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Retracing During A Program



Small Breasts

Sagging Breasts Due To Age Or Breastfeeding

Infections (Mastitis and others)

Fibrocystic or Lumpy Breasts

Pain And Inflammation


How To Increase Breast Size Naturally

The Fourth Energy Center And Middle Dantien, And Breast Health

How To Increase Breast Size Incorrectly

Rape And The Breasts



More Yang

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Fast Oxidizer





In Developed Women

In Women With Tight Tissue Syndrome

Breast Tissue Is Intelligent

Wearing A Bra





Purposes of this article:

1. To help women begin and stay with a development program.

2. To teach some principles of development science.

3. To counter some information distributed by some at the Weston A. Price Foundation. Some of their representatives tell women privately that they will grow beautiful breasts quickly if they eat a high fat diet, and perhaps eat a lot of fermented food. This may occur, but they tend to develop cancer, as well! Please do not follow this advice.

Development and the breasts. Development is the precise process of opening the higher subtle energy centers and growing the energy field of the body. It is also a genetic upgrade of the body. It occurs with a development program, but very rarely with other healing programs of any kind.

Development is very helpful for the breasts. It will slowly and eventually heal infections and other damage, get rid of stretch marks, grow the breasts if they are stunted or malformed due to toxic metals or malnutrition, and it greatly improves the quality of breast milk.



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Breasts are mainly composed of lobular tissue, ducts, nerve endings, the nipples and some fatty tissue.

The lobules.  These are cyst-like structures that are somewhat like lymphatic tissue.  When stimulated by the hormone prolactin, they convert some blood and lymphatic fluid to milk. 

Note: There is breast tissue deep into the armpits and high up under the collarbone in many women.

The ducts.  These connect the lobular tissue with the nipple, which is the opening to the outside.  The milk flows into the ducts from the lobules, and then flows to the nipple.

Nerve endings.  The breasts are very sensitive and delicate organs with many nerve endings.  They are actually quite easily damaged for this reason.  A development program is very helpful to undo most of this damage.

The area on the chest with breast tissue is actually quite large, but all of it may not grow.  It extends upward toward the thyroid gland and somewhat into the armpits, as well.

(Men also have breast tissue, but male hormones tend to inhibit its growth.  If a man has enlarged breasts, the condition is called gynecomastia.)

The nipples.  These are openings from the ducts to the outside of the body where the milk flows out.  At times, infections (mastitis) get into the breasts through the nipples.


Surrounding area. 

Fascia.  The breasts are completely surrounded by a covering called the fascia.  It is a tough fibrous tissue.

Lymph glands.  Under the arms are many lymph glands that drain the breast tissue.  These may swell up if a woman has mastitis, or an infection of the breasts.

Ligaments.  There are ligaments that attach the breast tissue to the chest wall, and support the breasts.  These can become loose, and then the breasts tend to sag.

Pectoralis muscles.  These are the muscles located underneath the breasts.  They are used to move the arms forward.  Some women exercise in ways to increase the size of these muscles.  This will make it appear that a woman’s breasts are larger than they really are.


Energy centers.  The breasts are most related to the fourth and fifth subtle energy centers of the body, along with the middle dantien.  We discuss the importance of these concepts later in this article.


Special souls.  The breasts contain special souls.  They are sometimes called loose souls because they are not trapped inside the body, as are most souls.  Men have a few of them and women have many more.

Functions.  Most of the time, in most people, the loose souls are inactive.  However, they have the ability to leave the body for a time and fly around.

Some are very intelligent and quite mature and developed.  When they leave, they can work in many capacities to assist the person in whom they normally reside.  They can also do other jobs on earth or in space.

A few are not mature and, at times, these breast souls cause problems for women.  They can cause men to be attracted to the woman who are not the best quality.

At times, the loose breast souls and others communicate with a woman and guide her, especially in regard to relationships with men.  The guidance is often good, but not necessarily and some women have learned not to trust this guidance.

How to activate the loose souls.  To sort of wake up and release the loose breast souls, the following are most helpful:

- Follow the development program.  This is primarily to provide nutrition that these souls require.

- Work on your posture.

- Avoid wearing tight bras.  These compress the breasts and make life more difficult for the breast souls.

 - Breathe deeply.  Many women breathe in a shallow way.

