by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I. Introduction

II. Birth Control Methods

III. Methods Of Abortion

IV. Related Topics





The problem of preventing pregnancy is as old as humanity.  A secondary, related problem is preventing the transmission of sexually-transmitted diseases during sex. 

Some methods of contraception are much better than others for these purposes.




1. Avoid the poisons.  This means stay far away from birth control pills, patches, shots and hormone-containing IUDs such as Mirena.  These are extremely toxic for women and contribute to many cancers, strokes and heart attacks.  This is the truth about them!

The copper IUD is also toxic and can cause suicidal depression in some women.

Spermicidal gels are not too good, but they are less toxic than hormone methods or the copper IUD.

2. Women bear the ultimate responsibility to figure out how to avoid pregnancy.  Women need to remember this.  No matter what a man says or does, she is the one who gets pregnant so she has to take responsibility for it.

In a marriage, the partners must discuss this problem.  If a man does not want to discuss it seriously, we think it is best not to be in a marriage with him.




1. Abstaining.  This is the best method!  It works perfectly to prevent pregnancy.  It is also the only method that can fully protect a woman from sexually transmitted diseases.

It also is the only method that protects women and men from emotional trauma that often occurs due to having sex in uncommitted relationships.

We believe abstinence should be an option for all women and men at all times.  This includes within a marriage. 

Sex during marriage.  In every marriage, sexual habits needs to be worked out between the partners.  A “right to sex” is not part of marriage.  If differences cannot be worked out, then the marriage needs to end.


Abstinence has other benefits.  Ordinary sex always depletes the body of a man or woman.  This is not well known, but it is true.  Ordinary sex with orgasm and fluid loss always spins the energy centers backwards and always causes some nutritional depletion.

An alternative that does not deplete the body is an excellent sexual method called down sex.  It is not only pleasurable.  It also powerfully heals and develops the bodies.  For details, read Down Sex.


2. Douching or stuffing a cloth in the vagina after intercourse. This is an older method of birth control.  After having sex, the woman excuses herself and sits facing into the bathtub, usually, and rinses the vagina with warm soapy water or with 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Alternatively, she can soak a small cloth in hydrogen peroxide and insert it into the vagina for at least half an hour.  She will need to put on a pad to hold the cloth inside and prevent drips.

Advantages.  Some women love this method.  It is excellent after all sex of an kind at all!

It works somewhat for birth control and it helps prevent many STDs.  For general cleanliness, douching with peroxide is always an excellent idea!

Ordinary sex and even down sex can cause small cuts in the vaginal wall that can transmit all sorts of infections, even if one is married and monogamous.

Hydrogen peroxide from the drug store or warm, soapy water are both excellent douches.  Again, it only takes a few minutes to excuse oneself after male ejaculation to douche.  Then the woman can return to bed she will be more relaxed.


3. The Fertility Awareness method.  This is a modern rhythm method that some couples find works well.  It is based on abstaining from sex during certain days during the month when the woman is fertile.  It uses the basal body temperature and the consistency of the vaginal mucus to determine the safe days for sex.

If done correctly, it can work quite well provided the woman is fairly healthy and has regular periods and the couple strictly follows the method.  The website is

Advantages.  This method has some hidden advantages in that it is truly a cooperative method between man and woman.  It tends to build trust between the partners and makes sex and pregnancy a mutual concern, rather than just that of the woman.  The loss of “spontaneity” is more than compensated for by this fact, in many relationships.

Also, newer technical innovations that make the method much better include the use of very accurate thermometers to check the woman’s temperature every day, check her mucus, and even a computerized machine that learns about the woman’s cycle and is supposed to offer even greater accuracy.

Problems with this method are it requires that a woman have fairly regular periods, it takes some effort, and it requires that the woman and her mate be disciplined enough and considerate enough not to demand sex during the fertile days of the month.  This method also does not prevent STDs at all.

Thus it is not for the happy-go-lucky lady or casual type of relationship.  It is not perfect, but none of the methods except abstinence.

Tying the tubes of a man or woman also works well, but does nothing to stop transmitting STDs.


4. Male and female condoms. Male condoms are fair, provided one uses four (4) condoms. 

Advantages.  This method is not toxic and allows one to have ordinary sex at any time. 

