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NOTE: I am in the process of updating this article.


This article is about a very common type of trauma to the neck inflicted during beatings and rapes by the alien group called on this website The Rogues.  The Bible calls them Satan.

The trauma weakens the body a lot and makes a person much easier to control.  It is used for control and for brainwashing.

It is not literally breaking the neck, as that would cause death.  It is damaging the intervertebral discs of the neck by pulling the head backwards forcefully until one damages one or more of the discs between the vertebrae of the neck.  The term “breaking the neck” is how the rogues describe it.




When done by a skilled operator, it accomplishes the following:


1. Damages the discs of the cervical spine.  This reduces nerve energy conduction from the brain to the rest of the body.  It also weakens the entire body and person, and may lower the sodium/potassium ratio.

The technique is often done more on one side than the other, in order to induce torque or twisting of the neck and uneven scarring and adhesions of the neck area. 


2. Damages the 7th energy center.  This damages a person’s connection with the divine or high self and his or her guidance, instincts, hunches, and judgment.  This makes it much easier to influence a person.


3. Damages the 6th energy center.  This decreases a person’s ability to think, recall and process information clearly.  This also makes a person more vulnerable to control by others.


4. Affects the 5th energy center.  This energy center, located just below the neck, has to do with creativity, expression, and energy moving outward from a person.  As this weakens, one becomes more slavish, and afraid to speak up or speak out on important issues.  This is very important for brainwashing to succeed.


5. Yin.  Any damage to the neck makes the body more yin, which causes the person much easier to control. 

In addition, the attacker usually damages the left side of the neck.  This is the more yang side of the body.  This makes the body even more yin.


6. Causes soul loss.  This allows many discarnate entities to enter the skull.  Any painful trauma causes some soul loss.


7. Affects the silver cords.  These are ultra-fine wave guides that also connect a person to his or her guidance, memories, and more.  They enter the physical body just below the neck in the middle of the back.  This also weakens the connection with the higher self, spirit self or God and makes the person weaker and more vulnerable to influence or suggestion.


8. Causes fear.  The pain of the act instills great fear, and this makes a person more vulnerable to threats and other suggestions based on threats of future attacks and violence.


9. Possibly a post-hypnotic trigger.  When combined with rape, it can be used later by an operator to recall the pain and trauma of the rape.


10. Emotional damage.  It often contributes to depression, fatigue, listlessness, apathy, and other emotions that favor the operator.


11. The person becomes more vulnerable in a psychological/spiritual way.  The neck is the most vulnerable part of the anatomy, in some ways.  Bending it backward and tearing the ligaments and the discs, to a degree, subtly and usually permanently weakens a person because they know they are more vulnerable.


12.  It can lower all hormone levels in the body.


13. It can damage the free flow of cranio-sacral fluid.


14. Postural problems.  Damage to the discs of the neck easily cause kyphosis (round shoulders), scoliosis (left to right twists of the spine) and torque, which is a combination of the above.  Many people develop the “cringing posture”, as a result.

This can weaken the nerve energy, interfere with organ activity, damage self-esteem, and cause pain and other symptoms.  For example, the torque to the structure can cause pain in the head, neck, hip, knee, and ankle.  The head also becomes less stable on the neck, and this also affects the entire posture.

The structural twists can also affect the teeth and thyroid gland located nearby.


15. Breathing, asthma, allergies and other problems.  Alterations of the posture easily contribute to breathing and other respiratory problems that often persist a lifetime.




            At the same time the neck is pulled back “until it pops”, the person is told he or she will not recall this incident ever again.

            This is necessary, of course, because it is an act of utmost violence, often with a sexual component, as well.  So the post-hypnotic or post-traumatic suggestion that one will forget it is usually part of the act.




            The head has to be bent backwards, and usually to the left.  Children are usually grabbed while walking on a street and put into a waiting automobile to do the damage.  Girls can also have it done during a rape.




            Partly to compensate for weakness in the neck, and partly due to kyphosis and scoliosis, most everyone who has this type of damage develops adhesions in the neck, jaw, chest and abdominal areas.

            Adhesions are scarring of the fascia layers causing the layers to stick together very tightly.  It can give a person a tight or “shrink-wrap” sort of look.  Adhesions are difficult to reverse.  For more on this topic, please read Adhesions on this website.




            Healing the damage is not easy.  This is an important reason why this method is used.  Inflicted in childhood, the damage tends to persist throughout a person’s entire lifetime.

