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Extra Rest Such As Daily Naps

Holding On To Your Sexual Fluid

Retesting The Hair Every Three Months



Finger And Toe Pulls And Twists

The Bidet

Eye Reflexes

Ear Reflexes


Oral Coffee Hold

The Ear Pull

Brain Architecture Correction

Toe Twists And Pulls



The Kelp Wrap

Skin Brushing

The Salt Glow

DOWN THERAPIES (To move energy downward more forcefully)

Down walking

Neck Pull

Extra Spinal Twists

Popping The Toes And Fingers

Vaginal Coffee Implants

The Object In The Vagina

Penis Coffee

The Genital Bath

Angling Your Bed

Using A Rebounder Or Mini-trampoline

The Hand Pull

Open Water At Your Feet And Drinking A Little Open Water

EMPATHIC HEALING (using others to help you move along faster)

Down Sex

Down Visualizing

Down Hugging

Down Kissing

Vaginal Massage

Massage – other types


Pet Healing


Toe Trance

Hand Trance


The Peroxide Implant

Deep Breathing

Ozonator/Ionizer Air Purifier

Drinking Ozonated Water



The Real Self/Love Is The Answer


Primal Therapy

Asking For Your Controllers

The Sound Procedure

Non-violent Communication


I Choose

Thy Will Be Done


The Real Self


Use Of A Vibration Platform (Also called whole body vibration or WBV)

The Vibrasound Table

Tapping Or Hitting Energy Points On The Body

High–Intensity Sound Therapy

The Meter





The Basic Healing Procedures

- The Pulling Down Exercise

- The Neck Pull

- Coffee Enemas

- The Spinal Twists

- Foot Reflexology

- Red Lamp Sauna Therapy or Single Lamp Therapy



Certain healing procedures besides the basic ones can greatly speed up development.  This article discusses current recommendations for these extra procedures.  At the end is a quick review of the basic development program. 

WARNING.  Some people claim much faster healing using various diets, herbs, nutritional supplements, electrical machines, homeopathy, exercises, meditations and more. We have researched most of these methods. We recommend only those that are safe and effective to achieve the goal of development.

Do not use healing procedures besides those recommended on this website.  The others either are not powerful enough or are harmful or dangerous in some way.  Please be careful in this way.



Extra rest.  Going to bed by 9 PM, getting at least 10 or even 11 hours of rest every night, and taking daily naps will speed up development for most people, assuming you also eat correctly.

Holding on to one’s sexual fluid.  This means avoiding or minimizing orgasms.  Hugging and kissing are fine.  Down sex is excellent, however, and is one of the most powerful accelerator procedures.

Broadcasting. This is quite an excellent procedure that teaches basic energetic concepts. For details, read Broadcasting.

Retesting the hair every three months. This allows faster progress because the development supplement program and diet will be kept updated more easily.  If body chemistry changes and one is one the wrong program, development slows or stops.


Acupressure.  This is a simple, but very effective and safe method of enhancing the flow of subtle energy through the body.  For details, read Acupressure Or Shiatsu – An Introduction.

Bidet therapy.  This one is unusual, but it works well.  It requires a bidet toilet attachment and fairly good water pressure.  For details, read Bidets.

Eye reflexology.  This is done while taking a shower.  It requires a shower massager.  Set the massager to pulse position.  Close your eyes and aim the massager at the closed eyes.  You can usually do both eyes at the same time.  Move the massager around a little.  Do this for up to 15 minutes.

This stimulates a reflex system that is around the eyes and will speed up healing and development.

Ear reflexology.  This consists of pulling, pressing or vibrating your ear lobes for up to 1 minute.  The ear lobes contain a reflex system of the body.  The top of the lobes reflexes to the head.  The bottom of the lobes reflex to the lower body.

Finger and toe twists and pulls.  This is discussed in the section below.  It is another excellent reflex system of the body and one that is easy to work with.


The oral coffee hold.  This consists of holding coffee in the mouth for 15-20 minutes and then spitting it out.  It is an excellent procedure to bring the benefits of coffee to the teeth, ears, sinuses and head.  For details, read Oral Coffee Hold.

