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What is development?  Development, as the word is used on this website, is a deep and precise healing and regeneration process of the human body.  It is a natural process of life extension that is not part of Western or even most Oriental medicine.

It is taught in a few monasteries around the world.  However, few other people know about it, so it seems very unusual.

This article discusses the stages of human development known in traditional Tibetan science.  Hopefully, it will encourage you to begin and to continue with your nutritional balancing program, which promotes development.

More details about development are in a number of articles on this website listed on the Read All Articles page under Development.




Development is a lengthy process.  Therefore, any method of speeding it up is most helpful.  Here are ways to move development along much faster:


1. Push down more.  The pushing down mental exercise is the most important procedure to cause development.  There is no substitute for it, and no other meditative exercise or spiritual practice can replace it.  Please do not believe anyone who says you can do a different exercise or prayer instead.

One hour daily of pushing down is a minimum for rapid development.  Several hours daily is best.

I realize this may seem impossible, but most people waste time.  A few of the ways are  watching television, driving too much, shopping, emailing, texting friends, and talking on the phone.   Also, if you wake up at night and have trouble falling asleep, in addition to the suggestions in the Sleep article, push down for half an hour or more.

Also, when you push down, move subtle energy inward, to the right, and relax.  These motions are explained in the 7 System And Vectors article.


2. Eat properly for development: 

A. Pressure-cook all your food.  This may seem unusual, but it helps a lot.

A1. Cooked Vegetables.  Eat 6 or 7 different cooked vegetables at each meal, and most of them must be our favored vegetables.  These are cauliflower, including the leaves and stems that come with it.  Others are red cabbage, carrots, onions (red, yellow, white, green, large and small), leeks, shallots, scallions, daikon radish, green beans or string beans, Brussels sprouts, broccolette, and corn on the cob.  A little cooked garlic is also good.

Buy full-sized carrots, not baby carrots. These are more processed.  Also, buy fresh vegetables as much as possible.  Avoid certain vegetables including the nightshades and others, as explained in the Fast Oxidizer Diet and Slow Oxidizer Diet.

B. Protein variety. Rotate your proteins between chicken, turkey, egg, lamb, sardines and almond butter.  Some wild game is fine, too, but not bison, venison or buffalo.

You may have up to a total of four ounces daily of all dairy products put together.  These include cheese, yogurt and kefir.  Dairy is a less important food group for development, however, and not needed.  Do not eat a lot of butter or oil.

Do not skip protein.  However, eat animal quality protein only once or twice daily.  Protein portions should be 4-5 ounces for adults and less for children.  If needed, you may have a third portion of protein that is not of animal quality such as lentils, dried beans or almond butter.

Keep food combinations very simple.  Ideally, have only two categories of food at each meal.  One should always be cooked vegetables.

C. Limit grains.  The best is blue corn chips.   If you have trouble tolerating them, start with just a few, and eat them all alone.  Do not mix them with anything at all.

Later, you may be able to combine them with some cooked vegetables.  Combining them with cheese, yogurt, bean dip or almond butter is a terrible food combination, so please do not do this.

Other grains are not as good, so do not have a lot of any other grains, cereals, pasta or breads of any kind.

D. Avoid all yin food and drinks.  This includes all fruit, all juices except  10 ounces of carrot juice for adults, or 1-2 ounces of fresh or frozen wheat grass juice.  Also avoid all smoothies, shakes, protein powders, green powders, and all chemicalized foods.

E. Drinking water.  Drink only carbon-filtered or sand–filtered tap water or spring water.  If you drink spring water, rotate among the four types of spring water.  For details, read Water For Drinking on this site.

F. Eating habits.  Eat slowly and savor your food.  Also, pressure-cook your food and be sure to drink the water in which the food cooked.


3. Rest a lot more and limit exercise.  Go to bed at 8 PM, ideally, and definitely no later than 9 PM.  Get 9 or 10 hours of sleep every night.  If you have trouble sleeping, donŐt worry about it.  Just do your best and take naps during the day as needed.  They are often required for fast development.

Only do gentle exercise.  Walking is very good, and you can use a treadmill at home for this.  More than this amount of exercise slows development.


4. Hold on to your sexual fluids more.  The less sex with orgasm, the better.  Later on, this is less critical.  However, up to Stage 10 or so it is very important.  Hugging, kissing and touching are fine, however.


5. Do all the exercises in the Spinal Twist article at least twice every day.  Include pressing the meridian points on the top of the feet.  This is described in the Reflexology section of the Spinal Twist article.


6. The neck pull and the jolt.  These are also very helpful for development.  For details, read the Neck Pull and the Jolt.


7. Warmth.  Stay warm at all times.  This means wear socks, long pants, long sleeves, adequate outwear when it is cold.  Avoid dresses, short sleeves, light-weight material, low-cut blouses, clam diggers and other ŇfashionableÓ clothing that is not as warm.


8. The ear pull.  Gently pull downward on both ear lobes, squeezing them at the same time.  This moves a lot of energy downward.  You can also pull on the ear lobes in all directions and this is a type of acupressure therapy.


9. If you have a friend who can help, do the Toe Trance.




1. Aging.  This will slowly and eventually produce development of the subtle human energy fields.  It takes a long time!  It is more yin, and safer.  It also involves a lot of decay, disintegration, disease, suffering and death.

The process.  This requires living a normal lifespan, passing from this world, and then resting for a while.  After the rest time, one takes on another body and repeats the pattern for millions of years.

Bodies.  Aging leads a person through only certain body types including all physical bodies, most fine matter bodies, elf, and angel bodies.

2. Rapid development.  This is the subject of this article.  It is much faster, and more difficult.  It is less safe because one can slip and fall back easily.  It is the more yang method, and has certain other benefits.

