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What Is A Vaginal Coffee Implant or VCI?


Physical Benefits

Mental/Emotional Benefits

Subtle Energy Benefits

Other Benefits


Warning for trauma release


Preparing The Coffee

Implanting The Coffee

What To Do Next

What To Expect


How Long Should One Do The Procedure






Milk letdown feeling


Vaginal Dryness




­­Rape And The VCI

Is The VCI Better Than Coffee Enemas?

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Why in the world would one want to put coffee in the vagina?  Surely it is unusual.  However, the reports about it I have received are rather amazing! 

In fact, most of our clients who have tried this procedure are extremely impressed with its effects.  New research indicates it can help shrink uterine fibroid tumors and ovarian cysts, which are otherwise difficult to eliminate.

Some women call it “a girl’s best friend” because it helps get rid of memories and other effects of bad relationships. Here are a few recent emails:


- “When I started development program two years ago, I joked that I'd joined the 'Coffee Enemas Saved My Life!' club. Now I feel the same way about the VCI. It is having a profound impact on my life and health.

At first, practicing the VCI moved so much energy in my abdomen that I was a little scared of it.  I took a week to work up to the full 30 minute session, after which an old back problem resurfaced and almost put me in bed for 2 days and then vanished. I've experienced another retracing, and expect there may be more.

The VCI is obviously moving huge amounts of stuck and contracted energy. For years, I've had the image of my lower torso as the site of a toxic waste dump! Ugh.  Not surprisingly, the result of cleansing movement in this area is creating wonderful change.

My entire health is being improved by the VCI.  I have more physical energy, and my overall outlook is brightened and uplifted.  I'm experiencing sudden 'space' around issues where previously I held great tension and fear.

I feel an increased sense of confidence, more emotional stability, and a feeling that my comfort zone in the world – habits, relationships, ambitions, commitments, capacity - is getting ready to explode into new, healthier horizons.

The sensations during the VCI are hard to describe, because it involves feelings I'm not used to having in that part of my body. My first image was of turning on a light bulb in a room that's been dark forever. Or how it feels when you're grimy and sweaty, like after gardening or physical work, and you take a nice, long, hot shower – ahhhh!

That's the feeling I get during a VCI. It is subtle, yet so important, just like the basic feeling of one's body being clean.

When I'm doing the VCI, everything from my waist down feels suddenly comfortable and good.  The fact that these are unusual feelings is a measure of how shut down and blocked this part of my body has been for most of my life as a result of incest, molestation, and rape. To clear away these sad and horrible energies is unbelievably pleasant!

Trying to keep the vagina closed (with the muscles) during the VCI is the most powerful way to practice it, and can speed up the process by years. Wow – that seems worth a little extra effort! I always do it this way.

I've read the explanations of what is being accomplished physiologically thru the VCI. It all makes a lot of sense, especially considering what I know of my personal areas of difficulty and ill health.

However, the real proof is simply that the daily practice of the VCI has provided an undeniable boost in my recovery. I recommend it heartily.” – S.S., Illinois

- “Since starting the vaginal coffee implants, I notice I am dreaming more, or recalling my dreams, and they are much more emotional in nature.  This tells me I am processing my past much better.  My uterine fibroid tumors are gone, too! Nothing else worked.” – S.C., Canada

- “I did the 30-minute vaginal coffee implants for 2 months, with good results, but within 2 weeks after quitting them, some symptoms came back.

Then I started the overnight vaginal coffee implants.  I have only been doing them 2 weeks, and I would say they're the 30-minute ones on steroids, so to speak.

I have had releases all over my body, and not in an unpleasant manner: my brain, my emotions, my sinuses, my teeth, one of my breasts, one of my kidneys, my colon, my uterus, a bad scar I have on my leg, and seems like even my bones are healing (I have severe scoliosis and arthritis).

I would say also that I have a very stubborn Pelvic Syndrome, which has not been affected much until this overnight VCI. All I can say is "HALLELUYAH!". By the way, I have been on the development program for about 1.5 years. Thank you, and God bless!” – P.H., USA

- “I am 68, and have been on a full development program for at least 5 years.  The first time I did a VCI, I noticed an immediate reduction in fear.

It took a while for me to recall an incident when I was about 8 years old and was camping. I went to a restroom with another little girl. Suddenly, a few older boys stormed into the primitive bathroom where we were not dressed, and I have carried fear ever since. It is now gone. It was amazing.