Another important benefit of condoms is they provide some protection against STDs or sexually transmitted diseases, but only when used correctly.  Also, the protection is far from perfect since other body parts touch each other during sex.

A plastic food bag or small garbage bag is actually a much better condom because it covers the testicles and thighs.  Especially if worn by the woman, a plastic garbage bag with two holes punched in the bottom for her legs and the bag tied around her waist is a much better arrangement!!!

Condoms are also widely available and do not require that one calculate the woman’s cycle and other complications.

Problems.  Condoms are not perfect because:

a. Condoms can easily slip off at the wrong moment,

b. They can break, especially if they are old.  Always check their expiration date.

c. The stretchy rubber has millions of tiny holes in it that will allow a few sperm cells to pass right through.  They also allow some bacteria and most viruses to pass right through them. 

d. Of course, one must remember to put them on and keep them on.

e. Some men object to condoms. They can interfere with sexual arousal or orgasm for the man. 

f. Some women object to condoms because they want the male sexual fluid, particularly if the woman suffers from Sexual Fluid Craving, an interesting and important condition of many women today.

  Basic rules for standard condom use:

- Always use four at once.  Using fewer is not quite as good.

- Always use fresh ones rather than ones that have been carried in your wallet for a few months or years. 

- Check the expiration date to make sure it is current.

- Use the correct size and shape.

- Use one that is lubricated if this helps it go on better, but not if it causes it to slip off easily.

- Check during sexual activity to make sure it is still on firmly.

- To increase effectiveness, you can combine it with other methods such as spermicidal gel or a mechanical method discussed below.

 - Remember – the garbage bag method is much better than standard condoms.


5. Mechanical methods for women (diaphragms and cervical caps).  These are older methods.

Advantages.  They don’t cause cancer and strokes as do the birth control pills, patches and Mirena IUD.

They also should be combined with a spermicidal gel and the rhythm method, if possible.  Then they become very effective.

Problems.  They slip off, they are not quite as effective if used without spermicidal gel, and they give no protection at all against STDs.


6. Chemical methods such as spermicidal gels.  This is an excellent addition to the rhythm method, condoms, diaphragms or any other method.

Advantages.  They add an extra measure of safety.  The gel should be washed out with douching after sex, if possible.

Problems. They do not protect much against STDs and they are not very effective by themselves.


7. Tying the tubes or vasectomy.  Advantages.  This is an excellent method of birth control for men and for women.

Problems.  This method requires surgery, which always carries a little risk of infection and other complications.  Also, this method gives no protection against STDs.

Also, tying the tubes is usually permanent, so you can’t change your mind if you decide you want to have children later.

Some statistics also indicate that vasectomy may not be safe for men.  Therefore, we do not recommend this method for men but it is okay for women.


8. Herbal methods. This is the use of herbs to either prevent or terminate a pregnancy.  The herbal formula often includes wild yam, a source of a progesterone-like substance.

Advantages.  This is usually safer than hormone methods such as birth control pills, patches or IUDs.

Problems.  This method is not too reliable and the herbs are at least slightly toxic.




1. Herbs (discussed above).  This is not too reliable but may work.

2. Talking to the fertilized egg inside.  This method can work well.  The woman prays or speaks gently to the souls of the fertilized egg inside her each day, at least six or seven times a day.

She explains to the souls why this is not a good time or situation for pregnancy and to please terminate or end the pregnancy.  This can cause a miscarriage.

3. Medical abortions.  These work, but always cause some trauma to the woman.  They can also have medical complications such as infection or worse.  For details, read Abortion and Post-Abortion Syndrome.

4. Other. Some women beat their belly or do other things to end a pregnancy.  These are not too effective and often harmful and not recommended.






Down sex is an extremely wonderful method of having sex.  It does not deplete the bodies, is safer in terms of transmitting disease, heals the bodies and has many other advantages.  For details, read Down Sex.




Sex outside of marriage.  We believe this is always a form of adultery.  This is true even if one is single or unmarried.  It is not permitted according to the Bible and we believe it always has bad consequences.

Does marriage have to be formal with a ceremony and a government license?  NO.  Marriage is a type of contract between one man and one woman.

