by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Brain therapy is a new procedure that is excellent to help correct certain problems in the brain. It is a combination of several methods used at the same time.

We find this method helpful to remove rogue equipment from the brain, which most everyone has. It also helps other problems in the brain such as copper toxicity and some infections.


The procedure is to do several of our existing procedures at the same time or close to one another. The two main ones are:

1. Penis peroxide or Vaginal peroxide.

2. The Oral coffee hold. We sometimes call this mouth coffee.

When one does these two therapies at the same time they work together in a powerful way. In addition, one can add:

Red heat lamp or use a Red Heat Lamp Sauna.

A Special hand reflexology movement. Have the palms facing away from each other. (the back of one hand touching the back of the other hand). Then interlock the fingers.

Flex the fingers and hands back and forth. Thumbs can move back and forth. Do it two ways – 1) with the fingers interlocked only at the base of the fingers and 2) with the fingers interlocked at both the base of the fingers and at the second joints of the fingers. We will work on making a video of this procedure.

Scotch Pine essential oil. We think any brand will do, but we are researching this. Put one drop under your nose and spread it out so that each time you take a breath in you will inhale a little of it. For some reason, this helps the souls see rogue equipment that is often present in the brain.


How often? Do this every day for half an hour or longer.

We will add to this article based on feedback and experience. Related articles are Head Congestion Syndrome, Get A Brain and Brain Fog.

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