by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


Warning.  Some information in this article is not the same as standard Christian teachings.  Information in the Bible about souls is vague.  We have used other sources for some of the information, including that the author seems to be able to communicate with souls.




I. General Information About Souls

Who are the souls?


General personality

How souls move about


II. Damage To Souls

            The rogues

            Many Types of Abuse

Rods, Spikes, Darts, Collars, Gluing, Freezing

Chiropractic problems


III. Soul Healing Modalities

Diet, nutritional supplements, healing procedures, rest and relaxation, music, gems, plants and animals, The Father, The Twin.


IV. Rehabilitation And Upgrading Of Souls


Development or Tune Ups

The Effects Of Development






Please reserve judgment if you decide to read this article.  It is unfamiliar information and it may sound very unusual.  The main source of information about souls for most people are the Hebrew and Christian Bibles.  However, these do not contain many details. 

Much of this article is about the problems of souls today.  I am not the only one writing about these problems.




Souls are very tiny life forms that can be seen with an electron microscope if the souls are prepared correctly.  They have the following parts:


1. The spark or flame.  This is the central part of a soul.  It is a very tiny wire, in fact, that leaves their body near the mid-back and connects to what the souls call a Father.  This is a rather advanced fine matter creature. 

This creature has thousands of what look like hairs that emanate from its body.  Each one of these hair-like protrusions is a tiny coaxial wire or cable, similar to a television cable, that ends in a spark of a soul.


2. Tiny bodies.  Around the spark, souls have a number of very tiny “bodies”.  These are somewhat crystalline in nature and smaller than atoms.   Some authors call their structure adamantine.

Most souls have 21 of these tiny “bodies” around the spark.  They blend together to form a whole being. 


3. More details.

Size. Souls are extremely tiny.  Trillions of souls can literally fit on the head of a pin.

Density.  Souls are fine matter beings.  This means their body structure is of a more lightweight material than ours.  As a result of their small size and lower density, most human beings cannot see them.  However, as stated above, they will be seen with our best microscopes soon.

Numbers.  Souls number at least 10 to the 100th power.  This number is probably low, but is an estimate.  It is an enormous number, far beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.  They are everywhere throughout the earth, and in outer space, as well.  Souls can live easily in outer space because they need very little air, food and water, can fly around on their own, and can tolerate the heat and cold of space.

Shape.  Taken together, the 21 bodies of a soul roughly form the shape of a human being.  There are two arms, two legs, a head with facial features, fingers and toes, tiny genitals and other details similar to a human being.

Some souls look heavy and a little hunched over.  This is damage due to the rogues.  As these souls are upgraded and healed, these souls look more slim with straighter posture.  Proper nutrition and other upgrades are needed to correct these problems.

Organs.  Souls have most of the same body organs we have.  They have a stomach, liver, spleen, kidneys, pancreas, intestines and most of the other organs that human beings have.  Souls do not have body cells as human beings do.  However, they have some DNA that directs the formation of their bodies.

How long do souls live?  Souls live for millions of years.  The Bible has been changed on this topic.  Souls do not just live in one body and then go to God.  They do go to heavens, as the Bible states, if they live good lives.  These are places that are more pleasant and are usually planets.

Do souls occupy more than one body?  A fact about souls that was changed in the Hebrew Bible is that souls do occupy a series of human or other bodies.  In some religions, this is called reincarnation of the soul.  The word reincarnate just means to enter a different body.

To be very clear, a human being has never had “past lives”.  The body is flesh that turns to dust when the body dies.  However, the souls of that body have had past life experiences when they were in other bodies, human or others, and they may have memories of certain places, sights, smells, knowledge and more.

This is why some young children seem to know things or learn to play the piano at a very young age, while others have more difficulty with a particular skill or ability.  It is because the souls know the skill from a past experience.

Movement.  Souls can walk about.  However, they also have a propulsion unit in the middle of their chest, with which they can fly.  This is their preferred mode of travel because it is much faster and easier.

It a type of free energy or anti-gravity system that allows them to move in any direction at enormous speeds, much faster than the speed of light if it is working properly.

Reproduction and twins.  Souls all have either male or female genital organs, with which they reproduce using eggs.  The way it works is that each wire that emanates from a Father soon splits into two.  One ends in a male soul while the other ends in a female soul.

