by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© May 2019, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.



Junkies or Junkers – those who live on white flour, white sugar, few vegetables and eat at fast food restaurants.  Stops Development.  Read Who Are The Real Food Faddists?


Fast Fooders – eat out a lot at fast food places.  No development.


Vegees – short for vegetarians.  This is a deficient diet that shortens your life, even if you feel well on it.  Read Vegetarianism.  Less development.


Veegs – short for vegans.  This is the worst vegetarian diet.  It lacks dairy and eggs, so it is the most deficient.  Little development.


The No Vegetable Diet – a common diet.  This is another very deficient and dangerous diet.  No development.


Fishies – those who eat a lot of fish.  Actually, eating almost any fish raises mercury too much, even wild Alaskan salmon.

The exception is eating up to 4 cans per week of sardines.  This is excellent for all adults. Sardines are wonderful for development.  Other fish get in the way of development due to their mercury content.  Read Fish-Eating and Sardines.


Fruities – those who eat a lot of fruit.  They are taught that it is healthy, when in fact it is quite harmful for development.  Fruit slows development due mainly to its yin quality.  For details, read Fruit-Eating.


Raws – those who eat a lot of raw food.  Unfortunately, human beings cannot break down tough vegetable fibers, so you mostly get fiber from this diet and not much else. 

Also, raw vegetables are too yin and sometimes contaminated with parasites.  Better to cook all vegetables properly(see below).  Raw food diets cause little development.  For details, read Raw Food.


The Tunafruit Diet – those on the cult or rape diet.  It includes tunafish and fruit daily, from which this diet derives its name.  For details, read the Cult Or Rape Diet.


Eggers – those who love eggs and eat more than is ideal.  Women should eat no more than 6 eggs per week, and men no more than 8 per week.

Avoid hard-cooked eggs such as in omelettes, hard scrambled eggs, quiche, hard-boiled or eggs cooked into other foods.  Better to have soft-boiled, poached or lightly fried eggs with the yolks runny.  For details, read Eggs.


Carbaholics – those who eat too many starches such as bread, rice, potatoes, or tortillas.  They often have a puffy, yeasty look about them.

They develop metabolic syndrome, which is high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high triglycerides and abdominal fat.  Slows development.  For details, read Carbohydrates.


Sugarholics or Sweeties – sweet lovers.  Guaranteed to eventually produce bad health, obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and more.  Little development.  For details, read Sugar Addiction, Sweet And Dangerous and Sugar.


Soda Jerks – those who consume soda pop.  It is all bad, and the worst is diet soda, which may contain up to 70 chemicals and little else.  It reduces development.  For details, read Soda Pop.


Chocoholics – those hooked on chocolate, including gourmet organic dark chocolate, which is still a toxic food product.  Chocolate contains some cadmium.  This slows development.  For details, read Chocolate.


Breados or Doughboys – those who eat a lot of bread.  They often look doughy and bloated.  Bread is fraught with problems today including refined, bleached, toxic flour, chemicals such as dough conditioners and preservatives, hybridized wheat, sweeteners, and sometimes other chemicals.  Slows or stops development.  For details, read Bread.


Meat Lovers – those who eat meat more than is ideal.  Eat meats only up to twice daily, and keep portion size to 4-5 ounces or about 100-150 grams of meat per serving.  The best are lamb, chicken, grass fed or organic beef, and sardines.  Meat is needed for development.  For details, read Meat-Eating.


Food Bar Crowd – those who eat a lot of food bars, which are basically candy bars.  They are usually sweet, often terrible food combinations, often eaten on the run, and thus not recommended.  They will slow development.


Nuts – people who insist on eating a lot of nuts.  We suggest two of toasted almond butter every day.  We also require 1 tablespoon of roasted seame tahine each day. 

Eating whole nuts does not work well, mainly because they are difficult to digest.  All nuts are also quite yin, and thus best avoided.  Eating a lot damages the intestines and slows development.


Freezers – those who live on frozen food.  This does not promote development nearly as well as fresh food.  Freezing breaks open the plant and animal cells, affecting the food quality. 