- Gently massage the breasts every day.  The best method is to put some Black African liquid soap on the breasts or a little 18 Extreme X by Naturoli (concentrated soap berries).  Add some water to make it creamy and then rub the breasts gently for about 15 minutes or a little longer.  This is very healthy for the breasts.

Another idea is to rub cooked, powdered kelp on the breasts.  This adds a lot of nutrition.  The procedure to prepare the kelp is found in the Kelp article.  If possible, do this early in the day.

- Love the breasts.  Many women, in particular, do not like the shape, size or even the feel of their breasts and wish they were different.  As discussed below, these qualities can improve with the development program.  However, to activate the loose breast souls, it is helpful to fully love and accept the breasts just as they are.


A parasympathetic organ.  The breasts have to do with nutrition of babies.  Nourishing is a parasympathetic activity, meaning that it requires adequate activity of the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system.  Such activity requires adequate rest and sleep, excellent nutrition and a peaceful life.


Breastfeeding. The main function of the breasts is to produce milk to nourish a baby.  Breast milk is by far the best nourishment for all babies up until about age 3 (not 6 months as most doctors suggest). 

However, to product healthy milk, a woman MUST be healthy, and this is rare today.  Doctors suggest adding adult food at about 6 months of age because most breast milk does not contain enough nutrients to sustain a baby after the age of about 6 months. 

Adult food at that age, however, is not good for a baby.  The real answer is to improve the woman’s health, which can be done with a development program.  Just taking a few vitamins or eating salads will not do it!

 Signaling.  The breasts are an important signaling organ.  This means that they are part of the sexual signaling mechanism to attract men for reproduction.  Men are programmed to stare at women’s breasts and to look for them to identify a person as a woman.  Women need to understand this and not get angry when men just stare at their breasts.  Many men do not like it, either!

Sensory organs.  The breasts are very sensitive sensory organs with many pain and pleasure sensors.

Hormone production.  The breasts may also produce some hormones.


The breasts talk.  The breasts contain intelligent souls that can warn a woman of danger, usually from bad relationships.  Getting rid of these souls is a major reason why rapists often beat the breasts during rapes.


Prevention and correction.  Reasons to follow a complete development program include:

1. Prevention of breast cancer and other breast diseases.

2. Correction of hidden or overt breast infections, fibrocystic breasts and other common breast conditions.  This helps a lot with breast feeding.

3. Deep healing of breast injuries.  Many women have these injuries due to banging the breasts into objects, and injuries from sexual contacts, as well.

4. Improvement in the quality of breast milk.

5. In some cases, the size and shape of breasts improve as toxic metals are removed from the body and the brain.  Women who follow a program closely will become thin.  Often this means the breasts are small, but very healthy.

6. Development.  This was discussed in the introduction to this article, and has great benefit for the breasts.

How the program works. The program provides a lot of iodine, zinc, selenium, magnesium and other nutrients that are critical for breast health.  It also deeply removes two dozen or more toxic metals from the body.  It also restores the organs of detoxification such as the liver, kidneys, lungs and skin, which assist breast health. 

In addition, the careful choice of foods, supplementary nutrients and detoxification procedures makes the entire body much more yang.  This is very important, although it is not a part of most healing programs.

The detoxification procedures that are part of every development program are also excellent for breast health. 


Iodine.  One of the most important elements for the breasts is iodine.  Adequate bioavailable iodine helps prevent breast cancer and many other problems with the breasts.

Everyone, today, needs more iodine.  The reason is that the air, water and food are contaminated with iodine antagonists.

Sources. We find kelp and sea salt are among the best sources of iodine.  One can obtain iodine from eating fish, but we find that except for sardines, fish today are too high in mercury to be eaten regularly.

One can also obtain iodine from chemical preparations, such as Iodoral, Prolamine Iodine, Lugol’s solution, potassium iodide and others.  Eventually, however, these all build up in the liver indicating some toxicity. 

Kelp has some mercury in it, as do all products from the sea.  However, unlike the other sea vegetables and other seafood, kelp has a lot of alginates that bind most of the mercury and prevent its absorption.  We do not suggest eating other sea vegetables such as nori (used in sushi), wakame, Irish moss, dulse and others.


Zinc.  Zinc is very important for breast health.  It is a strong, flexible, male mineral that is needed for the ligaments and for other purposes, as well.  When it is replenished correctly, for example, stretch marks on the breasts go away and the ligaments tighten up, reducing sagging.

