on the inside of both feet.



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