by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Psychodrama is a method of therapy in which one mimics or imitates a traumatic situation or event in a way that is controlled, safe and relaxed. The purpose is to bring up memories of the trauma in a safe and controlled way. This helps the souls to process, retrace and release the trauma.


Some of the healing procedures used in the development program employ or have effects that can be considered psychodrama. The procedures include coffee enemas, vaginal coffee implants, peroxide vaginal implants, and the genital bath. All of these procedures can help a person retrace traumas that involve the genital and pelvic areas of the body.

Sauna therapy, which causes sweating and is somewhat uncomfortable for this reason, can also bring up memories of certain traumas. Even rubbing the feet and twisting the spine will bring up memories for some people.

The pulling down exercise. This exercise will bring up many memories of traumas. Please do not doubt this. It is one of the most important reasons for doing it.

For example, some of the visualizations we suggest to use with the pulling down exercise work precisely because they bring up memories of traumas in a safe and controlled manner.

Diet and supplements. Even the way the diet and supplements are set up on our program brings up memories and traumas. This may sound outlandish, but it is true. The proof is that clients often report it. As a rule, this does not occur with programs set up by others.

Summary. We have come to understand that bringing up traumas is one of the main reasons the healing procedures of the development program are so powerful.

For many more details about psychodrama, read Psychodrama.

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