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Definition.  Sexually transmitted diseases or STDs are a rather large group of health conditions that spread due to sexual contact.

Many of them can also be spread due to general uncleanliness, swimming in pools, hot tubs or elsewhere, through simple skin contact, and in other ways.

A worldwide health emergency.  Today, STDs are a largely hidden, but enormous health problem everywhere in the world.

Effects.  Even if STDs cause few obvious symptoms, they all weaken the body and the brain.  They contribute in subtle ways to many of today’s chronic health problems.

The rogues and STDs.  STDs are one of the main ways that the Rogues maintain control over the people of planet earth.  It is also one of the main reasons they use Rape.  Nothing spreads them better than rape.

Rape of women is also used to spread STDs because from women they are spread to their husbands and boyfriends, and to all their future children.  This weakens everyone in society and makes the society easier to control.

How many?  There are over 100 different viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi that are transmitted sexually.  For many of them, there is no medical cure.

How are they spread?  Besides sexual contact, they can also spread by contact in places such as swimming pools, hot tubs, contaminated toilet seats and just touching with the hands.


Warning: Just because one has had one or two sexual encounters resulting in STDs does not mean that things cannot be worse.  Women, in particular, DO NOT ENGAGE IN LOOSE SEX BECAUSE “I’M DISEASED ANYWAY FROM THE PAST.” 

This is a lie.  The truth is that you may have a few diseases from one sexual encounter.  However, with each sexual encounter, you will become worse and get more diseases, so stop immediately and change your lifestyle to a chaste one until marriage. 

Also, begin a development program to clean up the diseases you have.  They can all be cleaned up using natural methods, as explained below.




The media and the medical profession spread many lies about STDs.  The following lies are taught to many doctors and found at many prestigious medical websites such as Planned Parenthood.


LIE #1.  This is the warning above.  Just because you have had sex or had a rape and are infected with STDs does not mean that more sex is not a problem.  It is a problems and it will give you more diseases.  Don’t fall for this lie!


LIE #2. STDs are not that bad.  This is another big lie.  Most doctors and most websites minimize the problem of STDs.  They admit that STDs exist, but downplay their harm and how easy they are to transmit.  They are often subtle, but they all damage the body and particularly the brain.


LIE #3. Condoms protect well against many STDs.  This is not true.  Condoms slip off, condoms sometimes break, and condoms do not nearly cover the entire genital area.

Also, during sex there is usually an exchange of body fluids that includes sweat, saliva, some blood, at times, from tiny cuts that occur due to just normal touching and kissing, for example, and more.  All of this easily transmits STDs.

The only safe answer is to stay away from dating and parties until you are married.  Then only do Down Sex with your husband or wife.


LIE #4. Most STDs are easy to detect and easy to treat.  This is not true at all.  Even an experienced doctor will miss many STDs.  Many are subtle and give few symptoms at all.

Once they are identified, many STDs are not at all easy to get rid of using medical methods.  Fortunately, all can be corrected if a person is willing to go on a complete development program for a number of years, including doing peroxide and ozone baths several times a week for at least a few months.

Do not go on a program with anyone except a person listed on this website!  There are many malicious imitators who will not give you the correct program.


LIE #5. Oral and anal sex are fine.  Not true.  They transmit many more diseases than regular sex.


LIE #6.  STDs don’t shorten your life.  This is untrue.  They definitely shorten your life, especially because until they are healed development is not possible.  To understand development, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To Development Programs.


LIE #7. STDs are only found in people who have sex.  This is particularly pernicious.  It is very possible to have some STDs your entire life as a result of passing through your mother’s vagina at birth.

In addition, one can contract them from hot tubs, swimming pools, and swimming in lakes and rivers.  Many people get them from wearing a friend’s clothing, using someone else’s shaver, hugs, kisses, simple touching such as shaking hands.

You can get them from touching objects others have touched.  Particularly dangerous are places such as health clubs, public saunas, doctor’s offices, public computers and any place that many people touch what you touch.

Another common source of infection are therapies such as massage, bodywork and any method that involves touching.




They include:


1. Bacterial diseases: bacterial vaginosis, chlamydia, chanchroid, gonorrhea, syphilis, and mucopurulent cervicitis.


2. Viral diseases: HIV/AIDS, lymphogranuloma venereum, molluscum contagion, human papilloma virus, various strains of herpes simplex and herpes zoster, hepatitis Types A, B and C, and viral pelvic inflammatory disease.