Everyone is low in zinc today because the food is low in zinc.  Also, zinc is used up quickly when the body is under stress.  All development programs include a supplement of zinc for this reason.


Selenium and silicon.  These are advanced or more spiritually-oriented minerals that are also important for breast health.  They give the tissues a slippery and joyful quality.  In general, these must come from food rather than from nutritional supplements.




Infections of the breast often flare up and then subside during a development program.  This causes temporary pain and perhaps discharges from the breasts.

No medical intervention is needed.  A client reported that when she took kelp, her breasts hurt.  However, she put up with the pain, realizing it was just a toxin elimination.  In a few months, it went away.

            Other breast conditions can also retrace or flare up and then go away during a development program.  These may include the appearance of lumps and even the elimination of parasites that were living inside the breasts.

            Breast injuries also often flare up and then disappear during development programs.  There is usually some pain and perhaps swelling, which then goes away.




Small breasts.  This is often due to toxicity with fluorine, chlorine, bromine, copper, cadmium and/or mercury.  These toxic metals or toxic copper compounds can all interfere with breast growth and are very common today.

Exposure to chlorine, fluoride and bromine interfere with iodine, which is essential for proper breast development.

If one wants nice breasts, stay out of pools and hot tubs because almost all of them are sanitized with chlorine or bromine – both potent breast toxins.

Also, strictly avoid marijuana, which is high in cadmium.  Also, eat meat and avoid vegetarian diets that are always too high in copper, relative to the amount of zinc they contain.

Other reasons why some women have small breasts are:

1. A sluggish oxidation rate.  This is associated with weak adrenal and inadequate thyroid activity, copper imbalance, and carrying more weight on the lower part of the body.  This is associated with low female hormone levels.

2. Tight tissue syndrome.  This means that the fascia covering the breasts is too tight and it prevents the breasts from growing properly.

3. Iodine deficiency in the diet.  This interferes with proper breast development and is very common.  We suggest everyone take a kelp supplement to provide more iodine.

4. Problems with the fourth energy center (heart center) and/or the middle dantien.  These are subtle energy centers located at the level of the breasts.  This topic is discussed later in this article.

5. Trauma to the breasts such as beatings and rapes by the rogues. This remove souls from the breasts, damage the nutrition of the breasts, and may replace vital minerals with toxic metals. For details, read Rape and Beating.

Sagging breasts due to aging or breastfeeding.  This is common in slow oxidizers.  The breasts are often “empty”, which gives the sagging appearance.  In a few instances, the ligaments are too loose and this causes sagging.

  If one follows a development program faithfully, the breasts will take on a more full and attractive appearance.  Also, by following a development program breastfeeding will not cause sagging breasts. 

Also, by remaining on a development program, the breasts will not tend to sag as one ages.  In fact, their shape and appearance will tend to improve because the breast tissue begins to regenerate.

            Infections. Infections can occur inside the breasts and on the skin or in surrounding areas.  Infections inside the breasts are quite common, and are called mastitis.  Many women have these, and most women do not realize it. 

Retracing mastitis.  Many women are surprised when they retrace these infections during a development program.  We get many phone calls about them.  They flare up for a few days causing pain and sometimes fever, redness and swelling as they heal on a development program.  No drugs, herbs or medical interventions are needed.  Afterwards, the breasts are often more attractive, less painful and sensitive, and they function better.  Overall health is also better.

Causes of breast infections.  Breast infections are more common if one has nursed one or more children, if one is sexually active or experiences rape.  Some rapists know about this and deliberately rub the breasts to infect them.  However, even just playing with the breasts with one’s partner or by oneself will increase the chances of mastitis.  Always keep hands very clean when touching the breasts for this reason.

Breast infections can also be due to traumas or injuries to the breasts.  Bacteria or viruses usually get into the breasts through the nipples and this is one reason to wear a bra or a very clean shirt or blouse to make sure no bacteria can get on the nipples.  It is also a reason to shower often to keep the nipples clean. 

Symptoms.  Infections of the breast can be acute or often they are chronic. Acute symptoms include pain, heat, redness or swelling.  Fever, flu-like symptoms and perhaps a pus-filled abscess can develop.  Chronic infections produce few, if any symptoms.