I think every woman should do this procedure. It helps get rid of your sexual past, which most of us don’t want to talk about in detail, and it helps me relax in a way nothing else does. I do it by lying in the bathtub, elevating my hips, and just letting coffee run in and then out of the vagina for about 20 minutes.” – J.H., USA

- “I’ve been on the development program for 5 years. Since starting vaginal coffee, my periods have lengthened from 24 days to 32 days, and I sleep a lot better!” – P.T., Finland

- “After the birth of my son, things pretty much dried up down there, and I stopped having periods. After a week of the vaginal coffee, the dryness is gone and the whole area feels much better.

An infection that had not gone away with the rest of the development program also cleared up. My head has also cleared a lot.” M.N., USA

- “The VCI is quite amazing. I experienced rape as a young woman, about 20 years ago. It has dogged me every since – fears of men, hatred of men, hatred of myself, embarrassment, shame and more. Also, I had some pain in the vaginal area, no matter what I did.

I started the VCI 6 months ago.  Yesterday, something clicked in my head and the fear is gone.  It is quite remarkable. Other women say they have had a similar experience. It takes at least 6 months of doing it daily with the sponge method. The overnight method might have worked faster.

I love myself more, and I feel 50 pounds lighter, and I can love a man now. Wow – life is new, life if good!”- A.R., England

- “Now I’m alive!  The VCI did something inside – I don’t know what.  It is like a storm subsided down there.  How else to describe it?

I don’t crave sex and men any more. How nice! I can leave them alone and let them be who they are. Sorry, boys, but a lot of us have ants in the pants, and you don’t even know it. I don’t know what happened, but it’s better for me, and it’s better for them.” – S.A., Europe


A vaginal coffee implant involves placing a solution of coffee and water in the vagina.  The best method, and often easiest, as well, is to retain the coffee overnight. 

A less powerful method is to retain the coffee for about 30 minutes.  Our clients report that the overnight method is at least 20 times more powerful than the 30-minute method. 

The procedure is easy, quite clean and very safe.  It is not a douche because it does not involve washing out the vagina.  Instead, one retains the coffee inside the vagina so it is absorbed from there into the surrounding lymph channels and blood vessels.

We were not able to find much information about this procedure in the medical literature.  However, many women report excellent, and at times, amazing benefits from it.  If one is hesitant or scared of the idea, just begin with very little coffee and mostly water.  Each session use a little more coffee until you are used to it.

The rite.  Some women call the vaginal coffee implant a rite of passage.  This is how important they consider it.

Other rites of passage for women include the onset of menstruation and puberty, marriage, and the birth of her first child.

The vaginal coffee implant is the only rite in which the woman is fully in charge.  It will help clear traumas related to all the other rites, it will speed her development, and it will heal many diseases and nerve damage in this area of the body.  Let us discuss the benefits of the procedure in more detail.


The benefits of vaginal coffee implants include:

Physical benefits:

1. Help with infections of all kinds in the pelvic area.  These are very common today.  Coffee in an implant has a unique ability to neutralize certain negative energies in the body and get rid of some infections in ways that other remedies cannot duplicate.

2. Shorter and easier menstrual periods, in a few cases.

3. Improvement in fertility for some women.

4. Seems particularly helpful for ovarian cysts and uterine fibroid tumors. The VCI is one of the very few methods I have found that can get rid of the cysts and fibroids, if one does the VCIs in conjunction with a nutritional balancing program.

5. Helpful to release adhesions affecting the hips and lower pelvic area.  For example, they can help with Pelvic Syndrome.

6. Extremely cleansing for the vagina.  They help get rid of dead skin, old mucous membrane, bacteria, parasites and other things that do not belong in the vagina.  The coffee mixture is quite sterile, having been boiled, and coffee is an astringent.  This means that it gently peels the top layer of skin, helping to clean it.

7. Additional benefits for those who experienced rape.  This is discussed below.

8. Other benefits as occur with a coffee enema.  These are many and include nutritional benefits, vibrational benefits of neutralizing toxins and harmful energies, and more.  They are discussed in detail in the Coffee Enema article on this website.

Mental/Emotional Benefits:

1. Helps women “move into” or “enter” this private and delicate area of the body in a non-threatening, non-morbid, non-sexual, non-relationship manner.  This is a great benefit for many women.