3. Parasitic diseases: pubic lice or “crabs”, scabies, trichomoniasis, and, at times, various flat and round worms, amoebas, giardia lamblia and other parasites that transmit easily from person to person.


4. Fungal and mycobacterial diseases: yeast infections, mycobacterial tuberculosis, and others.


5. Interstitial cystitis.  This is a very unpleasant bladder problem of women that causes pain on urination and sometimes during sex.  Doctors usually cannot find the cause, and have no cure for it.




This is a brief description of some STD symptoms:


Chlamydia. This bacterial infection may be difficult to detect because early-stage infections often cause few or no signs and symptoms.  Symptoms usually start one to three weeks after exposure to chlamydia.  They may include painful urination, lower abdominal pain, vaginal discharge in women, discharge from the penis in men, pain during sexual intercourse in women, and testicular pain in men.


Gonorrhea. The first gonorrhea symptoms generally appear within two to 10 days after exposure. However, some people may be infected for months before signs or symptoms occur. Signs and symptoms may include a thick, cloudy or bloody discharge from the penis or vagina, pain or burning sensation when urinating, abnormal menstrual bleeding, painful, swollen testicles, painful bowel movements, and anal itching.  Today, some strains of gonorrhea cannot be treated with any drugs.


Trichomoniasis. This is caused by a microscopic, one-celled parasite called Trichomonas vaginalis.  The organism usually infects the urinary tract in men, but often causes no symptoms in men.  Trichomoniasis typically infects the vagina in women.  Signs and symptoms may include a clear, white, greenish or yellowish vaginal discharge, discharge from the penis, strong vaginal odor, itching or irritation of the vagina or penis, pain during sexual intercourse, and painful urination.


HIV Infection. HIV is an infection with the human immunodeficiency virus.  HIV interferes with the body's ability to effectively fight off viruses, bacteria and fungi that cause disease. It can lead to AIDS, a chronic, life-threatening disease.

Early HIV infection causes few symptoms.  Some people develop a flu-like illness, usually two to six weeks after being infected. Other early signs and symptoms are fever, headache, sore throat, swollen lymph glands, rash or fatigue.

These early signs and symptoms usually disappear within a week to a month and are often mistaken for those of another viral infection. During this period, you are very infectious.

Later symptoms of HIV infection may not appear for 10 years or more after the initial infection.  These symptoms may include fatigue, night sweats, chills, swollen lymph nodes, diarrhea, weight loss, fever, cough and shortness of breath.  Death can occur, usually from other infections due to an impaired immune response.


Genital herpes. This is highly contagious and caused by a type of the herpes simplex virus (HSV).  Signs and symptoms may include small, red bumps, blisters (vesicles) or open sores (ulcers) in the genital, anal and nearby areas.  There can also be pain or itching around the genital area, buttocks and inner thighs.  Symptoms usually come and go repeatedly.  During a flare-up, one may also experience headache, and flu-like symptoms.  Modern medicine has no cure for most herpes infections.


Genital warts (HPV infection). This is one of the most common types of STDs.  Signs and symptoms include small, flesh-colored, or gray swellings on the vagina, penis or in the mouth or throat if one has had oral sex.  Several warts close together can take on a cauliflower shape.  Itching or discomfort in the genital area, and bleeding with intercourse may also occur.

Medical drugs are rarely effective.  I would strictly avoid Gardasil, the HPV vaccine.  It often does not work, and it has serious side effects including death. 


Hepatitis.  Hepatitis types A, B and C are all contagious viral infections that affect your liver.  Signs and symptoms occur after several weeks and may include fatigue, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain or discomfort, especially over the liver, loss of appetite, fever, dark urine, muscle or joint pain, itching, yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes (jaundice), and later cirrhosis and death.  No effective medical treatment exists for most hepatitis.  I do not recommend the hepatitis vaccine.  It is not necessarily effective, and has serious side effects.


Syphilis.  This is a very nasty infection.  Signs and symptoms occur in several stages.  The first symptom is usually a small, painless sore (chancre) on the part of the body where the infection was transmitted.  This is usually on the genitals, rectum, tongue or lips.  This goes away, but the disease progresses inside the body.

The second phase of syphilis causes a rash marked by red or reddish-brown, penny-sized sores over any area of the body, including the palms and soles, fever, fatigue and a vague feeling of discomfort, soreness and aching.  This also goes away in a few weeks, but the disease continues to progress.

syphilis, the late stage of the disease, causes meningitis and other neurological problems, poor muscle coordination, numbness, paralysis, deafness or visual problems. Personality changes and dementia also are possible.  Cardiovascular problems include aneurysms and heart valve degeneration.  Today, more people than one might imagine have syphilis due to sexual transmission.  Doctors are unaccustomed to seeing it, so it is often missed and progresses slowly, impairing the brain and nervous system.