When a soul is born from an egg, there are always two souls born.  The twins are “identical” twins in the sense that they always share the same wire going to the same Father.

There is always a second tiny wire that runs from the middle of the head of the male soul to the middle of the head of the female soul.  In this way, the twins, as they are called, can stay in close tough even though they may be trillions of miles apart in space.

The concept of twin souls is very important and discussed more in the companion article to this one, Soul Science.

Aliveness.  Souls are very much alive, in that they think, move about and carry out tasks of all kinds. 

Work.  Souls do millions of jobs.  Some form the mineral elements and all the chemicals in our world.  Some live in plants, while others live and operate animals and they operate the human body.  This is the most important thing to remember. 

Our bodies are just shells or what they call “ large DNA configurations”.  About 100 trillion souls inhabit the body and run the brain and all the organs. 

Souls start gathering about two days after conception inside their mother’s womb.  One soul acts as coordinator and attracts other souls to the body who are looking for a body to inhabit.  Souls like being in bodies because they learn more than if they just float around in space.  The process of gathering souls to inhabit a body continues all during pregnancy and for a few years after birth. 

Babies with birth defects are usually missing key souls.  As a result, parts of the body do not operate or even develop correctly. The usual reason is nutritional problems, which are extremely common today everywhere in the world. 

Trauma, old age or malnutrition can cause some souls to leave a body.  They become unhappy in a sick or very old body.  If too many souls leave, one becomes ill and the body may die.  If the souls are more advanced, the person is smarter and wiser.  If the souls are immature, the person may become a criminal, a drug addict, a liar, cheater or something else.

Damage.  The rogues regularly damage souls.  They do this to make them easier to control and so they won’t cause trouble for them.  They damage ALL souls that they encounter.  Exactly why this is allowed we do not know.  However, it is real and quite horrendous.

Most souls are tortured, poisoned with gases and other toxic chemicals, beaten, raped, and souls the rogues do not like are often put into a frozen state deep in space or they are sort of glued into a plastic material from which they cannot escape.  The next section of this article details the damage.

This section is an introduction to the souls.  For many more details, read Soul Science.






A group of beings that are everywhere in space and on earth intentionally damage souls.  We call them the rogues.  Others call them “the others”.

Rogues roam the entire universe, have very advanced technology, and seek to keep other souls weak, stupid and confused, or worse – tied up and stuck in one place with a glue-like substance.  In other words, they wish to control, suppress, use and enslave all souls.




Here is a partial list of the ways the rogues upset, damage, immobilize, or disable:


Rapes, or sticking objects in the vagina and anal areas.

Electrical shocks

Shooting tiny spikes into their bodies.  This is extremely common, extremely uncomfortable and it cripples the brain and other organs of a soul.

Removing parts of the brain and most of the sexual fluid of the soul.  This is also extremely common and cripples the soul.

Burning them

Freezing them.  Even worse is to repeatedly freeze and thaw them.  This apparently causes terrible pain and fear and is done commonly for these purposes.

Starving them

Depriving them of air and water

Binding them up with very fine silver cords so they cannot move properly.

Isolating them from their friends and their twin soul.

Displacing them – moving them far from where they belong so they are basically lost in space or on a planet.

Putting nubs or connectors on their heads and their abdomens that are tiny electronic devices that emit shocks and give the souls orders that are not correct so as to confuse and deceive them. This is done very commonly.

Poisoning them with chlorine gas, aluminum compounds that damage their memories, and hundreds of other poisons.  Poisons that affect human beings often affect souls, as well.

Frightening them in many ways, such as with loud noises, threats, beatings and more.

Attaching tiny boxes to their bodies that contain nano-electronic circuitry to talk to the soul, sense where they are and emit harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

Holding them inside a human or animal body while torturing the body. This is very hard on a soul.  If a body they are in is tortured or raped, often the souls leave to avoid feeling the pain.  When held inside the body, they feel the pain of the torture or rape acutely.  This is one reason for rape of women because some souls cannot leave and are damaged, usually permanently, by the experience unless they follow a development program, which can retrace and undo the trauma.

Placing what are called partial souls (souls with fewer bodies that are smaller) inside of a soul.  The partial souls have been brainwashed and beaten and upset the soul very much.

Damaging their structure with precise blows to the neck, back, feet and elsewhere.

