by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            This article is divided into two sections:

- Back pain if one is not on a development program, AND

- Back pair that may occur during a development program.




            This is extremely common today.  The causes include:

- Arthritis of the spine, which is usually calcium deposits along the spine.  This is extremely common.

- Chronic infections, usually viral, that settle in the spine.

- Subluxations or small deviations in the position of the vertebrae that pinch the spinal nerves.  These are problems that chiropractors assist to correct.  For details, read Chiropractic.

Another method to correct subluxations is the Spinal Twist Procedures and the rest of a development program.

- Bad posture, which causes strain on some muscles and ligaments.  It also causes subluxations and other problems.

- Overweight, which puts more strain on the back.

- Adhesions, which restricts motion of the spine, affects posture and puts more strain on the back.

- Dehydration, which often causes pain in the kidney area or mid and low back.  For details, read Hydration.

- Other types of stress on the kidneys such as using Tylenol, Aspirin and many other medical drugs that are toxic for the kidneys.

- Pain originating from the adrenal glands, which sit on top of the kidneys.  Most people have weak adrenal glands.

- General toxicity, especially with oxide and carbonate forms of minerals.  These are very irritating and cause inflammation and pain in the muscles, tendons and ligaments.  For details, read Iron, Manganese and Aluminum – The Amigos.

- Other health conditions occasionally cause pain that radiates to the back.  This can include constipation and other intestinal problems, ovarian conditions in women, and perhaps others.




This is uncommon, and almost always due to several factors:




Many people have old back injuries from falls, twists, and other injuries or accidents. These can date from early childhood.  Most people have no memory of them.

During a development program one may need to retrace these episodes to heal them fully.  Pain can arise temporarily as the body structure retraces, readjusts and heals deeply.

This can occur even if one has had extensive chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation, or other therapies such as massage, Rolfing or other bodywork.  One may think that the structure has been corrected by these therapies, but further healing may occur during a development program.

This process will go on until these injuries are healed.  This can take a number of years if they are numerous.




Dehydration can occur on a development program.  It can cause back pain in the area of the kidneys or the mid to low back area.  This type of pain can occur at any time during a nutritional balancing program. 

It is due to either:

1. Drinking the wrong kind of water.

2. Not drinking enough water.

3. Dehydrating the body with the “dehydration diet”.  This consists of consuming sugar (including fruit), alcohol, or using caffeine in excess of one cup of coffee or tea daily.

At times, the water one drinks, even though it may be of excellent quality, is not correct for the body.  Most likely, the body needs a mineral that one’s water is simply not providing.

The easiest solution if you suspect this is to switch brands of spring water.  If this does not work, then ask your Helper to check with Dr. Wilson about your water.  In most cases, we can find a type of water that will hydrate the body, and then the kidney pain goes away.

For more details, read Hydration and Water For Drinking.




This is an amazing process that occurs usually within 10 years of beginning a development program.  It can cause back pain because the spine realigns and often there are imbalances that can distort the structure and pinch some of the spinal nerves.

This can cause sciatic pain, in some cases, or other types of back pain.  The opening of the spine can take a number of years, during which it is possible one can experience some back pain. Eventually, it goes away on its own.

One can think of it as an unwinding process in which twists or tensions in the spinal column that go back years, in most cases, are slowly unwound.

Foot reflexology, the spinal twists and the rest of a development program are also helpful.  It is important to drink enough carbon-filtered tap water or spring water.  Chiropractic and bodywork may be very helpful.

Other types of exercises may help, but one must go easy so as not to strain the back in any way.  Strength training is not recommended as it may interfere with the free movement of the spine if overdone.  More about this problem is found in the Retracing article on this site.




One might retrace a flu, a kidney infection, an ovarian cyst or uterine fibroid condition, an infection of the spine, or some other health condition that can cause temporary back pain.



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