Milkers – those who love drinking milk all day.  Milk is rather yin and sugary.  Ingesting more than about 4 ounces daily of all dairy products combined slows development.  For details, read Dairy Products.


Ensaladas – those who love salads.  Our bodies cannot break down tough vegetable fibers in order to absorb the minerals found in raw vegetables, so we get little nutrition from salads.  Also, raw vegetables are very yin.  A little, on occasion, is fine but more slows development and tends to demineralize the body.


Chems – those who live on chemicalized foods.  The chemical additives provide no nutrition and cause health problems.  This stops development and causes malnutrition.  Read labels!


Juicers – those who drink a lot of juices.  Juices are nutritious, but are extremely yin, which makes the body more yin.  10-12 ounces or about 600-700 ml of carrot juice is okay, but more juice will slows development.  Read Carrot Juice, Orange Juice and Raw Food And Juicing.


Chippers – those who love chips of all kinds.  We highly recommend 8 to 10 organic blue corn tortilla chips with each meal.  They speed up development. Without them, development proceeds much more slowly.  Eat them alone if you have difficulty tolerating them.

Vegetable chips are okay as a snack but are not as good as fresh vegetables.  Please avoid potato chips and others, which are not helpful at all.


Porkers – those who eat a lot of pig products – pork, ham, bacon, lard or pork sausage.  Pig products usually contain trichina (parasite) cysts, even if well-cooked today.  Pig products also slow development for other reasons.  Please avoid all pig products.


Mac And Cheese – common American meal, but horrible - missing cooked vegetables.  Also, it is usually made with white flour pasta and fake or poor quality cheese.  The cheese is heated, which damages it further.  Definitely slows development!


Chaos Diet – those who eat “whatever is around the house.”  Someone called it the “seefood” diet.  This means I eat whatever I see.  This slows or even stops development.  We also call it the “garbage pail” diet – just throw in whatever is handy.


Pricers – those who follow the recommendations of the Weston Price Foundation.  This diet is too high in fat and meat.  The fat may give one a curvy female body, but also promotes the growth of cancer, so beware.

This diet also has other problems.  For details, read The Weston Price Diet. 


Paleos – those who follow the Paleolithic diet.  It contains too many nuts, seeds, raw food, and fruit.  Slows development.  For details, read The Paleo Diet.


Chicks – those who eat too much chicken, often omitting other protein foods.  It is best to vary your proteins.   Include lamb, sardines, almond butter, goat yogurt and some grass fed or organic beef or wild game. 


Frappers or Shakers – those who love smoothies, shakes and food powders.  These are all quite yin, bad food combinations, and mix too much liquid with food.  All of this upsets digestion and slows development.  For details, read Smoothies And Shakes.


Cookies – those who love eating cookies.  These usually contain lots of sugar and white flour.  Slows or stops development.


Candies – candy eaters.  Causes obesity, diabetes, yeast problems, brain fog and more.  Stops development.  For details, read Sugar Addiction.


Butter Balls – those who love putting butter on everything.  A little butter is okay on vegetables, but no more.  Fast oxidizers can handle more than slow oxidizers.  Too much slows development.  Avoid margarine and shortening completely.  For details, read Butter Versus Margarine.


Tabascos – those who need everything to be spicy or “hot”.  Irritates the stomach and interferes with digestion.  Also, chili sauces are made from hot peppers, which is a very yin food.


One Fooders – those too lazy or fussy to vary their diets.  As a result, they only eat one or two foods most of the time.  Slows or halts development.


Starbucks – those who drink more than one cup of regular coffee daily.  This is irritating, stimulating and upsets digestion.


Peer Diet – eating whatever your friends eat.  A common teenage problem.  Slows or stops development.


Grain Brain – those who eat too much grain.   This causes weight gain, yeast problems, and more. 

Blue corn is excellent for development.  The rest are not needed for development. 

Rice is somewhat poisoned at this time and we would avoid it.  Wheat is too hybridized, an irritating food, and one to avoid completely.

For details, read Carbohydrates.


Leaky Gut – those who have food allergies, food sensitivities or intolerance to foods.  They  have infection or tiny perforations in the intestines that causes these problems.  This goes away on a development diet, but you must be strict with the diet.  For details, read Leaky Gut Syndrome.