The ear pull.  This consists of pulling or vibrating the ear lobes.  It can be helpful to increase circulation to the ears to help resolve chronic ear conditions.  It also stimulates the ear lobe reflex system.

Brain architecture correction.  Very often, after any fall, accident, rape, beating or other trauma to the head, the brain does not sit correctly inside the skull.  This can cause headaches and other severe brain problems.

This can be corrected quite easily.  For details, read Brain Architecture.

All toe and finger twists and pulls.  The toes and fingers are major reflex areas that affect the brain.  For this reason, pulling on the toes, twisting the toes, popping the toes, vibrating the toes, rotating the toes together and other movements of the toes can be extremely helpful for the brain.

Also, clasping the fingers of the hands together, squeezing the fingers, bending the fingers backward a little, twisting the fingers and massaging the fingers is also very helpful for the brain.

Head reflex therapy. There is a reflex system on the skull. There is also one in the mouth.


These therapies move energy in a downward direction through the body.  This can greatly speed up development.

Down walking. This is a set of procedures to do while walking that help to move subtle energy downward. For details, read Down Walking.

Peroxide implants.  We moved this procedure to the oxygen therapies section of this article.  However, peroxide implants definitely help move energy in a downward direction.  

The neck pull.  This is an excellent procedure to speed up development.  For details, read The Neck Pull.

Extra twists of the spine. Doing the basic spinal twist several times each day keeps subtle energy flowing much better through the body all day, and will speed up development.  The procedure is to lie down straight, lift up one leg and move it over and across the other leg.  For more details, read The Spinal Twists.

Popping the toes and the fingers several times daily.  These simple procedures will speed up development.  To pop the toes, lie down and just push the toes downward toward the floor if you were standing up. 

To pop the fingers, interlock the fingers of both hands so that the backs of the hands touch each other and the palms face away from each other.  Then flex the wrists and this stretches the fingers a little and they will often pop.  More details about this are in the Spinal Twist article.

Down walking.  Walking slowly while moving energy downward is one of the most ancient and effective methods of development.  In fact, there are many exercises and visualizations that one can do while just walking.  For details, read Down Walking.

Vaginal Coffee Implants. These are extremely helpful for all women, and especially those who have had any trauma in the pelvic area.  They are needed for a few years only, if everything else is done correctly.  For details, read Vaginal Coffee Implants

Men can do Penis Coffee, but seem to need the procedure less than women and it is more difficult to do.

The object in the vagina.  This is an ancient method of speeding up development for women.  It consists of keeping a small object such as a packing peanut inside the vagina.  It requires a special conditioning procedure that some say is a kind of initiation, and has many other benefits.  For details, read Faster Development For Women.

The genital bath.  This is a powerful procedure, although it is very simple.  It moves energy correctly through the body.  For details, read The Genital Bath.

The hand pull.    This is an enhancement of the pulling down exercise that makes it much more powerful.  For details, read The Hand Pull Exercise.

Angling your bed.  This method is easy and effective.  Turn your bed so that your feet are toward the equator of the planet and your head is toward the nearest pole.  For example, if you live in the Northern hemisphere, your head will face North and feet will be to the South.  It is okay if it is not perfectly aligned. 

The reason for doing this is it aligns you with the natural flow of subtle energy on the planet and this speeds up development and healing.

Open Water At Your Feet.  Open water is water with a larger than usual bond angle between the hydrogen atoms.  Placed near the feet, it will pull subtle energy downward, assisting with healing.

One can also drink a little open water.  Do not drink a lot, as it is too low in minerals and therefore too yin and will demineralize the body.  An open water that is available on the internet is Ice Age Glacial Water.  For details, read Open Water.

Using a rebounder or mini-trampoline for development.  A new procedure to speed up development is to use a rebounder or mini-trampoline in a certain way. 

First, obtain a rebounder that has a handle that you hold on to while rebounding.  This is for safety, but is also necessary to do the development procedure.