The process.  It involves keeping the body for a longer period of time, eating better, resting more, sexual restraint and a few other requirements.  It requires a much more ordered physical life.

Bodies. This method leads a person through all the physical bodies and only a few fine matter bodies, including light beings, creator beings, suns, planetaries and other more subtle bodies.

3. Combination.  It is possible to combine the first and second methods above.  In fact, that is what most people do.  They learn a little each lifetime, and this speeds up their final ascent into full development.




Stages 1 through 50 = beginner.

Stages 51 – 100 = novice

Stages 101 – 150 = new student

Stages 151 – 250 = student

Stages 251 – 500 = advanced student

Stages 500 – 1000 = graduating student

Stages 1000+ = master


Expansion Of Stages 0 – 4.  This is where most readers will spend their life, so it is worth expanding upon:

Stage 0 or pre-development.  This usually begins at birth and lasts through age 30 or so, unless one begins a nutritional balancing program before this age, in which case it will be cut short.

Stage 1. If one follows a complete nutritional balancing program, this will occur in 5 to 20 years.  It depends how well one follows the program and how malnourished one is when one begins.

Most people know when they reach it because their main traumas such as rapes, beatings and others resolve significantly and health evens out, even if some problems remain.

If one adds Toe Trances three times per week, getting to this stage can be reduced to perhaps one or two years.  One must always do the entire nutritional balancing program, however.

Stage 2. If one follows a nutritional balancing program completely, this occurs after about 10 to 30 years on the program.  If one does not follow this program, few reach this stage.

Some people know when they reach this stage because they develop a lightness and joy about themselves that they have never experienced before.  Old fears of getting cancer or dying prematurely of some other disease fade away, and life becomes much more enjoyable.  The mind also begins to work much better.

If one adds toe trances about three times weekly, the time to reach this stage can be reduced to as little 3 years after one reaches Stage 1.  One must always do the entire nutritional balancing program, however.  Without a nutritional balancing program, the nutrition is simply not adequate to allow much development.




Aspects.  Pre-development is a set of changes in the body that occurs before actual development and helps the process along.  It includes:

1. Greater sensitivity.  People often report that at a certain time in their life, they began to hear more acutely, smell more acutely, and were more aware of aches and pains and other sensations in the body.

At times, this is due to ill health, but it can just be a stage of pre-development.


2. Greater intelligence.  Development requires a high level of understanding or a person will not stay with it.  Pre-development may involve an increase in oneŐs knowledge and wisdom such that the person is ready for more in life than the standard going to work, having friends, starting a family, and so on.


3. Greater life force in the body.  Some people report a strengthening of their entire body and brain.  This is also a stage of pre-development.  It always occurs with a nutritional balancing program, and it could even occur without a formal program if a person begins to eat better, rest more, and take better care of the body.

Pre-development is similar to building the foundation for a new house.  It may not seem like much, but it is absolutely required for later construction or development.


How long does it last?  Pre-development is a process that may begin at birth, and can involve years of slow changes in the body.

With a nutritional balancing program, and if one is very diligent and does the procedures – especially the Pushing Down Exercise - pre-development may only require a few months before development begins. 

Accelerators.  Adding the accelerators to the program such as the Kelp Wraps, Vaginal Coffee Implants for women, and others that are in the Accelerators article, will speed up the process even more.

Retracing.  During this time, most people experience a number of retracing episodes or healing reactions.  As a result, it can be a little rocky for some people.  However, it is well worth passing through pre-development so that one can experience the rejuvenation of the body and brain that comes afterwards.




The first seven stages of development are sometimes called the first octave of development.  It is most concerned with the repair and maintenance of the physical body.




Milestone.  After following a complete nutritional balancing program for several years, a number of changes begin to take place in the body.  They signal the beginning of Stage 1 of development.  They are:


1. Restoration of the thymus gland.  The thymus gland in most people undergoes shrinkage or atrophy beginning around age 20 to 25.  By age 30 to 35, it has shrunk significantly and no longer functions well.

Regeneration of the thymus gland is one of the first signs of Stage 1.  The thymus does not regenerate fully at this stage, but it begins to do so.  This boosts the immune response significantly, and allows one to heal old, chronic infections much easier and faster.

2. Growth of the thinking brain.  The mixture of cells in the brain begins to change.  The glial or support cells in the brain begin to atrophy and decrease in number.

At the same time, the number of neurons increases.  These are the active ŇthinkingÓ cells.  This improves memory, and information processing.  Some people notice this, although it is not apparent to others.

3. Growth of the skull, in some cases.  In many people, the skull is somewhat misshapen.  This is due to birth trauma, accidents, or other trauma to the head.

In these individuals, the cranium or skull will begin to shift and correct itself.  This is necessary to accommodate the changes described in paragraph #2 above.  For this reason, cranial chiropractic or cranial osteopathy sessions may be needed.

4. Growth of love and service.  To progress through this Stage of development, most people must learn to love others more.  This means less selfishness, and more understanding and love of other people.

This kind of love has nothing to do with sex, boyfriends, husbands and wives.  It refers to a desire to be of service to others and to God.  An article that delves into this in more detail is The Life Of Service and The Love Tetra Of Nutritional Balancing.

5. More self-discipline.  Most people must also improve their self-discipline to progress through the First Stage of development.  The Love Tetra article discusses this, as well.

6. Changes in the aura and the energy centers. During Stage 1, the Aura or electrical energy field around the physical body undergoes several changes.  The Seven Energy Centers on the physical body also undergo specific changes.  These should occur in the following sequence for balanced development:

a. Opening of the energy centers.  Opening the energy centers is defined as their enlargement from about 1-2 inches across and 1-2 inches in length to doubling of this size or larger.  This is only the beginning of their growth, but it is significant. 