Fasters – refers to those who do fasting, including intermittent fasting.  The latter involves skipping breakfast to lose weight.

However, it is difficult enough to get enough nutrients eating three solid meals a day, and impossible with fewer meals.  Instead of fasting, eat 9 cups of cooked vegetables daily and you will lose weight AND be well nourished.  For details, read Fasting.


Skippers – those who skip meals.  Not recommended.  See the paragraph above.  Slows development due to malnutrition.


Non-drinkers – those who don’t drink much water.  Some don’t like the taste of water.  Others do not want to have to use the bathroom often, and some just forget to drink. 

Adults need about 96 ounces or about 3 liters or 3 quarts of water daily.  The best types are spring water or carbon-only or sand-filtered tap water.  Dehydration definitely slows development.  For details, read Water For Drinking.


Cheapskates – those who live on the most inexpensive food for financial reasons.  Try not to skimp when it comes to food, as it is very important for health, mental well-being, development and more.




Grazers or Munchkins – those who don’t eat sit-down meals.  Instead, they snack all or most of the day.  Very bad for digestion.  Slows development.


Random eaters – those who eat when they feel like it.  They have no regular meals or regular meal times.  This does not work well, and slows development.  For details, read Eat By The Clock.


On The Run – those who, while they eat, talk on the phone, drive, or work at their desk.  This interferes with digestion, and thus slows development.




Micros – those who use microwave ovens to heat or cook their food.  This method of cooking damages the food.  It is the same energy as your cell phone, which burns your brain a little when the phone is near your head.  Can stop development.


Grillers – those who make everything on the grill.  Roasting is high temperature cooking.  It produces AGES (advanced glycation end products) that are highly toxic chemicals.  Therefore, limit roasting and grilling, please.  For details, read AGES.


Deep Fryers – those who live on French fries and other deep-fried foods.  This is another high-temperature cooking method that is best avoided.  (See AGES above).  Slows development and toxic.


Al Dentes – those who cook so that everything is crunchy.  Not good for digestion of vegetables.  Slows development.


Fermenters – those who eat a lot of fermented food.  The Weston A. Price Foundation and other recommend this.  We find fermented food to be too yin because it is basically raw food and it contains fermenting organisms, which are also very yin.  Definitely slows development.  For details, read Fermented Foods.




Dopes – those who smoke marijuana.  It is high in cadmium, which shows up on their hair tests.  Today’s marijuana is much stronger, so the “studies” of marijuana no longer apply.

Also, using marijuana opens your energy field, inviting invasion by discarnate entites.  Definitely stops development.  That is the goal of the anti-development crowd.


Druggies – those who take medical drugs, including over-the-counter remedies such as Tylenol and Aspirin.  Slows development.


Pollies – short for polypharmacy.  This is even worse than druggies.  These are people who take 4 or more medical drugs.  We consider this medical malpractice, but the rest of the world considers it “normal”. 




Night Owls – those who stay up late to watch TV, or for any reason.  Definitely slows development.


Sexies – those who engage in sex with orgasm more than once a week, or less often if you are over the age of 40 or 50.  Slows or stops development.  For details, read Sex And Development.


Marathoners – those who overexercise.  Too much and too vigorous exercise just wears out the body and does not improve health.  Mild exercise is adequate.  Too much slows or stops development.  For details, read Exercise.


Partiers – those who get “wasted” on the weekend or on spring break, and generally do not care well for their body.  Destroys the body and stops development.


Stressed – this one is obvious.  This can be caused by too much going on, poor boundaries, or not skilled with time management.  Slows development.  For details, read Understanding Stress.


Travelers – those who are often “on the go” so they don’t have time to cook, or to do the Pushing Down Exercise, Coffee Enemas, Vaginal Coffee Implants, Spinal Twist, and Sauna Sessions. Therefore, they make slow progress.  For details, read Traveling Healthfully.




Pill Poppers – those who take a lot of vitamins, minerals and other supplements.  These usually conflict with each other, are too yin and have random and haphazard combined effects.  Slows or stops development.