Giving the souls viruses and other biological poisons.

Putting collars, spikes (see above), darts, sleeves and boots around them in various places to restrict their movement and affect their thinking.


As a result, most souls are badly traumatized, and very much in need of rehabilitation and upgrading.  These damaged souls are our souls, meaning the ones that are inside our bodies.  The result is that the bodies do not function properly and human beings have a myriad of diseases and mental problems that are due to soul problems.

Unfortunately, medical, holistic, and natural practitioners haven’t a clue about these problems.  Even if they read this article, they are unable to identify the problems and correct them.

Part of every development program is that guides that we connect with examine the main soul or director souls of each client.  In many cases, there is severe soul damage.  We address this as best we can to help the person function better at a soul level.  It is a long process of rehabilitation that requires the development diet, the recommended supplement program and the healing and detoxification procedures we suggest.

This is why we discourage people from working with other doctors and practitioners who claim to have studied with us and “know our system”.  None that we know of really understand the souls or have a way to heal the souls.  This is the unique part of a development program set up by one of our Helpers only.

Working with the souls also helps explain why the healing program we suggest is different from that of other practitioners.  Those who “pick and choose” which parts of the program they will do only hurt themselves.

The programs are checked with the souls and we only give you what we are told is needed.  Some people will have difficulties with the program, usually due to retracing.  The correct thing to do in this case is to ask your Helper to have Dr. Wilson check and update the program.  He will work with you, no matter how much time and energy it requires.




Many of these are the same as for human beings and include:


A. Food.  Meats, cooked vegetables,blue corn and some sea salt.  Sometimes a little of other foods are needed, such as nut and seed butters, or other things.

B. Supplements. Souls often need a tiny bit of some of the same supplements human beings require.

C. Rest and relaxation.  Souls do not sleep.  However, they need to rest and relax.  Otherwise, rehab and development are slowed.

D. Healing procedures.  These are needed and are somewhat different than in human beings, but not much.  For example, sometimes coffee is sprayed on the body rather than inserted in the rectum.  Some souls also need to be sprayed with nutrients.  We do something similar with human beings, at times, with the kelp wraps, but it is done differently.

E. Music.  An interesting observation is that music is excellent to help rehab and to develop souls.  It is one reason many people love music.  From the perspective of soul rehabilitation and development, music is a very complex and interesting subject. 

The best music to rehabilitate and develop souls is often fun, upbeat, jazzy music such as salsa music, jazz and modern show tunes.  However, some classical music is excellent, as well. 

Rock and roll, funk and other types are often not as good, although we use these to “shake up” the souls and help get rid of certain problems in their bodies that are otherwise difficult to heal.  We believe this is why some people like this type of discordant music. 

The music must often be played at loud volume, which is difficult for many people.  Souls love to sit on the loudspeaker itself to receive the full impact of the music.

F. Gems:  The souls love quartz, in particular.  Rose quartz is particularly good, but clear quartz and white quartz are also excellent.  The larger the piece, the better.  They like to sit on it and they say it helps restore their “polarity” or sense of balance.

They also love amethyst, black tourmaline, and a red and a number of other gem stones.

G. Plants and animals.  Souls also love to be around certain plants and certain animals.  We believe this is one reason why human beings love forests, gardening and growing plants indoors, as well.

Certain animals are also helpful for souls.  Dogs are excellent for some reason, as are cats, deer and other graceful and pleasant animals.

H. Love.  Souls definitely need love.  They need their twin soul, which makes them much happier, and they love to be with their “friends”, which are other souls whom they have interacted with in the past.  Human beings are not too different in this respect.

I. Their Father.  Souls also feel much better if they are in close proximity to their Father, which is the source of their life.  The fine wire that connects them to their Father can extend quite a distance.  We don’t know how this works, but it will lengthen if the soul is separated from the Father. 

However, communication suffers when the soul moves further and further away from the Father.  Souls feel much better and more “in touch” when they are close to their Father.

J. The twin.  Souls love being with their twin.  This is very important for souls and greatly speeds up their rehabilitation and development.




            Healing the souls can be divided into two parts.  The first we call rehabilitation.  The second is called upgrades or tuneups.




