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This article is about women’s sexual and related issues and there is a section for women who want to prepare for marriage and are seeking an excellent husband.

- Honesty and high integrity. Not lazy. Careful with money.
- Neat and clean.
- Safety conscious at all times.
- Modest with her dress, speech and all other aspects of life.
- Knows the development program, and willing and committed to doing it all, including coffee enemas.
- Helps out with all jobs in the home.
- Cleaned up in the vaginal area. It may not be perfect because this is difficult until one is quite developed, but anyone can clean up using the vaginal peroxide procedure daily.
- Honors and respects her partner and all men at all times. Gentle and kind.
- No staring or flirting with men, and of course, no fooling around with anyone other than her husband.

- Knows and willing to do down sex and tan blending on a daily basis.


One can classify men and women sexually into five groups:

1. Protectors. These are the best people to be around, to marry and to have as friends. Men should protect women, including from the men's own selfish sexual desires. Women should protect men, including from their own selfish sexual and other desires.

2. Loose. These are men and women who have sexual standards or good moral values, but may relax their standards at times. They are not as good as protectors, but they are not too bad to marry or have as friends or work associates.

3. Opportunists. These are men and women who have lower moral standards and can take advantage of sexual opportunities or situations to harm others. They are less safe to be around.

4. Predators. These are men and women who have low moral standards and easily exploit others in the sexual arena. They don't force themselves on others sexually, but they seduce, manipulate, lie, cheat and are not good to be around.





To be safe, a woman needs a high quality man.  This means a man who would never hit you, yell at you and worst of all, rape you.

It does not matter how much money he has, his looks, his connections, his charm, or anything else.  What matters is whether he is a high quality man.

Most women do not understand this and suffer horribly as a result.  This knowledge is coming to you from some of these women.  Please listen and do not go after fame, fortune, looks or any other quality in a man besides his goodness. 

You might say, How does one know if a man is high quality?  It is not always easy.  However, excellent methods are to check with people he knows and preferably those who have been in a relationship with him.

Another way to tell a man is to watch how he treats others – both men and women.  Does he take advantage if he can?  If a “clever” man. A sneaky man, or a somewhat dishonest man?  If so, stay away or get away quickly.

The rogues have hundreds of man who are truly rapists who will ruin your life if you let them, all in the name of love.  Don’t be fooled.

The man may go out of his way for you, but this can be just a way to win your heart and your body.  So ignore it!  See how he treats those who have nothing to offer him. 

Usually, predators lie and steal from others in various ways.  You can find out his real reputation if you ask around in his field of work.  If he finds out you are snooping around and he doesn’t like it, good!  It means he is not for you.




For more details about your anatomy, read The Vagina and The Breasts.




       Women of all ages today are never safe from predators who rape, abduct and even just kill women.  This is the truth, although it is sad to have to write about.

      To help stay safe, life a very moral life.  No lying, stealing or cheating.  Practice the 10 Commandments and the Golden Rule.

      Also, learn and practice broadcasting.  It is wonderful for women.  This topic is discussed in a section below.

Having orgasms yourself, and the two types of orgasms.  It is important for girls and women to know that you can give yourself an orgasm easily.  You just need to know how.

Just get in the shower and rub a lot of soap all over the vagina and massage and you will have an orgasm.

This does not mean we recommend giving yourself orgasms.  Most orgasms weaken the body because they spin the energy centers backwards.  There is an exception discussed below called a down orgasm

However, it is completely wrong to think you need a boy or man to get a tickle.  Fooling around with a boy gets a lot of girls in a lot of trouble.  It often brings diseases, embarrassment in some cases, unwanted pregnancies, and too often it brings a rape.

Up and down orgasms.  Another secret is that women (and men) can experience two kinds of orgasms.  Regular orgasms we call up orgasms or yin orgasms.  They feel good but are harmful for the body.

But there is a different type that are perfectly healthy.  For details, read The Jolt.

Boys like sex.  Girls and women need to know that men usually want to be with a woman for sex, no matter what they say.  Women have other motives to go out, so they don’t realize that men think this way. 