If your rebounder does not have handles, it may be possible to add one.  The best way would be to strap two metal pipes or two 1-2” PVC pipes to two legs of the rebounder using hose clamps.  Use at least 2 hose clamps for each leg.  The pipes each need to be around five feet or 1.5 meters long so that you can comfortably hold them while you are using the rebounder.

Next, to assist development, as you bounce gently up and down, whenever you are moving downward push up on the horizontal or vertical pole or handle with your hand or hands.  This will help move the subtle energy downward and help speed up development.


Sun bathing.  Exposing the body to sunshine for about half an hour daily is excellent.  It improves circulation, destroys some pathogens, forms some vitamin D and has other beneficial effects.  

The kelp wrap.   This is an excellent procedure to help renourish the body, especially when one begins a development program.  Usually, it is not needed after one year of eating properly.  For details, read the Kelp article.

Skin brushing.  This can be done with the body dry or wet, as in the shower.  It feels good and assists circulation to the skin.  For details, read Skin Brushing.

The salt glow.  This consists of rubbing the entire body with a salt bar or with sea salt that has been mixed with enough water to make it into a paste.  It can be done daily for at least the first year a person is on a program.  It can definitely speed up progress.  For details, read The Salt Rub.


These are procedures that involve another person.  They can be very powerful.

Down sex.  If you are married or have an intimate partner, this is an excellent method to enhance healing and speed up development.  It takes some getting used to, but is quite enjoyable, and much safer and healthier than ordinary sex for both men and women.  We highly recommend it.  For details, read Down Sex.

Down hugging.  This is the same as down sex, but without inserting the penis.  It has the same effects as down sex, but takes longer.  It is described in the Down Sex article.

Down Kissing.  This is kissing another person while moving energy downward from the head to the feet.  It is another type of empathic healing procedure.

Down visualizing.  Even if you are not close  to another person, you can visualize being close and it will help healing.

Massage. This can be very powerful for healing.  We do not recommend professional massage.  Instead we suggest massage with a partner or friend in your home.  It is cleaner and safer.  For details, read Massage.

Paralleling.  This is when two people that live in the same house keep their body chemistry similar in order to heal and develop faster.  It occurs commonly in families.  For details, read Paralleling.

Pet healing.  Dogs and cats often help their owners heal and develop.  This is a reason to own a cat or dog.

Vaginal massage. This is an extremely powerful development and healing procedure.  It helps women relax much more than sex does and it is excellent for healing traumas in this area of the body. Women report it is better than sex in many ways. It is safer, gentler, less embarrassing and very helpful for healing.

It can be part of psychodrama and other healing procedures. For details, read Vaginal Massage.

The hand trance and toe trance are also empathic methods because they require two people. They are listed elsewhere in this article.


Increasing your intake of oxygen is powerful for all healing.  City air, in particular, is low in oxygen.  Methods to increase oxygen in the body are:

Peroxide implants.  This newer procedure (August 2020) is becoming one of our most important development methods.  a powerful way to eliminate infections in the vagina, on the penis and in the anal area.  It also does far more than this, and heals traumas and more in amazing ways. For details, read Peroxide Implants For Women and Peroxide Implants For Men.

Deep breathing.  This is very helpful for development and quite important for some people who tend to breathe in a shallow way.  Spend at least half an hour a day doing deep breathing.  For details, read Deep Breathing.

Hydrogen peroxide baths twice or maybe three per week.  This helps get rid of vaginal and skin infections, which can slow development.  It also helps oxygenate the body very powerfully and safely.

Cover your legs with the bath water.  Add about 4 cups of 35% hydrogen peroxide.  If it burns, use a little less.  Stay in the bath for 40 minutes.   DO NOT DO MORE THAN ABOUT 3 OF THESE BATHS/WEEK.  For details, read Baths or The Vagina.