Also, a pregnant mother-to-be can easily pass the disease to her unborn infant, causing disability or death to the child.

Antibiotics can get rid of most syphilis, if it is diagnosed and caught in time.




              There is an attempt today to make people believe that having STDs is “normal”.  Therefore, we should not be concerned about them. 

However, this is all a lie.  People are not born with these diseases.  They are all acquired.  Also, they are not normal.  They are all pathologies that affect the brain and other vital organs of the body.






Causes include:

1. Modern liberal attitudes about sex.  This is part of the general moral decline in the Western and some Asian nations. All this has led to much more sexual activity among unmarried people, teens and others.  This, of itself, spreads a lot of disease because many people don’t know they are infected, or don’t care, and some lie about it, as well. 

Too often, today, middle school, high school and college-age students are taught the liberal doctrine that sex is good – perhaps even a right.  One must not say anything bad about it, such as how it spreads disease faster than most any other method.

2. Unintended effects of “women’s liberation” and “the sexual revolution”.  While these movements have had some very positive effects, they have also left women more vulnerable.  For example, many more women are in the workplace, exposing them to more sexual predators. 

3. Widespread use of birth control methods that provide no protection from STDs.  Many doctors, along with groups such as Planned Parenthood and similar groups, today often encourage the use of the birth control pill and patch, along with IUDs and diaphrams.  None of these provide any protection against STDs!

4. Deliberate attacks on women in the Western nations.  World socialist forces today degrade all Western societies by raping young women.  This is an old-fashioned way to destroy your enemies, and it works quite well. 

Those who experience rape most often become infected with sexual diseases that they, in turn, pass to their husbands and even to their children.  This slowly weakens the entire society.

The crime of rape often goes unpunished or lightly punished for various reasons explained in the article entitled Rape on this website.

5. A shift in attitudes, government policy and funding.  Today, medical and public health focuses on chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.  Much less money and energy are expended on infectious diseases, which used to dominate medical care.  There are numerous reasons for this, but the end result is that STDs are just not viewed as important as they were previously. 

For example, a nurse recently sued two states in the United States when she was told she needed to be quarantined after working in an ebola-infected area of Africa and then returning to the United States.  This would have been unheard of in the past.

6. Less interest in STDs by physicians and insurance programs.  This is related to the cause above and, I believe, is also related to the breakdown of the current medical care system in all the Western nations.  Doctors, who are more and more influenced by government regulations and insurance factors, seem to have less interest in 1) taking the time to discuss STDs with patients, especially young women, and 2) doing thorough physical examinations to find STDs.

Both of the above are often not paid for by insurance and the government health programs, in part to save money and perhaps also due to lack of understanding of the problem.  As a result, many physicians do cursory exams, missing many sexually transmitted diseases.

More causes for epidemics are discussed at the end of this article.




Hot tubs and pools.  Anyone can acquire STDs just by sitting in a hot tub or by going into a swimming pool.  They are everywhere.  Wise people stay away from all hot tubs and swimming pools for this reason.  The worst are public tubs and public pools found in places such as hotels, cruise ships, resorts and also at places like the YMCA, athletic clubs, high schools, colleges and spas.




The “lick the finger” routine.  A common way young women get STDs is on a date if the man suddenly puts a finger in the woman’s vagina to give her a tickle.  This can occur on a first date.  Some men do it without asking, assuming that all women want this “fun” surprise.  Please beware of this!

First he licks one of his fingers in his mouth to wet it.  This infects the finger with an STD, or with several of them.  Then he sticks it quickly under the woman’s dress or inside her pants while she is sitting next to him in a movie or at home.

And it is done! - AND in many cases, she has a disease, or several of them, for the rest of her life.  Young men may also become infected by touching the private parts of an infected young woman, which sadly includes most teenage and college women today.

I will say it many times in this article - ladies, especially, be very careful whom you go out with.  Skip dating one-on-one altogether I high school and college.  The point is you don’t have to have sex to get a disease!


Kissing.  Today kissing is another common way STDs are spread.  Many men and women have the diseases in their mouths.  Kissing the cheek is usually okay, but not kissing on the lips.


