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I. Introduction

II. The Procedure

III. Cautions




The loyly procedure is the use of a steam room, steam shower, steam sauna or just steam to heal the body. Loyly is the name of certain advanced souls that will assist a person who uses steam.

There is a growing worldwide movement to use steam in showers or sauna rooms. We are researching this because it has definite health benefits.


We are learning that these are many. Among the most important are:

- Steam is very cleansing for the body. The use of steam for cleaning is well-established. In fact, it is the best way to remove grease and other types of filth from a surface.

- Steam, by itself, is non-toxic. It is quite a pure product. If one uses distilled water to make the steam, it is even better.

In contrast, washing with soap is always somewhat toxic, even the best quality soap. Many soaps are quite toxic because they contain colors, fragrances and other chemical additives.

- When one produces steam, one generally produces some open water. This means the bond angle of the water is wider than standard water.

Open water has a number of interesting properties. It is germicidal and healing for the body. It dissolves toxins better than regular water and carries them away from the body better.

- Steam kills germs. This is due to the heat and the open water, as explained above. As a result, steam is quite germicidal – it kills many bacteria and viruses. However, steam will not kill bugs and parasites on the skin.

- Steam attracts some very advanced souls to the body. They are called loyly in some languages. This is not well known, but it is true.

These souls do healing on the body that is truly wonderful. For this reason, steam is a healing substance that cannot be easily duplicated.

- Steam is fairly yang, more so than liquid water.

- Steam tends to have a right spin. As a result, using steam tends to spin the body's energy centers to the right, which is the correct spin. This is very important for healing.

- Steam has a down energy. Helping move subtle energy downward from the head to the feet is extremely important for health and for development.

- Steam is extremely relaxing for the body.

- Steam has impact energy (the sixth development movement).

- Steam assists development. Development is a genetic upgrade of the body. This occurs for many of the reasons listed above, such as:

Steam kills certain infections and the souls it attracts help the body. Steam also tends to spin subtle energy to the right, which helps the energy centers of the body to spin correctly. Steam also has a down energy, which is very helpful for health and development. Steam is also relaxing.



One can make steam in a standard shower enclosure, in a sauna, in a wooden steam cabinet, in a plastic steam tent, or in a steam room. Here are a few notes about each of these locations:

- shower enclosure. I currently use this method. I have a bath tub-sized shower area. I sit on a picnic bench inside the shower area with a Shark X5 H20 steam mop next to me to generate steam.

It is important that the shower seals completely. Therefore, it works best if the shower has no curtain, but rather has a plexiglass or glass door.

Also, one must seal the top of the shower area by placing a tight “lid” on the shower. I use a piece of plastic sheeting that is double thickness. On top of this I put a piece of foam wall insulation for extra insulation.

- a sauna. This can work well provided you can seal the sauna.

- a wooden steam cabinet. This is an older method. It consists of a wooden box with a bench seat inside. One opens the door and sits down with your head outside the box. One uses a towel to seal the top of the cabinet, which is at the height of your neck. Under the seat one places a hot plate and a pot of water that one boils to produce steam.

- a plastic steam tent. These work fine. It consists of a frame and a thin plastic cover that stretches over the frame. It is usually the same shape as a steam cabinet, although a steam tent could be large enough that your head could fit inside.

A hot plate and pot can be underneath a chair in the tent or could be outside and a tube from the pot could send the steam inside the tent.

- a steam room. This is a separate room designed specially as a steam room. These are found in some fancy homes and at health clubs and spas.

We do not recommend steam rooms at health clubs or gym. These places are often unclean and unsafe, particularly for women.

A steam room uses a large steam generator to produce enough steam to fill the entire room. Most are electric powered, but some burn wood to produce the steam.


I am aware of three methods to make steam:

1. Heaters. You can use a hot plate and a pot to make steam. On the internet you can also buy an electric steam sauna steam generator. It is basically an electric pot with a timer and different heat settings.

For a large steam room, one can buy more costly steam generators that produce more steam. They usually use 220 volts.

Traditional saunas use a heater with a special design. They have a metal basket on top of the heater. One puts special rocks into the basket once the heater heats up. Pouring some water on the rocks makes steam.

