By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Here are some very wholesome, funny movies to lighten up your life:


Jungle 2 Jungle (1997).  A teenage boy raised in the jungle comes to live with his father in New York and turns things upside down - such as suggesting to eat the cat for dinner.


A Shot In The Dark (1964).  Inspector Clouseau is a bumbling detective assigned to investigate a murder – a spoof on all the who-done-it movies. Stars Peter Sellers.


Return of the Pink Panther (1975).  Another spoof starring Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau.


Star Trek IV, The Voyage Home (1986 ).  The original star trek group ends up saving the earth by saving the whales.  No violence and lots of humor.


Back To The Future Part  I, II and III (1985,1989,1990) A young man and a kooky scientist use a car as a time macine.


The Distinguished Gentleman (1992).  A con artist ends up becoming a US Congressman.  A spoof on our political process.  Stars Eddy Murphy in one of his best roles.


Dr. Dolittle (1967 or 1998).  Silly and fun film about a doctor who finds he can talk to animals.  The 1967 version stars Rex Harrison, while the best is the 1998 version starring Eddie Murphy.  The sequals were funny, as well.


Sister Act (1992 ) and Sister Act 2, Back In The Habit (1993).  Funny  story of a call girl who witnesses a murder and hides in a convent for protection.  She tries to fit in, and ends up turning things around in the convent.  Excellent music.  Whoopie GoldbergŐs best role.


The Last Holiday (2006).  A shy woman played by Queen Latifah is falsely told she has 3 weeks to live, so she decides to spend her savings on a trip to a European Health Spa, where she has lots of adventures.


Sleeper (1973.  A health food store owner dies and his body frozen to preserve it.  He wakes up 200 years later when everything is backwards in the world.  Stars Woody Allen in one of his funniest films.


Spaceballs (1987). Mel Brooks and John Candy spoof Star Wars in a very silly and entertaining comedy.  All the Mel Brooks films are rather silly and funny.


Oh God (1977) and sequals: Oh God, 2 (1980 ) and Oh God, You Devil (1984).  A supermarket store manager has a visit from God and agrees to spread GodŐs message.  Very silly, starring George Burns as God.


LA Story (1991).  A spoof about life in Los Angeles, a place that is easy to spoof.  Stars Steve Martin, who has made a lot of funny movies.


All Of Me (1984).  A sort-of metaphysical spoof about transmigration of the soul, starring Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin – some very silly scenes.

Many other Steve Martin films are hilarious, as are films starring Lily Tomlin.


Duck Soup (1933).  The tiny nation of Fredonia goes bankrupt and decides to attack the United States in order to recover.  Starring the Marx brothers.

Any of the Marx Brothers movies are quite funny.


Angels In The Outfield (1994).  Things start to look better for the coach and a team of misfit baseball players as angels get to work at their games.  Humorous and good lessons.  Starring Christopher Lloyd, an excellent comedian.


Mary Poppins (1964 version – we have not seen the new 2018 version).  Musical comedy.  A most unusual (and developed) nanny shows up to help a British family.  Stars Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke – both excellent comedians.


Barefoot in the Park (1967).  Movie adaptation of a play by the same name.  An uptight lawyer and his somewhat kooky wife move into a 6th floor apartment in New York City and have one adventure after another. Stars Robert Redford and Jane Fonda.


Baby Boomer (1987).  A super-yuppie advertising executive suddenly finds herself a mother, which turns her life upside down.  Stars Diane Keaton.


Matchmaker Santa (2012).  In this Hallmark romantic comedy, a man who plays Santa Claus at Christmas time also rearranges relationships – very cute and funny.  Hallmark has made a number of funny romantic comedy movies.


The Love bug (1968).  A whacky movie about Herbie, a Volkswagon beetle with a mind of its own.  There were also five Herbie movie sequals.


ItŐs A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963).  A very silly movie with an all-star cast of comedians about a group of strangers who are looking for buried treasure.  Stars Cid Ceasar, Milton Burle, Spencer Tracy, Ethel Merman, Jonathan Winters, Mickey Rooney, Phil Silvers, and a number of other super comedians.


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