All seven of the major energy centers must open a little.  In many people, the three lower energy centers - the first, second and third - are more open than the upper centers.  This imbalance corrects during Stage 1.

All of the Developmental Factors such as diet, lifestyle, nutritional supplements and the detoxification procedures can promote the opening of the energy centers and their balancing.

b. The 7 physical energy centers become more healthy:

Enlargement. They enlarge from 2-4 inches across to about 5-6 inches across.  They also grow in length as well.

Spin correction.  They begin to spin faster, and their direction of spin, in and out of spin, and evenness of spin improves. They also align better with the horizontal axis of the body.

Color correction.  As the energy centers grow larger and spin faster, the body is able to throw off toxins and correct other imbalances that are dimming the light and darkening the color of the energy centers.

Nutritional balancing science, and particularly sauna therapy and coffee enemas, are excellent to help this process move along much faster.  In fact, without them, the process often stalls or just creeps along.

Tilt: The 15-degree or so backward tilt of the energy center system slowly changes.  The energy centers begin to tilt backwards less until they become parallel to the earth. 

Then they all begin to tilt in the other direction until the crown energy center faces directly backwards, the first energy center faces directly forwards, and the other energy centers align vertically.  One then knows that the next stage is immanent.

Coordination. Near the end of the First Stage of development, the body relaxes more and a curious phenomenon occurs.  The seven major physical energy centers, as well as some of the smaller ones at the knees and elbows, start to move in a coordinated fashion. 

Specifically, they pulse dim and bright together every few seconds, instead of each pulsing on its own.  They also begin to move slightly up and down, and back and forth, in a coordinated way, instead of randomly. 

The energy centers also wobble slightly, and they now do this together instead of separately.  One might say they communicate and work together, instead of operating on their own.

Once this has been accomplished, a person is no longer acting as only a physical being.  Instead, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual part of oneself are cooperating or acting in a more coordinated fashion.  This enhances the length of life, in most cases, and causes much better health.  It also enables most people to experience deeper thinking and the higher emotions.  To read more about the energy centers, please read The Energy Centers on this website.


c. Filling the whole life body with light.  This marks the end of the First Stage of development.  To read about the subtle bodies or subtle energy fields, please read The Aura on this site.


How long?  It takes roughly 10 to 20 years of following a complete nutritional balancing program for most people to finish the First Stage of development.  This may seem like a long time, but actually it is much faster than was possible with older methods.  We continually research how to further speed up the process.




Symptoms associated with the first stage of development often include:


1. A sudden feeling of detachment.  It feels as if you are not ŇinÓ your life, but are outside of yourself and observing yourself, and everything else, from somewhere else. 

This is disturbing for some people.  However, it is an excellent sign of progress.  You will get used to it and it will help you with discipline and awareness.


            2. Crying.  This can occur at any stage of development.  It is often spontaneous and hard to control. 

It is a release of emotion, and nothing more.  It is not something to be afraid of, ashamed of, or something you must stop.  It will pass on its own.  However, it might last a year, on and off, depending on how much pent up emotion needs to be released.


3. A feeling of falling.  This is a rather strange symptom that can occur at any time during development.  It is a release of some of the ego, and is definitely a good sign.  DonŐt worry - it will pass.


4. Anxiety and fear.  Feelings of fear and anxiety may arise at any time.  These usually have to do with retracing past traumas.  They are good signs, as they indicate a process of letting go of the past.

These feelings are often the most difficult ones for people to handle.  It can feel as though your life is falling apart.  In reality, your life is coming together, but you must let go of the traumas, imbalances, wrong thoughts and feelings from the past.  That is all that is occurring, and it will not threaten anything of value of yours.

At times, the above symptoms are just healing reactions.  They arise and then pass away.  You can merely observe them as calmly as possible.

At other times, your nutritional balancing program will need changing as your body chemistry shifts.  Definitely ask your consultant to check with me about this. 




The changes during this stage are toward greater coordination of body, mind and spirit.  The major changes are:


1. Healing of the PeyerŐs patches. In most people, the PeyerŐs patches become congested, stagnant and dormant at about age 30.  This contributes to a weakened immune response and more buildup of toxic metals.

Healing of the PeyerŐs patches begins in Stage 1.  However, it picks up speed in Stage 2 and healing continues into the next 10 Stages.  Please read PeyerŐs patches on this site for more information about these important glands.

2. Opening of the central channel, also called the conception vessel in acupuncture and the main central in Jin Shin Jyutsu.  This is the most important energy channel of the human body.  Opening it up is wonderful for general health and to lengthen life.

This energy channel flows down the middle of the front of the body.  It goes through the middle of the nose, the mouth, the throat, the breast bone, and through the navel or belly button.  At the genitals, it turns around and goes up the middle of the back along the spine, and up to the top of the head.

When this channel opens, a person feels much more centered, grounded, self-confident and secure in oneself.  One can Ňhold oneŐs energyÓ around other people much better, and is much less affected by the words, actions and thoughts of others.  It is truly wonderful.  For more about this topic, please read The Central Channel on this site.

3. The senses become more keen.  Some people notice this effect.

4. Many are able to tune into guidance.  Many people claim to tune into guidance.  However, usually it is mostly false and quite dangerous.  It can easily lead to your death.  So please be careful with psychics, mediums, pendulums, kinesiology, Ouija boards and all other methods of Ňtuning inÓ.

However, during the Second Stage of development, some people will begin to receive messages telepathically from guides, and some of the information may be valuable and correct.

