by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I. General Information About Souls

Who are the souls?


General personality

How souls move about


II. Souls As They Relate To Human And Other Bodies

Bodies that souls inhabit

Pregnancy, Birth and Childhood


III. Soul Maturing




To study




IV. Damage To Souls

            The rogues

            Abuse and damage


The drone war


Chiropractic problems

Rods, mesh, darts, collars, matrices and bundles


V. Rehabilitation And Upgrading Of Souls

            Requirements for rehabilitation and upgrading

            General effects of rehabilitation and upgrading

            Polarizing or ‘down energy’ – a key

            Soul recovery

            Soul stasis

            Soul entities

            Cloaks and invisible souls

            Rehabilitating souls that are living in human bodies


VI. The Social Life Of Souls

            Soul groupings – sex, religion, military, etc.

            Souls and technology

            Lining up and walling

            Forming brains

            Home locations



            Twins and twinning

            Soul leaders

            Mob behavior




VII. The Biochemistry Of Souls

            Hair analysis patterns of souls


VI. Other Topics Related To Souls

Soul evolution

Souls have advanced or higher energy fields

Souls and the merkabah

Death and its effect on the soul

Composite Souls






Please reserve judgment if you decide to read this article.  It is unfamiliar information and it may sound very unusual.  The main source of information about souls for most people are the Hebrew and Christian Bibles.  However, these do not contain many details. 

Much of this article is about the problems of souls today.  I am not the only one writing about these problems.

For example, Mr. Robert Detzler has written several books about souls and offers Spiritual Response Therapy, a means to help correct the problems of souls.  I don’t fully endorse his work, but he does recognize some of the problems and sicknesses of souls today.




Souls are complex, tiny beings with the following parts:


1. The spark or flame.  This is an extremely tiny central aspect of a soul that is connected to God or Source or The One or Essence.  That is the best way to describe it.


2. Tiny bodies.  Around the spark souls have a number of very tiny “bodies”.  These are crystalline in nature and smaller than atoms.  Souls have up to 21 of these tiny “bodies” around the spark, with one inside or on top of the other.  In other words, they are layered. 


3. More details.


Size. Souls are extremely tiny.  Trillions of souls can literally fit on the head of a pin.


Density.  Souls are fine matter beings.  This means their body structure is of a more lightweight material than ours.  As a result of their small size and lower density, most human beings cannot see them, even with the help of advanced microscopes.


Numbers.  Souls number at least 10 to the 100th power.  This number is probably low, but is an estimate.  It is an enormous number, far beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.  They are everywhere throughout the earth, and in outer space, as well.


Basic structure.  Souls are made of a crystalline substance that is much smaller than atoms.  Some authors call their structure adamantine.


Shape.  Souls look similar to human beings, with two arms, two legs, and a head.

Some souls look heavy and a little hunched over.  As they become healthier, these go away and the souls look more slim with straighter posture.  Proper nutrition and other upgrades are needed to correct these problems.


Organs.  Souls have a few simple body organs such as a tiny stomach, a tiny liver, and the other organs.

Aliveness.  Souls are very much alive, in that they think and move and carry out tasks of all kinds.  In fact, they operate the human body and do millions of other tasks throughout the universe.


Damage.  Souls can be tortured, stunned, poisoned, gassed until they go unconscious, beaten until they don’t remember who they are, raped, and even frozen in deep space.  Another section of this article details the damage.




Souls require a little food, water and air.  They can go for a while without food, but they do not feel as well when this occurs.

Foods they seem to need at this time are lamb and salt.  The lamb need not be cooked.

  The type of water they need does not seem to matter too much, although they often prefer water from a spring or a river because it is moving, they say.

When living inside a human, animal or plant body, souls can nourish themselves from the host where they reside.  That is, they need not fly around looking for food, although they may do this, at times.


Nutritional balancing science.  All souls apparently benefit greatly from nutritional balancing science in order to improve their overall health.  The principles are the same as for human bodies, although the food and supplement needs are different.




Souls all have a “propulsion unit” in the area of their chest, with which they learn to move about freely.  We would call it a free energy or anti-gravity system that allows them to move in any direction at enormous speeds, much faster than the speed of light.




Bodies are essential for souls.  Bodies anchor souls.  They also give the souls the opportunity to learn many things.  A human body contains at least one hundred trillion souls.  Animals and plants contain somewhat fewer.  The basic organization of souls inside a human body is:

1. The entity soul is in charge.  This is a great honor for a soul.

2. There are also 5 or 6 body souls.  Each of these is in charge of movement of the two arms, the two legs, and the head.

3. The director souls live in the head and occupy special areas in the brain.  They work together to control the body and help it express itself outwardly. When you speak to a person, you are conversing with the director souls, not the entity or body souls. 