This always involves an inspection and the removal of collars, spikes, darts, electronic boxes, entities inside and other things that have been put on or inside the soul.  This phase of healing is quite extensive with some souls and is not always easy.  For one thing, the soul is deformed in many cases and the spikes, for example, cannot easily be seen.  A number of machines and other methods must be used just to see what is present that needs removing.

A second task that is also difficult is to find and replace the parts of the brain and sometimes parts of the body that have been stolen, as well.  All souls have sexual fluid removed and we try to get this back, as well.  Some will regenerate with a proper diet and rest, but not always.

Souls also require what looks like chiropractic manipulation of the spine, although souls do not have a bony spine the way humans have.  They do have vertebrae, however, that can be kicked out of alignment.

Another aspect of rehabilitation that is very difficult is dealing with trauma at other levels.  These include the mental, emotional and spiritual levels. 

Most souls are very discouraged, afraid or terrified, and traumatized by rapes and beatings that often begin while they are still in an egg.  Yes, the rogues have ways to damage souls while the soul is still in the egg stage.  They puncture the egg and send in a partial soul – one with only 3 or 5 bodies - who does the raping and beating.  This has deep psychological effects, similar to the effects of child abuse on a human being.  It is definitely worse than beating and raping an adult or fully formed soul.




In the worst cases, we are unable to find the problems with a soul or unable to rehab the soul psychologically.  In these cases, there is another option that human beings do not have.  The soul can be taken apart and the spark separated from the bodies.  Then the bodies are thrown away and the spark is sent to a new egg inside a pregnant female soul to be “reborn”, meaning given a new set of bodies and a new life.  We do this commonly and call the process “crunching” the bodies.  It is somewhat traumatic, however, and the soul loses some memory.




The second phase of healing a soul is upgrading, tune-ups or development.   This is a very interesting process that is still being researched.

The most important point about it is that it is the same process as development in a human being.  In part, it is a continuation of the first phase.  However, it also actually improves the functioning of the soul tremendously.  Development is the subject of numerous article on this website.  The basic article is Introduction To Development.

For example, the soul can enlarge its brain with the right nutrition and this makes the soul much smarter and wiser.  The propulsion unit can become larger and the soul will move much faster.  The soul can also upgrade its eyesight, hearing, smelling and much more.

Just as in the human being, development or upgrading involves intense detoxification of the soul’s body and much improved nutrition.  Amazingly, it also requires coffee enemas to remove certain toxins, it requires red heat lamp therapy, foot and other reflexology and it requires the pulling down exercise.  It is truly the hermetic principle of “as above, so below”.

When a human being develops with a development program, the souls inside the person also develop, at least to a degree.  An older term for this effect is conditioning of a body.  Conversely, when even a few of the main souls of a person upgrade or tune up, it can help the entire human being to develop much faster.  For this reason, we try to find a few souls in each of our clients to upgrade because we know this will cause the human being to develop much faster.

Unlike human beings, male and female souls develop at about the same speed.  This has to do with differences between fine and coarse matter bodies.  Humans have coarse matter bodies that all take a lot longer to develop than fine matter bodies.




Souls become much more perceptive and sensitive, can hear, see, feel, touch and communicate much better.  They also have a better mood and attitude.  Souls that are “sick”, as they call themselves, can be vicious and mean.  This can also occur if the soul is trapped and/or enslaved.  Such souls are also discouraged and rather negative.

Memory.  As they advance, their memory improves.  Otherwise, they can only remember about 5 years back, and then poorly.




This is one of the major means the souls have to heal and improve themselves.  When they polarize, their heads become more electropositive, while their feet become more electronegative.  This helps greatly to restore their health, which requires better nutrition and detoxification of many kinds of poisons they carry. 

The polarization can be measured, and they are well aware of it.  It is identical to the polarization of a human body.  For more, read Downward-Moving Energy And Healing on this site.




This is much more difficult.  Two ways to do it at this time are:

1) Usually while the body sleeps, the five body souls, and maybe a few others, are temporarily replaced by “sitters” who keep things normal while the body souls receive rehab and upgrades.

2) If the body is placed at certain points on the earth that are special down vortices, all the millions of souls in the body can be rehabilitated and upgraded, a little.  It is not an individualized rehab, but it is helpful.


Other than these methods, the only other way to improve all the souls in a body is for the person who inhabits the body to develop himself or herself.  This slowly improves all the souls in the body.



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