Always check all guidance with known facts, and with your common sense.  Ask many times for confirmation.  Never just give yourself over to your ŇguidanceÓ, as this is very dangerous!  For much more about this subject, read Guidance on this site.

4. Life extension.  Rejuvenation of the body organs begins during the Second Stage.  However, it occurs inside the body, so one will not look younger at this Stage.

5. Emergence of the Merkabah. The merkabah (a Hebrew word) is an energy field that develops around a personŐs body.  It starts out very small as a tiny aura mark in the middle of the chest.

Its three-dimensional shape is a double tetrahedron, also called a star tetrahedron.  A tetrahedron is basically a three-sided equilateral pyramid. 

A star tetrahedron consists of one tetrahedron with the point facing downward, interlocked with another tetrahedron with the point facing upward.  Viewed from the side, it appears like a six-pointed star or Jewish star.

Milestone.  This is the beginning of what is called the monad, or spiritual person.  The word Merkabah in Hebrew means a chariot or vehicle of light.  The word is mentioned 44 times in the Old Testament of the Bible.  Its development is a main indicator that one is in the Second Stage of development.

The Merkabah assists health, protects a person, to a degree, and eventually gives one special abilities.  The Jewish people were given the six-pointed star to be their symbol because they were told to develop themselves.  Jesus of Nazareth is sometimes portrayed with this mark on his chest.  For many more details, please read The Merkabah on this website.

6. More brain development.  During this Stage, the thinking brain continues to grow a little larger.  Often, the brain architecture may need a little adjusting to accommodate the growth of the brain.  For details, read Brain Architecture.

7. Better immune response.  The immune response continues to strengthen in this stage.  This mainly has to do with continuing regeneration of the thymus gland and the PeyerŐs patches. 

A stronger immune response helps eliminate more chronic infections, which everyone has.  It also extends life, since these infections tend to shorten oneŐs life.

8. The healing reaction called the agony.  In the Second and Third Stages of development, a person experiences a healing reaction that is sometimes called the agony. 

It occurs in three or four phases, of which the first is the most annoying.  It causes some itching and burning on the face.  For more details, read The Agony on this site.

9. Maturing of the personality.  Most people become calmer and more relaxed during the Second Stage.  To do this, everyone needs to continue with the Pushing Down Exercise.  This meditative exercise only can bring up issues and traumas that one must release to achieve the serenity and calmness needed to move on.

10. The somatids begin to leave the body.  The somatids are very tiny organisms that inhabit all human and animal bodies.  They help the bodies resist infections and perform other functions.

During the Second Stage of development, they begin to leave.  They are no longer needed.  They can be seen with a special microscope (the Rife microscope), but these microscopes are very unusual and not used much.  For details, please read The Somatids and Pleomorphism on this site.

11. Further development of the aura and the energy centers, as follows:

a. The energy centers continue to spin faster, much more evenly, and in a more coordinated manner.  This means that the body, the brain and the electrical nature of a person are beginning to work together more closely.
            Formerly, the body acted more on its own.  The mental part of the person had to struggle to control it.  As development progresses, the body cooperates far more closely with its masters - the mind and the invisible spirit or electrical part of each of us.

b. All the energy centers begin to rotate on their vertical axis backwards, or counterclockwise if one views a person from the right side.  This signifies a more intense coordination of all the energy centers.  It also signals increased etheric energy in the body.

Etheric or ether is the name given to the subtle energy of the body that powers it at the deepest level.  It goes by many names such as vital force, chi, qi or other names. For details, read Etheric Energy and The Ether Theory on this website.

c. The energy centers together begin to spin to the right along their vertical axis, or counterclockwise if one views a person from the personŐs feet.

d. Later, they also begin to spin in diagonal motions, again in a perfectly coordinated fashion.

e. Still later, all of these motions accelerate into a symphony of light that slowly changes from a reddish color to a gold and then to a whitish color.  This is quite beautiful to behold.  It signals a much more healthy body.

By this time, the personŐs energy field or vibrational field is very different from that of the average person.  The average personŐs energy field seems dark, dim, and damaged, no matter what their age, gender or station in life.

If more people could see the difference, they would run away from most of their doctors and leaders - and most of their friends, too.  In most cases, the energy fields of the leaders of most nations are ugly, no matter how physically attractive their bodies may be, or how convincing are their words. 

Most of their words are also not the truth, and their intentions are often selfish and ugly.  This will be seen once more people can see or feel the actual energy of a person who is speaking, or standing before you.

f. Later, the energy centers begin to spin forward as a unit.  In other words, it is a spinning motion that is counterclockwise when viewed from the left side of the body.  It begins with a tiny spinning motion that slowly grows more pronounced.

g. As the above occurs, the size of the energy centers increases greatly.  Most people cannot see the energy centers, although a few highly developed individuals do see them.


A new life.  The physical body slowly becomes more of a simple vehicle that one needs to be on earth.  Its importance in oneŐs life diminishes, in the sense that oneŐs newfound abilities are more of a mental nature.  The lure of the physical life tends to diminish.

The end of the Second Stage is marked by the filling with white light of the largest of the subtle energy fields, also sometimes called the whole body.


One needs to follow a complete nutritional balancing program for at least twenty years before this stage begins.


How long does it last? This stage lasts from a few years up to 20 years, provided one continues to follow a complete nutritional balancing program.  Without this particular program, getting to this stage is very unlikely. 

Other holistic or nutritional programs do not achieve it.  One of the reasons is that the body needs to become more yang for this stage to occur.  Taking a lot of supplements, or eating fruit or too much juice will stop the process of becoming more yang.  Even a lot of exercise will stop this level of development.

            This stage is beyond what most people accomplish during their life on earth.  I hope that describing it will inspire you to follow your nutritional balancing program more faithfully to achieve an even healthier body and a longer, more exciting life.