2. Retracing old relationships and letting them go completely.  This is quite amazing, according to many women who have experienced this benefit.  The procedure seems to gently bring up old relationship issues and even just memories of men they have dated, for example.

Women report that, in many cases, they had completely forgotten the dates or relationships years ago.  Suddenly, they begin dreaming about them, and after a few days, often, it is over and gone, and they are on to the next one until they are all cleared from this cellular or energetic memory area of the body.  By doing this, in a gentle way, old traumas and relationships clear easily.

3. Help with future relationships and relations with children.  This seems to occur because the procedure helps clear traumas and old incidents and hurts that can block future relationships.

4. Improvement in self esteem and self confidence.  This is probably the result of all the items in this list combined.  In particular, the vaginal coffee implant seems able to remove negative and discouraging memories and emotions that can keep one down.

Subtle energy benefits:

1. Great help with development by moving energy down along the front of the body.  This is one of the most important benefits of the VCI.  For more on this, please read Downward Moving Energy And Healing.  This will speed up Development better than anything else we know of.

2. Great help in opening the central channel, also called the main central flow or the conception vessel in acupuncture.  This is very helpful for improving anyone’s health and well-being.  Opening this channel of energy helps a person to feel much more independent, centered and self-contained.  It helps a person to feel “in the world, but not of the world”. 

Making an effort to keep the vagina closed while retaining the coffee causes the strongest opening effect on the central channel, and can speed up the process by years.  For more on this interesting phenomenon, please read The Governing Vessel, Conception Vessel, Central Channel on this website.

3. Great help opening the side channels or governor channels of energy.  Opening these channels is also most helpful for one’s health and well-being.  See the article above on the Channel System for more on this topic.

4. Great help correcting and balancing the first and second energy centers.  These are located in the lower abdomen and groin areas.  In women, especially, they often spin backwards.  The problem is even worse in teenagers and those who have experienced rape or molestation.  The vaginal coffee implant helps correct this important energetic problem of most women.

For more on the energy centers, please read The Energy Centers.  For more on rape, please read Rape and Healing Rape.

5. Great help reversing the direction of the energy centers.  This is explained in detail in the article on this site entitled, Raising Girls.

6. Great help in spinning the lower dantien faster and more evenly.  This energy center is also located in the lower abdomen.  When it spins faster and more evenly, a person feels much happier and grounded.  For more on this topic, read The Dantiens on this site.

7. Helps a person to become more yang.  The pelvic area is the most yin area of a woman’s body, and even more so if one experiences rape.  Coffee, which is a very yang herb, seems to help balance and correct this.

8. Balancing the entire body through the genital reflex systemThis is more esoteric.  The vagina has a reflex system.  It is similar to the reflex system present in the colon, the feet, the hands and elsewhere on and in the body.  The body’s reflexology systems depend upon the fractal and holographic nature of our body’s design.  This critical concept of human design is discussed in the article on this site called Reflexology.

For example, the reflex points to the head area are near the back of the vagina.  The reflexes to the spine are located along the bottom wall of the vagina.  The reflexes to the abdomen  are along the top or superior aspect of the vagina.  Touching these areas with the coffee implant has a balancing effect upon all the reflex points, which is quite amazing.

9. Help in clearing the wells.  The wells are two etheric collection areas located in the hip and upper leg areas of a human being.   Found mainly on women, they often collect negative thoughts, negative emotions and harmful or confusing memories.  This occurs regardless of whether a woman has experienced molestation or rape. 

The vaginal coffee implants are extremely helpful to clean up the wells, and to keep these areas free of emotional debris.  For more on this interesting subject, please read The Wells on this website.

As the wells empty out, many women lose some weight in the hip area.  They also look cleaner, sexier, and happier.  Women also report feeling much lighter and cleaner inside, and it enhances their mood and happiness greatly.


1. Makes it much easier for pre-teen and teenage girls to get the benefits of coffee if they don’t want to do coffee enemas.  Some women, especially teenage girls, do not want to do coffee enemas, even though they need them.   Vaginal coffee implants, while they do not do all that a coffee enema does, is much easier, simpler and cleaner to do, so some women might agree to do it.

2. Is an excellent substitute for regular sex, if done correctly.  One can insert a sponge into the vagina and keep it there day and night.  In some ways, this is similar to having sex, women report.

How long is it safe to continue to use the VCI to get these benefits?  These benefits will continue for at least 5 to 10 years, or perhaps longer.