4. The main souls are another group of important souls in the brain.

5. Other.  There are hundreds of groups of souls inside every person that perform every function imaginable.  The human, animal and plant bodies are basically shells or machines that require souls to operate them.

They operate all body systems, ranging from the synthesis of all body chemicals from DNA, to digestion, elimination, reproduction, circulation, respiration and all body systems.  Without them, we could do nothing.

It is the souls that give the body what is called the “wisdom of the body”, such as its ability to heal itself, and much more.  If this were better understood, doctors would listen more to their patients, instead of just giving toxic drugs or doing operations when often other things are needed.


Bodies and souls sicken and heal each other.  Bodies that are degenerating, toxic or nutritionally deficient tend to worsen the health of their souls.  Bodies that are healing assist their souls to be healthy.

Conversely, souls that are sick tend to sicken the bodies they are with.  This is why rehabilitating and upgrading the souls is so important.  It is a lot easier to rehab and upgrade souls than it is to heal the bodies.  The reason is that the structure of the soul is much simpler.

Souls that are healthy help heal the bodies, if only by giving the body better information and better instructions for living.  They can also protect the body from harm in many ways (See the military section below).




Souls love to go through a pregnancy in an animal or better yet, in a human woman.  They say they learn a lot forming a body, and getting to know the other souls who will be with them for the life of the body.

Before entering a fetus, thousands of souls convene and are assisted to make certain decisions about who will do what, and where in the body they will live.  Then, when this process is completed, they look for an available body to enter.

Once they find an available body, either human or animal, they begin the process of entering and building the new body.  They begin entering soon after conception.  The souls assist the formation of the organs and tissues.  As the fetus grows, more souls join inside the body, helping to grow the many body structures.

This goes on all during pregnancy and continues through childhood.  The souls also love childbirth, even if it is painful for the body and for the mother.

They also enjoy infancy and childhood.  We have noticed that the souls of children are far more happy and animated than those of most adults.




Souls start out with no memories and very little understanding.  They slowly mature over trillions of years.  During this time, they learn about all aspects of life.  These include all the technical sciences, philosophy, behavior, religions, relationships, love, will and more.  Here are just a few examples.




Faith is similar to trust and confidence.  It is also belief in unseen things.  Faith can also mean a belief in an unseen God.  All of this is important for souls to learn.

Learning to have faith begins with learning that there is such a thing as good guidance, love, truth and general goodness in the world.  This is important for souls to learn because they are subject to abuse by rogues who taunt them and give them false advice. 

Being an entity soul of a human body can help this process along.  Just floating around in outer space, as many souls do, does not usually foster the process of learning to have faith.




Consistency means to stay with things.  Souls that are damaged, in particular, flit from one thing to another.  Once again, being in a body helps them a lot with this learning.

Bodies need consistency to be most healthy.  They generally need to go to sleep around the same time each night, eat at the right times every day, and so forth.

Souls, however, are so hardy and tough that they don’t need consistency very much.  They can go where they like, grab a little nourishment and air here and there, and don’t need sleep.




Because souls are quite hardy, they can put up with a lot of abuse.  Having a body that is more delicate helps souls to learn about discernment.




Souls do not have a written language, and usually feel they don’t need one.  If they want to learn something, the way they do it is to ask another soul who knows the answer.  It is easy and simple.

However, learning to read and study develops the mind in ways that nothing else can.  So it is helpful for all souls.  Once again, inhabiting a body is helpful.




This is part of advanced development and is most helpful for souls to learn.




Souls have some self-discipline, but this is not one of their strong qualities.  They are quite free to move about as they wish and do as they wish.  Yet learning self-discipline and developing the will is very important.






A group of beings that are everywhere in space and on earth intentionally damage souls.  We call them the rogues.  Others call them “the others” or even “the friends”.

Rogues roam the entire universe, have very advanced technology, and seek to keep other souls weak, stupid and confused, or worse – tied up and stuck in one place with a glue-like substance.  In other words, they wish to control, suppress, use and enslave all souls.




Here is a partial list of the ways the rogues upset, damage, immobilize, or disable:


Rapes, or sticking objects in the vagina and anal areas.

Electrical shocks

Burning them

Freezing them.  Even worse is to repeatedly freeze and thaw them.  This apparently causes terrible pain and fear.

Starving them

Depriving them of air and water

Binding them up with very fine silver cords so they cannot move properly.

Isolating them from their “friends” and their twin soul (discussed below).

Displacing them – moving them far from where they belong or know where they are.

Putting nubs or connectors on their heads and their abdomens.

Poisoning them with chlorine gas, aluminum compounds that damage their memories, and other poisons.

Frightening them in many ways, such as with loud noises.

Attaching tiny boxes, subtle circuitry and other devices that they clip or strap to the soul to upset them and control them.

Holding them in a body while torturing the body.