Therapy.  Breast infections are usually easy to retrace and heal with a development program.  In some cases, natural therapies such as vitamin A or colloidal silver will speed up healing.  In addition, one should press on the breast reflex points on the feet for at least 30 seconds at least 7 times daily.  Shining a red heat lamp on the breasts 5-7 times a day for 1-5 minutes at a time may also help.

Doctors give antibiotics for these infections.  However, we think antibiotics should be reserved as a last resort because of their many toxic side effects. 

Fibrocystic or lumpy breasts.  This is due to copper toxicity and iodine deficiency.  Fibrocystic breasts improve with a complete development program.

Painful Breasts. Pain can be due to mastitis, as discussed above.  Pain can also be due to bruises, badly-fitting bras, or a swollen lymph node near the breast, usually under an arm.

Soreness of the nipples is common when breastfeeding.  The mother may need to apply soothing oil or salve to the breasts.  One should also check to make sure the baby is sucking properly and does not have a condition that is impairing its ability to suckle such as tongue-tie.  This is a common minor birth defect.

Breasts often become sore before the menstrual period, and may swell, as well.  A little swelling and tenderness is normal.  Excessive pain or tenderness may be due to hormone imbalances due to toxic metals and nutrient deficiencies.  Symptoms usually go away with a complete development program.

At times, what appears to be breast pain is really chest wall pain or costochondritis.  The references contain an article about this benign condition.

Temporary pain rarely occurs during a development program as toxic substances are eliminated from the breasts.  This is of no concern.  It will go away by just staying with your development program.

Extremely sensitive breasts.  This can be due to ill health, or hormone imbalances during the menstrual cycle.  An acute or chronic breast infection could possibly cause it as well.  These conditions improve on a development program.

Extreme sensitivity can also occur after a rape.  In this situation, the cause is the presence of points.  These are sensitive spots that are programmed into the woman by the rapist, often for future manipulation of the woman.  If, in the future, he touches the point, she will respond in a pre-programmed way such as having a particular thought or by becoming sexually aroused.

Points may fade away by themselves if the woman does not experience another rape.  Points can also be removed in other ways.  For details, read Points.

Stretch marks.  This is due to zinc depletion.  It can often improve after a few years on a development program that restores zinc to the breast tissue.

Unwanted milk letdown.  This is rather common and usually not a problem except that the woman may find her bra is moist.  If it is excessive, it is usually due to imbalances affecting the pituitary gland and the secretion of prolactin.  One of these causes is a prolactinoma.  This is a pituitary tumor that causes excessive secretion of prolactin.

A development program can help with pituitary tumors if one follows the program faithfully.

Cancers.  Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women and kills thousands of women every year.  A development program will largely prevent it.

Warning signs are:  1. lumps, 2) dimpling of the skin, 3) changes in the color or shape of the breast, 4) change in the shape of the nipple, 5) abnormal discharges from the nipple.

Not every breast abnormality is cancer, and this must be emphasized.  However, if any of these signs occur, it is worth following up with an ultra-sound, thermogram, x-ray or perhaps a biopsy.

Most cancers are found by women themselves, not by mammograms or other tests.  We do not recommend mammograms because of the radiation and the manipulation of the breasts required for this test.  Thermograms are better.  However, all women should do self-exams, especially if you are not following a development program.

Defensive medicine.  A serious problem with conventional medical care is the decision by a doctor to tell a woman she has breast cancer to prevent future law suits when, in fact, the doctor is unsure about this.  Several of our clients were told they had breast cancer.  However, close questioning of their doctors revealed that they did not definitely have breast cancer!  Instead, it was “hospital policy” to tell some women that they have cancer rather than risk a lawsuit if she turns out to have cancer but the doctor missed it.

This is quite horrible because a woman is often subjected to unnecessary surgery, disfigurement, toxic chemotherapy, and intense anxiety for no reason.  Please beware of this serious problem in medical care today!

Cancer contributors.  Copper imbalance, cadmium toxicity and a high fat diet contribute to breast cancers.  Taking birth control pills or any hormones may also contribute to breast cancers.

Poor circulation due to tight bras worn for too many hours can also problems of this kind.  Another possible cancer factor is a fungal or other infection from all types of breast implants.

Black Salve.  For tumors, a harsh but excellent remedy is black salve.  The references below contain an article about it.  For more on cancer, read Cancer And Alternative Therapies.