Warning:  If you have experienced trauma to the vagina, the vaginal coffee implant is absolutely wonderful to reverse it.  However, begin very gently:

A.  Begin by using only 2 ground up coffee beans or about ½ a teaspoon of ground coffee in about a cup of water.

B. Begin by doing the vaginal implant only for about 30 minutes.  Do not begin the procedure by doing it overnight.

  The reason for these cautions is the vaginal coffee implant can bring up very unpleasant feelings and memories as part of retracing.

If you feel okay using 2 coffee beans, the next time you do the procedure use 3 beans.  Keep increasing the number of coffee beans as long as you can handle the body’s healing response or reaction. 

If the reaction is too much, then reduce the number of coffee beans or equivalent of ground coffee and stay at whatever level of coffee you need to, until you can move on to more coffee.

Diet. Always follow the development diet with the vaginal coffee implant procedure. For details, read Food For Daily Use.

Other procedures, in addition to the regular development program, that women find particularly helpful to reverse trauma to the vaginal area are the Genital Bath and the Toe Trance.


When: Any time of the day or evening is fine.  For the most powerful effect, do the procedure at bedtime and sleep with the coffee inside.

How Many: One can do the procedure every day.  The more powerful overnight retention method can be done daily.  The less powerful method of retaining the coffee for 30-60 minutes can be done up to 4 times daily, if needed.

For How Long: So far, there are no adverse effects from vaginal coffee implants that are continued for several years.

Can it be combined with a coffee enema?  Yes.  You can do the two at the same time.  Some women report that this is the most powerful way to do them.

Where. Lie on your back on a towel on the bathroom floor or even in the bathtub, if you prefer.

 Using a slant board. A slant board is a simple device upon which you lie down, and it adjusts so that your head is somewhat lower than your feet.

This can be used if you want to pour in the coffee without using a sponge.  You can do a coffee enema on the slant board at the same time. 

You need a slant board in which you can adjust the angle of the board.  Don’t buy an exercise slant board, as these may not adjust.  You can possibly build an adjustable slant board if you prefer, as it is just a board covered with a cushion that hooks on to a metal frame at one end in a way that is adjustable.

Adjust the angle of the slant board so that while lying on it, the vagina is perfectly vertical – up and down.  To find out the proper angle, you can insert a thin wooden or metal rod of some kind in the vagina.  Then adjust the slant board angle so that the rod is perfectly vertical – up and down.

With this arrangement, one can lie down on the slant board and simply pour the coffee into the vagina with a cup, and it will remain there and not leak out.

What to wear.  You can wear a top, such as a sweatshirt.  Some women report wearing panties and just pushing them aside.  The first time you will probably spill some coffee, so be prepared for this.


1. Coffee.  Soaking a soft washcloth in coffee requires about a cup of coffee.  Adding coffee to a dry sponge requires about 1-2 tablespoons of coffee.  Preferably use organically grown, medium or dark roast coffee.  Any regular coffee can be used.  Do not use instant coffee.  It is not as strong and may contain chemicals.

You can buy coffee beans and grind the coffee yourself or buy ground coffee.  Grinding it yourself is fresher and better, but either will work.  Always store coffee in the freezer.

2. Water.  Each VCI requires about ½ to 1 cup or about 100-250 ml of water.  Some women prefer spring or distilled water, but any type of drinking water will work.

3. A pressure-cooker, small pot or coffee maker to make the coffee.  

4. A way to pour the coffee into the vagina.  One can use an enema bag or bucket, a turkey baster, an ear syringe or even a spoon, if you prefer.

5. A sponge or a very soft washcloth.  Many women prefer to use a natural sponge. 

Choosing a sponge. The best idea is often to buy a natural sea sponge because it is the softest, and they are not costly.  Other possibilities are a kitchen sponge or a vaginal sponge sold as a birth control device.

The latter two are not quite as good because:

- The standard kitchen sponge is too rough for most women.

- The vaginal birth control sponge comes impregnated with a spermicide.  You need to wash this out before using it.  Also, the sponge is too large and will need to be cut to the right size.  This is not too difficult, however.

Shaping the sponge.  Using a scissors, cut your sponge into roughly the size and shape of your index finger.  The sponge should be long enough to reach from all the way in the back of the vagina to all the way in the front, with a little sticking out. 

This is important for the best distribution of the coffee, and to avoid “losing” the sponge inside the vagina.  Try to place the sponge all the way to the back of the vagina, behind the cervix.  Don’t cut the sponge in a teardrop shape because it is harder to grab the small end.