The strange kiss.  Pretty girls, especially, know that they often get sexually-transmitted diseases from a kiss.  Strange men, at times, or dates, perhaps, will plant a wet kiss on their lips and the next day they notice a sore that won’t go away. 

This is another reason not to date unless you know the person very well.  Also, attractive women should avoid public places, if possible, for this reason.


Rape.  Rape is another source of STDs.  This topic is discussed later in this article.




Medical clinics offer testing for some STDs.  However, they are often not easy to see or to identify.  They are most difficult to find in women because they are often inside the vagina and out of sight.

Symptoms can be used to identify STDs.  Any itching, burning, redness or bumps on the genital organs or anywhere around the area often indicates the presence of an infection.

If you have had sex at all, or if you have been in public swimming pools or any hot tubs, it is best to assume that there are or could be sexually transmitted diseases present.




One can prevent many STDs and prevention is definitely best.  Simple methods that work well are:

1. General cleanliness.  Wash your hands often, including any time you return home from being out in the world.  Also, bathe regularly and use plenty of soap (see How To Take A Shower). 

Never rub your eyes without washing your hands first.  If you wear clothing belonging to another person, wash it first.  For more simple cleanliness ideas, read Cleanliness.

2. Avoid all casual sex.  Casual sex basically guarantees you will acquire and spread STDs!  Wait until marriage to have sex, and do not stray when in your marriage.  This is the old-fashioned method of preventing STDs, and it works well.

According to medical statistics, 50% or more of girls age 15 to 29 have a sexually transmitted disease.  The statistics for boys are similar.  This means that casual sex is extremely likely to give you diseases that are difficult to heal.  Please keep this in mind before “experimenting” with sex.

Homosexuality.  Especially avoid sexual relations with homosexual and bi-sexual people.  They have the most sexually-transmitted diseases. 

This is not a slight against anyone.  It is simply the truth, and it is a major reason why homosexual marriage and all homosexual and bisexual behavior should be discouraged.

3. Do not believe anyone who says he or she does not have any sexually transmitted diseases.  Many “dates” lie about this, and others are just not aware of them.

4. Avoid oral and anal sex (sodomy), as these transmit even more diseases.

5. Condoms provide some, but certainly not total protection against STDs.  Birth control pills and patches, intra-uterine devices (IUDs) and diaphragms provide NO PROTECTION whatsoever.

6. Stay out of hot tubs and swimming pools.  Hot tubs are the very worst!  However, both of them are breeding grounds for STDs, even when they are sanitized properly with chlorine, bromine, ozone and other chemicals.  Avoiding the chemicals is another reason to avoid pools and hot tubs.  Swim only in oceans, lakes, streams and clean hot springs.

7. Stay out of all health clubs, spas, and locker rooms in high schools and elsewhere.  The equipment, shower area, saunas, hot tubs, pools and everywhere are often contaminated with diseases.

Also, do not allow your children to be on sports teams for this reason.  School locker rooms are famous as sources of disease.  Sports equipment used in schools is also often contaminated. 

The young men and women who join sports teams, gyms and health clubs often tend to be the same ones who engage in casual sex.  There are other problems with girls sports discussed in Girls Sports.

8. Other public places such as public bathroom faucet knobs often transmit sexually-transmitted diseases.  Always seek out clean public restrooms if you need them. 

9. If possible, avoid public transportation.  This includes trains, buses and airplanes.  Armrests on these craft are almost always filthy.  If you must use them, bring some soap wipes and clean your seat and surrounding area before touching anything.

Private transportation in your automobile is much cleaner.

10. Discuss condoms before marrying a man.  Women should get assurance from the man they are thinking of marrying that he is willing to use condoms when they have sex.  This is not only to reduce the chance of spreading STDs.  It is also because birth control should be the man’s responsibility, also, and because birth control pills, or IUDs are dangerous and to be avoided.

Even better than condoms would be a pair of plastic or rubber shorts made with extra material in front so that a man or a woman could wear them during sex.  They would act like a super-condom, offering much more protection than a regular condom.  I have not seen these available, but I hope they will be in the future.

11. Develop yourself.  Long-term, this is the best possible method.  It will slowly heal all STDs and prevent future ones.

It involves strengthening the body and the brain to a great degree over a period of time using the development program we recommend on this website.  Development is not well known in the Western nations of the earth.    For details, read Introduction To Development.





1. Medical therapy.  Antibiotics can stop some STDs such as most syphilis and most gonorrhea.  However, drug-resistant strains of these diseases are spreading rapidly throughout the world.