To increase breast size, in addition to following a standard development program, do the following:

1. Deep Breathing.  Many women do not breathe deeply, and this contributes to a sunken chest.  A way to improve the breasts (and the rest of the body) is to practice deep breathing for at least half an hour every day.

2. Foot and hand reflexology.  Rub the breast reflex area of the feet and hands.  On the foot, it is behind the fourth toe on the bottom of the foot.  Also, press on the foot reflex areas related to the shoulders and hips.  These are along the outside of the feet.

3. Do the twists.  This is a group of simple procedures described in a separate article (see references).  They assist posture and the flow of subtle energy through the body.

4. Improve your posture.  Many women hide their breasts when they hunch over.  Some women do this intentionally to hide large breasts, or to appear shorter in height.  Other women have poor posture due to weakness of the back, trauma or other reasons.  By practicing better posture, the breasts become more prominent.

(Very large breasts pull the body forward and can cause a hunched posture.  Some women compensate for this, thrusting the chest forward and out, which causes a different look, usually with a larger stomach and an aberrant mid-section for this reason.  Following a development program is excellent to help correct all of this, including overly large and heavy breasts.)

5. Do daily kelp wraps.  Apply kelp to the body every day for at least 6 months and preferably a year.  This super-nourishes the body with iodine, which often helps get rid of the iodine antagonists – chlorine, fluorine and bromine – that interfere with breast growth.  For details, read Kelp.

6. Rolfing or structural integration.  This can somewhat reduce tight tissue syndrome, which impairs the proper development of the breasts in some women.  We only recommend going to women practitioners for Rolfing or structural integration for safety reasons.

7. Gently massage the breasts every day.

8. Love your breasts.  Even if they are not the ideal size or shape, try to have a very positive attitude about them.

9. Improve the activity of the fourth energy center and the middle dantien.  The fourth energy center has to do with friendships and friendly relationships.  It is better developed in some women than in others.  For details, read The Energy Centers and Friends.

The middle dantien is also located in the area of the breasts.  It is a spinning ball of subtle energy.  For details about it, read The Dantiens.




The human body has seven important subtle energy centers.  The breasts are located in the center of the fourth center, also called the heart center.  They are also located at the level of the middle dantien.  This is another important subtle energy center.

Women with a well-developed fourth energy center (heart center) often have nice breasts.  Many women, however, do not have a well-developed fourth center.  This gives rise to many aberrations in the breasts including misshapen breasts, small breasts, or breasts that are too large.

The reasons the fourth center is not healthy in most women has to do with trauma to the area, damage to the first center and the vagina, and general poor health and nutrition.

What To Do.

1. Diet.  Eat enough meat, including red meat twice weekly.  Also use sea salt on your food and eat mainly cooked food.

2. Radiate, reach out, or extend love.  An expression to explain what needs to happen in the fourth center is “extend love and do not project fear”.  The Bible states “Do not hide your light under a bushel”. 

            3. The light bulb exercise.  An excellent visualization to do daily is to imagine you have a powerful light bulb or fire in the middle of your chest.  It shines a powerful light outward in all directions from your chest.  Take it with you wherever you go and never let the light go dim.  This can help improve your breasts.

            4. Do the pushing down exercise for at least an hour every day.  It is part of all development programs and described in a separate article.  It is powerful to assist the fourth center and the middle dantien to work correctly.  For details, read The Pulling Down Exercise.

            5. Avoid jealousy and anger.  These interfere with a healthy fourth energy center.



Fatty breasts.  Eating a high fat diet will grow breasts.  However, this also causes cancerous breasts.  This is because fat, especially animal fat but even vegetable oils, contain estrogens or chemicals with similar effects.  This is why the breasts and hips may grow, but in an unhealthy way. 

Unfortunately, the Weston A. Price Foundation recommends these high fat diets, which Weston Price, DDS never recommended.

Pork breasts.  Eating a lot of ham and pork may also grow breasts.  However, this is not healthful, in our experience, and is simply due to a type of inflammation.  Pig products also often contain parasite cysts, even if they are well-cooked. 

Sex-induced breasts.  Some women report that the breasts grow after a particularly intense sexual relationship or after a rape.  However, all these involve regular sex, also called up sex or ordinary sex.  This is always harmful for women, no matter how good it feels.

Instead, we only suggest having down sex.  This is much healthier and much safer for women, does not spread as much disease, and keeps a woman in control of her body.  For details, read Down Sex.