It should be written out with provisions, just like any other legal contract.  It should also be signed by both parties with a witness present who can attest to its authenticity.  This is all that is required for a marriage.

For details, read The Marriage Contract, All About Marriage, Spiritual Marriage and A Marriage Of Friends.

What about homosexual marriage?  This is forbidden in the Bible and we believe it has no validity.  For details as to why, read Homosexuality and Homosexual Marriage.




Today we have a severe epidemic of sexually transmitted disease.  Never assume anyone is free of them, no matter what they say.  This is very important information!!

Also, one of the more vicious lies is that if you have been raped or had sex and contracted an STD, you are “filthed up” so you can have as much sex as you want.

This is a complete lie!  There are many STDs and the more sex one has with different people, the more of them you will contract.  If you have experienced rape or picked up STDs in other ways, it is more of a reason for abstinence so you don’t contract and spread more of them.

Causes.  Loose sexual habits and the use of the birth control pill, the patch, IUDs and diaphragms has made this problem much worse in the past 100 years.

The Rogues are also responsible for many STDs and use Rape as a way to transmit disease.  It is part of their plan to turn the earth into a Rape Planet.

 The horror.  The STD problem is a true horror.  The medical profession and public health departments are not telling the public the truth about it.

The truth is that STDs are not benign and they are everywhere.  Hot tubs and swimming pools are particularly dangerous.

Many STDs, in fact, cannot be treated with drugs or anything else.  They slowly spread and eat away at the body and the brain.  They lower a person’s vitality level and contribute to brain fog, fatigue, and many other health problems.

Women are affected more than men because the diseases flourish in the warm, moist environment of the vagina and from there spread easily.  However, they affect both women and men. 

Statistics about STDs are very wrong!  For example, they say 20 million Americans are infected with STDs and they cost the American people some $16 billion dollars each year.  We think this is nonsense.  We think at least half of young women and probably the same number of young men are heavily infected with STDs.

They not only affect the sexual organs, but many people have mouth infections, and infections elsewhere.  Hormone pills, patches or shots provide absolutely no protection against STDs. 

On the positive side, the development program slowly heals all STDs.  It takes a number of years of following the program faithfully.  For details, read Introduction To The Development Program.  Beware of copycats – their “nutritional balancing”, “mineral balancing” and other variants do not work and make health much worse!

For more details, read The Young Person’s Manual.  This is loaded with great advice.  Also read STDs.




The problem of sexually-transmitted diseases is so serious today that we believe there is a need for new concept of virginity.

The new virginity is the condition in which one is free of all infections in and around the vagina.

We find this is impossible to achieve without following the development program as taught only on this website for at least 10 years, in most instances.  It also may require the Vaginal Peroxide Implant Procedure.

Even young girls can have infections in the vagina.  This can be due to inserting objects in the vagina, medical exams, swimming in pools, ponds, lakes or even the ocean, or can be due to wearing infected underclothing.   For more details, read Virginity.




Use of the pill, patch and hormone IUD also open women up to exploitation by predatory men.  For more details, read Birth Control Pills And The Exploitation Of Women on this website.




Following a development program will likely increase a woman’s fertility.  This is very important to know both if you want to get pregnant or if you want to avoid pregnancy.




Today, many women are unhealthy and their menstrual cycles are chaotic.  In some traditional societies, most women menstruated at the same time of the month, and it was widely known by the men as well as the women.  This helped promote order and contraception in the society.  This is not as true today around the world.

The development program often eventually shifts a woman’s menstrual cycle so that she has regular periods that occur with each full moon.

This means the woman can simply look at a standard calendar that has the phases of the moon shown on it and she will have a good idea whether she is fertile at that time.  In fact, this is the reason why some calendars traditionally show the phases of the moon.

Some women find that as their menstrual cycle becomes regulated by the moon cycle, the women are also more at peace.  This is because the moon or lunar energy does actually influence women more than men.  This is a more esoteric topic, but there is some truth to it.

Many traditional societies that were more female-centered societies, such as some American Indian tribes, used the moon as their calendar, for planting crops, and for many things.  The Western calendar is based on the sun cycle, a more masculine calendar that has certain advantages, but is less accurate in other ways, and less friendly toward women, in some ways.



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