Modern medical care has few remedies for most other STDs.  Pain and other symptoms may be controlled and lesions suppressed with drugs, but this is not the same as removing the disease.

Some clinics offer surgery to remove some STD lesions.  However, this does not guarantee a cure because it is superficial only.  Most STDs migrate from the penis or vagina into the rest of the body.


2. Nutritional balancing for STDs.  My experience over 36 years is that a complete nutritional balancing program will slow down all STDs, and can get rid of many of them completely.  Along with the nutritional balancing diet, lifestyle and supplement program, the detoxification procedures are very important.  These include daily coffee enemas, daily vaginal coffee implants, near infrared lamp sauna therapy, foot reflexology and the Roy Masters meditation exercise with my modification.

Beware.  Do not take other nutritional supplements, herbs or homeopathic remedies with a nutritional balancing program.  All of these remedies are quite yin, and deep healing of these infections requires making the body much more yang.  As a result, these remedies get in the way, even if they have anti-infective properties.


Development.  This is one of the main advantages of a nutritional balancing program for STDs (and for most other health problems, as well).  As explained above, development strengthens the host – you – to such a degree that the diseases stop progressing, and then are slowly overcome by a strong immune system.

This website is one of the very few that I know of that is explaining development, how it works, and how to use this method yourself.  When one follows a complete nutritional balancing program, development occurs automatically.  An entire section of article on this website discusses various aspects of development.


Garlic juice.  For very recent infections, paint the infection site with fresh garlic juice.  To do this, one must squeeze fresh garlic juice with a garlic press, and apply it to a cotton swab that is brushed over the infection site.


Peroxide and ozone baths.  These are very helpful for women, especially, who want to get rid of STDs.  Buy a gallon of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide on the internet.  Get in a warm bath that just covers your legs.  The bath need not be hot.

Now add the hydrogen peroxide to the bath by measuring out and adding one cup of it at a time.  Do not spill any on your hands or body, as it will burn!

Most people can tolerate 3 or 4 cups of 35% peroxide in the bath.  Add as much as you can tolerate comfortably.  You will know when it is enough because it will begin to burn.

Stay in the bath at least half an hour.  You can do one of these baths daily for a week or so.  After that, I would reduce them to three times per week only because too much exposure to water has a negative yin effect.


Ozone.  You can make the bath even more powerful by adding ozone to it.  To do this, you will need an ozone generator.  The type sold to ozonate hot tubs will work fine, and is least expensive.  You can spend much more on a fancy unit, but it is not necessary.

Place the ozone output tube coming from the ozone generator inside the vagina or right next to the penis, and let it bubble ozone throughout the area.

A more complete description of these procedures is found in the Healing Rape article on this website.






This occurs because of women’s anatomy.  The diseases are inside a warm, moist environment that is perfect for their development.  Also, they are less visible, so many women don’t realize they are there.   Even with a vaginal examination with a speculum and an experienced doctor or nurse, it is easy to miss some of them.




Transmitting diseases is usually one of the goals of professional rapes, which includes almost all of them.  It is also one goal of the “gasoline parties”, which is a form of repeat rape.


            A rape lie.  In addition to giving the person diseases, professional rapists sometimes tell those they attack that one should not worry about STDs because everyone has them, and they are not a problem.  The reason they say this is they want to use the person they attack to spread more disease. 

They want the person to believe that the STDs acquired during the rape are not important, and therefore the person can now have sex with as many people as she likes without having to worry about infecting others. 


The rape package.  The STDs acquired during a rape are often part of a “package” designed to cause the person to infect as many other people as possible with the STDs.  The larger goal is to degrade the entire society.  This has been going on for some years in America, Europe, Australia and other nations. 

The “package” consists of:

1. Giving the woman a number of sexually-transmitted diseases.

2. Increasing the woman’s desire for sex.  This is done by depleting sexual fluid, which causes craving for male sexual fluid.  Also, some STDs irritate the vagina, causing sexual feelings.  Also, the pleasure of the rape is designed to addict women to sex.

3. Weakening the woman nutritionally and in other ways.  The reason is to cause the STDs to take a firm hold on her body, spread throughout her body, and therefore easier to spread to others.

4. Reducing the woman’s inhibitions about having casual sex.  Methods used to do this are stripping her naked, filthing her up badly, and other brainwashing.


Forced to drink vials of germs.  During some rapes, STDs and other diseases are occasionally spread to the person by forcing the person to drink a vial of germs.

Some were even told that the bacteria or viruses the vial contains would make them sick or even kill them.  To read more on this subject, read Rape on this website.



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