      Girls and women are safest with their fathers, brothers and husbands only.  Other men are all suspect, even if the boy or man is religious, dresses well, speaks well or has other good qualities.  This is unfortunate, but very true. 

Do not be deceived!  It is even true of some family members, teachers, coaches, music teachers, dance teachers and others.

Dating.  This is always hazardous, but there are ways to make is safer.  For details, read Dating.

      Places.  Women are also not safe in most locations, especially places such as locker rooms, concerts, parties of all kinds, and especially men’s houses, cars and boats.  All girls and women need to know this and take more precautions these days to avoid rapes that can easily end your life.

      Be especially careful to avoid any situation in which you remove your clothes, change your clothes or wear a bathing suit.  Also do not stay out late, drink alcohol, use drugs or get tired such as by running with a boy.  These make you weaker and more prone to trouble.

      Therapy sessions such as massages, body work and others where you take off clothing is also not good unless you know the person well who will be with you.

      Be private.  Do not tell anyone your phone number, address, where you work, or anything about your family.  Many girls make the mistake of talking about these with boys and men and it gets them in deep trouble.  Be private!

      Lies.  Girls and women also need to know that boys and men often lie to women to get them to have sex or to go out, or to get in their car, or to go somewhere with them.  Some of the lies are:

You are the only one for me.”

I’m in love with you.”

You are irresistible.”

You are my first girl.”

I can’t live without sex.”

I’ve got the itch.”

I’ll do anything to have you.” (and then he makes promises he won’t keep).

      Condoms don’t work and neither do diaphragms.  Do not be deceived.  Many boys and men want to filth up all the girls.  One way is to have sex and tell you that condoms, even 3 or more, will keep you safe.  Untrue!  They are thin, they don’t cover enough, they fall off, and some are infected to begin with.  Diaphragms are no better.  Read ContraceptivesStay away from sex if you are smart until marriage.

      The pill, patch, Mirena or other hormone IUD, or shots will kill you.  Some boys and men tell their partners to use the pill.  Do not be stupid.  It is highly toxic and increases heart attacks, strokes and cancer in girls and women.  Many women deeply regret being on the pill or patch or shots.  For details, read The Pill, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Putting Daughters On The Pill.

Rape.  This is very real.  For details, read Rape, The Rape Planet and Healing Rape.




These are stray souls that get into women’s vaginas when men stare at a woman and/or think sexual thoughts about a woman.  They are a hazard for all women who spend time in public or anywhere that men are.  They can make a woman feel unclean in this area of her body.  For details, read Prongs.




These are two pockets or areas of a woman’s body where negative feelings and thoughts seem to accumulate.  They are helpful to know about.  For details, read The Wells.




This is common in women after menopause.  A development program will help it eventually, but it may take a number of years on a program, depending on the cause. 

In the meantime, if you are sexually active we suggest using a natural lubricant such as butter, rather than hormone creams.  The worst solution is to take hormones such as estrogen by mouth.




This can make many women more emotional and less grounded than many men.  It also makes most women more sensitive than most men, and it can cause more cloudy thinking.

A copper imbalance can be corrected with a development program, but women are more prone to the problem than men.




Women, especially younger women, are more sensitive to touch than men.  Women also easily lose control of their bodies when they become sexually stimulated.

As a result, women must be careful during any contact, touching, or sex play.  Otherwise you will find yourself having an orgasm, which sounds fun.  However, if it continues you can lose control of your body and easily end up raped or having sex when you did not intend to have it.

This is why no-touch, no-talk dating, which is common in the Christian community, is much safer for women.  If a man likes you, he will go along.  If he does not like the idea of no-touch dating, often he is not a good person to date at all.  For details, read Dating.




UPDATE: A very recent unusual finding is that women who do the vaginal peroxide procedure for a few months often are then able to tune into special souls.  The woman can ask for introductions to suitable men for marriage, and several have found very good partners this way.  For details about the procedure, read Vaginal Peroxide Implants



To match women and men for an excellent marriage, the guides that assist us look at several personality qualities.  The following are important for both men and women. However, they are often more important for women:


We realize that most women have been lied to by predatory men who want to use the women for sex.  In some women, this causes them to learn to lie to get what they want.