Stage 3 involves the following changes                             :


1. The Merkabah.  This remains about the same size – a perfect sphere roughly 6 to 7 feet in diameter in most people.  However, it thickens a lot, adding more layers to itself in preparation for the next stage, when it begins to grow larger.

2. Bodily rejuvenation.  In Stage 3, organ regeneration continues and speeds up.  This means that health improves and the lifespan tends to lengthen.  Some people in this stage of development, for example, can live for more than one hundred years.

3. A stronger immune response.  This occurs because the organs throw off more toxins and function better.  The PeyerŐs patches also continue to rejuvenate during this stage.

4. Greater development of various abilities.  Developed human beings are not only stronger and healthier.  They also learn abilities such as mental telepathy.

The life of the person becomes transformed in amazing ways.  The new abilities give a person perspective and wisdom.  Some share their wisdom at this stage by writing books or giving lectures.  One becomes what is called a Master in some religions.

5. The release.  This is a benign healing reaction that occurs near the end of the Third Stage.  For about one or two months, the upper eyelids temporarily droop down over the eyes, just a little.  This does not interfere with vision, but it is not particularly attractive.

One may also experience swelling of the feet, ankles, legs or possibly other parts of the body.  This is due to an elimination of toxic substances from these areas.  The body may dilute the toxins to ease their elimination by retaining water in these areas temporarily.

The scrotum of men also contracts at this time, which is a healthy reaction.  WomensŐ vagina may also contract somewhat in size.  These are yang reactions that are very positive.

At the end of the Third Stage, the largest of the subtle energy fields, the whole body, fills with a golden-colored light.

One must follow a proper designed nutritional balancing program for at least 20-30 years to begin this stage.  This is the reason why it is best to start your nutritional balancing program when you are young, preferably as a child, or even as a baby.


How long does it last? This stage lasts for 10 to 50 years, in most cases.




A shorter stage.  There is less dramatic change in the body and more subtle changes.  For example, near the middle of this stage there occurs the fullness.  This is a feeling that the body is filled with fluid.  One can experience swollen ankles or some other swelling, temporarily.  Just before this occurrence, a person may experience flu-like symptoms.


The Merkabah grows.  At the end of the Fourth Stage, the Merkabah begins to grow larger.  This is the signal that the Fourth Stage is ending.

This usually occurs after being on a nutritional balancing program for 30 or more years.  It is generally a time of better health and not too many healing reactions that are powerful or annoying.


Rub the top of the foot. A specific reflexology technique is helpful at this Stage, and all Stages.  It is to rub or press firmly along the metatarsal bones, starting between the toes and moving backward toward the heel.  This seems to hasten progress at this Stage.

Some people at this stage will no longer need coffee enemas or the red lamp sauna.




During this shorter Stage, one usually feels fairly well, with some periods of low energy when the energy is used for development purposes.  There may be some healing reactions, but they are rarely extreme, although one may feel tired when they occur.

The Merkabah.  It grows larger, to at least 50 feet in diameter.  It also grows thicker.  This can initiate or improve telepathic communication.  It also tends to improve overall health.

At the end of this Stage, one goes through a day or two of feeling very tired.  This is a type of culmination of this stage.  Then, when one moves on to Stage 6, the energy level improves again.

Stage 5 usually begins 30 to 50 years after beginning a nutritional balancing program, and can last for several years.  It is called the long, slow climb in Tibetan monastic literature.




This stage begins after about 30 or more years on a properly designed nutritional balancing program.   It can last anywhere from 1 to 15 years.

It is a continuation of Stage 5, in the sense that the Merkabah continues to grow larger.  By the end of this stage, the Merkabah is at least several miles in diameter.  This tends to improve telepathic ability and the larger merkabah is more protective of the body.

The PeyerŐs patches also continue to regenerate during this stage.  This process does not complete, however, during this stage of development.


Symptoms.  These are mild.  Healing reactions may continue to occur, and periods of fatigue or flu-like symptoms continue, at times, for most people.  However, compared to the earlier stages, this one is mild and uneventful.

At the end of the Sixth Stage, often the ankles swell up again, and perhaps the lower legs up to the knees, roughly.  This is another detoxification reaction in the legs.  The legs are among the most toxic areas of most peopleŐs bodies.  This is due to a combination of poor circulation to the legs, sedentary lifestyles, and the effects of gravity. 

This reaction is somewhat annoying and not pretty, but it is not important and it passes at the end of the sixth stage.




This is an important stage, as it is a culmination of the first six stages.  It is type of summary stage, in which the work of the first six stages comes to fruition at a deeper level.


Symptoms.  These are mild, for the most part.  There can be swelling of the legs during this stage as more toxins are released from the feet and legs.

There can also be pain in the top outer part of both feet as the side channels clear and rejuvenate.  This part of the foot corresponds to the side channel meridians.

Some people still experience healing reactions of old and chronic infections, mainly.  However, otherwise it is uneventful in terms of symptoms.

The end of the Seventh Stage is a great celebration.  The PeyerŐs patches completely rejuvenate at this time, and this is the marker for the end of this stage.  This is a time of joy because it means the body is largely restored inside at a physical level.  The first seven stages are the most physical part of the development rejuvenation process.


External appearance.  On the outside, a person stills appears old, and this is often protective.  It keeps one away from more dangerous activities of youths, and people tend to have more respect and regard for older people.  So do not despair, as some do, thinking they will always look old, grey and wrinkled. 

The seventh stage requires several months to a year to complete, for most people.  One then moves on to the next seven stages, which are more mental in their focus.