Use an ozonator/ionizer air purifier. This device will add oxygen to the air in your home.  You just set it up and leave it running.  For details, read The Ionizer/Ozonator Air Purifier

Drinking ozonated water.  This is not too powerful but it will add more oxygen to the body.  To do this, you will need to buy an ozone generator.  It has an output tube that you put in a bottle of drinking water for about twenty minutes.

There are other methods to increase oxygen in the body such as hyperbaric oxygen, rectal ozone and intravenous hydrogen peroxide.  We don’t usually recommend these, but for more details, read Oxygen.


Attitude.  Our clients tell us that working on your attitudes is a key to success with development. The best attitude is to love the program.  Read all about it so you understand how wonderful is the concept and its application.  Talk about the program often with sympathetic family members and friends, and think about it often.

Also, have a fierce determination to achieve development.  Decide you will move through and clear your traumas, which everyone has to some degree.  You will not allow your past or anyone to slow you down in any way!  For more details, read Healthy Attitudes.

The Real Self.  The material in this short book is a summary of the Jeshua CDs sold by Shanti Christo Foundation.  It is excellent information to study to help get rid of negative atittudes.  For details, go to Order BooksThis book is also available to read on the internet at The Real Self.

Ask for your guide creatures.  The guide creatures are extremely important creatures that should be arrayed a certain way around each physical body.

However, if one experiences certain traumas such as rape, one or more of them often leave. When this happens, one often feels sad and disoriented and has trouble thinking.

Getting these creatures back is often not too difficult.  Here is the procedure: 1) be on a complete development program for at least six months, and then 2) ask lovingly and persistently, “Please, all my guide creatures return”. For details, read Controllers And Other Helper Creatures.

Psychodrama.  This is a very powerful healing method, especially if one has experienced a trauma.  It must be done correctly.  For details, read Psychodrama.

Primal Therapy.  This is another interesting psychological therapy that can be very helpful.  Unfortunately, not many therapists offer it.  For details, read Primal Therapy.

Non-violent communication.  This is a technique for communicating that can be most helpful to learn.  For details, read Non-Violent Communication.


Getting out of victimhood.  This is extremely important for some people.  Articles that are helpful are I Choose and Victimhood.  If you say “I choose” something, then you are to some degree not a victim.

Forgiving.  This is extremely important to learn.  Helpful articles are Forgiving and Forgiving Parents.

Thy Will be done.  To really live the Biblical concept of Thy Will Be Done is not easy!  It is rough on the ego or lower self.  For details, read Thy Will Be Done.


When a person goes into certain mental states, healing and development occur faster. We recommend two trances.  We do not recommend hypnosis because we don’t consider it safe, especially for women.

The toe trance.  This requires a helper.  For details, read the Toe Trance.

The hand trance.  This can be done alone or with a helper.  For details, read the Hand Trance.


Use of a vibration platform, also called whole body vibration or WBV.  This a platform that one stands or sits on that vibrates.  These are sold as exercise equipment.  We believe the same machine can be helpful for development.

The vibrsound table.  This is a table with a hole in it for a loudspeaker, or several loudspeakers.  One lies down on the table and the sound waves move through the body.  It can speed healing by improving circulation and perhaps by other mechanisms.

These may be for sale or one can build one.  One can also achieve the same effect by simply placing a loudspeaker or several speakers on the body.

Tapping or hitting the body.  This is a very ancient method to speed up development.  It consists of tapping or hitting certain meridian points on the body.  It can be done alone or with a helper.  We are researching this method.

The Meter.  This is the use of a sensitive milliameter to measure how powerfully you are pushing down.  It can help you improve the pushing down exercise.

Basically, one just attaches two electrodes to the body – one on the head and one on the right foot.  When you move energy downward either by pulling it or pushing it, the meter will give a reading.  The harder you pull, the higher the reading. 

In this way, you can monitor your progress with the pulling down exercise.  At this time, we don’t have such meters readily available and set up for this monitoring.  For more details, read The Meter.



Rest. A lot of rest, with naps daily, is needed for rapid development. Otherwise, development occurs slowly, no matter what else one does.