However, lying is terrible for a quality relationship.  Don’t lie.  For details, read Lying.


Both women and men are often selfish.  This negatively affects any relationship, which can easily turn into a bargaining arrangement – you do this for me and I will do that for you.  This is not our idea of a high quality relationship.

In contrast, Love and even friendship has to do with wanting what is best for another person.  If you find yourself acting selfishly, work on correcting it.  For details, read A Life Of Service.

Another excellent idea for women (and men) is to learn to broadcast.  For details, read Maturity For Women and Broadcasting.




Both women and men have this problem.  However, women have the most problems with it because they have the pretty bodies that they can dress up and act out their sexy thoughts.

Women also often get a charge from teasing men and manipulating them with their clothing, gestures and words.

Learn to keep your thoughts and actions pure and chaste.  We suggest that women not watch sexy movies or read sexy books because they tend to reinforce sexy thoughts and behavior.  For details, read How And Why To Be Unsexy.




Women should want and insist upon down sex.  It does not provide the same thrill as ordinary sex and it does not provide male sexual fluid.  It also does not cause charging, which some women like during sex.

However, down sex is much gentler, much more intimate, and much safer in terms of avoiding unwanted pregnancy and avoiding diseases.  Down sex or down hugging also heals both partner’s bodies in amazing ways at very deep levels.




In addition to the reasons above, women can use down sex or down hugging in another way.  They have an advantage over men in that they will develop quickly if they do down sex or down hugging with a man who is more developed than they are. 

This is quite important because women tend to develop more slowly than men.  Thus, an important reason for a marriage with the right man is to “use him” to develop faster.  Women and men need to understand this need and desire and allow it and hopefully enjoy it.

Of course, not every relationship involves a man who is more developed than a woman.  However, if both partners follow the development program, the man will almost always develop faster and it is important for the marriage if the woman keeps up with him using down sex or down hugging.

For all the reasons listed in the two sections above, any woman who is interested in development needs to  insist upon down sex, not ordinary sex.  For details, read Down Sex and Down Hugging.




A goal of any woman who wants to be matched by the guides is to undo her traumas.  Most women have experienced molestation and quite a few have experienced rape.  These leave a mark on the body and mind that interferes with a happy marriage.

The development program is quite powerful to undo these traumas.  Especially helpful are the vaginal coffee implants and the vaginal peroxide procedure.  While they are extra procedures, they may be essential for some women.




      Many women think they want to be with a man who lets her have her way and does whatever she wants.  This, they say, is more fun, and the woman can be more independent and happier.  However, it often does not work well.  Here is why.

A man whom you can push around will be fun for a while, but after a few months to a few years most women begin to resent the man’s weakness.  This can easily turn to hatred.

Deep down, most women want a man who is truly strong emotionally and who will genuinely love and protect, which includes “tough love”.

This means he will not allow you to lie or cheat yourself out of the spiritual life.  He will assist you to be strong, centered, grounded and living the best life possible.  He will tell you when you are not behaving properly.  This may seem annoying, but is very beneficial for a woman’s health and development.

A good man may not give you fancy gifts, or ordinary sex, or the biggest house or car, but he will help you spiritually with self-discipline, grounding, and making wise choices.  This is what really counts in life, not the material things.




Forgiving everyone in your life for everything – no exceptions – is a great key to happiness and health.  Women are not treated as well as men in most societies.  For this reason, women often have an even greater need to forgive than men.

Otherwise, women often become bitter, unattractive, and often ill.  Unforgiveness also greatly slows progress on a development program.  For details, read Forgiving and Forgiving Parents.




      The sexual order is an important topic to consider before entering a marriage relationship.  It has to do with the fact that women are much more fearful than men because they are smaller and weaker, and attractive.

As a result, in a marriage relationship, often, but not always, the final decision about certain matters is best left to the man when there is disagreement.  This is not a hard and fast rule and, in all cases, the woman’s view needs to be carefully considered.  For details, read The Sexual Order.




The spin of the energy centers is different in girls than in boys.  It is best if the spin is corrected and this requires some special handling of girls during their entire childhood.   For details, read Raising Girls.



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