Confused Aura – those who take a lot of supplements, often recommended by more than one practitioner or source.  This actually confuses the body because some supplements conflict with and can negate the effects of others.


Herbers – those who take herbs.  We don’t recommend most herbs because they are too yin and somewhat toxic.  Slows development.  For more, read Herbs.


Bio-identicals – those who take so-called bio-identical hormones.  We don’t like this therapy.  The replacement hormones are never like the real thing because the body varies the amount of the real hormones minute by minute in response to the needs of the body, and this cannot be duplicated with pills, patches or shots.  Tends to cause cancer and stops development.  For details, read Hormone Replacement Therapy.




Nobody Home – not much or uneven commitment.  Not trying much.  May have trouble concentrating enough to follow a program.


On Board – at least trying and staying focused on the program.


Having Issues – this is very common.  It means that the program is bringing up thoughts and emotions from the past that are very unpleasant or distasteful.  The person may not continue the diet, supplements or procedures to avoid the feelings.  Read I Want The Program, But Not The Feelings.

            There is a great need for self-acceptance, as well as forgiveness of others and perhaps of self.  Otherwise, the person may give up on the program.  This can be a commitment issue.


Working Into The Program – better than in the past, and hopefully will continue to do better.


A Trooper – hanging in there, staying with it.


Working The Program – very good.  Really applying oneself to the program.


Batting A Thousand - the best!  Doing the whole program.  Not many people do this, but they get the best results. 

For more details about commitment, read the Seven Stages Of Following A Development Program.




Fibbers – those who lie about how well they are following the diet or other parts of a development program.


Fussies – those who complain a lot about the program.


Clueless – those who do not comprehend the program well.


Shoppers – those who “shop around” and try many programs, usually with only a minor commitment to each program.


Researchers  - those who spend a lot of time looking up diseases on the internet.  We are grateful the person found our program in this manner.  However, internet research almost always causes intense confusion and impairs commitment.  Read Internet Research.


Terrified – those who are very scared that every symptom they experience while on a development program is a horrible disease or means the program is not working.  In fact, over 99% of symptoms while on a program are retracing or healing reactions.  For details, read Retracing.


Know-It-Alls – those who think they know a lot more than we do, although we have a combined experience of over 50 years with at least 300,000 people.  Usually causes a lack of commitment.


Second Guessers – those who are skeptical about development, and therefore question everything.  While some skepticism is good, too much gets in the way of one’s progress and commitment.


Self Styled – those who prefer to set up and follow their own program, rather than the one we set up for them.  This does not work well, in our experience.  There are too many pitfalls and mistakes that can ruin the program.  For details, read Development Is Not A Do-It-Yourself Program.


Testers – those who don’t tell us the truth about their symptoms.  They want to see if we can figure out what is wrong with them from a hair mineral test.  This wastes our time and may affect the quality of their program.


Oppositional Defiant – those who tend to do the opposite of that which is suggested to them. Slows or stops development.


Combiners – those who want to combine a development program with other natural programs such as another nutrition program, an herbal program, homeopathy, chelation, essential oils or something else.

            Combinations of programs almost always hinder or ruin a development program.  If we believed a combination was best, we would recommend it.

            Combining a development program with a prescribed medical drug is often okay, however, if the drug is needed.


Butterflies – those who flit from program to program, or doctor to doctor.  Slows or stops progress.  No development.


Kindergarteners – beginners on the path of natural healing and development.  They usually require extra instruction about diet, lifestyle and perhaps other topics.


Doctor Types – those who go to doctors often while doing a development program.  They have their annual physicals, blood tests and perhaps more. 

Once in a while this is helpful.  However, it usually causes extreme fear and confusion.  Please read Doctor Visits – When, Your Doctor’s Priorities, Finding Your Way Through The Medical Maze and Hazards of Visiting A Doctor.


Saboteurs – Those who sabotage their development program.


Subs – (short for substitutors) - those who want to substitute other procedures or foods for those we suggest.  For example, they want to sunbathe instead of using a red lamp sauna.  Others just want drink loads of carrot juice or take pills instead of eating vegetables.  Still others want to do water enemas instead of coffee enemas, and so on.


