By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Cleaning your body in a safe and efficient way is very important.  Here is a procedure to follow:




1. Cleanliness.  This is very important, so plan on showering daily.  If you are sweaty or do physical work, a second shower is okay.  I do not suggest more bathing than this, for the reasons below.

2. Yin.  Water is quite yin in macrobiotic terms, so overdoing on exposure to water is not helpful for your health.

3. Chemical exposure.  Exposure to almost all water today also exposes your body to dozens of toxic chemicals and toxic metals.  This is a second reason, in addition to the yin quality of all water, to limit the duration of your showers and baths.

Bathing in a tub exposes the body to much more water than a shower, making the body even more yin.  For this reason, I suggest bathing in a tub at most only twice weekly.  Shorter baths and showers are also preferably for the same reasons.

4. Sit, do not stand, when taking a shower.  This is for safety and is quite important.  Many people lose their lives due to falls in the shower.  Sitting is also more relaxing, and it allows you to clean your feet much better.

Women with long hair often want to stand up to wash and rinse their hair.  However, a shower stool can be placed so that one can sit and wash long hair in a much safer and more relaxed way.

If you do stand up, do not bend over sideways.  This is often how people fall in the shower.


5. Three types of showers:

A. Whole body with soap.  This is a standard shower.

B. Only put soap under the arms, around the crotch and under the breasts for women.  This is fine if you are not too dirty or sweaty.

C. No soap.  This is excellent after you use a near infrared lamp sauna and if you have sweated a lot in the sauna.




1. Buy a four-legged shower stool.  A simple one costs about $40.00 in America.  Some stools have only three legs, but these are less steady.

2. Buy a body brush.  I suggest a brush with synthetic bristles and a  plastic handle.  The reason for synthetic bristles and handles is that the ones with natural fiber bristles and wood handles get moldy very quickly. 

An alternative is to use a loofah.  This is a species of plant that is a natural brush.  It resists mold, so it is superior to a natural bristle brush.  If you want to use a loofah, try to find one with a handle so you can reach your back.

3. Buy a pumice stone.  This is used to grind off roughness around the heels and elsewhere on the feet.

4. Less important is to buy a shower massager.  These are easy to install and cost about $40.00 in America.  Buy one wit a pulse setting.

A massager allow you to sit comfortably in one spot without needing to move about to wash the body.  In addition, the pulse position offers a somewhat sensual massage of the skin and a better rinse.




1. If possible, warm up the bathroom.  This will help you relax and enjoy your shower more.

2. Spray water all over the body.

3. Turn off the water, and apply soap. Turning off the water while you soap up saves water, reduces exposure to yin and to chemicals, and actually helps a person relax in the shower.  The only exception is if the bathroom is too cold.  Then keep the water turned on.

Soap.  Excellent soaps are GrandpaŐs Pine Tar Soap (a bar) or Black African Soap (sold either as a bar or in liquid form).  These soaps contain souls, although that may sound unusual.  They will go to work cleaning the body in unusual ways.

J.R. LigettŐs bar shampoo is also pure, but not as good as the first two soaps above.  Other pure soaps are available.  Do not use fancy, smelly soaps, as most contain chemicals that are not helpful.

Better brands of body products include Jason, Aubrey Organics, and a few others only.  The rest are full of chemicals, even in the health food store.  For more on body care products, please read Care Of The Skin on this site.

4. Rest a few minutes.  After you apply soap, sit quietly for at least two minutes to let the soap do its work.  If you just rub the soap on and then quickly rinse off, you will not benefit nearly as much as if you sit quietly for at least a few minutes before rinsing.  You can shave in the shower while waiting for the soap to work, if you like.

Be careful, however, if you shave with soap on the body because you will be slippery and could fall.

5. Brush the skin.  After soaping up, brush the entire body with the body brush or loofah.  This can be done quickly, and it need not be painful.  The idea is just to brush off dead skin and gently stimulate the skin.  

Start with the head, and work your way down the body.  This way you are less likely to forget an area.  Places most people forget are:

a) the neck – all around the neck

b) the crotch, especially in back.  Men are sloppier about this than women, and it makes women very angry

c) between the toes and all around the feet.  Be sure to do the top of the feet.

d) the elbows, wrists, and behind the knees.