Stages 8 through 14 of development are sometimes called the second octave of development.  This octave differs from the first octave because:

1. It has much more to do with the mental aspect of a human being, and less to do with the physical body.

2. It has more to do with the growth of the merkabah than the first stage.

3. It is considerably more advanced than the first stage.

4. The second octave usually requires at least 35-60 years on a nutritional balancing program, and can last for up to 50 years.

5. Each stage in this octave lasts from one month to 2-3 years, depending upon how much pushing down a person does during this period of time.




This is the first stage of the second octave of development.  It lasts about 1 year, more or less.  One may experience bouts of fatigue, at times, but otherwise most people feel well, and experience few health problems at this time.


Symptoms.  Because of its more mental focus, one may begin to notice certain reactions that have to do with letting go of old memories, old ideas and old, childish emotional aspects of oneŐs being.




            This is similar to stage 8, except that one feels a little tired, at times, as the body cleans up more toxic deposits in the feet, often, and sometimes elsewhere, as well.




This is similar to 8 and 9, but there is a cleansing of the brain during this stage.  Often, a person begins to think better and more clearly.




This is similar to the previous stages, but there is more cleansing of the brain, in particular.  This is the theme of the second octave – stages 8 through 14.




This marks a break.  It is not quite like the previous stages in this octave.  It is a new beginning, as it is called in the Tibetan language.  One feels more powerful, more safe and secure, and the brain operates better.

This does not occur immediately.  It takes a few weeks to a few months inside this stage for the change to occur.  It is due to a larger and thicker merkabah, mainly.  However, more energy also goes to the head and the brain from the seventh energy center, and this is the cause, as well.  This is a very nice stage to pass through on oneŐs journey.




This is a continuation of Stage 12.  The mind works better and the body continues to detoxify.  Usually, it is fairly symptom-free other than times of fatigue due to a need to rest through a change in the body chemistry or something else.




This is a culmination of the second octave of development.  It is marked by fatigue at the beginning of this stage.  This can continue throughout the stage if a lot of change is needed in the body, at this time.

This stage is also a preparation for the next octave that follows.






This is the first of the next octave of stages.  It is still a largely physical level.  During this important stage, the following occurs:

1. Some healing of the adrenal glands.  Often, the body feels warmer for this reason.  A person may gain a little weight if he or she is underweight, for this reason.  Also, the adrenal ŇbumpsÓ near the third metatarsal bone fade a little.  It is not complete healing of the adrenal glands, but it is an improvement.

2. The back straightens when it is curved or kyphotic or hunched.

3. There is often a need for more sleep, up to 10 hours daily, at times.

4. The merkabah continues to grow in thickness and size.

5. The two etheric bodies are able to come together somewhat more easily.  This is helpful to bring in more ether.  For more on this topic, read Charging on this site.

6. Some regeneration of the teeth may begin to occur.  This will culminate in a number of years in a new set of teeth.

7. Vision and hearing may improve a little.

8. Some people will feel the flow of subtle energy from the head to the feet more easily.

9.  One no longer needs to push down for as long in order to continue development.  However, pushing down for at least one hour is advisable to keep up the pace of development.


How long?  This stage can last from several months to several years.




This is a shorter stage, lasting only a few weeks to a few months in most people.  It is a continuation of the previous stage in which all of the changes from Stage 15 continue and even accelerate.




            This is another shorter stage.  It is similar to Stage 16, but things accelerate even faster.  This is a feature of this set of stages.




This is similar to Stage 17 in some ways.  However, there is more emphasis on the neck and head.  It lasts from as little as one month to about one year in most people.

Near the end of this stage, a person will feel tired for a few days to a few weeks.




Head and neck.  This is another lengthy stage in which the emphasis is one the head and neck, once again.  It can last from a few months to a few years.




This stage is similar to 19, but the emphasis is on the whole body, not just the neck and head.




A culmination.  This is the culmination of the third octave of stages.  It involves the whole body, and causes a strengthening and an improvement in energy level for most people.  It lasts from a few months to over one year.






              This is a similar stage to 21.  It is usually uneventful and passes within a month to a year.




Teeth and gums.  In this stage, the teeth become stronger and often whiter.  The gums heal if they have not healed previously.  Infections also heal that would not heal in the past.

This stage usually lasts about one to six months.




              This is a milestone.  Those who have reached this stage begin to feel the subtle energy flowing through the body more easily.  This helps to keep a person moving forward faster with development.  This stage usually lasts only a few weeks to a few months.




              Twenty-five is also a continuation of the earlier stages.  Little obvious change occurs in the body, although some people look better at this stage.  They fill out a little, even though they do not try to look better.




              More energy.  Development moves along with few outward changes.  However, most people report feeling a little more energetic.

            Stages 24, 25 and 26 move fast.  Some complete them in a month or even less.




              Posture.  In this stage, a personŐs posture begins to improve if it was hunched.  The body becomes a little stronger, which also help the posture.

Other changes are not noticeable, but the organs heal more deeply at this time.  This stage also passes quickly, sometimes within a month.




              This is a continuation of Stage 27.  Little of notice occurs, although the person may become tired about half way through this stage due to some deep changes in the brain.  This soon passes, however, and oneŐs energy becomes quite stable, once again.  This stage lasts from a few weeks up to a year in some people.






            This stage moves quickly.  There are few outward or other obvious changes.




            Milestone.  This is another milestone because during this stage a personŐs energy becomes more stable and higher.  Most people notice the change.  From this stage onward, a personŐs health will generally be quite stable.




Stages 36 – 42. 

Brain Development.  These stages have to do mainly with toxin removal from the brain.  There may also be slight growth of the cranium, if it is needed, and other changes to prepare the body and brain for later stages.


Stages 41 and 42.