Having Issues – a common situation in which some parts of a development program bring up psychological or emotional issues.  This usually makes it hard for the person to follow the program.

The issues are often anger, fear, anxiety or other negative feelings.  These people need to forgive themselves and forgive every one else for everything.  This problem can cause a client to abandon the program.

            This occurs because development brings up whatever is needed for deep healing.  For details, read Retracing And Healing Reactions.


Excusers – those who make excuses for their inadequate diet or other problems they have with the program.  This is never useful.




Pedes – short for pediatricians.  While we do not like to single out any group for criticism, many consider pediatricians the worst group of doctors.   The reasons are:

- they administer vaccines

- they tell nursing mothers to stop breast feeding much too early.  It is best to breast feed until the baby is about the age of three.

- they administer lots of antibiotics and other drugs, many of which are toxic and not needed if one follows a development program.

- they do not recommend development, which is wonderful for babies and children.


The Medical Runaround or Naturopathic Runaround – this is the common experience of going to these doctors and getting one therapy after another as they try various remedies.  In contrast, development is not about remedies, but rather about balancing and strengthening the entire body.


Shooters – doctors who give a lot of shots.


Talkers – doctors who do not listen well.




Copperheads – those with copper imbalance.  This is extremely common, but does not show up on blood, urine or most other medical tests.

Symptoms may include headaches, acne, spaciness, premenstrual tension, other female problems, yeast infections, fearfulness, anxiety and perhaps others.  For details, read Copper Toxicity Syndrome, Young Women’s Syndrome and Yin Disease.


Aluminum Heads – very common today and due to using aluminum-containing anti-perspirants and/or most anti-acids.  Symptoms may include memory loss, brain fog, slow thinking and/or dementia.  For details, read Aluminum.


Iron Heads – not quite as common as copper heads or aluminum heads, but seen fairly often on hair tests.  Symptoms often include anger, rage, joint pain, other inflammation, and socialist, liberal or progressive thinking.  For details, read Iron Toxicity and Iron Personality Types.


Mad Hatters – the very common condition of elevated mercury in the body.  This is due to eating any fish at all, except for 3-4 cans of sardines weekly. 

Another cause is the presence of silver-mercury amalgam dental fillings in the mouth (which should be removed).  Another, less common cause is eating a lot of sea vegetables except for kelp or kombu, which are not too bad.

            Symptoms may include a racing mind, sleep difficulties, crazy ideas, nervous behavior, ADD, autism, musculo-skeletal problems such as multiple sclerosis, copper toxicity and others.  For details, read Mercury.


Cads – the common condition of cadmium toxicity.  This is the most toxic of the toxic metals.  The most common causes are smoking cigarettes or smoking or ingesting marijuana.

Brake linings in cars still contain some cadmium, and rarely a person has occupational exposure.  Chocolate also has some cadmium.  Cadmium causes hardening of the body and the personality.  This includes hardening of the arteries. 

Cadmium causes people to have a little more courage and to take chances in dangerous situations.  It is common in military and law enforcement personnel. 

It is also seen commonly in women who work in the (man’s) business world.  It is also associated with diabetes, violence, mood swings, joint pain, kidney disease and cancer.  For details, read Cadmium.


Shell people – those with a calcium shell pattern on a hair mineral test (calcium level above 165 mg% in a woman or 155 mg% in a man).  Symptoms include psychological withdrawal, numbness, copper symptoms, and perhaps somewhat out of touch.


Bowl – a hair analysis pattern in which the bar graphs of the macrominerals – calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium - look visually like a bowl on a properly calibrated hair chart.  Symptoms are feeling stuck, often in an emotional way.


Hill - a hair analysis pattern in which the bar graphs of the macrominerals – calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium - look visually like a hill or a mountain on a properly calibrated hair chart.  Indicates excitement and is a positive pattern.


Four Lows - a hair analysis pattern in which the levels of the macrominerals – calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium – are all less than the ideal levels of 40 mg%, 6 mg%, 25 mg% and 10 mg% respectively.  This pattern indicates a person is “spinning her wheels” and tired out.



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