It is imperative to go to bed between 8 and 9 PM every day.  At first, most people need 10 hours of sleep per night, and/or take a nap or two during the day.  Later on, less sleep is required.  It is okay if you wake up a few times during the night.  For details, read Rest And Sleep.

A low-toxicity lifestyle.  This means avoiding substances and activities that are toxic for the body, mind and for development.  Specifically, it means avoiding all vaccines, most medical drugs, toxic body care products, toxic home care products such as pesticides, toxic food products, and more.  For details, read Toxic Metals, Toxic Chemicals and Cosmetics.

Healthy relationships.  Either live alone or in a healthy relationship. End any unhappy, unsafe or unhealthy relationships.

Children develop fastest when they are around decent parents, and not around a lot of other children, which occurs in schools and in daycare centers.  This is why we encourage home schooling and avoidance of daycare, if at all possible.

Hair. Women and men – cut your hair short.  This may sound unusual, but for some reason it speeds up development.  The shorter your hair, the better.  Short hair is also safer for women (harder to grab).

Exercise. Do some mild exercise only every day.  Do not do vigorous exercise.  For details, read Exercise.  Also, walk and do the Walking Exercises.

Breathing.  Deep breathing definitely speeds up development.  Practice deep breathing every day.  For details, read Breathing.

Posture. Standing and sitting with good posture helps development.  In part, it is because it assists with deep breathing.  However, it has other beneficial effects.  For details, read Posture.

Other: Be happy, do something you enjoy every day, and stay relaxed at all times.

Help others, think of your life as one of service, and maintain a loving, giving attitude.  Do not become self-absorbed in your healing or anything else.


This is the fast or slow oxidizer development diet, depending upon your oxidation rate. It may sound unusual in some ways, but it works and works excellently.

Its principles are NO FRUIT, NO VEGETARIAN DIETS and NO RAW FOOD DIETS. These are killers of development, even if they feel good.

Eat ONLY the preferred vegetables except on rare occasions. They alone contain chemicals needed for rapid development.

For dietary details, read Food For Daily Use, Food For Occasional Use and Forbidden Food and Water For Drinking.


The correct supplements are also necessary for rapid development. Most nutritional supplement programs are incorrect, from a development perspective. They unbalance the body, even if they cause symptoms to improve.

Some supplements and most herbs are also toxic, although they are sold in health food stores and advertised as being non-toxic.  Notable among these are Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs, for example.  Please avoid these.

Also, avoid homeopathy, chelation and intravenous vitamins and minerals for the same reasons.


Certain healing and detoxification procedures will greatly speed up development.  Other healing modalities will slow development, so please do the ones listed here and not others.

The Pulling Down Exercise.  This is most helpful.  If possible, do it at least an hour a day, and preferably two or three hours daily.

Do not substitute other meditations or other spiritual practices.  They do not have the same effect.  We suggest doing the exercise and many of the other procedures described here while lying down, rather than in a sitting position.  For many details, read The Pulling Down Exercise.

The neck pull.  This is a little tricky to learn, but very excellent, for which reason we are listing it with the basic development procedures.  For details, read The Neck Pull.

The Twists. This includes twisting the spine, popping the toes and knees, and moving the hands in certain ways.  These are very helpful and simple methods. 

Among these simple exercises, the most helpful are particularly helpful.  They are:

A. Popping the toes – just push them down and make sure they all go downward.

B. A new exercise.  Hit the inside of both legs with your fists at a spot about 2 inches above the knees.  Do both at the same time.  Do at least 25 repetitions.  This is the #7 point in jin shin jyutsu and seems to open channels throughout the body. 

C. The kicks.  These are not quite as important but can help, too.  

These and many others are in the Spinal Twist article.

Coffee Enemas.  These greatly speed up development.  For details, read Coffee Enemas.

Foot Reflexology.  This is also an excellent method to speed up development.  You can do it on yourself, or a friend can help you.  It is very safe and very powerful.  For details, read Reflexology.

Red heat lamp and red heat lamp sauna therapy.  This is also excellent to speed up development.  For details, read Sauna Therapy.

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