A culmination.  These stages have to do with re-establishing equilibrium in the body and stabilizing everything that has taken place up until this time in development.  These stages pass quickly, often within a few weeks to a month each.




              Stage 43 – 46.  During development, healing occurs from the inside out toward the skin. 

Healing the skin.  At stages 43 – 46, healing of the skin begins with improvement of the skin of the face and neck.  During development, healing of the skin proceeds from the head downward toward the feet.

This is in contrast to the healing of the internal organs.  The latter generally proceeds from the center or stomach area and radiates upward and downward.


              Stages 47 – 49.  This is a continuation of the previous four stages with continued changes in the skin of the face and neck.  Often, there is some itching, burning, and sensitivity of the skin of these areas during this time.

              The stages of the seventh octave last at least a month each, or sometimes a little longer.




            These begin with Stage 50 and extend into the thousands.  As a general principle, these stages pass quickly and are not associated with many symptoms or unusual occurrences.

            After Stage 100 or so, the body is more etheric and less physical, although it appears exactly the same.

After Stage 200, the stages last somewhat longer, but otherwise they are similar to each other.  They are each defined by changes in the personŐs energy field or aura.






I am often asked this question.  Here is a rough guide for answering the question:


The diet.  This is best for life.  It becomes less critical after Stage 10 of development, but it helps a lot to make fast progress.

Specific vegetables.  Vegetables that seem very important are all types of onions, cauliflower, brocollini or brocolette, daikon, green beans, carrots and red cabbage.  This continues for a long time.

Drinking a variety of spring waters.  This continues to be helpful for a long time – at least Stage 50.

The supplements.  After about Stage 5, most are not needed.  Digestion improves and the body is able to obtain what it needs mainly from food.  A few supplements may be needed after this, but not many.

Rest.  This remains a need for a long time.  Most people need 9 or 10 hours of sleep, ideally, every night right up to Stage 50 or beyond.

The pushing down exercise.  Ideally, continue this forever.  It is that basic and absolutely needed to continue development.  It is the only way to bring in enough new ether into the body to continue development.

Coffee enemas.  These are needed up until about Stage 2.  After this, they are less important.  After Stage 4, they get in the way as they are slightly toxic.

Near infrared Ňheat lampÓ or heat lamp sauna.  This is helpful through Stage 4.  A little of the red heat lamp energy remains good forever.

Foot reflexology.  This can continue forever.  It is less critical after Stage 1, but it continues to help and is not toxic at all.

Spinal twist. This remains helpful forever.  As one progresses, the spine loosens up and stays limber on its own.  However, for most people, the daily spinal twist and popping the toes is still very helpful to relax and maintain an aligned spine.

The kelp wrap.  This is not needed after Stage 1 or usually one year on a complete nutritional balancing program.

Vaginal coffee implant or penis coffee.  These are good up until Stage 2, or perhaps not even this long.

The trance states .  These may be continued forever and they continue to provide benefit and speed up development.




1. If you want to develop quickly, follow the suggestions in the Young PersonŐs Manual.


2. Everyone develops at their own pace, so do not compare yourself with others.  Many factors influence how fast you will develop, including:

a. How ill you are.  This is not easy to assess, since many health conditions are hidden or sub-clinical.  These include chronic infections, and metal and chemical toxicity.

b. How well you adhere to the nutritional balancing program.  The most important parts of the program are often the diet and the pushing down exercise, but all aspects can be critical to speed up development.  Spending an hour or, better yet, two hours daily or more with the pushing down exercise is critical.

The goal of the pushing down exercise is to bring in a maximum amount of new etheric energy into the body.  This regenerates the body, extends life and improves health.  For more on this topic, please read Etheric Energy on this website.


c. How much rest and relaxation you obtain.

d. Your stress level and occupation.

e. Your family situation.  A good marriage, for example, may speed it up.  This may be because it provides wonderful emotional and mental support, even if it takes up some of your time and energy.

f. Other factors.  Many factors may enter into the speed of development, from genetic differences to oneŐs ideas and thinking habits.


3. Development involves strengthening your will, which is a vital yang quality of a person.  I cannot overemphasize how important a strong will is for anyone.


4. Development involves discipline.  This is another wonderful yang quality.


5. Service.  Development is not only a way to improve health and extend your life.  It is also an important type of service to humanity and beyond.  Development serves everyone because:

a. Developing oneself turns a person into a broadcaster of healing energy.  To learn about this, please read Broadcasting on this website.

b. Developing oneself sets an example that makes it easier for others to follow.

c. As you develop, you are able to help heal others at a distance by sharing nutrients, thoughts and more from your body more easily.  This is empathic healing.

d. The energy from a developed person powers certain machines that are very important today.

e. Developing yourself actually improves the overall energy of the entire universe.


6. Not everyone will complete all the stages of development described in this article.  In fact, only those who begin at a young age will be able to do so.  However, completing any of it will assure a healthier body and usually a longer lifespan.




Some people wonder if the soul is happy to stay in a body longer because the person is developing.  The answer is yes, in most cases.  The main reason is that the soul develops, as well, as a result of the nutritional balancing program.  This is very helpful for the soul.  Souls are also taught by their guides that developing a human body is unique, and very excellent for the world.

If a soul is very unhappy staying in a developing body, it may be removed by more advanced beings, and given its freedom.




Regeneration of the internal organs of the body during development proceeds from the inside out.  It also proceeds from the center of the body outward – both upward and downward.  Regeneration begins with nervous system tissue.  The next tissues to heal deeply are the internal organs.  The last to heal are connective tissues, including the skin and hair.

Unlike healing of the internal organs, regeneration of the skin begins at the head and neck and moves down the body toward the legs and feet.


This means that internal regeneration begins with digestion.  Food sensitivities tend to go away and digestion becomes more powerful. 