Drug-induced breasts.  Taking birth control pills may enlarge the breasts.  This is because these pills contain estrogens.

However, birth control pills, patches and the birth control IUD (Mirena) are among the most toxic and horrible drugs available today.  They greatly increase the incidence of heart attacks, strokes and cancer.  Please stay far away from birth control pills, patches or the Mirena IUD.

Also avoid bio-identical estrogen and progesterone hormone replacement therapy.  Some doctors claim that bio-identical hormone therapy is safe.  Our experience is that it is not safe at all and it is a lie to say it is identical to the way hormones are produced inside our bodies.   It is not so!

Hormones are supposed to be produced based upon the demands of the body, and this changes minute to minute.  Taking pills is not the same.

A development program will slowly correct female hormone levels.


Breast enhancement surgery.  This is a horrible way to give yourself larger and nicer breasts.  The worst problem is that, in our experience, all implants eventually become infected with fungal infections.  It may not show, so one is unaware of it.  However, the fungus secretes powerful mycotoxins that can contribute to cancers and many other health problems.  The only answer for it is to remove the implants.

Other serious problems with breast enhancement surgery are:

1. Risks of any surgery, including death.

2. Poisoning with anesthesia that never leaves unless one follows a complete development program at least a year.

3. Poisoning with other drugs administered before, during or after surgery such as antibiotics and others.  These are not helpful for your general health at all, even if doctors tell you they are benign or “harmless”.

4. Leaks from the implants. This occurs once in a while if there has been a trauma to the breast.

5. Lymphatic congestion.  Surgery always causes some adhesions, and may damage delicate lymphatic tissue, milk glands and other tissues in the breasts.

6. Chemical poisoning from the plastic lining of the implants.  Science is still learning about plasticizers and other chemicals used to make plastic and their effect on the body.  So far, plastic body parts are more prone to this problem than are metal parts such as pins, plates and others.

7. Other problems.  Sometimes the size is too large, for example, causing breasts that weigh too much.  Scar tissue is occasionally also a problem.

For all these reasons, please avoid breast augmentation surgery!  If you have breast implants, consider having them removed and use a development program to grow healthy breasts.




A severe rape is usually very hard on the breasts.  They are often rubbed hard, beaten, twisted and otherwise forcefully manipulated. 

This rough handling can tear the breast ligaments, which leaves saggy breasts and can cause stretch marks.  Rough treatment can also cause infections on the skin of the breasts and cause internal infection by introducing bacteria into the nipples.

The rapist also often knocks out souls from the breast area and introduces aberrant souls into this area of the body.  This confuses a woman and usually dampens her intelligence.




More yang breasts.  Women whose body is fairly healthy and yang tend to have breasts that are set higher on the chest.  Often they are also more firm and rounded.  This is considered an ideal feminine figure.

The word yang in Chinese means compact, warmer, and inward-moving and downward-moving.  This is associated with a faster oxidation rate and a healthier body.  This is uncommon today, but will begin to occur by following a complete development program for at least 3 to 5 years.

More yin breasts.  This is a common type of breast today.  They may be small or large.  Often they are misshapen.  They tend to be soft and with age they sag.  Some women who begin life yin develop breasts that sit lower on the chest, as this is another quality associated with a yin body.

The word yin in Chinese means expanded, cool, and outward-moving. 

Foods that make the body more yin are eating raw food such as salads, vegetarian diets, eating fruit and drinking juices and smoothies, using alcohol, eating food chemicals or additives, and eating sweets of any kind. 

Coppery breasts. Copper is a soft, malleable metal that is commonly present in excess in women.  There are two coppery breast types because copper imbalance can be of two main types:

A.  Women whose bodies have too much copper tend to be high in estrogen and can have large, soft, often pendulous breasts that are often somewhat cancerous.  The skin color is often more reddish and flushed.

B. Women who have biounavailable copper often have small, soft, often saggy and empty-feeling breasts.  They may or may not have high estrogen, technically, but the breasts are poorly developed.  The skin is often a pale color.

Both these copper-related patterns are common in the Western world today.  In both cases, the breasts can sag early in life because copper imbalance weakens connective tissue, often including the ligaments that support the breast tissue.

Fast oxidizer or watery breasts.  These are less common today.  They are found in women who are fast oxidizers, of which there are few.  These women retain some water, including in the breasts.  The breasts are usually located high on the chest, rounded, a decent size, and feel full and fairly firm.