The string.  This is not necessary if your sponge is long enough.  However, a few women reported “losing” the sponge inside the vagina.  This occurs because the cervix hangs down about halfway back into the vagina.  The sponge can end up behind it, and if you don’t put your hand in far enough it may seem as if it disappeared and is hard to find.

The solutions are:

a. Some people can reach their hand deep inside the vagina – not with just a few fingers.  Reach in and way in the back behind the cervix you will find the sponge.  Don’t be bashful!  The vagina is actually very stretchy and will yield to your hand.

If you don’t want to do this, perhaps a friend can do it for you.

b. You can tie a piece of dental floss tightly around one end of the sponge.  Let the other end of the dental floss hang out of the vagina.  When you are ready to remove the sponge, pull on the string.  Do not leave a sponge in the vagina longer than about 12 hours.

Tampon problems. Some women use a tampon to hold the coffee.  However, tampons are designed to absorb liquid, but not to allow the body to remove the liquid.  We have reports that the coffee is less well absorbed from a tampon, so it is no longer recommended.

6. Other possible required materials. Pillows to elevate your hips and towels to lie on and protect the area from spills.  Some women use a slant board to angle the vagina up and down.

Some women also use a long pencil or a plastic or wooden chopstick:

1. To measure the angle of the vagina to make sure it is straight up and down before pouring in the coffee.

2. To measure the length of the vagina in order to cut a sponge to the right length. 

To measure these, first wash the pencil or chopstick with soap and water.  Then gently place the chopstick or pencil, eraser end first, into the vagina.  Make sure it passes the opening to the cervix and touches the very back of the vagina.

To measure the angle of the vagina, lie down on your back and note how your hips need to be in order for the chopstick or pencil to be perfectly vertical.  This is the position of the hips that is needed if you want to pour the coffee inside and avoid having it spill out.

To measure the length of the vagina (for cutting the sponge), insert the blunt end of a long pencil or chopstick all the way to the back of the vagina.  Hold the chopstick where it emerges from the vagina and pull it out.  Then measure the length of the part of the chopstick that was inside.  Cut the sponge to be a little longer than this.


Pressure-cooking.  This is best.  Place about 1 to 1.5 cups of water in the pressure cooker.  Add ½ to 1 tablespoon of ground coffee.  Turn on the cooker.

When the pressure cooker reaches its optimum pressure (the top starts vibrating) time 14 seconds.  When the time is up, you must release the pressure quickly by tilting the vibrating top or if this is not possible, and it is a stove-top unit, run it under cool water.

The boil method.  Place 1 to 1.5 cups of water in a saucepan. Add ½ to 1 tablespoon of coffee.  Some people must use less coffee.  If you are not sure, start with less.

Bring the water to a boil and simmer for 12 minutes, and not longer than 13 minutes.  This is optimum to extract the most goodness of the coffee.  Then turn off the heat and let the mixture cool. 

The coffeemaker method. You will need to use more coffee – about ½ the amount more, if you use a coffeemaker rather than pressure-cooking or boiling the coffee because the coffee made in a coffeemaker will be weaker.

To speed cooling the coffee to body temperature, you may add an ice cube to the coffee. 

For faster cooling, you can place the coffee in the freezer for a few minutes.   Avoid letting anything hot touch the plastic structure of the freezer, as it will melt the plastic.  Always place hot pots or containers on a hot plate or trivet in the freezer.

When you can comfortably put a finger into the coffee and water mixture, it is ready to be used.  Strain the coffee mixture through a fine strainer or use a coffee filter paper to strain the mixture.

You could also decant the mixture, which means to pour it slowly and gently into a cup so that all the coffee grounds remain in the pot.


Method #1. The no-sponge method.  The idea of this method is just to pour the coffee into the vagina and have it stay there for 30-60 minutes. 

This method is difficult for women whose vagina is more horizontal.  It is easier for women whose vagina is more angled.

For young girls and virgins, this can be the best method because it does not require placing a sponge or anything inside the vagina.

Preparation: Lie down in the bathtub or elsewhere for this procedure.  Adjust your hips with pillows or towels so that the vagina is perfectly straight up and down or vertical.  This is necessary so the coffee will stay inside.

Technique:  Put the coffee solution in a clean enema bag, enema bucket, or in a cup or mug.

