By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Interfering with normal soul, body and societal communication involves:

1. Jamming equipment to stop normal communication.

2. Substitution of their communication.




1. Radio frequency jammers.  These are tiny ultra-high-frequency radio devices that can interfere with normal telepathic communication.  They are placed near, on or even inside a personŐs body.  They can also be placed hear, on or inside a soul.

2. Cord jammers.  These include cutting a silver cord, splicing into a cord, twisting two cords together, damaging a cord, and putting knots in cords, all to upset normal cord communication of souls.

3. Correspondence jammers.  This is electrical equipment placed at critical correspondence points that can influence a soul, an animal, a person, or a whole society from a great distance away.  They are very hard to detect, for this reason.

4. Inserting creatures.  They place brainwashed and controlled creatures inside the head and body of many creatures that impair their functioning.

5. Nets or infrastructure.  These are extremely fine webs or nets, somewhat like spider webs, that are placed around an individual, in a home or office, or even around and entire city or nation.  They are cloaked and very hard to see. 

They, in turn, support or contain within them electronic jamming equipment described above under numbers 1 or 3.

6. General weakening of the body and brain of the souls, animals, and human beings.  This will reduce hearing and the ability to process all communication.

It is done through:

A. Trauma, such as rapes and beatings.

B. Diseases transmitted sexually, by contact, inhaled, eaten, etc.

C. Poisoning the food, air, water and environment with toxic chemicals, radiation, vaccine poisons, medical drugs, recreational drugs, and electrical signals such as microwaves from cell phones and cell phone towers, and by correspondence poisons and others.

D. Birth defects, malnutrition, starvation, thirst, structural and chiropractic damage, and perhaps other ways.

E. Playing discordant loud music at thousands of correspondence points.

F. Implants in the brain, darts in the neck, rods in the body, and other nervous system damage.

G. Actually removing or destroying some brain tissue.

7. Stress.  This can be of any type – financial, emotional, mental, physical, or social.

8. Blocking hearing.  This can be at the level of the seventh energy center, the ears or perhaps elsewhere in the brain.  This is done by either implanting electrical devices in these areas, sucking out brain tissue in these areas, or poisoning the area so that it does not function properly.

9. Blocking vision.  They Ňdivide the eyesÓ of some whom they wish to control and literally substitute fake images for the images from the eyes.

10. Damaging the Fathers. They starve, beat, rape and imprison the Fathers so that the tiny wires and sparks that become the souls are weak and do not work properly.

11. Birthing souls in a false way.  Instead of allowing souls to take on bodies through eggs, they substitute another production process that is inferior and toxic.

12. Spiking souls and bodies.  The rogues shoot tiny darts or spikes into the bodies of all souls and many creatures to weaken and confuse them.




Once the fallen ones have blocked normal communication, they must substitute their own messages to the souls and bodies.  This is done by devices and methods inside bodies and methods outside the bodies:




1. Implants that are placed inside of peopleŐs bodies to receive radio signals, either directly or through relays placed close to their homes.  Some are receivers, and some are literally tiny loud speakers.

They can send conscious messages, dreams and subliminal messages using these devices.

2. Teams of fallen ones or their agents.  Teams of rogue souls or rogue-controlled creatures may literally sit in the ear or other part of the brain of a person or animal and broadcast messages with tiny megaphones and public address systems.

3. Rods inside the body.  This is a sophisticated way to control the brain of a person.  It involves putting wires and metal rods deep inside the body that connect certain nerve centers improperly that the rogues then control.




1. Radio frequencies sent from bases.

2. Radionic equipment from bases.  This is somewhat similar to radio, but more subtle.  This includes witchcraft and voodoo methods.

3. Silver cord methods, such as:

A. Splicing into a soulŐs silver cord,

B. Twisting the cord with another to interfere and substitute their communication,

C. Rerouting cords that are supposed to go to the Father, the Mother, the twin soul, or the soul repository.  The Fathers are creatures that produce the sparks and wires that become souls.

4. The use of infrastructure.  These are nets or electric fields that they place in and around individuals, buildings, towns and cities or entire planets.   These can be used to suspend and cloak sensors, transmitters and other devices that gather information and send messages, damage the bodies and souls, and more.

5. Broadcasting messages from correspondence points.  The rogues install enormous, powerful loudspeakers in very specific places in space.  The locations of the speakers connect through correspondence with other parts of space where the rogues want to send messages.

The reason this system works is that extremely large fine-matter creatures inhabit areas of space.  Their bodies have meridian systems, reflex systems and channel systems exactly like those in our bodies.  It is part of the holographic and fractal design of all living creatures.

This form of sending messages is similar to putting a needle in an acupuncture point on the foot or pressing on a reflex point on the foot in order to influence a distant organ or tissue of the body.

6. Control of the leaders in society.  Through licensing, rape, beatings, implants and other means, the rogues take control of politicians, community leaders, doctors, attorneys, accountants, reporters, dentists, and others.  They impose their doctrines and messages on these leaders, which are then carried to the public by these leaders.

7. Control of all major institutions of a society.  These include the education system, hospitals, financial institutions and all government agencies.  They know exactly how many and which people they must rape or threaten in order to control decision-making in these places.

              8. Specific control of the mass media and entertainment industries.  In addition, they gain control of the mass media and entertainment media on most planets.  They do this by murder, rape, threats, and other methods of taking over companies and other media outlets such as the internet.

The media they control include newspapers, radio, television, thousands of internet websites, books, movies, and other entertainment media.  With this control, they publish and promote confusing, deceptive, and false political, social, religious, moral, medical and other information to everyone in a society.


Communication bases.  To achieve the above, the rogues use large, cloaked bases in space, on planets or inside planets where literally thousands of brainwashed and raped human beings listen and watch through millions of tiny cameras and microphones to the moment-to-moment activities of anyone they wish to monitor.

Most often they monitor the leaders of a society.  The workers are instructed to pass on relevant information to their supervisors and leaders.

The communication bases are also used to send out false messages to individuals, groups or to an entire city or even an entire society.

The leader bases.  These are small, specialized bases the house rogue leaders.  They supervise the people who work in the communication bases and make some decisions about actions to take such as rapes, beatings, military interventions, destruction of property and much more.

The leader bases are connected by wires or radio with what are called cabesas or regional centers.  The cabesas, in turn, are connected by wires and radio to central control bases located throughout space.

At the top of the control pyramid, as they call it, is a gigantic central processing base where the actual rogue leaders live and work.  This is in a remote area of space away from threats.  This is the basic setup of rogue communications.



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