These women often have more of an apple shape to the body, rather than the pear shape found in slow oxidizers.  This just means that fast oxidizing women tend to carry more of their weight on their upper body, while slow oxidizing women carry more weight on their hips and legs and less in the chest area.

Fat-induced breasts.  Women whose diets contain more than about 40% fat can develop large, full breasts.  It is a sexy look.  However, it is associated with a tendency for breast cancer because all fat, especially animal fat, tends to be higher in natural estrogens.  These may cause the breasts to become larger, but also to become cancerous.

Excessive fat can come from eating a lot of meat, a lot of dairy products, or even a lot of olive oil, avocado, coconut oil or other oils.  Please do not eat a high-fat diet.  It is dangerous.

A little fat, up to 10 to 15% of the volume of the diet, is fine and needed by everyone.  Fast oxidizers need one or two tablespoons of fat per meal, including their meat and other foods, but no more.

Pork-induced breasts.  Women who eat pork, ham, bacon or lard may have larger, firmer breasts.  However, this is due to inflammation and not healthy.

Cadmium-induced breasts.  If a woman’s body is high in cadmium, the breasts tend to be hard and small, and may not develop much at all.  Cadmium is always associated with cancers in the body.

Cadmium, a toxic “male mineral”, tends to harden and toughen the tissues of the body.  Cadmium toxicity is common in “tough” women who learn how to survive in the man’s world of business.  Military and police often have more of it, as it helps them risk their lives to do their jobs.

One acquires cadmium from one’s mother in utero, or from smoking cigarettes or marijuana.  Cadmium is also in the air, particularly in cities, because it is found in the brake linings of automobiles.  It is also higher in low quality foods such as refined sweets.

Yeast and breasts. Most women have some yeast overgrowth in the body. Yeast in the body causes a doughy appearance and this can affect the breasts. Foods that make yeast overgrowth worse bread, rice, potatoes and other starches. Also, eating sugars including fruit tends to cause yeast overgrowth.

Yeast overgrowth usually increases with age and this is why some people gain weight with age. Yeast overgrowth is associated with copper toxicity, discussed above.

Breasts in women with tight tissue syndrome.  In some women, the tissues of the body appear tightly stuck to the bones.  This is called tight tissue syndrome.  In these cases, the breasts are usually very small because they are unable to grow properly.




The breasts of women who are developed beyond about Big Stage 1 are usually small.  This occurs because these women are generally thin.

If a woman has large breasts, they will tend to shrink somewhat as one develops.  If the breasts are small to begin with, they usually do not become smaller with development, and in many cases they will grow a little larger.

The shape of the breasts also improves with development.  This has to do with better overall health and better hormonal balance.

The appearance of the breasts also improves with development due to improved circulation and better lymphatic drainage.  If a woman has fibrocystic or lumpy breasts, this condition goes away with development.

During early development many women retrace old chronic infections of the breasts or mastitis.  These are very common, even in women who have not breastfed babies.

If this occurs, one experiences some pain and inflammation usually in just one or the other breast.  If one remains on one’s development program, this soon resolves and disappears completely.  There is no need for medical or other interventions, which usually just get in the way.

If one retraces a breast infection while breastfeeding, one may need to stop feeding with that breast for a day or two.  If a problem arises, ask for help by submitting a question to your Helper directed to Dr. Wilson and the guides.




While it sounds unusual, the lower part of the breasts, especially below the nipples and toward the inside of the breasts, contain special souls that are very intelligent.  They assist women to be wiser, especially in regard to relationships with men.

Men have some of these souls as well, but not as many as do most women.  The breasts do not need to be large to have these souls.

Rape used to remove breast souls.  During some professional rapes, the rapist beats on the lower part of the breasts.  This is not only very painful.  It also causes some of the advanced breast souls to leave.  The rapist then usually can replace them with less intelligent souls. 

The woman may recover from the rape, but she will often find she is less able to make wise decisions, especially in regard to relationships.  This technique is part of the standard human trafficking procedure to produce prostitutes and other sex slaves.  For more details, read Rape.




Women differ on this topic.  Some insist upon it for hygienic, appearance, or to reduce breast sensitivity to clothing.  Other women do not like bras, especially ones that alter the breasts such as push-up types.  For details about the reasons women wear bras, read Clothing.



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