When you are in position, pour the coffee mixture inside.  If it starts to spill out, reposition yourself so you hopefully can hold all the liquid.  Once it is inside, you can put a wash rag over the area, if needed, to help keep the coffee inside.

When you are done, just stand up if you are in the bathtub and let the coffee drain out.  Then dry off and get dressed.  You need not take a shower, as the coffee is sterile (boiled), and not harmful at all.

Method #2. Using a sponge or soft washcloth.  This method is the most popular and needed if you are going to retain the coffee overnight or during the day.

Using a sponge.   Cut the sponge to the right size, as described above.  Lie down comfortably. 

It is easiest to dip the sponge in a cup of coffee first to wet it, rather than putting a dry sponge into the vagina. 

After wetting the sponge with coffee, insert the sponge into the vagina.  Make sure it goes all the way to the back.

The sponge will get squeezed somewhat as you insert it and lose some coffee.  So once it is inside, add a little more coffee to it with a syringe, turkey baster, large dropper or enema bag until the sponge is saturated with coffee.  The sponge holds the coffee so it won’t spill out.

Using a soft washcloth.  The procedure is similar to using a sponge.  Be sure to use a very soft piece of cloth about the size of a washcloth or a little smaller.

Lie down comfortably.  Wet the washcloth with coffee.  Insert it into the vagina all the way to the back.  You may need to use the eraser end of a pencil or the blunt end of a chopstick to push the washcloth to the back of the vagina.

Now add some more coffee to the washcloth with a dropper or turkey baster until the cloth is saturated with coffee.

DIVACUP or SOFTCUP method.  We do not recommend using a device such as the SOFTCUP or the DIVACUP to implant coffee in the vagina.  Both of these are basically plastic cups that fit over the cervix to catch and collect menstrual blood each month.  They are interesting substitutes for feminine pads or tampons, but they do not spread the coffee all around the vagina, and thus less coffee is absorbed.

Tampon method.  This can be used instead of a sponge or soft cloth.  We believe the Tampon method is not as good, however.  The reason is that a Tampon is designed to absorb the coffee, so the coffee may not be as available to the vagina.  


There are six possible things to do:

1. The overnight procedure.  The most powerful VCI, according to our clients, is to retain the coffee overnight.  This requires using a sponge of soft cloth.  Once the sponge or cloth is inside you, put on a pad and underwear, and go to bed.

The coffee works all night while you sleep.  In the morning, remove the cloth or sponge and wash it off.

Second best is to use a sponge or soft cloth in the morning, put on a pad and underpants and street clothing, and leave it on all day.

Third best is to use a sponge or soft cloth, put on a pad if you wish, and rest in this position for 30 to 60 minutes.

The other possibility is lie down and angle the hips so that the vagina is straight up and down.  Then pour some coffee into the vagina and rest in this position for 30 to 60 minutes, or longer, if you wish.


There is no caffeine rush.  Most women feel more clear-headed and more centered when they do the VCI.  The sensation in the vagina is pleasant, and not stimulating. 

Occasionally, one retraces old symptoms or traumas.  In this case, any kind of thought or feeling can arise, such as sadness, fear, anger, pain in the area, or something else.  Most are very gentle and benign.  Rarely, one may feel like crying or sobbing.  If any sensation seems like too much, just stop the procedure.

One may also experience physical retracing symptoms if one has ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids or vaginal infections.  These may temporarily flare up, causing some pain or other sensations.  This is temporary, and one should continue doing the VCI daily and they will go away.  Always combine the VCI with a nutritional balancing program for best results.


One does not need to take a shower after doing the VCI because the coffee is sterile and the vagina will be cleaner than before doing the procedure.  Just wipe off any coffee that is on the skin and get dressed. 

Sponge care.  Clean the sponge and other materials with soap and water.


Ideally, keep doing the procedure until your Central Channel opens.  You will know this because you may feel subtle energy moving easily downward from head to feet.  When the channel is closed, usually the energy won’t move downward very far.  You may also feel more centered and grounded.

Special circumstances that may require doing the procedure for a longer time are the release of traumas in this area of the body.


1. Infections.  No one has reported developing a vaginal infection of any kind from the vaginal coffee implant.  Indeed, infections go away with this procedure.  We will report in this article any infection or other problems that occur with the VCI.

The coffee solution is sterile because it was boiled for 12 minutes.  However, if you used a turkey baster, ear syringe or enema tube to implant the coffee, these are not sterile.