            The neck is a weak area of the body to begin with.  Making it less stable weakens the entire area even further.  Also, intervertebral discs do not heal quickly or easily.  They do not have a rich blood supply and they are cartilaginous, a tissue that tends to heal more slowly than some others.

Once adhesions set in, the position of the neck and back are held in an improper placement that further prevents or slows deep healing.




The goals of healing are to:

1. Prevent further damage to the neck

2. When possible, to reverse the entire injury.  This takes years, and a lot of persistence, in my experience.  Methods that will help, but are not guaranteed, are:


1. Chiropractic, or Rolfing (or structural integration or Hellerwork).  These can limit some damage, and help reposition the neck and back to facilitate healing.  They can also improve the nerve energy going to the body, which can assist healing in the entire body.


2. A complete nutritional balancing program.  This will strengthen all the tissues, including the tendons, ligaments, bones, intervertebral discs and the nerves.  This is necessary for deep healing to occur.

            Symptomatic and other nutritional healing methods are not nearly as effective, in my experience.  For more about nutritional balancing, please read Introduction To Nutritional Balancing on this site.


3. The Pushing Down Exercise.  This is one of the best healing methods for this problem.  One pushes energy through the neck, and this can bring much greater healing to the area.  It is an important part of every nutritional balancing program.  For much more on this topic, please read The Pushing Down Exercise on this site.


4. The spinal twist exercise.  This procedure is often needed daily, or even a few times daily, to keep the spine limber and somewhat in alignment to assist healing.  It is also part of every nutritional balancing program.  I am repeating the need for it, along with the need for the pushing down exercise, for emphasis.  To learn about the spinal twist, please read The Spinal Twist on this site. 


5. The neck pull.  Done very carefully and gently, this procedure stretches out the neck, helps break up adhesions, and is probably absolutely necessary to fully heal the injury.  To learn about it, please read The Neck Pull on this site.


6. Posture.  Correct your posture, including how you sleep.   Particularly avoid the cringing posture.  A neck brace for a while may be helpful.


7. Emotional retracing or unwinding technique may help.  With this technique, a therapist cradle’s the person’s neck and gently allows the neck to “unwind” or move back and forth in interesting ways to undo some of the damage to this area.  The therapist’s role is mainly passive, just helping the neck to move as it wishes, and not forcing anything.


8. Sex.  Limit sex, which seems to make things worse.  Plenty of love and laughter may be helpful, however.


9. All methods of overcoming the trauma of rape.  For much more on this topic, please read Rape and Healing Rape on this site.


10.  Avoid stress to the neck and accidents, if possible.


11. Crying as a release of tension.   This helps a lot, at times, but not sentimental crying.  Crying is used as a release, expressing your sadness that something is wrong, but you do not know what it is.  Read Crying on this site for more information.


12. Red heat lamp.  Use of a red ‘heat lamp’ on the neck area several times daily for no more than 5 minutes per session may also help.  For more on this method, please read Single Red Heat Lamp Therapy on this site.


13. Jolts and the rolling jolts.  These maneuvers are ways that may bring more blood and etheric energy to the neck area.


14. Inversion table.  Use of an inversion table can take pressure off the neck.


15. Open water.  Sleeping with open water at the feet should also help, a little.  To learn about this, please read Open Water on this site.


16. Avoid heavy lifting.


17. Fix the teeth.  This is important, as the incident can lead to tooth decay.


18. Find meaningful work and play.


19. Sleep on your back, or use a pillow at night.  This may help position the neck better than sleeping without a pillow.


20. Sit straight, with a straight-backed chair or use a “balance chair”, which also allows one to sit with the spine straight and relaxed.


21. Neck collar.  Use a collar on the neck area for a few months to help healing, possibly.  The collar must lift the head slightly and reduce pressure on the neck.


22. Breathing.  Breathing deeply into the neck area may help.  For more on this topic, please read Breathing on this site.


23. Mental development, as defined on this website only, is very helpful.  This involves nutrition, the pushing down exercise,  and more.  A large section of articles on this site discusses this idea.  Begin by reading Introduction To Mental Development.


24. Reflexology.  Pop the joints of the feet and work specifically on the toes.  Squeezing the sides of the toes at the nail edges specifically seems to help the discs.

Squeezing the sides of the toes further down the neck of the toe works on the more superficial layers.  Just a few seconds several times daily squeezing the sides of the toe at the nail edges may be very helpful.  For more, please read Reflexology on this site.


These and other methods are being researched, as this is an important topic.   I welcome any feedback on any of these methods, or others, to help rebuild the intervertebral discs completely.



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