Placing entities or other souls near or even inside them.  The entities have been tortured and are very angry, as a result.

Damaging their structure with precise blows to the neck, back, feet and elsewhere.

Giving the souls viruses and other biological poisons.

Putting collars, spikes, darts, sleeves and boots around them in various places to restrict their movement and affect their thinking.

Even removing part of their brain to weaken them mentally.


As a result, most souls are badly traumatized, and very much in need of rehabilitation and upgrading. 




            Fixing the souls can be divided into two parts.  The first is rehabilitation, which is more basic and involves removing the collars, darts, sticks, boxes, entities and other things that have been put on or inside the soul.

The second phase is upgrading, which is a continuation of the first phase.  However, it also actually improves the functioning of the soul tremendously. 

Upgrading seems to activate parts of the soul’s brain or body, giving the soul much greater capabilities to move fast, think, and sometimes better ability to see or hear.  Their vision, for example, can be greatly improved in this way.  Some or perhaps all of this is a detoxification process. 




A. Food.  Meats, cooked vegetables,blue corn and some sea salt.  Sometimes a little of other foods are needed, such as nut and seed butters, or other things.

B. Supplements. They all need a tiny bit of some of the same supplements human beings require.

C. Rocks.  The souls love quartz, in particular.  Rose quartz is particularly good, but clear quartz and white quartz are also excellent.  The larger the piece, the better.  They like to sit on it and say it helps restores their polarity.

They also love amethyst, black tourmaline, and a red and a dark bluish-grey stone that I have not identified.  There are probably others.

D. Plants.  A jade plant, placed close to the rehab and upgrading area, seems to help them.

E. Music: Souls love certain music.  The type varies among souls.  Most that they like is jazzy, fun, syncopated and upbeat.




Souls become much more perceptive and sensitive, can hear, see, feel, touch and communicate much better.  They also have a better mood and attitude.  Souls that are “sick”, as they call themselves, can be vicious and mean.  This can also occur if the soul is trapped and/or enslaved.  Such souls are also discouraged and rather negative.

Memory.  As they advance, their memory improves.  Otherwise, they can only remember about 5 years back, and then poorly.




This is one of the major means the souls have to heal and improve themselves.  When they polarize, their heads become more electropositive, while their feet become more electronegative.  This helps greatly to restore their health, which requires better nutrition and detoxification of many kinds of poisons they carry. 

The polarization can be measured, and they are well aware of it.  It is identical to the polarization of a human body.  For more, read Downward-Moving Energy And Healing on this site.




This is much more difficult.  Two ways to do it at this time are:

1) Usually while the body sleeps, the five body souls, and maybe a few others, are temporarily replaced by “sitters” who keep things normal while the body souls receive rehab and upgrades.

2) If the body is placed at certain points on the earth that are special down vortices, all the millions of souls in the body can be rehabilitated and upgraded, a little.  It is not an individualized rehab, but it is helpful.


Other than these methods, the only other way to improve all the souls in a body is for the person who inhabits the body to develop himself or herself.  This slowly improves all the souls in the body.






Soul groupings. Souls are social beings. They love to be with their friends, who are other souls they have worked with.  They also enjoy being with their twin soul (male or female).  Souls do not live in families, and do not have children.

Later in their development, souls group together permanently.  This is called a composite soul.  See Composite Souls for more details.

Economics. Souls live in a world of plenty when they are free to travel and roam freely.  They need very little to live on, so the material world of the bodies is a little foreign to them.  However, they say they like learning about it from experience in a body.

Military behavior.  Souls can be good fighters.  They often fight for their bodies, trying to fend off attackers from the outside, harmful words, negative situations, and even bacterial and other attacks inside the body.

In addition, some souls are good “external fighters” or soldiers against the rogue threat.  Both males and females are good fighters, but we find that females are a little less dedicated to fighting.  Many souls say they are assigned to fight the rogues or rebels, as they call them.  Some have become quite aware of the rogue tactics, lies, deceptions and horror.




It appears that souls can live anywhere in space.




Souls are very interested in their “friends”.  These are other souls who:

1. Have similar interests.

2. Are more or less at their level of maturity, knowledge or self-awareness.

3. Are from a nearby region of space.

4. Is their twin soul.  (see below about twins)


  They much prefer to be connected to and work with their friends.  They say they recognize their face or their smell.  Friends can be male or female.




Souls all speak a language that seems to be known among all of them, so far!  They say they are born with this knowledge.  It is very similar to English, strangely enough.

Many souls also know another language that is composed of various clicks and whistles.  The Bushman of the Kalahari Desert in Africa are the only group on earth who can speak this language.




Souls are either males or females.  This is unusual, as most people believe that souls are not sexual beings.  They are not very sexual in their behavior, but they have either tiny male or tiny female organs.