2. Flash burners. A flash burner repeatedly injects a little water into a chamber that heats the water. This converts the water into steam very fast.

I am currently using a Shark X5 steam mop with the head removed to make steam. The mop comes with a steam hose that attaches where the mop head would normally be. The flash burner makes a little noise, but I don't find this objectionable.

3. Vaporizer. Another method to make steam is to use a vaporizer. This makes steam by a different method. It contains two electrodes that sit in a container of water. I know less about this method and I don't think it makes as much steam.

All these methods also attract loyly, the special souls who are attracted to steam.


Using a shower enclosure, steam sauna or steam room, one can easily apply steam to the whole body. You can just turn on the steam generator and sit there.

Skin Brushing. I turn on the steam generator. Then I use a body brush that I hold in front of the steam unit for a few seconds so that it heats up and gets a little wet. I use the brush to do skin brushing. Slowly the shower area becomes more and more steamy.


This is a very old and very good healing method. People report this method is extremely relaxing.

The effects. These include general relaxation, excellent cleaning of the area, healing of infections and trauma, reduction in pain and other discomfort, and help for other problems related to these organs. In a woman, for example, steaming may help symptoms of premenstrual tension or other reproductive disorders.

The procedure. There are different ways to steam the genital organs. A simple way is to sit in front of a pot that is filled with water you have brought to a boil. Place a towel over your mid-section so that the steam from the water goes to the genital area.

To do this, set up a low stool or chair where you will do the procedure. Then fill a medium-sized pot with water. Put it on the stove and bring it to a boil.

At this point, if you wish to add herbs to the water, you can do so. We are researching this aspect of steaming and will write about it in the future. Herbs may need to steep in the hot water for about 15-20 minutes.

When ready, set the pot on the floor in front of the stool. Remove underwear and sit on the small stool or chair so the steam from the hot water goes to the genital area. Cover your mid-section with a towel to keep the steam in. Sit comfortably for 15-30 minutes.

Alternative method for genital steaming. If one is using a steam mop as a steam generator, one can simply aim the steam at whatever part of the body one wishes.

A problem with vaginal steaming. The problem is how to get the steam to penetrate deeply into the vagina. We are researching possible ways to open up the vagina so the steam will penetrate deeply.


You can apply steam any area of the body that needs healing. Steam can help to heal injuries, wounds, sprains, insect bites, and infections. To direct the steam, one needs a steam nozzle or hose.


We just discovered (June 2024) a safe, simple and powerful method to help detoxify the liver:

First apply steam to the whole body using a steam room or shower or sauna enclosure and skin brushing. Then apply steam just to the face for about ten minutes or more. This causes the aura of the liver to brighten up a lot.


Burns. Steam is very hot and it is easy to burn oneself.

Children. We believe steaming is safe for children age 6 or above. We do not recommend it for babies or younger children.

Always be sure children drink plenty of water and check children for overheating. Symptoms are turning reddish in color or becoming weak. In this case, stop the steam therapy.

Dehydration. Steaming can be intense. Be sure to drink enough water before doing a steam.

Fever. Steam is a heat therapy. If you feel very hot, we would stop whole-body steam therapy because it will increase your body temperature a few degrees. However, steam can be used if you have a mild fever.

Illness. At this time, we believe it is fine and perhaps excellent to steam the body if one has a cold, flu, fever or other acute illness. We don't have enough research to say if there are illnesses in which one should not use steam.

Menstruation. One can steam the body during menstruation, but it may be messy.


We have an article and book, Sauna Therapy. It discusses many topics about using heat for healing. However, at this time it does not include a section about using steam.


While steaming, move subtle energy downward from your head to your feet. The steam procedure will make this easier.

The pulling down procedure is one of the finest development procedures. For details, read The Pulling Down Procedure.


The energy of a reddish heat lamp is superb for healing and we find it necessary for optimum health. It is possible to add this to a steam session.

For a partial steam, such as vaginal or penis steaming where you sit, you can just aim a reddish heat lamp at yourself while you are doing the steaming procedure. The red light must strike your skin, so don't wear a shirt.

Adding a reddish heat lamp to a steam room or sauna requires putting it in a waterproof box with glass at the front. This is important because the lamp is not designed to be exposed to a lot of water. For more details, read Single Lamp Therapy.

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