OneŐs outer appearance does not improve, or at least not much, during the early stages of development.  In fact, the skin may continue to age for many years, even though the body and brain are regenerating inside.




During pre-development and into the first stage of  development, usually oneŐs appearance improves.  This is mainly due to better nutrition, and the elimination of toxic metals as a result of a nutritional balancing program.  It is not primarily due to development. 

Among other changes, the moons on the nails may appear or re-appear. This is a good sign of improved telomere activity.  For more about this topic, read Telomeres on this website.


During the first stage of development, there may be little change in a personŐs outer appearance.  Some people look better, however, because they are beginning to heal at deep levels.

An interesting change that may occur at this time is the palms of the hands can turn from an orangy color in some people to a more deep red color.  This has to do with a lower level of circulating bilirubin because the liver is more able to eliminate it quickly.

The sparkle.  Some people at this stage develop a healthy glow or sparkle they did not previously have.  This is most noticeable in women, who may not like the added male attention it brings them.  The sparkle can make women, in particular, look at least 5 or more years younger than they did previously.


During the second stage of development, some people become quite thin.  This is not a problem, but it is upsetting for some people.

Near the end of the second stage, oneŐs overall appearance may improve because the energy level, digestion and other aspects of health improve.


More improvement in overall appearance does not occur until one is in at least the eighth stage of development.  This is because the regeneration process takes this long to reach the surface of the body.

Usually, the person is older – over 100 years of age.  Somewhat suddenly, often, the person notices that gray hair is turning back to its natural color.  Teeth may regrow, and the skin will also return to a better and younger appearance.  Fingernails and toenails also take on a younger appearance.




PRE-DEVELOPMENT.  The first 2 to 5 years on a complete nutritional balancing program.  It is often marked by numerous healing reactions.  This can make it a rough time for those who have a lot of infections to retrace or toxic metals to eliminate.  However, it results in much better health and better brain functioning.

FIRST STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT. One is out of the four lows pattern, out of the cult pattern, and often has eliminated some deeply held cadmium from the body.

SECOND STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT. This is hard to see on a hair mineral analysis.  Usually, the person feels a certain stability and more trust in the program and the process of development.  An interesting change in the body is a decrease in the size of the umbilicus or belly button.

THIRD STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT. This is very rare on planet earth.  There are no obvious hair analysis patterns associated with it that I am aware of.  The same is true for the stages after this one.




I believe the idea of development is found in the Old Testament of the Bible in the line from Genesis that ŇGod made man in his own imageÓ.  One meaning of this statement is that God is obviously developed, and so, too, can a human being develop because he or she is made in the image or likeness of God.


An article somewhat related to this one is Normal Aging And Breaking Free Of This Cycle With Development.  Also, see the entire section of this website entitled Development.




I. Introduction.  Nutritional balancing differs from other healing methods of which I am aware because it is not mainly concerned with healing the body. Instead it is mainly concerned with development. This is a precise process that is poorly understood in the Western nations. Healing of the body occurs along with, and as a byproduct of development. This level of healing is more permanent than when remedies are used for healing.


II. Pre-development and overview. To achieve pre-development usually requires a few months to up to two years of following a complete nutritional balancing program. The body becomes better nourished than the average person, and somewhat less toxic, as well.


III. The stages - Stage 1.  This usually requires following a complete nutritional balancing program for several years.  The following changes begin to take place in the body: 1) restoration of the thymus gland 2) growth of the thinking brain 3) growth of the skull, in some cases 4) growth of love and service 5) growth of self discipline 6) opening of the energy centers.


Stage 2.  This stage requires following a nutritional balancing program for a few years to up to 20 years. Some of the major changes are: 1) healing of the Peyers Patches begins, 2) opening of the central channel or conception vessel in acupuncture 4) development of the merkabah begins.


Stage 3.  To achieve this stage of development usually requires following a nutritional balancing program for 10-20 years.  Changes at this stage are: 1) the merkabah grows thicker, 2) some bodily rejuvenation 3) a stronger immune response 4) perhaps development of abilities such as mental telepathy 5) the release, a benign healing reaction.


Stage 4. To achieve this stage requires following a nutritional balancing program for at least 20 years, and usually 30 years or more.  It is generally a time of better health and not too many healing reactions that are powerful or annoying.  At the end of the fourth stage, the merkabah begins to grow larger.


Stage 5.  This stage usually begins 35 or more years after beginning a nutritional balancing program.  It is called the long, slow climb in Tibetan monastic literature.


Stage 6.  This stage usually begins after about 50 years on a properly designed nutritional balancing program. It is a continuation of stage 5, in the sense that the merkabah continues to grow larger. The PeyerŐs patches also continue to regenerate during this stage.


Stage 7.  This is an important stage, as it is a culmination of the first 6 stages. The PeyerŐs patches completely rejuvenate at this time, and this is the marker for the end of this stage. The seventh stage requires a year to several years to complete, for most people. One then moves on to the next 7 stages.


IV. Other topics.  Some people wonder if the soul is happy to stay in a body longer because the person is developing. The answer is yes, in most cases. The main reason is that the soul develops, as well.  This is very helpful for the soul.


The sequence of bodily regeneration.   Regeneration of the body during development proceeds:

1. From the inside out.

2. From the center (digestion) up to the head and down to the feet.

3. Usually, the nervous system regenerates first, followed by the internal organs, and then followed by the skin and other connective tissues.


Trust.  In the West, the idea of development is known only by very few people.  Therefore, one must trust or have faith that the process is going on. The problem fades, however, as time goes on and the person realizes that he or she is not just getting old. In fact, the person feels more energetic, lighter, and happier.



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