If one has a vaginal infection, you can still do the coffee implant.  It may help eliminate the infection.  Coffee has the unusual property of being able to negate harmful energies in the human body.

2. Pregnancy.  The vaginal coffee implant should be safe during pregnancy, but we don’t have any research about this, so we would avoid it.  Coffee enemas are safe and excellent during pregnancy.  They are superb to get rid of morning sickness, for example.

3. Menstruation.  This is messy, so some women skip the VCI while there is menstrual flow.  However, it seems to be safe if you want to continue during menstruation.

During the menstrual period, the uterus opens a little to allow the menstrual blood to flow out of it.  For this reason, it is possible that a little coffee could flow from the vagina into the uterus.  However, several women have done the implants during menstruation and have reported no problems.

4. Cleanliness.  Be sure your tampon, sponge, or enema bag are clean.  They do not need to be sterilized, however.

5. Milk letdown feeling.  Some women report feeling like some milk is coming in when they do vaginal coffee implants.   You may ignore it.  It is normal.  The coffee may just cause a slight increase in prolactin production, which is not harmful at all.

6. Vaginal irritation.  We have not had reports of vaginal irritation from the VCI except in women with vaginal dryness (see the next paragraph).  The coffee must be at a comfortable temperature.

7. Vaginal dryness. Older women who have a lot of vaginal dryness sometimes have trouble with irritation from using a sponge.  In this case, avoid tampons.  Look for a very soft natural sea sponge or use the no-sponge method.

8. Extreme sensitivity or allergy to coffee.  Women with an allergy or sensitivity to drinking coffee can usually do the VCI.  We suggest starting with less coffee to test it.  The VCI is not at all the same as drinking coffee.

9. A few women report that their menstrual periods have shortened to about 24 days since beginning the vaginal coffee implants.  This is an area of research.

10. Other. Some women wonder if some coffee can find its way into the uterus, up into the fallopian tubes, and from there spill into the abdominal cavity.  So far, this has not occurred.  If a few drops get into the uterus, this is not a problem.



Vaginal coffee implants are one of the best methods to speed up development.  We cannot overemphasize how well this simple procedure works to increase the rate of development for any woman.


1. With a vaginal coffee implant, the coffee is absorbed mainly into the lymph system.  The groin area in the front of the body is rich in lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes.  From the lymph system, coffee passes into the general circulation and bypasses the liver.

This differs from the coffee enema, in which coffee is absorbed first into the liver via the hemorrhoidal veins and the portal vein.

2. The coffee has a slight astringent action on the vagina, which is excellent and very cleansing.

3. Other effects of coffee are nutritional and herbal, and are quite complex.  It is not the same as drinking a cup of coffee, however, and it appears it is much better than drinking coffee.  When drinking coffee, the coffee mixes with stomach enzymes and perhaps food, and this may account for many differences in its effects.  Coffee is quite irritating to the stomach, and we do not recommend drinking it.


Women who have experienced rape report to us that the vaginal coffee implant, repeated daily at least once and perhaps twice daily, has some amazing effects.  They include:

1. Calming and soothing to this area of the body.

2. Help healing all infections in this area.

3. General relaxation of this area.

5. Help with healing the deeper trauma associated with the rape.

Some of these benefits definitely have to do with moving energy downward along the front of the body.  However, there are other mechanisms at work, such as neutralizing toxins, removing toxins, making the area more yang, healing infections, circulating energy properly, restoring the energy centers, and even untwisting the spine in this area.

The VCI can be combined with the Genital Bath, the Pushing Down Exercise, the Coffee Enema, the Trances and other development procedures for a more powerful effect.


No. They are very different.  The differences include:

1. The coffee retention enema benefits the colon and liver much more than the vaginal coffee cleanse. 

2. The vaginal coffee implant pulls energy down the front of the body better than a coffee enema.  The VCI also is much better to get rid of infections in the genital area than the coffee enema.

3. The VCI is cleaner and easier.  For example, those with a lot of intestinal gas or severe hemorrhoids have some difficulty with coffee enemas.  No such problems occur with vaginal coffee.

We suggest using both procedures every day for at least five years.  We have had no reports of problems from doing this.  Coffee enemas and vaginal coffee implants can be done at the same time, and this is probably best.  If you have lots of time, you can do them at different times.  Both can be repeated up to 4 times daily.

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A separate article discusses the Coffee Enema

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