Souls are made by other beings, and it does involve a sexual process, but souls do not reproduce themselves.

Each soul has one twin.  This is a key to their existence.  The twins were designed or made together.

A key to understanding souls is that they ALL want to be with their twin.  This helps explain some of their behavior, both when flying about, and when they are inside bodies.

The twin completes the soul, is the most fun to be with, and is almost always the best partner for a soul.  The twin does a lot of healing for them, and complements the soul at many levels.

Behavior of twins. They love to talk with one another, and love to do everything together. 

Twins in bodies.  Twins may or may not end up being associated with the same human body.

Human relationships.  From a soul perspective, the ideal human relationship is when a man has as his main soul a male twin and a woman’s soul is the female twin.  This is very uncommon, however, and it can be very hard to tell if this is the case.

One’s twin soul can also be one’s child, parent, or cousin, for example.  In this case, one cannot marry the twin, but one can have a very beautiful relationship with that person.  For more on this topic, read Twin Souls on this website.




Souls like groups and can, at times, ‘take orders’ from their friends.  This means that they are capable of mob behavior.




Souls love to group together in what they call clusters.  These are groups of soul “friends”, ideally, although they don’t have to all be friends.  They function better this way, helping each other in many ways, they say.

For example, they protect each other.  They may also feed each other and share other tasks.  One might say it is a method of division of labor, to use economic terminology, that increases their survival.




Souls that are upgraded are not all knowledgeable at the same level.  Some seem to have knowledge of various areas such as engineering, design, military tactics and much more.  This is from experiences in bodies, although they do not always know why they know what they know.




Souls can usually communicate easily with all other souls who are nearby.  Souls have many methods of communication.  They can see, hear a little, smell and have telepathic abilities, as well.  They seem to have other communication methods, as well.




            Apparently, all souls have a strength.  This is an area in which they excel.  There are ten of these area, which are:

1. Military.  This is an ability to fight an enemy and win, most of the time.  It has to do with the ability to aim and fire weapons accurately, assess situations quickly and accurately, understand war tactics, and more.

2. People.  This is the ability to honor and respect people, understand people, organize people, and be polite and courteous at all times.

3. Organization.  This is the ability to get things done, organize machinery and other equipment, give and receive orders, and work in groups.

4. Memory.  This is the ability to recall things from many years ago up to the present, in great detail.  This person is like a scribe or secretary who takes in all the details and recalls them precisely when needed.

5. Mechanically-inclined.  This is the ability to build things and make them work.  It involves industrial design, building skills, mechanical awareness, and much more.

6. Psychology.  This is somewhat similar to the people specialty above.  However, it is more in-depth as far as understanding how the mind works and how to work with people to get them to work harder, do more, and the like.

            7. Children.  This is the ability to relate to babies and children easily.  It encompasses many skills from knowing how to teach children, to being able to laugh and play with them, and more.

            8. Parents.  This has to do with understanding what it is like to be a parent, and helping parents overcome obstacles with their families, and with others.

            9. Friends.  This has to do with understanding friendship, a very important soul quality.  Friends are not just those with whom one spends time.  They are also associates in business, confidants, partners, and team members.

            10. Leaders.  These are souls that understand leadership and are good at directing others, motivating others and managing large groups of people.


            Notes about the strengths:

1. Strengths can change.

2. Strengths are relative.  All souls can do all things to a degree, at least.  However, some are much better at certain tasks than others.

3. Strengths help give souls their unique identity.

4. Twins usually have the same strengths.

5. Every body has many souls, so each usually has multiple areas in which it excels.  However, the strengths of the main or entity soul seems to be most important.






It is possible to measure mineral levels of souls, I am told.  One measures what looks like a tuft of hair that they all have on the head.  It is not really hair, as we know it, but it contains minerals and these can be measured.

Souls can have the same oxidation types as human bodies.  The mineral balance of the soul can affect the mineral balance of the human body it lives in, and vice versa.  For example:

Four lows.  Damaged souls are often in a Four Lows Pattern, with some symptoms of four lows pattern.  During their rehabilitation and upgrading, they all exit a four lows pattern and usually move into a Fast Oxidation Pattern.  This is the usual progression as souls become rehabilitated.

The ideal Sodium/potassium ratio of a soul is about 5:1.  However, it is often lower when the soul is not healthy.  It may drop down to 1 or less.






1. Friends

2. Their twin                         

3. Love from others and acceptance

4. Forming groups and clusters




Souls say they are learning and “evolving”.  This means they are becoming wiser.




When the body dies, the souls inside that body should go directly into a bright spot of light that will appear nearby.  This is called moving into the light.

If they do not do this at once, the souls stay on earth and are called discarnates or discarnate entities.  At times, some people see projections of them and call them ghosts or haunts.  This is a large and important topic.  For details, please read Death And The Soul on this website.



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