6. Remove callus and dead skin.  If you wish, you can rub off the thick callus that most people have on their heels.  This requires a pumice stone.  Women love to do this, in part because they often wear sandals, while men wear them less often, and care a little less about the appearance of their feet.

Other parts of the feet and body may also have some thick dead skin that can be rubbed off with your fingers or with a pumice stone.

7. Wash your fingernails.  This is quite important, at times, especially if you have long fingernails.  Use a nail brush for the best results.

8. Turn on the water and rinse off.

9. Dry off.  This is best done inside the shower stall or tub.  Just sit and rub the body with the towel.  This should feel good, and is another skin brushing, when done right.  Once again, start with your head and work your way down the body so you donŐt miss any areas.  Common areas that people forget to dry are their hair, neck, under the breasts in women, and the crotch and legs.

10. Dress.  While you can leave the shower now, some people like putting on underpants inside the shower.  This way they come out dressed a little, and do not have to walk around naked, which some do not like to do.




1. Shampoo, conditioners and other body care products.  Shampoo contains chelating agents and other chemicals that remove the oils from the hair.  Some people need this, but many people do not really require shampoo.

Using shampoo adds time to your shower.  It will leave your hair very soft, which some people like.  Using oo much leaves the hair lifeless by stripping the oils away.  In this case, a conditioners is used that just replaces the oils.  Most shampoo is not needed and just adds chemicals to the body.

2. Deodorants.  Use as little as possible.  Try to use a very natural product.  Some people just use hydrogen peroxide spray or a little scented soap.

AVOID ALL  ANTI-PERSPIRANTS because they all contain highly toxic aluminum.  Do not use a deodorant stone or deodorant crystal, as these all contain aluminum.  Also, do not use Weleda Citrus Deodorant, as this also contains aluminum although it is not on the label.

3. Lotion.  Some people routinely put lotion on their skin after a shower.  The idea is to lock in some of the water that is left on the skin, so the skin will not be as dry. 

I do not recommend this practice.  It adds loads of chemicals to the skin, shuts down and congests the pores of the skin, and is not necessary if one follows a nutritional balancing program to become healthier.  Very dry skin is not normal, and is a sign of nutritional deficiencies or toxic metal excess.

If you must use lotion, use as little as possible.  Also, buy one that is as totally natural as possible.  Even if the label says it contains no chemicals, some companies lie about this on their label, so be careful.

4. Shaving in the shower.  Some men and women enjoy shaving in the shower.  It is not ideal for men, as one can slip in the shower and cause cuts.  Shaving the legs is okay in the shower.

5. Hot showers and toxic chemicals.  Showering with very hot water vaporizes many toxic chemicals, which one then breathes while showering.  This is an important reason to keep the water temperature reasonable, and keep your showers short.

Some people end their shower by turning down the water temperature.  It is a kind of toning for the skin.  Also, when you get out of the shower, you will not feel cold.  This is a good idea.

6. Shower water filters.  These are helpful if your shower water is very high in chlorine and fluoride.

7. Showering with a partner.  This can be a most enjoyable time for couples.  It is warm, cuddly, and sensual, and a good way to bond together.  Also each can wash the back of the other, usually much better than one can wash oneŐs own back.

I donŐt recommend masturbating or sex play in the shower, mainly for safety reasons.




              1. Never make any quick moves in the shower or tub.  Always move around slowly and deliberately.  If possible, hold on to railings and hand grips when getting in and out of the shower.

            2. If your shower or tub is slippery when wet, use a bathmat or paste non-slip strips on the bottom of the shower stall or tub.

            3. Be careful in the shower whenever you bend over, or twist your neck.  Some people become a little faint, and could fall over and have a terrible fall.

            4. Never push another person in the shower.

5. DonŐt move if your feet have soap on them.  If your feet have soap on them, any shower surface will become slippery, so get the soap off your feet and body before standing up or moving about.

            6. Do not eat while showering.  Some people who are in a hurry will bring a donut or a cup of coffee into the shower with them to save time.  This is not a wise idea because 1) you will not digest anything well during a shower, and 2) you are more likely to move fast or slip and fall if you do this.

            7. Sit during your entire shower.  This is a repeat of an earlier warning.



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