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I. Introduction

II. Qualities Of The Criste Development Level

III. Other Topics

The Words Christ And Christian, As They Relate To Criste




1. A physical organ of the body. It is an immune and digestive organ that looks like the pancreas but is somewhat different from it. Some say it is part of the pancreas.

The identity organ. It is unusual because it is an integral part, or “All” or “God” part of one's identity. The words pan and pancreas mean all.

Medical personnel know that one cannot transplant a pancreas. This is because it is a part of one's identity. One can transplant most other organs, but not the pancreas.

Removed by the rogues before birth. The alien group, the Rogues, carefully destroy the physical criste in all human beings and in most creatures before birth so as to leave no trace.

If present at birth, which is very rare, the pancreas looks somewhat diamond-shaped and stretches horizontally across the entire abdomen.

Without it, one is weaker, has less will power, and less ability to defend oneself against cancer and other diseases.

2. The name of pairs of small fine matter creatures. These creatures are present in our bodies at birth and live near the third energy center. As one develops, they move upward to the upper energy centers. They live in the area of the criste and they assist its functioning.

3. A proteolytic enzyme. Christe is similar to chymotrypsin, which is another pancreatic enzyme. These enzymes destroy cancer in the body. They do this by converting totipotent cells away from being cancer cells.

The trophoblast concept of cancer. This understanding is part of the trophoblast concept of cancer. Everyone needs to learn about this concept. For details, read The Trophoblast And Cancer.

4. A development level and an achievement. As one develops, the criste creatures and a fine-matter organ of the same name rise inside the body from the area of the third center (solar plexus) up to the fourth center (heart center). Then they rise to the area of the fifth center (throat center.

They keep on rising upward as one develops. For details, read Introduction To The Energy Centers.

When the criste organ and criste creatures reach about the level of the sixth energy center (at the forehead), one's development level is sometimes called criste. Special abilities appear at this level and it is considered an excellent achievement.

Development is a genetic change in the body that toughens the body, extends its life and causes the awakening a special abilities. It is not well known in Western nations because the rogues, who control the planet at this time, do not want it known.

However, development is taught in some monasteries and convents in the Western world and is well understood by certain Native groups on earth. These include the Bushmen of the Kalahari desert, some Native Americans and some Australian Aborigines. For details, read Introduction To Development.

Development today requires a special diet, plenty of rest, retention of most sexual fluid and the Pulling Down Procedure. Daily coffee enemas, red heat lamp therapy, keeping the spine aligned by yourself or by a chiropractor, and foot and hand reflexology are also very helpful. For details, read Introduction To The Development Program.

5. A symbol or measure of fairly advanced development. This is related to #4 above. The rising of the criste is useful as a measure of development because it can be seen by those whose vision has been opened. This means they can see the human energy field.

Many children have this ability. However, it usually fades away as children grow up because their health and etheric energy level decline as they age.

6. A highly developed person(or master). Christe is a name sometimes given to a person whose criste has risen to about the area of the sixth energy center (the forehead).

7. A tan symbol. Tan refers to special male-female blending. The criste is related to tan because to make the criste rise to the level of the sixth energy center requires tan – interaction with a partner of the opposite gender.

One needs to a) do down sex sessions at least once a week, b) do long sessions, c) pull down during the sessions and d) be in love with the other (see below). For details, read Tan or Male-Female Blending.

8. A form or aspect of love. To cause the criste to rise, one must not only be with a partner, but needs to be in love with this person. This means one needs to love the other person's body and love the other person's mind.

9. About self-love. Moving the criste upward requires the process of development, which requires a lot of effort today. Making this effort requires plenty of self-love.



A number of abilities awaken as the criste rise to about the level of the sixth energy center.

For women. Some of the criste abilities arise sooner than this in women. They arise when a woman become a queen and this occurs when the criste reach the level of the fourth energy center or heart center. For details, read Queens.


The merkaba is a very special field of subtle energy that surrounds the physical body, starting during the first small stage of development. When one reaches the criste level of development, the merkaba grows larger.

The word merkaba is found in the Bible 44 times, mainly in the Book of Ezekiel. For details, read The Merkaba.



The word criste is similar to an older word from the Greek language - kristos. It means anointed or sovereign. The word christos in Latin has the same meaning.


According to history books, Emperor Constantine named the religion Christian because he knew the old Greek and Latin words kristos and christos described above.

At this time, we believe that the man known as Jesus of Nazareth was developed to the criste level. He had certain abilities and he spoke often of love.

Is it possible that the religion of which Jesus is the focus is named Christian and he is known as Christ because Emperor Constantine knew about these matters?

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